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Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Yoga Couple!

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Yoga Couple!

Vanessa Hudgens and her boyfriend Austin Butler head back to their car after going to a yoga class on Thursday (August 2) in Studio City, Calif.

The 23-year-old actress hid behind a few flyers that read “Stop Posing, Start Living” on her way out of the studio.

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Vanessa went to a studio the day before wearing a leopard leotard, presumably to do a photo shoot for her new film Machete Kills.

15+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler leaving yoga class…

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vanessa hudgens austin butler yoga couple 01
vanessa hudgens austin butler yoga couple 02
vanessa hudgens austin butler yoga couple 03
vanessa hudgens austin butler yoga couple 04
vanessa hudgens austin butler yoga couple 05
vanessa hudgens austin butler yoga couple 06
vanessa hudgens austin butler yoga couple 07
vanessa hudgens austin butler yoga couple 08
vanessa hudgens austin butler yoga couple 09
vanessa hudgens austin butler yoga couple 10
vanessa hudgens austin butler yoga couple 11
vanessa hudgens austin butler yoga couple 12
vanessa hudgens austin butler yoga couple 13
vanessa hudgens austin butler yoga couple 14
vanessa hudgens austin butler yoga couple 15
vanessa hudgens austin butler yoga couple 16
vanessa hudgens austin butler yoga couple 17
vanessa hudgens austin butler yoga couple 18

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Villain

    When he’s not around she doesn’t feel the urge to cover her face and pretend she’s ashamed in front of paparazzis. Wtf?

  • lori

    why is this site not called Just Vanessa?

  • R U sure

    Hi Vanessa love you, Hi Austin Love you too

  • kelly martineau

    Getting tired of these two always together doing something eating gym or going to yoga. Can’t they find something else to do?

    Miss seeing pitchures of her mom and sister going to places like shopping going out to eat or getting there nail done.

  • Marieme

    I think it’s adorable they do yoga together!

    They seem to enjoy being active and doing lots of normal things together. That bodes well for their relationship IMO.

  • Ev

    She should take the advice from the flyer.

  • MMM


  • Mrslocthe

    Its like Miley n Liam all over the play.

  • intric8

    Oh my effing god, its another freaking Hudgens post!

    Time for her overseas fans and her crack team of thread bumpers to get to work. Welcome, guys! LOL

  • Haters Suck!

    Issue an all points bulletin to the rest of the Olympic basketball field if you wanna beat team USA basketball you better bring your a++ game and play to God they play like crap it’s your only chance.

  • Haters Suck!

    Oh crap. Oops didn’t mean to post that here, wrong website meant to post that on My bad.

  • intric8

    Seems to me Van has, like, ONE solitary pap following her that she is in cahoots with

  • Haters Suck!

    Ok now that I’m aware what website I’m on Vanessa looks great as always and love seeing her with Austin. But Austin you’re killing me with that Yankee hat bro.

  • Selma

    Shut the f*ck up haters. She get paped everyday and so ? This is not your business and your site.

  • intric8

    Selma u idiot, this website open to the public.

    And the point was, she gets paped seemingly by ONE person, probably her mom, and, also, haterssuck! is threadbumping, its sooo obvious. I almost bit my fork when this post hit LOL, the other set of pics was probably less than 24 hours ago

  • Haters Suck!

    I don’t know what the blue hell you’re talking about. I wasn’t talking to you in fact this is the last time I’ll post to you. I don’t interact with people who call people f a g o t s. so have a nice life loser.

  • V

    @lori: That’s an awesome idea… Jared, do a ‘Just Vanessa’ site! Fan like ME would appreciate that, because I love her and I love to come here and comment in my idol’s post… But I don’t know, I guess even in a ‘Just Vanessa’ site, you’re going to go there and comment (like all the haters)… because you smell like you don’t have a life and you’re so angry with the lack of life you have that you feel the need to come here and spread your hate. You know what? HATERS, GO, GO, GET A LIFE!

  • Abby

    This is all that she does o____o

  • V

    @Abby: And what do you do with your life? Sitting in the chair, comment in post of people that you don’t even like… You really are a LIFE LOVER.

  • tina

    @intric8 she has a routine class, so unless she is out of town they know what time she’ll be there. The picture sale because people( with you in thelead here with three) make comments. Doesn’t matter if the comment are rude,ignorant rantings all that matters is the count. So, as a fan I thank you for insuring we get more pictures.

  • V

    @tina: That’s true! It doesn’t matter who comment, actually Vanessa’s post have like 70 comment if she’s going to yoga because of the lovers AND THE HATERS too, when every other post in this site or another, unless is a big new, have like 15 comments, as much.

  • blahh

    messa is an ugly little troll

  • Stop Posing


  • intric8

    Anything to help. If my 20 or so posts and your 20 or so responses over the life of this thread can double the price of a Hudgens set from 10 to 20 dollars, then i am more than willing to pitch in. Of course, provided you are willing to tolerate my assessment of VH, which i think i stated before as a bit overrated, overpaped (by one pap) and WAYYYY over exposed on this site. I will say however that shes has a rockin’ ass that seems to be growing on me by the day, and that vans one of the hottest flat-chested chicks you will come across on the way to yoga, or the grocery store or while driving down the street as she gets into her car to go to yoga or the grocery store

  • Haters Suck!

    Who the hell is messa?? This is Vanessa hudgens. Never heard of messa.

  • tina

    Of , course I tolerate you, you’re the racist,not me.

  • tina

    @Haters Suck, I think that’s blahh real name.

  • yukyuk

    The boyfriend is a complete dork.

