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Victoria Justice 'Taking Legal Action' After Alleged Nude Photos

Victoria Justice 'Taking Legal Action' After Alleged Nude Photos

Victoria Justice has taken to Twitter again to speak out about the alleged nude photos that leaked of her in the massive celebrity phone hack.

The 21-year-old actress took to Twitter to provide an additional statement, after her initial response that the pics were fake.

“Shortly after I tweeted about certain pics of me being fake, I was faced with a serious violation of privacy,” Victoria tweeted. “There have always been fake photos of me on the internet, but I will not be put in the position to defend myself as to what is real or what is fake.”

She continued, “I am angry at this massive invasion of privacy, and like the other women who are in this situation alongside of me, I am taking legal action to protect my rights.”

That same day, Victoria was all smiles while arriving at LAX airport in Los Angeles.

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  • lol

    I am in support of these woman but still can’t help but laugh at this statement.
    She doesn’t want to admit she lied and said they were fake? she now knows some are real?
    what a big mess!!!!!

  • ladyb

    Oh please, she knows if the FBI gets involved, she might have to testify or speak to them. Now she’s backtracking. She knew they were not fake.

  • lol

    omg shut up already whiney spoiled rich exhibitionist actresses that no one would have heard of before this leak


    There are 64,000 non famous black women missing in US,,, where is the FBI?

  • reallife

    Meanwhile there are 64,000 non famous Black women missing in the United States,,,,,,,,,,,,,,where is the FBI?

  • Asha

    Can you pursue legal action if the pictures aren’t real as she claims they are? LMAO…we know those pictures are real. Please stop trying to deny. It’s sad it happened but the pics are clearly you Victoria.

  • reallife
  • Mike

    Who is she suing? Until they find out who did it, theres nobody to sue.

  • Sarah

    She probably leaked them herself to try and change her image. Besides, who cares? There are other major issues going on that the FBI should be focusing on. If all these girls stopped taking naked pictures of themselves they wouldn’t be in this mess

  • james

    @reallife: #7

    Silly you, don’t you think that the FBI has the manpower and the skills to take care of more than one case at a time. They do not stop working other cases when they get a new case to work on.
    Go to school.

  • sammi

    so the pictures were real and she tried to deny it…

  • Bobby

    Simple solution…don’t take naked pics of yourself…if you really need to, especially if you are a celeb, buy a Kodak camera, take the pics, print them out, and waaaaala…no one has access to hack them…this is all ridiculous anyway, compared to what is going on in the world, shut your whiny mouths and next time think before you do stupid shit…your problem in non existent to the real problems of the world today.

  • stopthemadness

    It would also help if there wasn’t such a perverse view of the naked female body. The female body is beautiful and not just meant for sex and men’s enjoyment so it shouldn’t be sexualized.
    There should be a women’s naked march, women of all ages, to take away the shame associated with the female form.
    The public’s creepy ownership of the female naked body is to blame. There shouldn’t be shame associated with female nudity. Just because a girl is naked doesn’t mean she’s a slut, it is often quite the opposite. There is something wrong with a society who thinks a naked woman is automatically slutty, whorish and easy. This is not true and that kind of thinking is damaging to everyone.

  • okiedok


    Shut up Jennifer Lawrence!!!!

    Renee Olstead and Vanessa Hudgens are doing a happy dance right now lol

  • Asa

    Lol, Vanessa H. Gave her’s away for free times… No attention at all!

  • muahs

    A naked woman doesn’t equal being easy and whorish. I agree

  • JennyFromTheShop


    It’s true lmao

    I’ve never taken my clothes off in public or pics yet I’m a total whore bahahha

  • Fercat

    They raked Anthony Weiner over the coals when his privacy was violated. Forced to resign.

    Just sayin’.

  • Matt

    when will Arianna Grande???

