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Beyonce Covers Time's 100 Most Influential People Issue - Find Out Who Else Made the List!

Beyonce Covers Time's 100 Most Influential People Issue - Find Out Who Else Made the List!

Beyonce shows off her fierce figure on the cover of Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People issue of the magazine.

Also joining the 32-year-old entertainer on their own individual covers include actor Robert Redford, basketball player Jason Collins, and General Motors CEO Mary Barra.

Others on the list include Kerry Washington, Amy Adams, director Alfonso Cuaron, Miley Cyrus, Steve McQueen, Pharrell Williams, Benedict Cumberbatch, Seth Meyers, Robin Wright, Orange is the New Black creator Jenji Kohan, and many many more.

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Credit: Time magazine
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  • http://@__caitlin___ caitlin

    Wow a lot of people on the list, I could think of a whole lot more though aka Lea Michele & lucy hale & many more…. Lol

  • Bella

    ???? Who is deciding that ??? Amy Adams? Really? Megyn Kelly, Robert Redford, Richard Sherman????????

  • NYC

    What a joke.

  • CJ

    In her underwear and with blonde straightened hair …. Great message “oh fierce one”

  • eeek!!

    That’s a horrible photo of Beyonce. She looks like she has been starving herself.

  • eeek!!

    Also, how did Beyonce influence anyone??? By teaching young folks new “sex terms/acts” in her so called music or how she teaches young black girls that you must look almost white to be accepted in the entertainment business. She is no influence other than she got money shilling everything she can.

  • TT

    @CJ: Why isn’t a great message.. mostly all African Americans wear their hair that way.. like white women!

  • K

    She looks like RuPaul.

  • go go

    So….. Heroin chic is hot again?

  • lol

    what the hell is this list? loooooooooooool
    the PR machine!

  • ?

    Leo? Brangelina? Federer?

  • ?

    This is a joke!

  • ?

    Amy Adams? Really?!
    Where’s Lupita? Or Cate?

  • strange

    Strange cover, strange list. pr

  • Gina

    Just what she needed to boost her ego. Poor thing she was so down with everybody shoulder deep kissing her butt.

  • Amber

    I’m so exhausted with this fool and her desperate need to be worshipped and the media playing along with it. GTFOH. Would she have made the cover without photoshopping off half her thighs and wearing underwear? I bet not.

  • Bill

    As always, these lists are all about PR and who has been in the spotlight in the past months (surprisingly Lupita Nyong’o is not on the list). There are plenty of artists more influential than Miley Cyrus, Carrie Underwood and Robin Wright (for instance, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lawrence, Leonardo DiCaprio, Sandra Bullock, Taylor Swift, etc.).

  • Caro

    How sad and what does it say about us as a society when our most influential people according to Time are these shallow, self-involved entertainers.

  • ugg!


    Exactly! Especially Fakeyonce! What has she contributed?? This now explains her and Miley Virus’s recent articles trying to talk about feminism something both know nothing about.

    The only thing Miley contributed was flashing her hooha to everyone that will look! Time magazine is no longer the prestigious news magazine that it use to be. It has fallen along with Vogue. The actual people who have made actual contributions on the list should be sad that they have been included with these some of these so called celebs.

  • Tiana

    Some people are so ignorant, just becomes a person of color wants to wear blonde hair does not mean they want to be white. It’s like saying that a Caucasian person hangs out w/ Black people b/c they want to be black. Right to your opinion but don’t be ignorant. Beyonce has been wearing blondish type hair for years now, get over it.

  • Sandy

    Why is Benedict Cumberbatch on the list? Not that I have anything against him, but what has he done that has been so influential? He’s a good actor though.

    I’m so sick of Beyonce. People kiss her ass way too much.

    I agree. Lupita Nyongo should of made the list. She was the most influential in fashion, style and acting this year.

  • sexiestdogalive

    Most Influential in what booty shaking???

