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Brad Pitt: Los Angeles Arrival!

Brad Pitt: Los Angeles Arrival!

Brad Pitt carries a bag over his shoulders while arriving on a flight at LAX Airport on Tuesday (January 8) in Los Angeles.

It was recently announced that the 49-year-old actor is currently in talks to star in the title role for the upcoming film Pontius Pilate, but he has not committed to the film.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Brad Pitt

In case you missed it, Brad has joined the countless numbers of celebrities involved with social networking by creating an account on Sina Weibo.

20+ pictures inside of Brad Pitt arriving in Los Angeles…

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@Phool: Phool, I did noticed his jacket sleeves appears very long. Don’t know if it means anything, lol. We are all private eyes when we wants to be.

Rose @ 01/09/2013 at 5:55 am
Rose I agree there is not one single person in this industry and outside it that has ever had a single bad word against Angie not one that we have come across. No trolls I’m not talking about Angies stalker Ticky & Co apart from them no one in the humanitarian community , in personal life & their professional life, the fans & people she has met no one has ever said a bad word against her .Its always a pleasure to know that they don’t judge her according to misrepresentation of the tabloid picture of her. Every single person that Angie has met she shows them equally respect & compassion that one is expected of from other. Same goes with Brad has there ever been a bad word again him ? none no trolls yet again not including Ticky & co ok.
Both Brad & Angie are great people they show love and respect to other & they get the same in return there is lot of professionals & personal jealousy out there for both of them but they personally don’t abide by others attitudes towards them, and that’s the reason we love them and they are loved around every inch & corneres of this world.

I agree Rose due to the long sleves you cant quite see the full extent of the hand i bet there a gold band there if not you never know rose the ring might be around one of his neckleses just to p.iss the paps off from taking the photo. So once he gets back in the car ring back on the finger where it belongs happy days lolAny way as far as I am concerned Brad has the look of a content married man dont you agree Rose ?
Hang on a minute i need to close the window i heard a scream in the ocean i wonder who that is ?

@Phool: Phool, I went over to DM, saw Brad’s photos, a few pictures you can see his left ring finger, I did not see a ring. I remembered Janet Jackson was married for 10 years and no one knew, just saying. People protect their privacy in many ways. I’m going out for a walk. See you all later.

and dont forget Rose Know a days its not compulsory to waer a ring its by choice . Daily mail are still drinking Ticky kool aide any way they cant help the snark. go and enjoy your nice walk talk to you later

Right on cue the PR has started look at the the photos of Squiggy & Ticky’s matching white outfits and parma tanns lol she looks desprate for attention also you cannot miss the double chin of Tickys

Is she trying to give him the Rachel? Jennifer Aniston cuts Jimmy Kimmel’s hair in front of a live studio audience

Read more:

hello all JPs on board!!!!

happy birthday to zahara.girl that captured my heart.

by all…i’ll post at work.

bless the jolie-pitt.

He looks positively ancient.

Passing Through @ 01/09/2013 at 10:25 am

I went over to US to check out the new mag cover and of course they had a story on Ticky’s Kimmel appearance. Taking her I-finally-got-man-who-hasn’t-run-away-YET! fameho-ing to an all new level apparently she showed photos of her vacay with Squiggy. US has video but I couldn’t watch it. It’s too early in the morning to watch Ticky drunkenly try to be funny. Here’s the link to the story should others feel braver than me. At the bottom are 2 pictorials that cracked me up – Another Ticky bikini-fest…and “Jennifer Aniston’s Rocky Romances”. You might want to save that one for the weekend when you’ve got a few hours to spare because if they include every guy who’s ever dumped her it’s gonna be about 50,000 photos…

Passing Through @ 01/09/2013 at 10:28 am

BTW – To whoever that was who said the other day they didn’t think Ticky wore hair extensions…she busted them out for the Kimmel show. Check out the length of her hair in Meh-hee-co vs. the length it is on Kimmel. I know Ticky has trained her hair over the years…but has she trained it to grow 3 inches on command? If so, my hat’s off to Ticky and I will break open a piggy bank and buy her wonder shampoo when it hits the market…

@Passing Through:


This is too amusing not to share. I have made hundreds of comments in the Daily Mail and literally have tens of thousands of green (up) arrows to my credit – the only red (down) arrows I have? Whenever I write anything negative about Ticky.

Does Tipsy give 2/3 of her income to her PR people to sit around and red/green arrow people?

Funny and yet pathetic and sad.

There is something just so absurd and truly pathetic about Jennifer Aniston. Going onto a talk show and showing off your vacation photos. WTF. Just how desperate do you have to be for publicity.?

wow he looks very old

Passing Through @ 01/09/2013 at 10:55 am

# 144 Phool @ 01/09/2013 at 7:55 am
I saw that story about Lance being on Okra’s show – on a cable network not all cable companies carry. No one knows if he’s going to confess or not. They THINK he might. He’s a stubborn summabitch so he could get on there and maintain he’s innocent. Not that anyone would believe him at this point. IF he’s confession then he must have resigned himself to living in proverty because he’s going to lose his entire fortune to lawsuit settlements – plus he’s facing a long ass jail sentence if the Justice Dept. gets involved on behalf of the USPS. He could be looking at up to 10 years in prison for lying to the USPS because the contracts specifically said they were contingent upon the riders being drug-free. The only reason I can think of why he would man-up is to save his foundation’s reputation. Other than that, I doubt he’d ever confess. Personally I don’t GAFF if he doped or not. Cycling is rife with doping and always has been. You practically have to go back to the invention of the bicycle to find a clean cyclist who’s won major events the Tour de France.

what a bum, has he lost all his money? why else would he look like a hobo…

Brad looks great, per usual! I bet Miss Z had a wonderful birthday-
so much love in the JP family. OT pic- I’m not totally into the royals, but Kate looks to be @2-3 here- cute!

PopSugar ‏@popsugar
Happy birthday #KateMiddleton!!

More than anything else, Brad and Angelina are both brilliant actors, many notches better than Jen Aniston. I see her playing Rachel all the time, she was great as Rachel but never got out of character after that. Angelina was amazing in Changeling and Brad was great in Fight Club and Moneyball

Passing Through @ 01/09/2013 at 11:51 am

# 156 Phool @ 01/09/2013 at 9:06 am
That photo of Ticky & Squiggy arriving at Kimmel’s studio? HOLY FVCK! HIS NOSE IS LONG! Dude, don’t stand sideways so people can see your profile and realize how long your nose is. His head is massive and his nose is long, thinn and pointy…and his hairline looks like Batman took a big bite out of his forehead. Please, let there be no children from this arrangement. I feel sorry for them already and the likelihood they’ll ever exist is none and snowball’s chance in hell.
BTW, was it just me or did Kimmel purposefully just tell the world that he wouldn’t be hanging out with Ticky if she hadn’t stolen Squiggy from his ex-girlfriend? Cuz…that’s the way it sounded to me…

Jen looks sooo gorgeous! @ 01/09/2013 at 11:58 am

@Passing Through: the engagement made good for her! she looks even more beautiful!

With all the promotion I expected better ratings for Kimmel debut at 11:30. Let’s see if he can keep that lead. I think not.
Ticky is inarticulate and shallow. She really should go back to tv because she fit perfect w/ the Kardashian/reality world we are living in today. But I don’t think her ego can take it. Even though her whole act (on/off stage) is being Rachel

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