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Jamie Dornan Deserves an Oscar For His Work in 'Fifty Shades of Grey,' Says Screenwriter

Jamie Dornan Deserves an Oscar For His Work in 'Fifty Shades of Grey,' Says Screenwriter

The Fifty Shades of Grey screenwriter Kelly Marcel has opened up about Jamie Dornan‘s performance in the upcoming movie during a Q&A at DBA in Hollywood for their “An Evening in the Writer’s Room.”

“She says that, ‘You are my popsicle.’ That line went in, it’s genius,” Kelly said about one of her favorite lines. “They apparently did that scene great.”

“Apparently Jamie is great at being soft and hard at the same time,” Kelly continued. “Which is hard to do for an actor! He’s going to get an Oscar!”

Fifty Shades of Grey comes out on Valentine’s Day weekend of 2015. Dakota Johnson stars opposite Jamie. We can’t wait to see it!

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  • GFW

    Most likely, (not) but if they feel this way it is because the book was terribly hollow. So if he made Christian come alive, great. Still won’t see it but when it hits Netflix, Amazon, etc.

  • Maria

    First off, this book was horribly written. It was painful, like a 16 yr old wrote it. The storyline is awful, the sex is violent, and it is shameful that so many women were snowed by this crap. If he “deserves” an oscar, it’s certainly not for the writing, but his portrayal of a disgustingly vile man.

  • David

    Haha haha hah ! the only thing he most likely win is a razzie award !

  • scarlett

    Oh calm down, seeing what she said written down and hearing the internation of how it was said are two different things. She obviously didn’t mean it was an Oscar worthy performance, she was just stressing how difficult the part is to get right.

  • archangelmichael

    @Maria: you sound pent up, stressed out, because you don’t get none. A bit of a prude are we? . The movie and book is a rip off of the movie 91/2 weeks staring mickey rourke and kim basinger..

  • huh?

    A Oscar? I’ll be holding my breath for that one.

  • Sebastian

    it’s like giving a Grammy to Taylor Swift, so it’s WRONG.

  • Jess

    The woman was saying that he’s good at what he does and that he’ll get an Oscar. She didn’t say “he’ll get an Oscar for this”. She was just implying that he’s talented enough that one day he’ll be up for one. I doubt anyone thinks this movie or cast will get awards for this unless they come from the Razzies and the MTV Movie Awards. I hope it doesn’t even get nominated for Teen Choice Awards considering, unlike Twilight, The Hunger Games, Divergent etc, it’s total smut and young teens shouldn’t even be watching/reading it. They’re trying to make it like it’s the next Twilight and just because it’s originally Twilight fan fic and a series now doesn’t mean it’s a story appropriate for everyone like Twilight was. Twilight may have been disliked by many, but it wasn’t something that should’ve been aired on a channel you have to pay for…if you catch my drift.

  • Moi

    Well you wouldn’t expect the screen writer to say anything else would you. Will reserve judgement until I’ve seen the film. Not holding my breath tho

  • Sage

    This film and the acting performances are anything but Oscar worthy. What a joke!

  • Verity

    Your confused, you meant to say Razzie. The movie will be nominated for and win plenty of Razzie’s.

  • kami

    i agree!!!! that laughable comment was meant to create hype for the movie.

  • Elisa

    ahahahah i’m sorry but this woman needs to calm down a little bit, she is putting too much pressure on his acting wich is not a good thing

  • Elphie

    I’m big fan of the series and it’s fun book to read but this lady is a joke right? Come on a Oscar worthy performance. LOL

  • holly

    If he ever gets an Oscar, it’s not going to be from this horrible movie.

  • Nouseforaname it’s Nora

    She was joking. So stop writing 10 page essays on “Why Fifty Shades of Grey will Never Win an Oscar” and she was implying that he’s a good actor and that one day he could win an oscar. You people are reading WAY too much into it. And I hate the books. Bit seriously. Where are any of you getting that she said Fifty will win oscars. I took it as a joke with a compliment to Jamie mixed in. And who cares about what kind of movie it is anyways? I saw Magic Mike for hot naked men. Not ashamed to admit it. Plot was boring but I still liked the movie because I low Channing Tatum and the only thing I love more than Channing Tatum is a naked Channing Tatum. Same goes for Dornan. Lol. I’m gonna see it cause I am not ashamed of sex and I think he’s hot. Simple as that

  • NicholasC

    Just because an actor plays a character that is violent in any nature does not automatically mean they encourage it. They’re ACTORS! They get paid a lot of money to play pretend. And up don’t mean to mock the world of acting. I am just trying to dumb down what they do for a living so that you understand. There are hundreds-thousands-millions of roles that actors have to play Serial Killers, or professional theives, rapists, Nazi soldiers, or just people who are plain mean. Doesn’t mean they encourage violence, rape, abuse, or even whips
    And bondage in the bedroom. This books badly represents the BDSM lifestyle but I also have better things to do then to try and the books and movie banned. I could care less. It’s just a stupid book and a stupid movie. Calm down.

