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Kerry Washington & Kate Mara Cover 'THR' Drama Actresses Issue

Kerry Washington & Kate Mara Cover 'THR' Drama Actresses Issue

Connie Britton, Anna Gunn, Kate Mara, Elisabeth Moss, Monica Potter, and Kerry Washington take the cover of The Hollywood Reporter‘s Emmy Roundtable Drama Actresses issue.

Here’s what the ladies had to share with the mag:

Kate, on her early days in the business: “My mom has always been really, really supportive of me and my sister [actress Rooney Mara] since we were kids. It’s all I ever wanted to do, and no one in my family had ever acted before. It was very new, and she had no idea how to help me go that route, how to get an agent – none of that. It was all very foreign to us. I mean, I was playing the tree in The Wizard of Oz for the first 10 years of my acting career.”

Kerry, on race playing a factor in casting: “It’s a little bit different for me because I’ll audition for something and they’ll just decide that they’re not going “ethnic” with a character, which I hear a lot. People have artistic license … that’s what casting is: fitting the right look to the right character. Whereas you could maybe lose some weight, there’s not really anything I can do, nor would I want to, about being black.”

Connie, on weight issues in Hollywood:
“We were shooting in a grocery store in Nashville, and when they called cut, there were these two older ladies standing there. One of them grabbed me and said, “You look so much bigger on camera!” And I’m like, ‘Thank you?’”

Elisabeth, on her old day job: “I worked at the silent movie theater here in L.A., but that actually was kind of cool. Though, I didn’t like cleaning the bathrooms as much.”

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  • Mayberry_0222

    why is it that when ANY magazine or other source is interviewing a african american actress, the topic or questions always have to be about race. How is it like being black in ___? What’s it like being a black___? Like WTF?? It is 2013 for crying out loud! It’s okay to ask other questions that done relate to race. Because as soon as the person answers, the media will make it seem like there an angry black woman/man or that they started the topic on race!

  • Mayberry_0222

    This is why every time there is a feature on any media website or other outlet that has a black woman on the cover, there are going to be comments that has nothing to do with her talent, or beauty, only comments like:

    Why is her skin _____?
    Why does she date only ____man?
    What is she mixed with?
    She looks ghetto.
    or some ignorant bullcrap.
    Case in point: see comments on the feature from yesterday on Zoe Saldana. lol!

  • Mayberry_0222

    This also goes for actresses who or of a healthy weight or overweight.
    First stupid question.
    What do you think about how hollywood view weight?

  • Asha

    @Mayberry_0222: Kerry Washington is anything but an angry black woman. In addition, in her profession where the majority of acting roles are designated for less “ethnic” actors, it is only natural for Kerry to speak about how much tougher it is to obtain work. Calm down. It is people like you who overreact to an innocent question and response about race.

  • Mayberry_0222

    You can’t honestly say that most people didn’t already know the answer to this. Sweety I am calm, I actually started laughing when I saw the questions, because it’s such a predictable question. Also, I am stating things I have observed regarding interview questions in popular magz, which I have every right to do so. I am almost certain that Kerry Washington along with every other overweight actress gets tired of these questions. You opinion is appreciated but I disagree. One, I didn’t say she was an angry black woman. Please re-read my comments very slowly again. Another thing is, if you were to google “kerry washington” interviews or any other black actress along with a popular magazine name, there will be a questions about race in hollywood. No one would talk about race if it’s not brought up all the time is my point. Enjoy your day.

  • Livin’ the Life

    I think Mayberry has some good points, because they do seem to focus on Race when they interview African American actors. But I have also noticed that when they get older actresses they always ask about “age” questions. They do the same with very young actors.

    Of course they also ask the “what’s it like being a woman actress?” question too. Or “how has being gay helped you or hurt you?”

    I guess the only people who get questions abut their acting are straight white males. Between 30 -50. So I think it has to do with how superficial the interviewers are when it comes to asking questions.

    I wish sometimes they would let us send them questions to ask because I bet we would ask more intelligent questions then they do at these interviews.

  • fanny

    i looooooove kerry

  • Halli

    Love Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Scandal, House of Cards & American Horror Story so I’m loving this cover!

  • Mayberry_0222

    Thank you “@livin’thelife for reading my comments and trying to understand the point I was making. I wasn’t only speaking about race, but weight as well. Thank God there are other people in the world out there who aren’t naive and close-minded. Can you imagine what type of questions would be asked ?

  • Mayberry_0222

    My point is how many times are they going to ask the same questions that’s been asked a hundred times before. Focus on the talent, the hard work. lol!

