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Kristen Stewart Spotted on 'Still Alice' Set in New York City!

Kristen Stewart Spotted on 'Still Alice' Set in New York City!

Kristen Stewart flashes her smile while walking around the set of her new film Still Alice on Monday morning (March 3) in New York City.

The 23-year-old actress was seen carrying around a green drink while getting ready to film some scenes.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kristen Stewart

Kristen plays the daughter of a woman (Julianne Moore) who discovers she’s suffering from early onset Alzheimer’s disease. The mother and daughter bond during her illness in a way they never did before.

FYI: Kristen is wearing J Brand pants and a Gypsy05 tee shirt.

10+ pictures inside of Kristen Stewart on set…

Just Jared on Facebook
kristen stewart spotted on still alice set in new york city 01
kristen stewart spotted on still alice set in new york city 02
kristen stewart spotted on still alice set in new york city 03
kristen stewart spotted on still alice set in new york city 04
kristen stewart spotted on still alice set in new york city 05
kristen stewart spotted on still alice set in new york city 06
kristen stewart spotted on still alice set in new york city 07
kristen stewart spotted on still alice set in new york city 08
kristen stewart spotted on still alice set in new york city 09
kristen stewart spotted on still alice set in new york city 10
kristen stewart spotted on still alice set in new york city 11
kristen stewart spotted on still alice set in new york city 12

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  • Shauna

    LOVE YOU KRISTEN <333333

  • me


  • Rhemh


  • Sim

    wow Kristen is sexy ♥

  • ?

    Is this a Lifetime movie?

  • Me1

    So another movie where she plays herself and dresses as herself. Yawn.

  • sam

    She can’t act , don’t believe it change now

  • cam

    the book is amazing….can’t wait!

  • Cindy

    Kristen looks good here. Snow on the ground. Must be cold there.

  • Justsay

    book is fantastic. Cast is amazing, cross fingers to her.

  • Carrie

    Looking good here, Kristen

  • Malina

    The book was heartbreaking. It’s a horrific disease. So glad that Julianne is playing Alice. Love Kristen too.

  • Johanna

    lol at the same troll posing over and over. Give it up for God sake!

  • talia

    Was really hoping that she would dye her hair blonde for the role as Lydia had blonde hair in the book.the book is fantastic and is now one of my favourites.

  • Sim

    @sam: Sure could be expected from a hater again write some stupid comments rob fans going to praise your Sacred Rob and Kristen let go

  • Tamahome

    Cool !! another movie with Stewart very exciting . Can’t wait to see her on screen again with Julianne Moore even better . The idiots can say whatever they want it sure doesn’t matter she will continue to do her job and people will continue to support her … so in the end the morons can all … Suck It !!!!! LOL…

  • Adfjk

    she is so pretty

  • Anne

    ugly fat lesbian

  • Sim

    @Anne: thick ugly lesbian??? so it is the most stupid comment! that I see who are you? Look in the mirror as you seem to rob fans are crazy

  • El

    Still Alice was such a good book. Moore, Baldwin, and Stewart is good casting for the Howlands.

  • Dree


  • lupita is my god

    ugly fat slut

  • Tyla

    Don’t know why casting/directors keep giving her roles based on book characters. She ruins every single character with her crap acting.

  • sam

    @Tyla: I’m agree with you but you know she don’t work with great director just unknown one

  • niagirl

    She looks pretty but, is it me or has she gained about 20 pounds? Is her character suppose to heavier or pregnant? Anyway, you know how Karl L feels about fat.

  • Meryl

    @niagirl: She drank beer every day last summer when she was filming in Germany and she got a beer belly.

    She hasn’t been doing anything much since then, she hates going to the gym, so she’s still packing those beer carbs. The dirty skinny jeans make it look worse. If she knew how to dress, she could look a lot better, in terms of her pear shape.

  • Meryl

    @Shauna: Julianne Moore is the star of this film, but it is going to be like a Lifetime movie. Micro budget, another indie few people will see. It’s a job for KStew, but it’s nothing to get excited about. It’s not like Universal is going to go forward with SW2 or any other big budget film starring KStew. She’s taking supporting roles in movies no one will see. It’s work, but it’s nothing to get excited about.

    You didn’t see her at the Oscars last night, right? She isn’t being offered the roles Jen Lawrence is getting since she trashed her career by hooking up with that old perv, Rupert Sanders. Hollywood doesn’t like a scandal like that, ending up with a divorce and two small children as the fallout for her desire for a cheap thrill.

  • Sabrina

    Cool – looking forward to this!!

  • Awesome

    Awesome. Hope the cast have a good time filming.

  • lizzy

    Lovely cast, but Kristen Stewart again. She plays and dresses as herself in all her character. Another movie to pay her checks. Lost cause you, Kristen.

