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Rihanna & Chris Brown: Court Appearance Together!

Rihanna & Chris Brown: Court Appearance Together!

Rihanna accompanies her boyfriend Chris Brown to his court appearance on Wednesday afternoon (February 6) in Los Angeles.

The 24-year-old “Diamonds” singer and the 23-year-old “Don’t Wake Me Up” singer were joined by his mom and his attorney Mark Geragos.

Rihanna reportedly blew Chris a kiss before he entered the court room and then sat in the gallery behind him and his legal team while he discussed allegations he lied about completing his community service, according to TMZ.

The judge ordered Chris to meet with his probation office within 48 hours to discuss the allegations. The judge also said he needs more time to review the evidence and another hearing has been set for April 5.

FYI: Rihanna is carrying a Dolce&Gabbana ‘Dolce’ Handbag.

25+ pictures inside of Rihanna supporting Chris Brown at his court appearance…

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rihanna chris brown court appearance together 01
rihanna chris brown court appearance together 02
rihanna chris brown court appearance together 03
rihanna chris brown court appearance together 04
rihanna chris brown court appearance together 05
rihanna chris brown court appearance together 06
rihanna chris brown court appearance together 07
rihanna chris brown court appearance together 08
rihanna chris brown court appearance together 09
rihanna chris brown court appearance together 10
rihanna chris brown court appearance together 11
rihanna chris brown court appearance together 12
rihanna chris brown court appearance together 13
rihanna chris brown court appearance together 14
rihanna chris brown court appearance together 15
rihanna chris brown court appearance together 16
rihanna chris brown court appearance together 17
rihanna chris brown court appearance together 18
rihanna chris brown court appearance together 19
rihanna chris brown court appearance together 20
rihanna chris brown court appearance together 21
rihanna chris brown court appearance together 22
rihanna chris brown court appearance together 23
rihanna chris brown court appearance together 24
rihanna chris brown court appearance together 25

Photos: INFdaily, FameFlynet Pictures
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  • ok

    well well well

  • t


  • Jessi


  • SunnyAutumn

    He’s hot….She’s desperate.

  • S

    Um…this is disturbing.

  • amensister

    didnt see that coming, what a shocker. she’s really going all or nothing this time round

  • jess

    They’re discovering new planets all the time, any chance we could put these two on the next one they find?

  • joak

    with all that money, he can’t even buy a decent suit. what’s wrong with him..

  • adub

    “If its a mistake, its my mistake.” – Rihanna on CB

  • m

    Pathetic…both of them

  • Kae

    Remember all the interviews she did after the abuse?????? She ridiculous. But if she wants a man that beat her in her face but didn’t touch the last chic, more power to the girl.

  • Jean

    It is not just “her” mistake, since she is supposed to be a role model by being a public figure. So many Young Girls look up to her, trying to find themselves. She really needs therapy if she truly thinks this lowlife deserves her.

  • WWP


    Yes, he’s the perfect boyfriend: Immature, Liar, Cheat, Beater, No Integrity, No Honor. What woman could ask for more!

    And he really ain’t all that hot – unless you’re into knuckel dragging mouth breathers.

  • WWP


    True – but that doesn’t mean we can’t mock the ever-living crap out of her while she makes it!

  • Dee

    Some of you need life! Hating on this man forever, what’s wrong with u all??? They’re in love, he changed so much, even that medias are setting him up and bashing him all the time, he still got time to make good music and to do charity! THIS MAN DESERVES RESPECT! You see his face??? you see how hard is for him! They’re doing everything to bring him down! He made mistake when he was 19! ONE MISTAKE! She can see beauty inside him and she’s there to support him! Some of you need life and God! Why all that hatred? let them be for God sake

  • Dee

    One more thing!!! What you see in medias is just 10% truth!!! Do you really believe everything you read???? THEY ARE WRITING ALL THAT CRAP TO SELL!!! This man is totally different, he’s kind person, he’s caring, he’s working so hard!!! Did you ever read about his charity organization Symphonic Love, did you read about his work in Jennesse Center – center for domestic violence!!! All you guys believe is what you read in medias! He’s not like that, not even a half! I admire him, even with all that hatred, he’s so strong! Why u not hating on Charlie Sheen or others?? Why always Chris! And Rihanna is strong woman, a beautiful woman!

  • Bren

    It is not a celebrity job to be a role model to anyone’s child. They are entertainers stop getting it twisted. Parents should be their children role model. OMG, so tired of people looking for other people to parent their children.

  • http://website linda

    @WWP: you really sound stupid live your life and let them live there’s as for the tired ass men and boys out here they r all falling short.

  • Yohji

    She’s trying too hard to be the new Whitney.