  • Lena

    Influential? Where? Bosnia? The Hague? Cancer research circles? Economic summits? Or at Time magazine happy hour meet and greets where PR folks munch on Chinese dumplings while trying to convince editors that their clients should get a spot on the list and if so, the folks “making it so” will get invites to all the best parties to hob knob with all the very best people to talk about how they all sooooo deserve to be on the list because they are better than the rest of the 7 billion and thus are in such a great position to “influence” the masses who are in grave need of their guidance and human expertise. (Sarcasm intended) LOL… :)

  • Jonesy

    So predictable. Just like Vogue.

  • K

    Time Magazine is just trying to appeal to the younger demo so their magazine is still being bought. Just like Newsweek, Time is going to go under as more people switch to digital.

  • Living in a box

    Well Time magazine did once put Hitler as Man of the year.

  • Rodriguez

    No Puerto Ricans as usual. Ignored again.

  • maria

    @TT not all of us are weave wearing hair hatted hooligans. Thank you.

  • JustChill’n

    This world is so messed up.

  • XOX

    This is a joke right? The only thing she’s had any influence over is the wig and weave industry. And Miley Cyrus? Zero substance.

  • http://None victoria jarvis

    So a “singer” who sings about going down on hubbie’s you-know-what and getting “Lewinski” on her is the most influential human being? Great, forget the Pope, or physicists trying to spare this planet from nuclear holocaust, or scientists trying to cure diseases – whatever. A pimp’s delight – perfect.

    That’s who all the chickies are immitating at their Spring Breaks. That’s who your daughter is going to imitate. – At least the prez says she’s his kids chosen mentor.

    The once-wonderful USA has become a cultural sewer of filth. So, I guess maybe she DOES represent what we’ve become.

  • Interesting

    Hmm so shes most influential in her bra and panties huh

  • Observation

    Put on some damn pants. “BeYAWNsay”.

    And seriously Time magazine is a joke. They named Hitler and Stalin Man of the Year (and probably every other mass murderer you can think of in the last 100 years) both before they slaughtered tens of millions of innocents.

    Time isn’t exactly successful with character judgment are they?

  • Observation


    Uh….. Because they AREN’T?

  • Oh Yeah!!!

    Haters here in Full Effect! Where is riha? she not on the list? LOL!!!!
    Great List & Cover!

  • blue

    @Bill: they obviously do not put people on the list twice otherwise michelle obama, oprah, taylor swift snd adele all would be on the list. They were already on the list because anytimenyou are reaching for miley cyrus and her twerking you know the pickings were slim.

  • blue

    @Oh Yeah!!!: do not laugh too hard. Rihanna was on the list in 2012, obviously they are trying hard not to repeat. However, beyonce may be a repeat, but they probably had no choice since they needed someone popular for the cover. Only othernoptions were miley and carrie for the cover so they probably did a beyonce repeat for a superstar cover girl.

  • alaia

    @Caro: This is just the entertainment section. Of course there are going to be entertainers! They have and politicians in other sections. Funny how people just want to complain about the bad choices.

  • Observation

    So you admit they are bad.

  • RDBurger

    That crap, cropped photo looks about as much as Beyonce does as my n*t s**k looks like Richard Milhouse Nixon.
    What has she done that’s influential, except dress and dance like a whore?

  • CiCi

    I am a huge Beyonce fan. I think she is the best entertainer on the planet at this time but I do not think she deserves to be named most influential..
    As far as the cover pic, it’s horrible. It doesn’t even look like her…CONGRATS anyway KING BEY.

  • mimi

    “King bey” interesting observation

  • jepressman

    Time magazine ‘s ,”just so you know list.” Is this list valuable?career useful? sensible? The names on said list well we’ll see.

  • John Mazzo

    @Bill: T Swift an international star,rubbing elbows with the
    royals,If she doesn’t have more influence than Underwood ,Cryrus etc.,
    I’ll eat my hat.

  • John Mazzo

    T, Swift,
    An international star,rubbing elbows with the royals,greater financial
    returns,and greater benevolence to her fellow man.How can you compare
    Underwood & Cyrus?

  • John

    She doesn’t play her own instruments, doesn’t use her own voice to sing, and is as shallow as a tea saucer.