  • Asha

    @Mayberry_0222: I do not believe that I am naive and close-minded. I just recognize the realities of the world that we live in. As well, how will things change if we do not speak about them. Should we just sugarcoat that fact that fact that in Hollywood, acting roles are disproportionately given to individuals who are not of a minority descent? Kerry was asked a relevant question based on her experiences in Hollywood. No need to blow it out of proportion. This is the world we live it. If you have not recognized that by now then I am sorry for you.

  • Asha

    @Mayberry_0222: Also, weight is as much of a hot topic as race is in Hollywood. Whether the actress be too fat or too skinny, someone will always present questions relating to an actresses weight in interviews because that is what the public wants to read about. It is no secret that when you place an actress on a magazine with a catchy reference about her weight that the magazine is going to sell more copies than if they were talking about her acting skills alone.

  • Mayberry_0222

    @Asha, if you haven’t recognized that the answer is already out there when you turn on the tv everyday or going to the movies, or observe information that given during black history month, or watch a commercial, or walk watch the news (do I need to continue) to get the answer from relevant questions like these, you’ve been living under a rock for too long. I’m going to just leave it at that. I hope one that you will see the point I was trying to make. I’m done hear. There’s no point in replying to your comments. God Bless you

  • Mayberry_0222

    sorry about the grammatical errors. typing from an iphone is hard gets difficult with these fat fingers i have.

  • Jean

    I love me some Connie Britton.

  • Bill

    Roger Goodell is a Bigot White Supremacist NFL Commissioner and the other 32 team owners are Racist Bigots for supporting, enabling, and profiting off the Hate Crime Culture that is promoted by the use of the Washington “Redskins” team nickname.

    End the ethnic Bullying and Hate Crime culture perpetuated by the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL owners by writing to your Senator or Congressman to strip the NFL from its tax exempt status and anti-trust status. As Taxpaying citizens of the United States, we demand that our government no longer support and provide benefits to organizations that promote Hate Crime, Bigotry, and Ethnic Genocide

  • Sweetness

    I think when they ask and how she replies as an actress who is black, it impacts many other actresses of color. For her to be where she is lead of a tv night time drama is very few and far between. Unlike the music industry you don’t see an abundance of black actresses as leads on major network shows. She is talking about what she as well as thousands of actresses of color through on auditions…How often do white actresses go on auditions and are told at the audition we are going for an ethnic look. She’s keeping it real by revealing what goes on and how in that market you are out of a job NOT because of something she can change like her hair or weight but her skin color. And many actresses of color who read her struggles can identify with that.

  • Livin’ the Life

    There’s a lot of fine African American actresses but the people in charge think the public can only handle one or two at a time. I love Kerry Washington and Viola Davis, but what about Regina King, and Sanaa Lathan, Gabrielle Union, Alfre Woodard, Angela Bassett, and a lot of other ones. When I look at this article, I see Kerry starring in this fantastic series and her very nomination for an Emmy speaks volumes. There ought to be more leading roles for women and more leading roles for women of color. I think the movies do a better job with race issues than TV does. But I think TV does a better job with Gay issues than movies do.


    @Bill: You’re getting your information wrong, Bill. Kerry Washington is a name change african like the african obama she supported in Washington, the American city named for the real American Washington. George Washington, despite what obama and kerry would want you to know, won the war for Americas freedom, as Washington and America will win this next war.

  • willanka

    Yes, great cover! I’m especially happy for Kerry!

  • Lulani

    And there goes the token black woman. And she has been made to look white too. How sad. Being black and looking black isn’t good enough for hollyweird.shame on you Kerry. You’re telling me they couldn’t find any more black women who isn’t ashamed of her natural self?

  • A

    @Lulani: You’re a moron. Just because she’s the only black woman on the cover does not mean she’s a “token”. She’s on a hit TV show for christ sake.
    She hasn’t been “made to look white”. She looks the way she always does, black. I’ve never seen a white woman who looks like that.
    Not every black woman looks the same FYI.
    And she’s perfectly happy with herself, maybe you should stop projecting your own insecurities on her.

  • A

    @Mayberry_0222: I hear ya.
    I wish they would ask questions about–ya–know–actual acting! And this “angry black woman” thing needs to stop. Black women have every right to show full human emotions. Sometimes we are happy, sometimes we are angry and that’s perfectly OK. Every other human being on earth has the right to be angry, but if we are, god forbid, we are an “angry black woman” Watch out!