  • justanopinion

    She seems way more into him than he is into her, at least this time around. In fact I don’t think he can be into anyone, but himself. He’s a solipsist. Only his point of view exists. I think they’re both sociopaths. He, a violent one, and she a sex-crazed, stalkery, obsessed one. That’s why they’re drawn to one another. Like attracts like. I think the Frank Ocean thing, was the straw that broke the camel’s back. They were probably watching him very closely, and when that happened, they decided to go after him.

  • mel

    rihanna is without a doubt the most pathetic person on the plant! and what on earth were wrong with her parents if they think any of this bull shit is all right(her dad “i like chris the guy who abused his little girl & her mom i’m praying for her) fyi that doesn’t do a damn thing. if i ever have a daughter i’m going to teach her about self respect, love forgiveness . give her the confidence in herself to walk from un- healthy relationship. and if ever some asshole punk ever put a hand her. i would hope to god she cares enough about her self to walk away.

  • heather

    @Dee: dee if you want to know why it’s hard to forgive you should look long and hard of that picture of rihannas face after he beat her. that face, those bruise’s that’s why. no offence, you must be as dumb. that’s really saying something

  • one shot

    who cares? they flying too high for real people. can i have karrueche now? it hink she’s a real thing. looks fine these days. and got something to work with. what them got? nothing but buzz and trouble.

    was this random? not at all. lowers the level.

  • P

    One thing is for sure: they are bound together forever now… The last chic will soon be a distant memory.. Rihanna would jump in front of a moving truck for this dude!!

  • whatwhat

    Sad She is a very beatiful and sucessful women with a very low self esteem.

  • janekay

    @P: agreed…she is in totally in love with him…i don’t think much people would be able to fight those kind of feelings and definitely not at such a young age…I don’t mind them being together; i just hope it works out and it doesn’t end badly…love is definitely worth fighting for…

  • toni

    If this isn’t Bobby and Whitney 2.0…
    I wonder what will be next? Her jumping to hug him outside of the courthouse without her shoes on getting inside the car? Being Chris Brown the reality show?

    Also Chris’s mother should be ashamed of herself for enabling him.

  • shondale26

    wow..i love these two

  • :)

    So, not to sounds like a d-bag, but are one of these two one of the next celebrity deaths? You’re always hearing about how they do drugs and such. CB has been in a bunch of fights with other celebrities. How long until then?

    I hope that doesn’t happen, because I do enjoy their music, but I don’t think this is a good situation for either of them. They both need professional help for their issues. Let’s hope they get it before it’s too late.


    Someone needs to give rihrih a bottle of self esteem…maybe we can all go to the wizard of oz and request a big 48litre of I am a woman who does not need a man who whooped my ass to the point of no return rade

  • Greenieweenie

    Chris DOUCHE! Who am I? *stomp* *stomp* *whine* *whine* “Just because I busted a girl’s face DOESN’T MEAN YOU CAN KNOW ABOUT IT! And how dare you have the NERVE to tell me it was wrong!! I paid SO BADLY for that tiny transgression–would’ve even been on the books if you all weren’t so damn judgmental–PEOPLE SAID I WASN’T A NICE GUY Y’ALL. Now leave me alone so I can plan BeatRihanna 2.0.” Rihanna: “Here’s my face, baby. Love.”

  • Greenieweenie

    @janekay: oh honey, haven’t you heard? Love is kind. It isn’t a fist to the face.

  • http://life hey

    She’s weak.

  • emmy


  • A Mother

    “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”. Why in petes sakes is Chris Brown being vilified and crucified like this? Is the (media, critics) trying to kill him? At what point are you people (journalists, blog writers/readers, and naysayers) going to start treating him, as you would have like someone to treat you all. REMEMBER WE ALL HAVE OUR DAY COMING; “TODAY FOR HIM (actually his “today” is 4 years long”, TOMORROW FOR YOU AND ME”. No one is above making mistakes. Such is this life. Seriously, I am not this young man and I am so SICK and FED up at the level of disrespect, ridicule and negativity that has been directed at him left, right and center.
    One mistake does not define a person. It is evident that he has committed a serious offense. He has PAID tremendously for such an offense. Look at him. He is so HURTING. This young man is losing his joy to live. People are not allowing him to move on. He is a human being just like us. Celebrity status does not make people immortal.
    Please STOP the hypocrisy, he was wrong, but he is not the first person/celebrity to commit a crime. There are many celebrities, pastors, priests, police officers, doctors, journalists’, judges, lawyers’, CEOs, husbands, wives etc, who have committed acts of crimes, some even premeditated. Yet they are not being subjected to such continuous belittling, character bashing.
    It is clear that negativity sells, but we all need to put ourselves in his position. Sometimes it is not about making the money, it is about doing the right thing. And the right thing is to GIVE HIM A CHANCE TO MOVE AWAY FROM HIS PAST. STOP MENTIONING THAT ONE INCIDENT IN HIS PAST IN EVERY ARTICLE. IT IS NOT NECESSARY. LET HIM GROW. LET HIM BREATHE. LET HIM LIVE. He deserves that.
    It hurts me as a mother to see what this young man is going through. “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, LET’S STOP HOUNDING HIM”.

