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Jeremy Renner Debuts Adorable Baby Daughter Ava!

Jeremy Renner Debuts Adorable Baby Daughter Ava!

Jeremy Renner and Sonni Pacheco take their adorable baby girl Ava Berlin out for a day of running errands together on Thursday afternoon (September 19) in Los Angeles.

This is the first glimpse we’ve gotten of the 42-year-old actor’s six-month-old baby girl – she’s so adorable!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jeremy Renner

Ava was welcomed into the world this past March, before the family revealed her name a few days later. This is the first child for Jeremy and Sonni.

25+ pictures inside of Jeremy Renner and Sonni Pacheco taking their adorable baby girl Ava out for a day of running errands…

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jeremy renner debuts adorable baby ava 01
jeremy renner debuts adorable baby ava 02
jeremy renner debuts adorable baby ava 03
jeremy renner debuts adorable baby ava 04
jeremy renner debuts adorable baby ava 05
jeremy renner debuts adorable baby ava 06
jeremy renner debuts adorable baby ava 07
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jeremy renner debuts adorable baby ava 11
jeremy renner debuts adorable baby ava 12
jeremy renner debuts adorable baby ava 13
jeremy renner debuts adorable baby ava 14
jeremy renner debuts adorable baby ava 15
jeremy renner debuts adorable baby ava 16
jeremy renner debuts adorable baby ava 17
jeremy renner debuts adorable baby ava 18
jeremy renner debuts adorable baby ava 19
jeremy renner debuts adorable baby ava 20
jeremy renner debuts adorable baby ava 21
jeremy renner debuts adorable baby ava 22
jeremy renner debuts adorable baby ava 23
jeremy renner debuts adorable baby ava 24
jeremy renner debuts adorable baby ava 25
jeremy renner debuts adorable baby ava 26
jeremy renner debuts adorable baby ava 27
jeremy renner debuts adorable baby ava 28

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  • love herr

    lol, come out of the closet already

  • Paula

    His baby mama is really attractive and his daughter is a doll!

  • jess

    What? are they together or did he just get her pregnant and are raising her together?

  • Liam

    beautifull baby :)

  • eho

    slutbag sonni Pacheco…

  • Verity

    @jess: I don’t believe they are together. You don’t send your girlfriend home months before you finish shooting.

  • Johnson

    Come on Hurt Locker 2!!!

  • Me


  • Jen

    @jess: Officially his rep has stated she is his ‘current girlfriend”.

    they are all adorable

  • demented


    Or pop in for a couple days when she has the kid across the country, then run back.

  • demented


    Is she the one who was a stripper and former escort? Plus there’s the whole “conveniently got knocked up the month he gets famous” thing. I sure bet THAT was an accident!

  • Motherhood Whitewasher

    @Jen: this pap-call-in could be the first modeling gig Ms Pacheco has done wearing actual clothes.

  • echo

    Playing happy families: Jeremy Renner
    and ex-girlfriend Sonni Pacheco enjoy an amicable outing with precious daughter Ava
    Daily mail said something very interesting. Why they so insisted on the ex and roommate stuffs?

  • elenat

    Thanks for the pictures to both parents, and to lady Ava in particular)
    PS. Haters are poor and seek creatures) Envy must always be silent)

  • Oh You Again Crazy Fangirl

    @elenat: Tumblr down? your english is not improving. and nice work on that fake Sonni facebook page-alumn of MIT and speaks fluent russian! totally believable!

  • see

    Jeremy has some movies and projects to promote, he is using his kid as a PR tool, she holds that kid up so high, to make sure the photographer gets good shots, and she makes sure she is in the shot too, so the PR people can’t cut her out of the photos like thye did the first time Jeremy took her and the kid out for a PR-run.
    She is a stripper and a ho who gave up her whorish attempts at fame and decided to get pregant by richest man she could find and become a housewife.
    Jeremy is a sucker caught up in her plans. He seems fine by that.

  • danna

    LIAR He has no baby she is his niece shame on you Jeremy
    Don’t treat your fans like idiots.