  • NicholasC

    @NicholasC: sorry I meant to click on to reply to Maria not archangel. I apologize.

  • J

    @Nouseforaname it’s Nora: I agree with what you said, at least some of it…but I have to comment on one part. I don’t think people who dislike the plot of this book/movie feel that way because they are ‘ashamed of sex’. I think it’s more along the lines of, they think the book/plot is amateur at best and they think the sex is violent. I know there are people have interest in that and to each their own, but in my opinion, to promote a story like this to young people who are just beginning to discover sex, it’s violent and the way the public is “accepting it” is making it seem as though it’s an okay thing to do in a relationship. I’m not ashamed of sex, but I think this series is disgusting.

  • Nouseforaname it’s Nora

    I just wanted to apologize and let you know I didn’t mean to assume that anyone who doesn’t like the movie or books are ashamed of sex. Lol I was just saying that I’m not. I agree with you to some extent actually. I hate Twilight for similar reasons. Encouraging young girls to not be able to live without their boyfriends. There’s a difference between an older married couple who have been married for 25 years or more and young girls who are with a guy for 2 months? 5 months? Or even 5 years. When we have situations like when one spouse passes away after being with their loved one for over 25 years or more that’s a huge difference. They’re not use to a life without each other. It gets lonely and that’s why usually the other spouse follows soon after. But that comes from years and years and years of effort and work that went into their relationship. Land sometimes it isn’t love. It’s co-dependency, but not always. So I do agree to some extent to what you’re saying. However I feel that society has taught us some bad habits and one of them is not holding ourselves accountable for certain things. For example. That story about the little boy who jumped off his roof trying to fly on his broomstick like Harry Potter. The mother blamed the books, tried to get them banned but no one asked the question of… Who was watching the kid? How the hell did he get on the roof in the first place. If you want to get technical almost everything we enjoy can be harmful in some way or another. From books to games and movies. But we have a world full of sane people who think rationally. And a smaller percentage of people who don’t. You can’t ban or get rid of everything that might make someone who is either stupid or crazy go over the edge because the. We’d have nothing. People have used the Bible to inflict harm but that book isn’t banned. I hate these books because it’s obviously poorly written and the repetitiveness is practically hilarious. I still don’t understand how she got published. But anyways I stayed a virgin until my mid twenties and I was no where even near as stupid and naive as Anastacia. The way the girl’s character was written was more of an insult to my sex and my beliefs rather than the “violent” sex. I just know a lot of people who are into different kinky sexual things and it’s their business. It was more the way the characters behaved outside the bedroom that annoyed me. I think it would’ve been way better if the girl was killed off or something. Lol. I’m joking of course. But I just don’t make it a point to try and get certain books banned because to me it’s your own responsibility on what your kids take in and how they learn. People blame way too many things on media these days and I just think people need to stop.

  • Nouseforaname it’s Nora

    @NicholasC: and I agree with you.
    Anthony Hopkins played a serial killer who but a guys face off and ate it. I highly doubt Anthony Hopkins eats people in real life

    Maybe on the weekends

    And he prefers Cuban children

    Robot Chicken joke.

  • Nikki

    One of the things why people really dislike this series is because it romanticizes abuse and people ignore that fact. They ignore the fact he is a psycho that hacks her phone, stalks her, verbal-mental-pysichal abused her and everyone is just going wide eyed crazy for it. Thinking it just so sexy. I am sure Jamie doesn’t treat women/his wife like this but he isn’t out there talking much about how WRONG Grey is and that women shouldn’t want a man like that. EVER.

  • Pennelope

    Jamie Dornan deserves an Oscar….LOL, words no one will ever believe or take seriously. It is simply not plausible, simply not, ever.

  • JustChill’n

    Yeah right! (snicker) My kid was in a school play. She deserves to be Miss America & win an Oscar too!

  • Nouseforaname it’s Nora


    Wrong. You’ve obviously NEVER have watched the show The Fall. He is so capable of winning an oscar one day. @JustChill’n: and for the millionth time the both of you… It. Was. A. JOKE. She didn’t say Fifty might win an Oscar. Just that Jamie will win an oscar for hot sex. I was a JOKE. You know, ha ha, hee hee. Sarcasm, wit. You know.

