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Thirty Seconds to Mars' 'Up in the Air' - Listen Now!

Thirty Seconds to Mars' 'Up in the Air' - Listen Now!

Check out this first listen of Thirty Seconds to Mars‘ “Up in the Air”!

The band – Jared Leto, Shannon Leto, and Tomo Milicevic – released the song off of their upcoming album Love Lust Faith + Dreams, due out in stores on May 21!

“What do you think of #UpInTheAir? Celebrate its release with us + change your avatar to the single art” Jared tweeted earlier in the day. “THANK YOU for making LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS #13 on the iTunes chart + #4 in Alternative!” he added.

Check out “Up in the Air” on iTunes now!

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Credit: Ian Gavan; Photos: Getty
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  • Jennay

    I AM CRYING this is so perfect….. i have been waiting for this for way too long!!!

  • GGGive

    i love this band… and this song was so worth waiting for!

  • Kara

    Jared is a great actor plus he has successful band…very few celebs accomplished this. Love the song!

  • Ashley

    Waiting for so long… so worth it! Amazing work guys!!!

  • Niklas

    Where can i buy it?! I love this!

  • JP

    EPIC SONG, im not a huge fan of electronic music, but this was awesome

  • Darla

    on itunes already!!!
    love the song! can’t wait to listen the album

  • Alice E. Melancon

    what Earl explained I am alarmed that anyone able to profit $8657 in 1 month on the internet. did you read this site…

  • Martina

    Old fans VS New fans. I’m an old one, and this song lets me down.

  • arshman jakie

    30 seconds to mars in my opinion in the begining was
    now it is like
    they changed a lot i mean they used to be way different o_o
    add me on fb ^_^ arshman jakie!!

  • Bedman

    I agree. I miss the heavy sounding stuff most, but I loved the sound on a beautiful lie too. These last two albums just aren’t really my thing. I want to like them so bad but this just isn’t doin it for me.

  • Anna


    You are so STUPID! What a shame to even call yourself a fan…this song is pure perfection, epic…

  • Jen

    @Anna: I’m sorry but I agree with Martina and I call myself part of the Echelon Army… I have the tattoo to prove that I’m a huge fan of 30STM but this new direction has me puzzled and let down. We will come around eventually once we get used to their new style but until then, don’t call someone stupid just because their opinion isn’t the same as yours… She has a right to feel differently than you, as do I

  • Anna


    I’m sorry but it’s just pissing me off when people are so ignorant and don’t appreciate the quality of something so perfect as this song is…the guys are just so talented and it’s normal that they come up with something different now and then…art is variety, that doesn’t mean we should feel disappointed…

  • Jen

    @Anna: I want to love the song. I have it on repeat right now along with Shannon’s remix of Night of the Hunter just so I do appreciate where they’re going with their music because your right, they are the most talented guys out there. It just takes time to get used to but that doesn’t mean we’re ignorant and don’t appreciate them.

  • Anna

    Well if you don’t like a song just because you got used to the same stuff then that means you are ignorant…you fail to appreciate what this exquisite band can do with their talent…there’s smt new and you don’t even give it a chance but join the other ignorants and immediately criticize it, that’s what makes you ignorant…anyway, try and listen to this song more, I’m sure you’ll end up loving it as well as everyone else…

  • KissThis

    I really love the lyrics! Pretty amazing song here. I’ll admit it’s going to take time to get used to this new sound. But I’ve found in the past that everything 30STM has come out with I have loved. So this will soon be my new favorite song lol. The music to this track is just not as dark as some of their others. Which is a good thing. 30stm needs more “up” music.



  • John

    anna really ignorant i love the new song but i still like their older shit way better. just because someone doesn’t like something new that comes out doesn’t make them ignorant. everyone has different taste and thats that. it doesn’t make them ignorant.

  • Allison

    I’m a relatively new fan and not a huge critic about music, however, I love this new song, how it can have their dual meanings, as usual.
    When I first read the lyrics, I went, “isn’t this rather repetitive for them?” But I’m glad I had some faith, because as usual, it’s beautiful, and they layer new meanings, sounds, and voices behind each repeat.
    It’s beautiful. It’s 30 Seconds to mars. :)

  • DD Echelon

    and I’ve known mars for three years I’m not exactly new or an old echelon <3 but for those who didn't like it trust me you will very sooooon
    a few days later you're gonna find yourself humming the ryhem and don't worry their albums are always a variety I mean look at this is war album the first single was kings and queens if you listen to the album you'll find that there isn't a song that sounds like kings and queens, not really, right ?
    MARS HUGS EVERYONE <3 and pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasse don't fight

  • nina


  • Adam


  • Scott

    Are people seriously sold by the lyrics? The chorus is just AWFUL.
    “A thousand blah blah blah blah, a thousand blah blah blah blah, a thousand blah blah blah blah. Today… Today… Today…” It’s just stupid and horribly cliched.

  • Truth in Love

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