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Celebrities Threaten Google with $100 Million Lawsuit Over Leaked Nude Images

Celebrities Threaten Google with $100 Million Lawsuit Over Leaked Nude Images

Hollywood lawyer Marty Singer of L.A.-based law firm Lively & Singer has just filed a suit against Google, representing many of the women whose privacy was violated in the nude photo leak.

In a letter, Marty says that Google has refused to take down photos of the nude celebrities in question.

“Google is making millions and profiting from the victimization of women,” the letter read, which was sent to Google execs CEO Larry Page and executive chairman Eric Schmidt, among others (via Variety). “As a result of your blatantly unethical behavior, Google is exposed to significant liability and both compensatory and punitive damages that could well exceed One Hundred Million Dollars ($100,000,000).”

The firm is also said to be representing “over a dozen female celebrities, actresses, models and athletes” whose privacy had been violated.

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  • urgh…

    What a load of toss, Google isn’t hosting the images, it’s not up to them to “take them down”. Lively & Singer are just embarassing themselves.

  • Maddy

    Not sure how Google is responsible. They didn’t leak the photos… They also are not responsible for the websites who did. This is a step too far in the wrong direction.

  • lol

    Next: Apple

  • go go

    Free Google, not their responsibility

  • Maddy

    @lol: I was gonna say.. Isn’t Apple the company who had a system that could easily be hacked into?

  • Susan

    Finally! All these pics were stolen and all these women were harassed from perverts. This is a modest but important first step toward justice

  • Hadley

    This makes no sense. You have to go to the source that is hosting the pictures not Google. They’re just a search engine that gathers information. I had an identity theft case where someone tried to get a loan in my name, they Googled me and took my general information from a public records site (they only need basic info to get affect a credit score). You have to go straight to the source… For lawyers they should have researched this.

  • Funny

    I find this funny because I remember earlier this year when Instagram shut down Rihann’s account because of her nude photos a bunch of celebrities came out in protest about this and I told people the whole time that instagram had this policy so they cannot get sued just in case their account got hacked, look what is happening now with Google and they are not even responsible for the leaks. Just comes to prove that Instagram policy is right.

  • scallywag

    Should google be forced into now becoming the moral barometer of what is morally correct and what can and can not appear on the web and should we be concerned when a lawyer threatens the web that they can now also control what and what can not remain in the public domain, morals aside….?

  • lol, as other commenters are mentioning, it’s not on google, it’s on the hosting websites and the hackers themselves. Good thing google doesn’t restrict searches, cause if they did we would be like communist china

  • Mike

    @: This isn’t restrict searches, this is not show stolen pics.It’s very different

  • .

    @Susan: Google is not the perpetrator, so it’s not “justice.” DUH

  • Susan

    @.: But i think that is a first step toward justice. that can set up a limit to the things that internet perverts can posted. I speak for revenge porn, child pornography etc. It would set a precedent

  • Amy

    Shut up Susan , I don’t have guess your Obama voter .. progressive /liberal … Their always the first who want to control what the public can and can’t see or do.. The worst bylaws and restrictions are always liberal states… Goole isn’t some moral or governmental agency that decides what is lawful or moral , it’s a information gateway ….. Hollywood only wants to censor things they don’t like or hurts them.. If it was some family group who wanted to censor Goole because of easy excess to porn sites even illegal child porn, the same liberals would be up in arms, just like the anti war liberals the hounded Bush and disappeared when Obama started bombing countries and killing terrorists & innocents people with drones , but Bush shouldn’t been locked up for water boarding them for information according to liberal twisted logic.

  • Susan

    @Amy: You’re wrong. I’m not american

  • Living in a box

    I don’t think these celebrities knows anything about internet.

  • ummm

    I thought Apple’s cloud was were the photos came from??? Google can’t help that other sites are posting the images. What are they suppose to do hire a team to call each hosting site of those images to take them down?? If so, that is ludicrous. You would be calling for years. These lawyers don’t understand the internet. Once any image or information hit the web it is out there forever! I don’t care if you deleted it has been duplicated/shared by millions by the time you try to delete it. That is why these women need to really reconsider saving private photos to a Cloud or any web based product.. They will tell you the Cloud is safe but it is never safe when you have criminal hackers who day to day job is to crack the system.