  • n8

    Ive lost all respect for this man. ever since he got caught up with someone like her..a stripper/escort he met in Vancouver NOT on the MI4 set like it has been claimed! She is not credited as a stand in like the others are…nice BS story to try to make her “look” like an aspiring actress..and im sorry but they need to stop saying “model” this thing is far from being a model! She has a rough face that is older beyond her years. Way to go Jeremy! youre officially an idiot who is stuck for life with this! But its like SEE said, he doesn’t seem to mind..

  • Sweet Cheeks

    Oh boy, here we go again. I understand fans being upset. Since I’m far from a swooning fangirl, I will try to be as polite and blunt as possible. It’s smart to keep a moral compass in your pocket so you never lose it. No one is claiming perfection, it’s how one handles the BS that’s important. Being a greater man is more relevant than being a better actor. I’m sure he is a good dad. The PR machine is never going away, but the good PR is always the way to go. Not the kind of PR that makes Jeremy look really, really bad. The comments on the Eonline board. He definitely needs some “F U” friends. I have several and everyone needs at least one. My friends would never let me throw someone’s mama from a train. I think everyone wants to root for a talented actor. I want all of his performances to be worthy of my hard earned cash. BTW, Jeremy is blessed to have a precious baby girl. Just look at those sweet little cheeks. I hope he sings to her as often as possible. She’s a cutie!

  • Keep It Simple

    @Sweet Cheeks: Let’s just take it down to the basics here: he’s a middle aged peter pan who has a weakness for booze and bimbos. I feel bad for all the fangirls who believed his spun yarns of loneliness and loving strong and smart women like Kathryn Bigelow. The truth known now is that he’s always preferred f*cking the young and dumb and in this case case, very thirsty. However now he’s got that vacant trophy wive he can handle and control to his needs. Let’s hope the kid is brought up with better value sets and sense then the parents. Career-wise he could see less tolerence and than what was celebrated back a generation with Polansky and Nicholsons Then again, Americans tend to be moral relativists when it comes to celebrity culture.

  • Sweet Cheeks

    @Keep It Simple: Let’s just say you have the blunt part down way better than I do. I was trying to be a professional with some tact and you come along and blow me out of the water…hahaha. You make a great point, the blurred lines of moral relativity. I grew up in a big Italian/Irish Catholic family where moral law and respect ruled with an iron fist. As kids, if we didn’t comply a glass ashtray would coming flying across the room at our heads. Those were the good old days. Maybe there were no flying ashtrays in the Renner household or maybe he’s a late bloomer? Renner’s a big boy; he can conduct himself the way he wants. I always say, we all have options in life; we can live our lives bitter or we can live our lives better. I will always choose the latter. You and I can always support another actor at the box office. Though I am still rooting for him, maybe he will find his compass and start using it? Maybe he will surround himself with a better group of professionals? Only time will tell. Nice chatting with ya, and have a great day. :)

  • Cathy

    @Keep It Simple:

    He is not a paedophile, he is not an adulterer, his an unmarried man who has a child with a 25 year old woman and he is at the very least taking responsibility for them both. I have seen internet rumors that he is gay and internet rumors that he is a womanizer, but nobody is out there claiming he has mistreated them. Surely there must be some other celebrity more deserving of your moral indignation.

  • Keep it Simplier

    @Cathy: Try a bit of critical thinking: I was making a point of our society that celebrates a man’s sexist behavior and an elevation of women as nothing more than sex objects OR Mothers. As a fan and feminist who foolishly believed his crap about what he said about Kathryn Bigelow, I was hoping he would be the man that wants a companion he can celebrate her accomplishments, her intellectual curiosity, her work making the world better: we emotionally and intellectually advance use the term ‘equal’ . (BTW Popping out of a kid to secure a lifestyle does not make this Sonni worth admiring) Nope he’s not that man-he joins the ranks of Depp, DeCaprio, Sheen. They are social dinasours and entertainment consumers like me and there’s allot of us won’t be bothered to support. So sorry fangirl: my moral indignation stays: you can keep your rationalization. No worries for me: there’s Hugh Jackman to admire and appreciate.
    And who should give a crap if he is gay. Just the fangirls see those rumors as negative.

