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Taylor Swift Reportedly Bought a $20 Million NYC Apartment!

Taylor Swift Reportedly Bought a $20 Million NYC Apartment!

Taylor Swift looks super chic while roaming the streets on a shopping excursion on Thursday afternoon (March 27) in New York City.

The 24-year-old singer has reportedly bought a nearly $20 million apartment in the Big Apple’s Tribeca neighborhood. The apartment used to belong to Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson.

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The apartment has two separate units, one of which has three bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms and 2,440 square feet in living space. The second unit is much larger and has six bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms, and 5,869 square feet of living space, according to Real Estalker.

FYI: Taylor is wearing Black Orchid Denim pants and the Courtney Lace Up by The Frye Company.

30+ pictures inside of Taylor Swift shopping…

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taylor swift 20 million nyc apartment 01
taylor swift 20 million nyc apartment 02
taylor swift 20 million nyc apartment 03
taylor swift 20 million nyc apartment 04
taylor swift 20 million nyc apartment 05
taylor swift 20 million nyc apartment 06
taylor swift 20 million nyc apartment 07
taylor swift 20 million nyc apartment 08
taylor swift 20 million nyc apartment 09
taylor swift 20 million nyc apartment 10
taylor swift 20 million nyc apartment 11
taylor swift 20 million nyc apartment 12
taylor swift 20 million nyc apartment 13
taylor swift 20 million nyc apartment 14
taylor swift 20 million nyc apartment 15
taylor swift 20 million nyc apartment 16
taylor swift 20 million nyc apartment 17
taylor swift 20 million nyc apartment 18
taylor swift 20 million nyc apartment 19
taylor swift 20 million nyc apartment 20
taylor swift 20 million nyc apartment 21
taylor swift 20 million nyc apartment 22
taylor swift 20 million nyc apartment 23
taylor swift 20 million nyc apartment 24
taylor swift 20 million nyc apartment 25
taylor swift 20 million nyc apartment 26
taylor swift 20 million nyc apartment 27
taylor swift 20 million nyc apartment 28
taylor swift 20 million nyc apartment 29
taylor swift 20 million nyc apartment 30

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  • perdida

    She looks like a plastic Barbie Doll. Does this mean she is moving to New York? First she hangs out at Victoria Secret underwear show, then she gets a lot of pictures taken with Karlie Kloss. Is she trying to change her image again to be more mature, like some sexy model type? Because she needs to cart herself back to Nashville. She’s a joke. She looks gross and fake.

  • se

    ella nunca esta sin tanto maquillaje no es una belleza natural

  • http://@october007z Andrew D

    i just want to know why does she need all that room?

  • Donna

    Taylor always looks so stylish and put together. Such a lovely role model for young girls too. To be able to buy yourself an apartment at such a young age only shows how successful she’s become.

  • JustSayin

    She looks really stylish but wow is it obvious she calls the paps each time. Also, if you’re in a busy city like NYC where robberies take place all over, it’s probably not wise to have headphones in, particularly if you’re showcasing your wealth like that. I like her style, don’t get me wrong. She just has some street smarts to learn :)

  • Lillian

    @perdida: Jealous much? There is nothing fake about her. She works her ass off when she works, which seems to be most of the time and can spend her hard earned money any which way she chooses. She seems to have her shit together. What’s fake about it. By the way I am not a Taylor fan. Just being honest. Before criticizing her, examine your own position in life

  • Lillian

    @Andrew D: She can afford it. It pays big to be the biggest star on the planet right now

  • Nicole

    @JustSayin: I was born and raised in NYC, and I have actually never witnessed a robbery on the street. However, I have witnessed probably hundreds of times people getting clipped by cars. And so headphones are stupid for that reason! You ain’t in Nashville anymore girl! Be careful crossing the street!

  • Living in a box

    Thanks to million of teenagers who feel related to all Taylor’s songs. And not to forget all her ex’s for inspired her to wrote a song about them.

  • Selena Forever

    @perdida: She’s an invention. All we see is a creation of her team. There is nothing real about Taylor.

  • Asdf

    @perdida: I agree to an extent. She does tend to dress to match whomever she’s dating and she definitely tries way too hard to be sexy nowadays, but I think what’s “fake” about her would be her personality. She doesn’t seem genuine. She’s a bit patronizing and very hypocritical. She does have the tendency to be snarky, but still a good role model as long as girls don’t listen to her advice she thinks she’s so superior at giving.

  • Effy

    @Living in a box: Exactly.

  • Fernando Schiavi

    She is very beautiful and talented!