  • Lolita

    Why is it every time this loser has a court appearance he dyes his hair black?

  • :)

    FUGLY couple!

  • mh

    Some of you need to get a life. If she chooses to support him so what it’s her life. As for being a Role Model, parents need to raise their own children. If children don’t know right from wrong it’s the parents fault not Rhianna.

  • uh huh

    He looks like he should be pumping my gas.

  • uh huh

    These two are dumb and talentless. They deserve eachother.

  • china

    Always controversy surrounding Chris (sigh). Its weird seeing her there, last time they were on opposite sides. I hope he’s changed, would be disastrous for their careers if another incident happens again

  • Rose1987389!!!

    This guy is a ticking time bomb! I’m wondering if she’s putting herself in his path so he can attack her again and start yet another media frenzy? If so, then she’s an even bigger idiot if she don’t think he’d kill her this time…OR…maybe she’d kill him and of course claim self defense!! Hey now that I think of it maybe she really hates him and is luring him back in to get revenge…okay it’s just a silly theory I know. Trying to make sense of something that seems totally senseless.

  • *

    These two sicken me.

  • coco

    she told that she wanted to be an example for all the woman who has lived the same tragedy .. she just changed her mind since

  • coco

    @Bren: In past interviews she told that she wanted to be an example for all the woman who has lived the same tragedy .. I guess she just changed her mind since

  • Rebecca

    Chris & Rhi dont believe in living in the past..a lot of u commenters on here should do the same!! Obviously they are madly in love & inseperable..maybe none of u have ever loved that hard! This has NUTHIN AT ALL to do with Rhi’s self-esteem! It’s called loving a person unconditionally..with all their faults! God help us all if people judged us & our worthiness based on our past life! U all act as if he’s STILL beating her..u are the ones who are really pathetic..NOT Rhianna! She’s on top of the world right now..she seems very happy. U all live your lives the way in the HELL u want to..why dont u think these two YOUNG people have that same birth right, regardless of your NOTHING OPINION??!!!! Get a life & get off your self-rightous high horses!!

  • Ala

    GO CHRIANNA! Rihanna chose to have faith in him again, to believe in him again. Thank God people like her still exist. You never know when the day comes in life that you may do or say something you regret I hope the people who get effected by that are willing enough to forgive you people because with the comments you people leave I hope no one forgives you for your mistakes, then you will see how it feels.

  • TryThinking1956

    Like Whitney Houston before her, people have a tendency – why, I don’t know – to over-estimate this girl. The “mainstream” [read:white folks] think that somehow Brown is leading Rihanna astray, but the bottom line is this – she is a low-rent, country girl from the backwoods of Barbados and he is a low-rent country boy from the backwoods of Virginia. ALL this girl has going for her are her good looks and willingness to exploit and degrade herself, while Whitney had both looks and a God-given, raw, undeniably remarkable voice. BOTH of these women, however, are as “ghetto” (I’m Black…I can say that!) as the guys they feel comfortable with. Stop looking for some deep, psychological mumbo-jumbo…He’s a little thug and she’s a little hood rat.

  • Rebecca

    @Trythinking1956..u speak as if u know these two on a personal level..u throwin around n*gga ass lables like “hoodrat & thug”..what kinda “backwoods” ass place do u come from with that kinda thinking? Rhi may not have nearly the kinda chops the late great Mrs Houston but neither did Madonna or Janet Jackson..both who had crazy super-stardom! Madonna especially! U dont know crapolla about Whitney no more than u do Rihanna..Whitney’s life & troubles led to her untimely death so u cant seriously put her on a pedestal above Rhi just cuz she could “blow!” She was a drug addict but that didnt make her any less of a human being or person with a heart! I’m sick of people like u calling Rhi all these nasty..uncalled for names like she’s out here hurting she’s some kinda serial killer! DAMN..all she’s doing is what makes her happy & trying to live her life (Chris too)!! We’ve ALL gotta face the same God..only He can judge!! For your sake..i hope he’s not as harsh & cruel as U with his judgement!!!

  • phil

    laugh at all the people hating on them. you hated all the time and they still give 0 f*cks about your opinions. you wanna tell people how to live? instead of getting a life by your own. you’re more interested in celebrity lifes then in your own. thats why the only thing you guys have is bitter hating on jj. if you wanted to show everybody how bitter you all are then you succeded. it happend years ago most people moved on. FORGIVENESS doesnt mean weakness it means STRENGTH. she forgave him, but your weak a/s/ses cant stand it.