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Jennifer Aniston Flashes Engagement Ring with Justin Theroux!

Jennifer Aniston Flashes Engagement Ring with Justin Theroux!

Jennifer Aniston shows off her massive engagement ring while leaving a hotel with her fiance Justin Theroux on Saturday (October 6) in Sante Fe, New Mexico.

The 43-year-old actress has previously sported a thin gold band on her ring finger following her engagement announcement this summer, but this is the first look at her stunning rock!

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In case you missed it, check out Jen and a ton of other celebs singing “Hey Jude” to support the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

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Credit: Jason Thomas; Photos: Film Magic
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  • Jess

    Oh dear, how staged.

  • Ally

    Oh my, that’s one stunning, huge rock! Like a planet haha :D Congrats to Jen and Justin!

  • thema

    i hope shes happy, she has been really unlucky in love

  • Birdie

    Wow, what a huge rock! Oh and @Jess, it is not staged. She kept that ring a secret for a while. Someday she has to wear it.
    Wish them all the best!

  • Olive

    They both look happy. Good for them. Now hopefully the Brangelina fans will just be happy their own couple is happy and getting married and not attack this thread.

  • DB

    I’m more of a traditional sort of guy.

    Those huge, huge oval shaped rocks just don’t meet my expectation of what a wedding ring / set / etc should look like.

    My wife has a wedding set with some curving gold around a moderate center diamond, and a white gold anniversary ring with a larger but still moderate size diamond in the middle, with smaller diamonds easing down on either side, all in a line.

    The rings that I’ve seen here on Aniston and on Jessica Biel just look sort of “foreign” to me.

    If they are happy, that’s cool, but as an observer, I just can’t help but think “yuck” to these huge oval rocks

  • Joy

    It looks like quartz. How dreadful.

  • hmm

    Looks like a mounted coconut Jelly Belly

  • hmm

    Looks like a mounted coconut Jelly Belly

  • Brangelina FAN

    JENNIFER ANISTON is the most insecure woman in Hollywood.

    She always has to steal the thunder from Brad and Angelina. Just a months after Brad and Angie announced their engagement, she decides to get engage herself. I wonder if she had a gun pointed to Justin (lol)….seems to early in the game since they’ve only known each other less than a year.

    And what hypocrisy, this woman who called Angie a homewrecker is a
    homewrecker herself. She stole Justin from Heidi, the woman who had been with Justin for 14 years. They were living together when Ms.
    Aniston decided to move in on him on the set of Wanderlust.

    Don’t like this woman….can you tell.

  • Love Jen

    @thema: That’s it, you are right… People forget that she has been cheated in worldwide view! Nobody deserves what that stupid couple made to her!

  • What

    Hmm, the photographer sure got a perfect shot of the ring with this “candid” pic in New Mexico.

  • somali girl

    Eww she has the hand of a 60+ yro women. . Gross!!! So rough.

  • @

    Looks like the $.25 one from the Walmart machine.

  • commonsense

    Of course, she couldn’t have her ring be smaller than you know whose.

  • Dani

    She took all this time to find herself the perfect ring and it looks like it came out of an arcade machine. Just right for her I suppose, no class ring for a no class woman. Obscenely big doesn’t mean the best.

  • LOL

    Congrats ! KimKarDash kind of ring I see. Must have cost JA a pretty penny.

  • LeeSeol

    Sorry but the ring is ugly.
    Just because its massive doesn’t mean it’s pretty.

  • LeeSeol

    Sorry but the ring is ugly.
    Just because its massive doesn’t mean it’s pretty.

  • Anna

    Looks tacky.

  • For god sake

    It seems that people forget that she was cheated in worldwide view. It was shamefull what that sink couple made to her! The man was married and everyone knew it, come on!!!

  • Lana

    Uck her hands are so gross.

  • Haha

    Brad and Angelina have had SEVEN YEARS to get engaged and conveniently decide to announce an engagement the year Jen finally moves in with a guy and there are marriage rumors. They really have the most sucker fans. Jesus.

  • JL

    Jolie and her soulmate must be HAPPY

  • hideous

    even a young woman like blake lively has better taste in jewelry, at least hers isn’t so vulgar. is the size of this ring somehow compensating for whatever else is lacking? disgusting piece of rock. no jeweller in their right mind could possibly want to take credit for this tasteless bauble!

  • http://justjared anymouse

    Yikes……not a pretty or elegant ring at all…….