  • Sarah

    What are people even talking about, “fake” or “sexy”? She’s wearing a scarf, coat, mittens, boots and pants on a cold New York day.

    And seriously? Her biggest crime is listening to music while she walks around a city (and also probably because there are paps yelling obscenities at her)? Untwist, people.

  • Ava

    So many jealous losers post here… For the last 3 years running Taylor has been # 1or 2 top earning on Billboards, this year she’s is #1 , earning 15 million more then Beyonce and 27 million more the Rihanna from her music… Billboard .com

  • Ava

    She has written and composed all her own song/music , released 3 hit records in 4 years and winning a Grammy for best album …no one can say that , writing their music or winning best album..not Rihanna, Pink, Perry, Beyonce , Madonna … And she started recording her own music at 14 , sent in a recording and started in country.. Really that’s not were you start to be a ” media creation”

  • Ava

    She hasn’t had a serious boyfriend or one the public as known about in over year.. So loser @ ASDF how can see copy the style of the person she with if she has been linked to anyone . She not only kind and beautiful, (naturally ) no fake hair and nose jobs.. But manages own empire and she’s only 24 … And she did it all without taking off her clothes and selling sex instead of her music.

  • Tyla

    I think Taylor feels to the need to show off her wealth by buying properties. No one needs that much space or 4 houses. I mean, it’s her money, but people who need to show off like she does are pretty annoying.

  • Mia

    @Selena Forever: Exactly. I don’t understand why more people don’t see this. She’s as phony as they come. People are so blind. Everything Taylor does, she WANTS to get publicity for. Look past the sweet girl image that has been created for Taylor.

  • Sun Be

    She must be rolling in the dough

  • Savi


  • Gby

    Yall know her name BUT NOT HER STORY. get a life negative ppl!

  • perdida

    Hey, I don’t hate her and I am not a stalker., but you better get real because not everyone is a fan of her. All you robot fans who know all this information about how many songs she writes and how successful she is, you know she has an army of people around her to make her be successful. All I have to say is look at the 40 pounds of make up she is wearing in these pictures. She always has someone with her taking the pictures all the time. So, some of us can have our opinion and maybe we see through all the phony poses and the outfits, and her Granny purse. LOL! When Jared posts her pictures not everyone has to come here and say “Ohhh, Taylor she is so pretty and so nice!” You don’t know her personally to say she is so nice. Even when she visits the sick people she makes sure the pictures get out all over so everyone goes “Awww!” Everything is a set up with her. It’s all Taylor 24/7/365. Why don’t she take a break and get out of our faces.

  • LuxeMarley

    Not many singers can last like she can. I have enjoyed her songs for the past 6 years. I think she is enormously sucessful.

    So she got an extra large home. We cant judge!
    I say NY? Smart investment!!!

  • stan

    Serving for the Gods. I adore her.

  • NM

    Actually, Taylor is the least phony out of any of the so-called stars. She might appear to be phony because of her fame. She has the cameras chasing her because she is one of the most famous celebrities out there. If she walks down the street, the cameras will be there. The nicest thing is that she tries to be real – Walks down the street, goes to visit kids in the hospital, She cannot avoid the camera even being down to earth, but you call it fake. No, I think it is jealousy on your part.

  • NM

    Everyone has their opinion.But if it is your opinion that She is a joke, then you won’t object to me calling you joke. Just an opinion.

  • http://ELHarbeson ELHarbeson

    And she has body guards to protect her!

  • http://ELHarbeson ELHarbeson

    @Andrew D: She does not throw her money away on drunken drug parties, or renting expensive cars so she can drag race. She is investing her money in property, and not cheap property(under $2m), expensive property holds its value better no matter what rollercoaster rides cheap property take you on. She now has around $60M invested in her homes. If she gets one in London too (Which I expect her to do). She will have enough in property that even if she never makes another big CD (which I do not think will happen I expect her next album to be as big as the last 2) she could still sell homes one at a time and live the rest of her life in comfort. Way to go Miss Swift!

  • John

    She has money, might as well spend it on another property purchase and be sure that the paps know about it so they can spread the news around like wildfire. Just another typical celebrity fathead that flaunts their money around for all to see and is into themselves. I heard that she moved to NYC to be closer to Victoria’s Secret model Karlie Kloss. Her sudden closeness to “fake” celebrity Lorde is also strange.

  • http://Twitter Rob

    @Tyla: Buying select real estate is smart! You’ll always have liquidity and a place to live. It’s always been that way! Better than giving it to clubs and your posse!