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Tom Welling & Jamie White Divorce After 10 Years of Marriage

Tom Welling & Jamie White Divorce After 10 Years of Marriage

Tom Welling and his wife Jamie White have reportedly gone their separate ways, according to TMZ.

The 36-year-old actor’s wife filed for divorce, citing “irreconcilable differences.”

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According to the divorce papers, Tom and Jamie separated in December last year after being married for 10 years.

Though the couple did not have any children, Jamie is asking for spousal support.

Tom and Jamie lived in Vancouver until 2011, when they relocated to L.A.

ARE YOU SURPRISED that Tom Welling and wife Jamie White are getting divorced?

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207 Responses to “Tom Welling & Jamie White Divorce After 10 Years of Marriage”

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  1. 101
    sofia Says:

    Tom Welling is a clean man! I know Tom from 10 years! So I repeat emphatically that Tom hates drugs! Tom has a lot of respect for his fans and ignores the wickedness of some people like you Donte or whatever your name is!

  2. 102
    Donte Says:

    @sofia: I too have followed Tom Welling’s career and life for the past 10 years and have noticed the drastic change in his behavior and friends and if you REALLY know Tom Welling you could not deny the drastic change that I have seen. Don’t deny the truth! Alcohol abuse is WICKED, cocaine abuse is WICKED!!!

  3. 103
    Donte Says:

    @marlen: Tom Welling has also developed a love for picking up women in clubs and hanging with D list actors who frequent night cubs and the Hollywood CLAMOR! If Tom Welling is such a great man and husband why would Jamie be filing for divorce from him. MAYBE Tom Welling is not the man you think he is!!!

  4. 104
    al Says:

    I don’t know they people but my prayers are them both. Divorce is like death there is healing process. Some of you are saying he fell in love with someone else some are say he just love women. This man is broken he really need to work his problems. He will never be good for anyone until he fix himself. I look like he got caught up in the fame and those trashy women. Women should respect another woman husband I don’t care how fine he is.

    I like this couple. I love smallville because of the story lines friendship truth respect family caring about others. The acting was poor grade but the story was great.

    I also believe in romance and this couple was so electric together. I look and them and think of Paul Newman and Joann Woodward. Hollywood is work but I go home to family.

    Marriage is hard work seven and ten year stretch is the worse. If these two people love each other they can work this out. They can only do that by attacking the problem not each other

    You only get out what you put in
    I wish them both the best

  5. 105
    K Says:

    But then Donte aka @ kalamonde you have a hard head! TOM HATES THE DRUG! I do not understand your hatred and your obsession with TOM, Donte You do not know. Maybe you have a drug problem!a normal person does not change name to each article on Tom! Tom had an affair on the set with Kristin Kreuk, Tom is separated in December, 2012, Kristin leaves the boyfriend in January 2013?coincidence? Sofia has reason Tom hates drugs! stop!

  6. 106
    Mary g. Says:

    I do not understand all this fuss for a simple divorce! Justin Hartley’s wife divorced him for “irreconcilable differencesbut has not attracted all this passion! do your own thing! Donte facts cure because your obsession is Serious!

  7. 107
    Mary g. Says:

    Donte, @ kalamonde, You have much more serious problems! Your obsession with Tom is getting your drug, it is not normal all this hatred against a person you do not know! Mystery.

  8. 108
    marika Says:

    Justin Hartley But he has a little daughter! Yes it is true his wife filed for divorce for the same reason as Jamie, but there is not a Donte Kalamonde, Lalastangel, maya (belong to the same person) that spreads poison and false news! My best wishes to Tom for his new life!

  9. 109
    marika Says:

    Chiedo scusa mi sono dimenticata un ‘altro nome di”Donte” = Apocogic !

  10. 110
    Maryland Says:

    Here are the other names used by Donte: amyli2730, lindy555, bgfan22, leseid2152, marinara1, leahlynn28, bjd 44, good2know, samsayssix. Everything to spread poison against Tom! discovery!

  11. 111
    Donte Says:

    @Maryland: Honey I don’t have the time in the day to set up all those users names! Reality check! Maybe there are more people who live in reality like me instead of fantasy like YOU!!!

  12. 112
    Donte Says:

    @Mary g.: Sweetheart don’t get mad at me because Tom Welling doesn’t live up to your expectations as you fantasy boyfriend!

  13. 113
    Maryland Says:

    Internet was a great discovery but also has its downside unfortunately is often used by bad people and sick as Donte to spread poison of positive people! after a searchI discovered that donte alias kalamonde has a disturbed personality.take care of your private life but I doubt that you will have a! Do not be jealous of Tom!

  14. 114
    Mary g Says:

    dear???? I’m super married for two years! I hate evil!

  15. 115
    Allie Says:

    @monica: Are you talking about a girl named Bella? I’m not going to write her full name here for obvious reasons.

