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Taylor Swift: 'Shake It Off' Music Video - WATCH NOW!

Taylor Swift: 'Shake It Off' Music Video - WATCH NOW!

Taylor Swift just debuted her brand new song “Shake It Off” during her Yahoo! live stream and she even dropped the new music video!!!

The 24-year-old singer danced around with the live studio audience during the event and we are loving the new song!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Taylor Swift

Taylor said that the track is about “the idea that people can say whatever they want about us at any time, and we cannot control that.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Taylor Swift’s new video for “Shake It Off?

FYI: Taylor is wearing an Aritzia sweater in the ballerina sequence. She is also wearing a K-Way x Maje custom leopard print jacket.

Taylor Swift – “Shake It Off”

15+ screencaps inside from Taylor Swift‘s new music video…

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taylor swift shake it off music video 01
taylor swift shake it off music video 02
taylor swift shake it off music video 03
taylor swift shake it off music video 04
taylor swift shake it off music video 05
taylor swift shake it off music video 06
taylor swift shake it off music video 07
taylor swift shake it off music video 08
taylor swift shake it off music video 09
taylor swift shake it off music video 10
taylor swift shake it off music video 11
taylor swift shake it off music video 12
taylor swift shake it off music video 13
taylor swift shake it off music video 14
taylor swift shake it off music video 15

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  • Lauren

    I am so so so so so so in love with this song! I find it so catchy and up-lifting, and can’t wait for the rest of Tay’s album to be out (:

  • TERI

    Like it, good job!

  • Nid

    That song is sooo good! (and so different from the previous ones)

  • Rima

    Wow. Where is the country? Anyway I kinda like it :)

  • kassie

    Why is she still considered “country”? She clearly has been pop for some time now

  • Justin Aniston

    @Rima: She just said that 1989 is very first, documented, official pop album. :) And I love Swift pop <3

  • swiftie

    Usually I like her & I have all her albums.
    But in that pic she looks like an albino.
    Gone back to bleaching her hair, I see.

  • elsa

    Incredibly generic production, she’s better than this,

  • Georgia

    This is not country at all, and overly autotuned. The Taylor Swift from years ago who sang about wearing sneakers over heels is long gone

  • Kris

    If you watched her live stream, she stated that 1989 will be her first POP album. She’s an artist, she doesn’t have to be boxed into one genre of music. I think her transition into pop wasn’t out of the blue, her last album was a mix of country and pop. I think this first single is like WANEGBT.

  • free at last

    Taylor is simply super cute and too sweet! So super cute!

  • Lucy

    Ugh….this is so lame… this a serious song or a parody?

  • magie

    Taylor YOU ROCK!!!!

  • B

    @Lucy: Does it matter? Whatever it is, it doesn’t change the fact that her entire album will be 100 % pop.

  • liz

    song is just ok but this is actually my favorite video that she’s ever done because it includes a diverse group of extras and none of that annoying fairy tale princess romance stuff. very nice miss swift!!

  • kami

    i love the song because it’s upbeat and happy.

  • Lisye

    I think that the interlude sounds a lot like one of Avril Lavigne’s song but I really like it and the video is very funny. Every song is different with Taylor.

  • GalPal

    Wow! This song truly sucks. The world has been waiting for this single? This is so not country. Can we now declare her pop?

  • Lee

    Je n’aime pas comment elle chante …

    mais c’est vraiment l’un des plusbeau bébé que j’ai vu sur la toile de cette génération…

  • Violet


  • Samantha

    First I LOVE this song and video! great job Tay!! But on one hand i miss you singing slow and meaningful songs. That girl who had to say goodbye but didn’t know how to cause you used to sing the sound track to my life and that how I used to be able to mov on in life. Those songs helped me! I wish you would sing songs like that again!! But don’t get me wrong this one is amazing just like every other song of yours

  • Heaven

    @GalPal: She said that ’1989′ is her first official pop album , so yeah, we can declare her pop.