  • JamieBei


    Okay. You have a right to an opinion. But I find it hard to
    Believe that you truly believe what you wrote here if you’ve seen his work. Because WOW! You couldn’t be more wrong. I used to like him just for his looks but once I dug into his resume and saw other things I was blown away. If FSOG sucks it probably won’t ruin his career because people already know he has talent. You are speaking way to prematurely about his future. He doesn’t have a big filmography and yet here’s your assumption. Once upon a time Johnny Depp was in Nightmare on Elm St. Did anyone back then believe he would get this far? Probably not. Actors have to start somewhere. And ALL of them have at least ONE crappy movie. Al Pacino has won a razzie, you know, and so has Leonardo DiCaprio, so has MARLON BRANDO for crying out loud. Like I said if you’ve seen all of Jamie’s stuff and still feel that way, fine. But don’t be arrogant about it, because you’ll be eating your own foot in a few years. Just saying you’re in the minority of people who don’t like The Fall
    or the performances and talent within it… Just making a point.

  • V

    Wonder what kind of drugs that Kelly was high on.
    Jamie isn’t that good as actor, sure he was quite good in The Fall, but that brutal scenes didn’t require him to emote more expressions.
    Jamie was failed to convey enigmatic charismatic Christian Grey in trailer, he comes off like meek guy, not alluring dangerous like he should be.

  • LP

    Like a big joke he doesn’t deserve an Oscar because he has sex in a movie I mean he knows how to do.and in fact it would be ridiculous to see fifty shades of grey at the Oscars … What next?for me it’s a fast made movie I mean just see the trailer: no chemistry between the actors who were choose only because there pretty,the set is too much, the dialogues are same or close to the book.they start to turn like too fast. It really doesn’t deserve to be at the Oscar.

  • LP

    They’re pretty*

  • Helen

    WOW. This guy looks sooooo HOT!!!

  • Nick

    He needs to pull that dick out and start doing porn!!!

  • Harlow

    Oscar worthy? Seriously, why Ms.Marcel hate Mr. Dornan so much?
    @V: I agree with you.

  • NicholasC

    Yes, indeed because being in only 3 films two of which are small roles and two television shows. One in which he also has a small role in is evidence of poor acting. And you’re just an expert, am I incorrect? Most actors who are magnificent today, had some bad films in the past. And guess what? It was in the early part of their career just like Jamie. And I agree with Jamiebai, you’re in the minority of thinking his performance on The Fall was mediocre or less. You have a right to your opinion. But it doesn’t make it fact. I’m sorry but, you are indeed in the minority on your opinion. Your comment is so logical it tickles me inside.

  • NicholasC


    IT WAS A F$&K!€G JOKE!!! God are all of you freaking stupid???

  • LOL

    What I want to know is what medication is the creen writer on , her dosage needs to be upped as halusinations of an oscar are kicking in

  • FYI

    This screenwriter, Kelly Marcel, co-wrote the script for Saving Mr. Banks, so I thought she was very brave taking on the task of adapting this book.

  • Elena

    I didn’t know there was a category for Best Actor As A Psychotic Stalker/Domestic abuser. Is it new?

  • LittleMissSunshine

    Yeah, seriously doubt that’ll happen.

  • GFW

    “Jamie was failed to convey enigmatic charismatic Christian Grey in trailer, he comes off like meek guy, not alluring dangerous like he should be.”
    I agree. Charlie had it all. But, despite his suggested reasons for not doing this, trust me, it’s best. It’ll have a big first weekend for the hype, but serious film lovers won’t bother.
    You’re also right that Christian should own the screen, and at all times. He’s a control freak after all.

  • lol

    Jaime is a really good actor, so maybe her performance will carry the movie. But this movie seems to be DOA the second they cast Dakota as Ana. Big mistake casting an unattractive girl as the lead in a sex movie. lol. His performance will probably be over shadowed by how horrible Dakota will be in this. I have a feeling the only thing people will be talking about after watching this, is how old she looks.

  • lol

    @lol: and that she can’t act

  • the joker

    Why don’t we nominate the director for best cougar alive while we’re at it.

  • huh

    @Elena: Didn’t Mickey Rourke get the first nomination?

  • Trish

    @huh: It wasn’t from the teen choice awards that’s for sure.

  • http://alessandraconte alex

    this movie can win many razzies, i’ m sure about this……jamie dorman is not beauty, but he’s not sexy……I’m sorry for him!

  • h8e

    She must not be familiar with Robin Williams work then. He did drama and comedy very well.

  • Gia

    She was joking and talking about hot scenes, why make a mountain out of a mole hill. Jamie is handsome, sexy and good actor see The Fall … A simple trailer not enough to qualify the full movie, watch the movie first and then comment…

  • Sarah

    I think Jamie Dornan is the best thing that happened to this film (project). He is a terrific actor. He would probably bring some intensity & credibility to the character.
    The book itself was painful to read. Specially the gross disgusting parts & repetitions of certain phrases/words.

  • gagargoyle

    After all this blather ALL you guys WILL see the movie in one form or the other! The guy is in any case a terrific actor, (see The Fall) not just good looking.