  • Keep it Simplier

    @Cathy: and i forgot to mention: this notion of ‘taking care of sonni’ that’s a nice piece of paternalistic bargaining: sad women still support that sexist retrograde notion that women need to be ‘kept’ as if they are not capable to be independent in thought and actions. Ann Romney wants to hug you!

    Enough talking about this hollywood crap. Bread & Circus.

  • Cathy

    @Keep it Simplier:

    I’ve gotcha! To sum up – you don’t like his girlfriend.

  • Say What?

    I think you nailed it! People need to get over it! He’s taking care of his daughter like he should.

  • Come On

    This guy is over rated. He sucked in Avengers and he was boring as dishwater in Bourne. I cannot understand for the life of me how he gets this fanatic following

    Lets work in reallity people- Image sells movie seats and that image is neither rational nor reflective of the average joe. Look at the constant fixation over those frauds the Kardashions. Its Hollywood so why are people now shocked that all these guys go for the young piece. Renner is no special snowflake.


  • elenat

    Wow) You make me feel famous – almost legendary)) Go on, go on, baby) I am everywhere and do everything what makes you mad))) Boooo))))

  • Come On

    @elenat: I stopped following the renner tag on tumblr because the constant barrage of crazy obsession. What else do you do day or night? I also think you created that fake facebook page (the likes to crap pop stars was the only believable part). You are not right in head and above poster is correct: your English is painful.

    Regarding Renner in these photos: he looks resigned. She took pains on her make up. I think this was an arranged photoshoot. Babies are big sellers in US. Those laws for not taking minors photos will never pass. Hollywood celebs need that publicity.

  • Come On

    (hit the submit by accident and back to finish my thoughts: I have been watching Renners work since HL and The Town. Loved his acting then but now it just seems he phones it in. All this fandom drama on movie and celebrity boards mixed in really leaves bad taste in mouth. i am meh on him: perhaps over-rated was too strong. i have hope he can kick all this personal drama (cheap publicity) to the side and just go back to focusing on his acting.

    Three posts on one thread: a personal record

    For the record: i saw link of that fake FB through another movie board s few weeks back: i am pleased to see it gone. Renner has some really messed up fans.

  • elenat

    Think what you want, “come on”)) The more you hate me, the less power you have for hating my favorite actor) What I use to do in my daily life, is not your business) As to lunatiks… I guess you are aware (as my obsessed fan) what my twitter is. But OK, you’re right, here is not a place for me. I prefer more clean air) So, feel free to stink among those who enjoys the smell.

  • Come On

    @elenat: ok its confirmed: you are insane. If hes been made aware of your e

  • crazy fan girl at it again

    I agree with “come on” elenat..youre a whack job! Go back to where all is holy in the renner fandom and the love for sonni continues to grow. Your the delusional one to actually think this is a serious “relationship” between these two idiots!

  • коллега

    Мышки плакали, кололись, но продолжали жрать кактус, лен)

  • ewwgross!

    Seriously this Skank is acting as if she is on the runway in that pic of her and ava walking towards the camera. (wishful thinking on her part im sure. this thing could NEVER be a model and shouldn’t be labeled as offensive to the REAL models out there)! She needs to close her weird, injected mouth! So not attractive…what the heck did Jeremy see in this? Oh wait..a free ride, that’s it..only, its not free anymore..sucker!

  • game the system

    how does a non US citizen stay in this country for so long without working? sitting by pool and shopping while nanny does the heavy lifting does not count. marriage of convenience and silence for a greencard or did his production company game a work visa. perhaps scheduling paps to catch her with perfect make up and a dressed up baby counts as modeling gig for that gamed work visa. sure.

  • audryhorne

    looks like the bill passed

  • demented


    She was a hookup, and she skipped birth control once “Avengers” came out.

  • demented


    She was a favorite hookup who started skipping birth control when “Avengers” came out. Draw your own conclusions.

  • demented

    @Keep it Simplier:

    Nice point, clearly he does not want a relationship with an accomplished intelligent partner, since he is apparently interested in a vapid party girl/escort whose claim to fame is that she was once the Monster Drink girl or something. Maybe he’s one of those men intimidated by women with any self-respect.

    And I agree, there is no reason for a man to have to “take responsibility” for her. If a woman needs a man to “take responsibility” for her, she doesn’t deserve respect.