  • clara

    @GalPal: once again, she said that this is her very first documented, official POP album. there you go.

  • Living in a box

    Even her last album I considered it as pop.

  • lua_jude

    Generic pop song. Cute though, and lovely message for kids.

  • http://comcast Joni

    Anymore I don’t know what country music sounds like. Keith Urban songs are suppose to be country, I don’t hear anything in them that sounds country. Maybe it’s just me though.

  • Arlene

    What complete rubbish.

  • Ana

    I think ’1989′ will be her first flop. Did she even write this song? The lyrics seem so immature compared to some of her other songs, most specifically, ‘Mean’, which deals with similar subject matter. And while she was never an amazing singer, her talents (at least in my opinion) always lied in the fact she wrote (not co-wrote) her music and played her own instruments, as opposed to this which has a very sonic, artificial sound and her voice is auto tuned. And the video…I’m embarrassed for her. I started laughing when she started talking about ‘sick beats’ and ‘hella good hair’-She trys so hard to be sexy which she clearly is not. And when she held the mic away from her mouth like she was hitting an impressive note…I was done.

  • Sage

    This is her worst single yet, in my opinion. It sounds terrible. She’s just another annoying pop tart now. Yawn.

  • punkass

    This is a joke…right?? I usually like Taylor Swift songs and don’t mind them always being about an ex, but this is like an F.U. to a LOT of people. If you really “shake it off” then you don’t need to mention it in a lame ass song. Having said that, I will probably know all the words and be dancing along to it within the next week because it is rather catchy.

  • New Society Norm??

    is it now normal for role models of young girls (5,6,7 years old) to have ass shaking and sexualization of women in their music videos? i’m disgusted……

  • meow

    @New Society Norm??: i dont care for the song, the video was cute, and i liked the dancing but she was not dressing provocatively, she tried to do the stereotypes in a less revealing way, you can’t say no to that. i can hear the autotune through the song, i think she’ll have better songs than this with a better chorus and more melodic verses instead of just “talk-singing”, this is not a memorable song to me.

  • jen

    Taylor…it was worth the wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You did NOT disappoint . great song.

  • kat

    @GalPal: she already did idiot

  • smoothie

    Awesome song! Love it!!

  • leelee

    Cute song. My favorite lesbian singer.

  • HGhost

    Criss @ngel –
    I going
    Out C@st

  • Um ?

    Why are people copying the hip hop gens styles, when she was just a toddler then ?

  • what???

    why on earth would anyone listen to this song? really bad tune and stupid lyrics. her peevious songs were at least catchy

  • jacksonxp98

    @Lauren: Taylor Swift between elegance and fashion

  • leo

    She needs to eat a hamburger. Disgusting trying to dance with her stick figure.

  • Hannah

    I love it. Nice comeback to the haters!

  • http://justjared Charlie

    the song is beautiful and energetic. Great job Taylor. Now I am curious to see her exhibition at VMAs.

  • florinda pongos blanco


  • talia

    this song is beyond terrible, the video isn’t great either

  • JLover

    This song is terrible… the first song i actually hate from Taylor. I guess her die hard fans will love this. I swear i heard Shake it off already.. recycled song!


  • Nikki

    Her hair is so flat, dull & lifeless now. So is her music.
    I liked her better the way she was before she sold out & went pop.

  • Swiftie

    @Sage: You took the words right outta my mouth. The world don’t need another Britney. When she was country at least she was unique, demure & endearing. I used to love her princess dresses. Now she looks like a cheap hooker in those t-shirts & shorts

  • Halo

    Why do people complain when an actor do the same genre movie over and over again and say they need to be versatile yet singers are only allowed to do the same genre over and over, album by album, songs by songs and say they are not allowed to be versatile? This is the weirdest thing I have seen in the Hoellywood stlye.

  • Zimmerman

    This is a rough one for sure