  • JJsjoyever

    The ring a huge and beautiful. It fits perfectly for Jen’s style of simplicity. We are so happy for Jen and Justin.

    Best wishes to this adorable couple.

  • Ugly Ring on Ugly Aniston hand

    Sorry folks but that ring is ugly just like she is!

  • http://justjared anymouse

    I guess it’s perfect for her. Really boring, no pizzazz, just big and awkward?

  • yep

    WOW! Go Jen and Justin! The ring is a simple beautiful cut and huge! Such a lovely couple! Happiness!

  • LOL

    @For god sake:

    Say what? You have personal knowledge of what was what over 8 long years ago in the lives of complete strangers cause you are a flying roach or something? Get real and live your own life and stop trying to step into the lives of others. You will be happier letting the sunlight enter your psyche.

  • Jennifer Aniston Deserves This

    @Brangelina FAN: STFU. Jennifer deserves her happiness. Brangelina are nothing but a bunch of cheating skanks.

  • yep

    laughing at the hate of Jolie’s fans! 7 years and they are still hating on the ex! guess their stars aren’t big enough for them otherwise the ex wouldn’t even be on their radar! my smile is so big right now! i am so happy for jen! go jennifer and justin! keep living your lives! the brangelina’s fans are still living in the past! guess the saying is true, the best revenge is a well lived life! Jen, you have won hands down otherwise they would be saying… congrats! and moving on………however they can’t because they haven’t let go! your ring is lovely, a simple cut and perfection for your long fingers!

  • naturegirl



    no class no style no nothing

  • yep

    @Brangelina FAN: brad and jolie had 7 years to get engaged and didn’t! 6 children too! UNTIL jen found her Mr Right some might be asking why at the time jen found happiness did jolie finally get engage and start talking about having another child. however, since, 98% of jen’s fans have moved on …. i don’t really care……happy for jen and justin! you go girl! what an awesome! huge! lovely! ring and couple! justjen!

  • JL

    MJ, AGA, sushi, pumpkin, ghost, SHIIT HO, kiki – WHERE ARE YOU ?

  • yep

    @Jess: so was your couple…who cares…. i don’t! i am happy to see MY couple! JUSTJEN!

  • mar


  • yep

    @Joy: strange same size as your stars……is theirs dreadful. jen has one gorgeous, huge, awesome ring!!!!!!!!! JUSTJEN!

  • lol

    just because it’s big doeant mean it has greater value. gotta hand it to aniston though, she has the prettiest man hands.

  • bigteddybear

    at lease she have a real ring with a rock we can see not that ugly green ring halle is wearing

  • catinca

    She’s checking out his teeth….forgot she isn’t at the stables I guess.

    I genuinely thought the first line read: JA shows off her massive chin. LOL

  • Ssshhii_baby

    @For god sake: I’m sure you read the vanity fair article. where it came out of her BFF own mouth,” there was no cheating”, for god sake! why are you trying to say she is lying? she didn’t get cheated on..her ego was just bruised, becuz he found true love before she did!! Brad’s Chanel campaign is coming out, and voila! she buys herself an obscenely ugly ring. lmao at her obvious PHOTO-OP!!!

  • Katie

    Just because it’s massive doesn’t mean it’s beautiful too.Asking me I think she just asked the creator to put as big of stone as possible on it. It came out to be an ugly one

  • yep

    @naturegirl: your point being what? not every one has gorgeous hands and neither does your star however i don’t care to point out why? because you look for things to hate on… that to me is sad … lovely ring! happiness for my jen and for justin! beautiful!!!!!!!

  • LOL


    What long fingers are you seeing, you need some bifocals! I said congrats cause that is a definitely a KimKarDash type ring, big and flashy. The truth is what it is, like short stubby fingers on a shortie 43 year old woman. Are you ashamed to admit what you see? Ain’t nothing wrong with shorties, lol.

    Happy for her so that her worshipers who whine about something that was a PR generated illusion of a lost perfect love will finally move on. Can’t say I care for her as she is a mediocre fugly looking almost talentless TV actor who struck it rich based on a silly unrealistic TV show that is in reruns for too many years.

    Jmo. One shared by the majority. For real. LOL

  • yep

    @mar: oh yes! i am sooo happy for jen and justin! beautiful simple cut! perfection!

  • yep

    @lol: have you seen the size of your stars hands most likely larger! guess they are man size too! jen is perfection! inside and out and her rings is so lovely!

  • Nothing But Love

    Beautiful, and best wishes you deserve it Jen.