  • Amy

    If you aren’t American them why do you think you should be demanding Goole ( a American company) censor and limit excess to information to Americans .. You do know Goole doesn’t control the internet , right … it’s just one of many search engines . Funny how the least progressive country America ( until Obama) should now be turned into every other country were the government can limit their free speech, their right to gun/defence and censor and limit their right to information..

  • Susan

    @Amy: Are you really stupid? Google is all over the world

  • andrea

    Those idiots took the photos of themselves. They have nobody to blame but themselves. Google is not responbile for the leak anyways, wasn’t it Apple?
    These stupid women just want money, which they already have. What a bunch of greedy sluts!

  • Gina

    @andrea: The type of person who blames rapes victims for wearing short skirts I imagine.

  • Jack

    wow….so….do they know how the internet works?

  • SMH

    @Susan: if you want to say hooray for sueing google, there are MILLIONS of other women that are not famous that have had their nudes leaked. do u think it’s ok for google to only give celebs the a-list treatment as a “precedent” for the future? Google just hosts sites anyways, they’re not reddit or 4chan who had the ring of hackers discuss for months about their plans. Suing google is stupid and makes zero sense when it should be the sites that let the hackers ring discuss their plans for the leakings like 4chan and reddit, anyways, those sites should be taken down cause they’re filled with a-hole commenters, incredibly sick people. And by the way guys, apple said that iCloud was not the way the hackers found these pics, the theory has already been debunked, these hackers did this in a more intrusive way for months and not only going thru the female celebrities info, but their boyfriends/hubbys info as well.

  • SMH

    @SMH: I meant google only advertises sites, not hosts them. Wrong wording

  • Susan

    @SMH: But i said that this could set a precedent for all women not only celebrities but all women that are harassed on internet everyday

  • Amy


    Probably not. The lawyer is too old and out of touch.

  • Fynn

    I see that their celebrity entitlement is finally coming out now.

  • SMH

    @Susan: it’s not googles fault though, didn’t you just read what I said. Sue the sites that originally posted those pics. Google has zero to do with this. And what are you gonna do about the millions of women that already had theirs already leaked when I’m sure that they sued and nobody gave them the time of day. This lawyer is already an idiot to believe it’s googles fault, he should already consider his lawsuit thrown out the window.

  • Kass

    What is wrong with you people ? THE PHOTOS WERE STOLEN NO EXCUSES ! Stupid ? Yes there are a lot of things we shouldn’t trust BUT that doesn’t mean you can do things without the knowledge of the person. If these people are doing it at a age that’s responsible ok then WHO THE HELL ARE YOU TO TELL SOMEONE NOT TO DO SOMETHING THAT’S LEGAL ? Some of you people are sick in the head go get checked up !

  • Kass

    @Fynn: That was a stupid thing to say ! Were talking about privacy not what their eating.



  • Fynn

    @Kass: You’re a idiot.

  • Lilly

    Wow, this is terrible. She was so lucky to finally have met her HOT HUSBAND using MARRIAGEGUARANTEED,com <—-

  • andrea

    @Fynn: Thank you! What I said before and I stand corrected. it was not Googles fault but these stupid womens fault for taking the pics and putting it out there!
    These spoiled rich celebs wants to sue a tech giant which worth billions which had nothing to do with leak? Then they will lose very badly.
    Whats next, they will shift the blame Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerburg and sue their companies too? LOL.

  • Joelle

    Susan @ 10/02/2014 at 9:50 am

    How about celebrities realizing like most people that nothing is 100% safe. Even the military and banks get hacked. They set themselves up by putting photos on social media outlets or on- line storage. A lot of good money is going to do them. I’m not saying the people who did this shouldn’t be punished, but people need to be realistic and take some responsibility for what they do. If having these pictures released was going to be so embarrassing for them they might of thought of NOT doing it in the first place. After all this isn’t a necessity, it’s vanity and in some cases narcissism. Hackers always find a way to get around security, duh! In another year we’ll be hearing about more leaks because you know people never learn.

  • Celeb-Leak

    The Fappening 2014 is still not over!