  16. 116
    Allie Says:

    @monica: Are you talking about a girl named Bella? I’m not going to write her full name here for obvious reasons.

  17. 117
    Miley Says:

    @Allie: Yep!

  18. 118
    al Says:

    I do believe Tom has some problems with women they came across on screen. He is very closed off unless he is with Jamie.

    Jamie is a lovely women and she had his back and took care of his home for years she deserver half his money. He can make this right just write her a check and continue his friendship with her. Quite a few people are mentioning how he has cheated on his wife for years. Trust me he will cheat on the next woman until he is fixed.

    I just pray Jamie find true love. She is a beautiful woman inside and out.

  19. 119
    GG Says:

    @al: Many ppl have been saying that he cheated without ever having the means to show any proof he did it. Look at all these girls tweeting about how he flirted with them ever since he and Jamie separated. This is proof that those girls are more than willing to “kiss and tell”. How come we never read or seen ANY of this kind of solid evidence when they were married? Because it did not happen maybe. Look at how TMZ was able to even get a copy of the divorce papers, how come they never reported on any cheating before??? They even reported on an argument they had years ago while at a store. That means TMZ had their eyes on him people.

  20. 120
    Donte Says:

    @al: Al I agree with you 100%! Jamie is a lovely woman and she will be happy now that she is divorcing Tom Welling. Jamie did have his back because she with him before he was a celebrity. Now the only girls he will get are the ones who want to be with him because he is a celebrity.

  21. 121
    Stefania Says:

    All good at judging and criticizing the issues or the facts of the other without knowing the truth and persolmente people involved in the divorce. but perhaps you have a crystal ball? Congratulations!

  22. 122
    al Says:

    The attack on this couple is unfair. Anyone can tell Tom is not happy right now. On their rare public outings they were dazzling together & her beauty is regal. I have heard that form many people how wonderful they are together.

    This remind me of the 80 – 20 Rule! – Thinking your current spouse is a 20 and you go looking for that 80 and realize what you have is far past 80.

    I just pray they can reach out to one anther and move past all this negative publicity. To have successful marriage it takes work. Walking away is easy but looking working problems is hard for most people.

  23. 123
    Think B4 U Speak Says:

    @Rose: You seem to be implying that Jamie looked into the future and foretold that Tom would become a success so she started dating him prior to working on Smallville, since you do realize that they were together for TWO years prior to getting married. And when two people unite as a couple, EVERYTHING is combined and shared. It does not matter if one person makes more or less, or if one person becomes ill or suffers a tragic accident. The whole “for better or worse, in sickness and in health…” is meant to mean something. So, when that contract is broken in divorce, the divorce settlement is a means to renegotiate the contract and divide the assets as well as determine a fair settlement now that the shared earning potential has now been severed by no fault of the lesser earning spouse. IF the divorce is WITH GROUNDS, such as abandonment, adultery, abuse or otherwise, THEN there may be a reason for an award to be considered differently.

    Consequently, even if a spouse has proof of adultery, there are many reasons he/she would not present it and/or file for divorce first. It is definitely NOT as cut and dry as you simpleton gossipers believe it to be. Even with your “research” and “facts”, you don’t know anything at all. Do the world a favor and mind your own business, learn something about compassion, and hope that you never find yourself in the same situation as those whom you are flinging mud at. You never know what something is like until you have been in the exact situation for yourself. And then you feel the fool for the way you behaved before, unless you were wise enough to think before you speak/act.

  24. 124
    Me Me Says:

    Everyone is crazy! Some are saying he left his wife because he is in love with another woman others he is picking up women in bars. If he is in love my pick up women? Who’s to say what the truth might be. The fact she filed for divorce is saying something and she waited a year to do so. Realizing in some states one need to be separated for some period of time before filing may the why she waited almost a year.

    End of the day we can’t help who we fall in love with. People grow apart and get divorced every day. Why is this big a deal? If Tom did Jamie wrong trust me he will get what is coming to him soon enough.

    This couple has taken a beating from Tom’s fans. The thing that angry me the most is how disrespectful women are. This is someone husband respect that. I would not touch him if I had the opportunity. My self respect and knowing who I am is more important than fifteen minutes of lust.

    Who knows Tom and Jamie could be sitting by the fire reading this drama and laughing at all of us. Because they are seldom seen in public together it has always been rumored they had trouble in paradise.

  25. 125
    Why Did This Happen? Says:

    I hope this can all still turn around. Maybe Tom and Jamie are STILL together, and this whole thing is just a hoax. If anything at all, I am still hoping that Tom and Jamie Welling will work it out and NOT go through and get ‘DIVORCED’! Anyone here can agree with me for a change???

    Tom Welling seems very different now but in some ways when you look into his eyes, I know the Tom I love is still in there SOMEWHERE!

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