  • http://Justjare.buzznet.comy BOJI

    Love this girl. again, some of you come here just to vent whatever hang ups you have on her thread whilst all she’s doing is minding her own business going about doing her thing. If it upsets you so much to see her on JJ, simply just skip her threads. The more you post on her threads JJ has nothing to lose but keep on posting pics of her no matter how mundane.
    I recall a time when her ex during HSM days was repeatedly papped going in and out of the gym, the Efron fans didn’t make a peep. Now all hell breaks loose and just because she has moved on and found someone she can relate to doesn’t make her a lesser person.

  • http://Justjare.buzznet.comy BOJI

    Intric8, you bigot. I guess you much prefer the silicone/saline filled boobies. I bet you have never done any exercise or played any sport even if your life depended on it. Yeah, sit behind your comp and spout gutter tripe just to get it off your system .

  • Smell the Mat

    -Word from her classmates is that V pharts during yoga class and that they reek to high heavens

  • intric8

    @tina please, lets not have racist accusations or an intellectual racist discussion on justjared, and certainly not on a Hudgens post whilst she’s off to yoga. Oh i might want to add that Van looks like she just rolled out of bed in that set, but given her rockin ass and the hormonal stresses placed upon her bf Austin, they probably got very little sleep the night before

  • http://Justjare.buzznet.comy BOJI

    Talk about intelligent postings, Smell The Mat is one very fine example.

    Intric8, your postings reek of racism and bigot ism. You seem to make a lot of references to Asian countries. Now let me figure this out, you’ve been let down real bad by an Asian girl or you were brought up to believe that whites are the supreme race and anyone tainted with Asian blood is trash, right?

  • http://Justjare.buzznet.comy BOJI

    It should have been bigotry not bigotism, my bad.

  • anne

    she looks gorgeous!

  • anne

    love when she has a ponytail! she looks so pretty

  • anne

    and the racist is here.. troll

  • Wera

    @bo oya metana nama wenas karala liyanawada?
    nattan yanne oya namin mada? me namin giyoth mun ape rata gana kiyawanda gani neda?

  • intric8

    @Boji Far from true. What you call bigotry i call traffic analysis. Its my opinion that much of the activity on a VH post originates from a relatively rabid (albeit small) group of VH fans loyal to this site, and to some degree, traffic from the philippines and other asian countries where filipinos reside. Filipinos are crazy and fiercely loyal to any celebrity with filipino blood, even a fingernails worth. Is it racist for me to mention that fact? Hell no, and i actually think its awesome. If all of ireland, or isreal, or the dominican republic supported celebrities of their native blood the way the filipinos do, many celebrities would feel a lot better about their success, and they would be able to tap their countries online presence.

    The bigot stuff i dont get. A nice rack (natural, not fake) are preferred by any dude (ask em), but Vanessa is turning out to be my big boob obsession cure. Matter of fact, this chick is growing on me – since hangin around on these Hudgens posts, my opinion of her has upgraded from overrated/overpapped (by one pap)/rockin ass, to overrated/overpapped/pretty damn hot all around

  • anne


  • Wera

    I need to ask a question from all the vanessa fans. her getting paped this much zac is no less he should get paped this much too. somebody said in another post that zacs team buy the pics from the paps so it want get published. if it is so i am sure vanessa’s team is keeping a good eye on her public image and what people are saying about her. then why can’t her team buy the pics from the paps too. couse this kind of a exposure is not good for her and her career. she is becoming a joke in hollywood. so why cant her team buy the pics if zac’s team does so?

  • Bo


  • Wera

    And another thing i am not the outher wera who seem to talk from a diffrent language and it look like is from another country. i am from america and i have been using this name forever.

  • anne

    Who is Zac?
    Vanessa is not in any type of relationship with no one with that name, so we dont care.

  • Wera

    @bo good morning to you too. just walk up.

    man oyata wadak kiyandada.

    api me nan deka pawichchi karoth mun ape ratai jatiyai gana kiyawanda gannawa mata sure.

    eka hinda api munwa awussanna monawahari kiyaddi wena namak pawicchi karamu.

    api denna kata weddi me nan deka pawichchi karamu.

    mun ape rata gana kiyanda gattot api iwarai.

    eka hinda ehema karamu harida?

  • anne

    And the only ones talking about her “becoming a joke in Hollywood” are some crazy zanessa fans who canĀ“t move from a past PR relationship… no one cares about any type of pictures (the non fans find her cute, healthy and usually talk about her clothes and/or projects)! I dont know who is that “Zac” you are talking about, but I do know some PR people usually buy some pictures when the “star” doesnt look good (drunk, on drugs, kissing someone.. idk):

  • Bo

    My , my, what a meaningful phrase you chose to hide behind vanessa.I believe it has no reference to your life whatsoever,if it has you wouldn’t be posing like this with Austin out and about everyday.No offense,but this is nonsense,just plain nonsense.I really don’t get it why she is covering her face.It isn’t like she isn’t used to papping.She has been papped since she was very young,since she was about 16, 17.For that matter she is getting papped for around 7 years now and still she is closing her face in front of the paps like someone who started getting papped yesterday.This simply doesn’t make sense.It’s called show off,that’s what it is, trying to show the by standers and those others reading this post that she doesn’t like getting papped.We call that’ becoming an advertisement’.

  • anne

    U mad?

  • $$$MONEY$$$

    why does this girl famewh+re around like this. seriously whats the point. she cant get work so that is all she can do to stay in the news.

  • Darnell

    i likes dem little skeeter bites on Vanessas chest