  • dolo

    she is hot but can’t act for shit

  • LULA


  • LULA


  • Chantell

    Love that she’s playing this role I think that people should stop criticizing her she did amazing work in Camp x-ray and the critics adore her and praises for that role and who are you to say she was she isn’t good for the role of this movie… and people make mistakes .. It should be a private matter between them ..stop making up shit… Liberty has moved on so why can’t all of you guys..she attended the Oscars party yesterday with a boyfriend so she seems happy… And Kristen didn’t go to the Oscars because she was working in New York.. Stop hating people’s …not a good thing.. I mean twilight wasn’t good but she has had good roles if she wasn’t a good actress she wouldn’t be getting not war

  • Aussiegirl

    Seriously cannot stand Kristen’s acting, so dull and talentless. Do think she is a pretty girl though…she would do better sticking to modelling.

  • Seth

    Does she ever close her mouth? Perhaps she needs nasal passage surgery.

  • Jay

    She is really lovely and the girl is definitely back on fire career wise. I have always liked her. Good for her.

  • holly

    Good to see her smiling instead of the mean blank look.

  • Sim

    @Seth: @Meryl: Yay here are probably idiots, she can close his mouth? Look at the other actresses are also not able to close it, seriously rob fans go away, it’s already embarrassing and ridiculous, Kristen is a great actress, a thick hahaha, I really wanted to see how you look and how you would could play before the cameras here are probably idiots, hater are rubbish and dirt, and just because of one mistake, and moreover, if holliwood Neme rad fraud and should there ended more actors Try using brain

  • Sim

    @sam: It’s really interesting how some people think of all of you, who are you, I rate, sometimes good in flmech Can you play? people are whores, especially rob fans if they could not play do not take it into a movie, this is perhaps understandable and idiot, I can see that some are idiots How old are you 12 as a prerequisite for age rob fans, Kristen is great actress and hater is shit

  • LoveKS

    I always wonder what kind of persons these haters are. Making nasty and hateful comments make people realize you have very, very dark and ugly sides in your heart. You don’t have to like everybody. If you don’t like KS, simply, don’t waste your time googling her name, go do something meaningful to your life.

  • lourdes

    hermosa y talentosa kristen…. en el festival de sundance kris fue calificada con 9.6 como la mejor actris y mejor pelicula del festival para las que dicen que ella es lesbiana a caso tu dormistes con ella para que aseguren que bueno que ella tiene buenos amigos que siempre estan a su lado

  • LULA

    estos enemigos son lo que siempre estan hablando mal de cualquier actor tienen mucho veneno y necesitan votar sino se ahogan si hacemos una balanza con los fans de robsten que son miles y miles y de kristen que son miles y miles donde se va inclinar somos mayoria simpre si no te gustan kris que hacen opinando y buscan de ella estan pendiente de todo de ella jajajaj y que no les justan .

  • talia

    @Meryl: guess you didn’t hear that Lionsgate bought the US distribution rights to American Ultra for $7 million because it stars kristen and jesse as well as the strength of the script. Kristen is doing perfectly fine and her role as Lydia in Still Alice will have a lot of screen time if the film stays true to the book.

  • Josh

    @Me1: Actually that’s quite fortunate otherwise it would be very bad for the movie. Kristen is great in roles where she just plays herself, she’s horrible in everything else that requires actual acting. So kudos to her team for getting her the roles where she doesn’t bomb the movie.

  • M.s.

    @Josh: Can you read you read kmentar above you, if it was a bad actress, who would buy so expensive movie, and did not play only such films include air rocks, in the horror movie was playing, going to see from here to write yourself with idiots iq 0

  • susi

    @niagirl…She’s handsome! I believe you have a big problem with your eyes, and you are being a nasty haters! 20 pounds your a$$!Give us (K fans) all a favor, just once, if you need to comment try to be nice about Kristen, otherwise you just make fool of your self. Look at her pics…and don’t denied it..she’s more than pretty, and NO, she is NOT pregnant! Now for all Kristen fans, can you see a ring (maybe a gold one) on her left hand, in the ring finger? I looked really close in a few pics, and I can see a (*the*)ring. I’m just saying ;). Kristen good luck and to Robert too, Miss you both very much!

  • fred4me

    Is she pregnant? Seems every time they show a new picture, her belly is bigger. She looks great and very happy. I also noticed on some of those pictures, she’s wearing a gold wedding band on her left ring finger??? I saw all of these pictures on Just Jared and Robsten Dreams (this one shows the gold wedding band). Don’t hate me, I’m just commenting on what I see. I love both Kristen and Rob.

  • Chris

    ‘Rob fans go away’ The stupiest comments i’ve ever read on kristen’s topics. Jeez, because there are a lot of people that dislike her, it doesn’t meant that they are rob’s fans.. hahahah oh my, such a kid whoever said it… anyway. She can’t act, but it is good to see that she gained weight. She looks healthy and way better this way!

  • @fred4me

    No she isn’t pregnant just a lard butt. Lazy and slutty. And a razzie winner. Correction, double razzed winner. She is terrible.