  • AriannaGrande



    Cos my butt is too cute lol

  • Monica

    THIS IS SO FUNNY, she only had 2 pictures out, one was fake, the other real. She took twitter to make fun of this awful situation saying that the pictures were all fake and the hacker put out 40 images of her LOLOLOLOLOL. I’m sorry Victoria, you should have kept your mouth shut, BETTER THAN LIE

  • JohnnyBBad

    @Bobby: You sound like a rape apologist with this logic.

  • jdjfjs


    you sound like a song on repeat

    how many times i’ve heard “rape apologist” since these pics came out holyyyyyyyy

    all these celebs no one has heard of are happy with the attention they’ve never received before

  • lalalal

    why would someone hack victoria justin or mary elizabeth winstead? most people have no idea who they are


  • to johnny

    @JohnnyBBad: No he does not,are you seriously comparing this to rape? A person who has been raped would want to shoot you for this comment. I understand that this is a huge violation of privacy but it is not the same as rape,just NO

  • Terri

    When she first made the comment that those nudes were fake, that was because at the time the only two that were out were fake! Then the floodgates opened and all her real nudes came out. When she found out that’s when she redid her statement. All you people are f*cking idiots!

  • m

    We kiss these celebs asses to much. What the hackers did was wrong but these idiots know it’s not safe to take and put them any were on the internet. All the news is about FBI looking into it, don’t they have better things to do. These spoiled little brats should get over it and life can go on.

  • Tam Tom

    I’m just laughing at these stories. From all the damn commercials and PSA’s that they warn little kids about what you do online because nothing goes away on the internet, you would think all these bozos would listen. Invasion of privacy my ass. It stopped being private from the time you foolishly decided to upload them onto a freaking server. -__- FBI resources are being wasted here. Yea the hacker was wrong, but eh. Don’t do ish like this in the first place. These guys are just going to be more famous now.

  • Living in a box

    Are you sure they were fake? If those picture are fake? Why are you taking legal action?

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    Yeah, they’re real. She should be proud of them, she’s hot with great booooobs. All the tweets are making her look silly.

  • Bobby

    @JohnnyBBad: wow…are you like 15 years old or just really stupid…my comment does not even come close to the idea of rape…damn man you look like a fool

  • JohnnyBBad

    @jdjfjs: It’s the same exactly logic as a rape apologist would use. Victim blaming is victim blaming. This douche bag is no different.

  • Johnny b bad

    @to johnny: yes he does. That logic that bobby uses is the same logic that a rape apologist would use ” oh she was asking for it. Oh shouldn’t have done that” that’s victim blaming. Which is something a scummy rape apologist would do.

  • Johnny b bad

    @Bobby: so you’re not victim blaming the wronged party here? I dunno bobby boy. That’s something a pos rape apologist like you would do.

  • Ego

    @m: so you are supporting criminals activity right? You are supporting violation of privacy and what not right? I wouldn’t be surprised if you would side with a Rapist. You sound like the type.

  • Ego

    @Bobby: I’m gonna agree with Johnny here. You do sound like a rape apologist. Wouldn’t be surprised if you were A sex offender.

  • Bobby logic

    “Rape victim gets raped? She was asking for it.”

    Bobby logic.

  • Ginger


    She had more than 2 pics. The first set that leaked had some fakes in it then alot more real ones leaked including non nude private pics

  • Ego

    @Tam Tom: a private server you moron. The act of uploading a photo to a private server is not an invasion of privacy. These photos were for personal use and for private use. Not public viewing.

    Your logic is about as flawed as any other apologist moron here.

    Go back to 4 chan where you and your fellow rape supports reside.

    Ps: your hair cut sucks.

  • Joe chief

    @Tam Tom: uploading your pics to a server is not a breach I’m privacy. Especially when it’s a private server.

    Die of cancer dipshit.

  • whatever

    lol @ all the celebs posting here and comparing themselves to rape victims. How sad that you would use people with actual traumas for your own narcissistic cause. F.U

  • Ego

    @whatever: lol @ you for not reading the comments. You’re a moron. Go jump into a lake.