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Bradley Cooper Steps Out After Suki Waterhouse Split

Bradley Cooper Steps Out After Suki Waterhouse Split

Bradley Cooper bundles up while walking through the snowy weather on Friday afternoon (March 20) in New York City.

The 40-year-old actor was seen stepping out for the first time since it was announced that he and girlfriend Suki Waterhouse split after two years of dating.

“They remain friends but they both want different things right now,” a source told E! News.

Bradley reportedly was hoping to start a family soon, but “Suki isn’t ready. She loves Bradley and he loves her but she’s so young and wants to concentrate on her acting career before becoming a mom.”

20+ pictures inside of Bradley Cooper braving the snowy weather…

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bradley cooper steps out after suki waterhouse split 01
bradley cooper steps out after suki waterhouse split 02
bradley cooper steps out after suki waterhouse split 03
bradley cooper steps out after suki waterhouse split 04
bradley cooper steps out after suki waterhouse split 05
bradley cooper steps out after suki waterhouse split 06
bradley cooper steps out after suki waterhouse split 07
bradley cooper steps out after suki waterhouse split 08
bradley cooper steps out after suki waterhouse split 09
bradley cooper steps out after suki waterhouse split 10
bradley cooper steps out after suki waterhouse split 11
bradley cooper steps out after suki waterhouse split 12
bradley cooper steps out after suki waterhouse split 13
bradley cooper steps out after suki waterhouse split 14
bradley cooper steps out after suki waterhouse split 15
bradley cooper steps out after suki waterhouse split 16
bradley cooper steps out after suki waterhouse split 17
bradley cooper steps out after suki waterhouse split 18
bradley cooper steps out after suki waterhouse split 19
bradley cooper steps out after suki waterhouse split 20
bradley cooper steps out after suki waterhouse split 21

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  • sunshine

    Lies all lies because just a few weeks ago she was talking marriage and she said he was slowly coming around to the idea. I predict that he pulled a Leo and when he got wind of that article he curtailed right out of there. He was never going to marry her she’s to young.

  • Jamie

    It looks like he might have just come from Soul Cycle, or was on his way there.

  • saphiry

    All (wrong) speculations. My guess is that Bradley wasn’t in the position to have a serious relationship at the moment and preferred to play around a bit longer before he finally has to settle down. Now he’s bored of Suki because all she is is a play thing who has nothing in common with him. After two years he decided it’s time to move on.

  • Colette

    Remember? Bradley said he’s not really working out right now. ;)

  • Jamie

    Oh yeah, I forgot. LOL

  • Benny Ehud

    It’s not that she is too young. Some guys just can’t get married until they are in their 50′s. Leo, Derek Jeter, Bradley Cooper aren’t meant to be married.

  • bybye

    typical. what can you expect dating a 20. Really some guys are stupid when they hit old age, they want only to date young girls. Well, there you go Mr. pretty. You want a family she do not!

  • Scarlett

    Woman, man, vegetable, just find something your own age! Stop shopping at the kiddies table!

  • Jamie Munro

    They say it’s Jennifer Lawrence’s fault. Wonder if it is from one of their three movies they starred in together?

  • Colette

    On the last thread, @DM posted a link to this photo:
    Huh. I don’t buy they broke up in January. As @Jamie pointed out, he and Zoe broke up while he was campaigning for an Oscar for SLP and didn’t drag it out through the Oscars. What made Suki so special?

  • Tazmere

    Well I hope he meets someone who wants to start a family too….Suki got what she wanted from him…a boost to her career…apparently she doesn’t have the same priorities as him. I love Bradley Cooper…he is an awesome actor and has done so well for himself….I hope he can find happiness.

  • Pam

    You know, people don’t HAVE to explain their personal decisions, Bradders.

  • Colette

    It’s actually two sets of photos. The ones where he is in the black hoodie are from Th. The grey ones are from today. That’s two days in a row he’s not working out right now. LOL
    Guess he wasn’t in Vegas very long since Arms & Dudes is still filming at Caesar’s today.

  • Jamie

    I was wondering why some of the photos looked different, but I thought it was the lighting or something.

  • Jamie

    Maybe they just had to keep acting like a couple and holding hands was one way of doing that.

  • Lucy R

    Colette i think you’re right i said it earlier today something was strange with that explanation of a Jan break up and friends blah blah

  • Jamie

    So you guys think they broke up more recently? Why would they lie and say it happened in January?

  • Colette

    I saw these same photos on another site and they have the darker sets labeled as ‘Bradley Cooper walking in NYC 3/19/2015′ and the grey labeled today. Who knows? :)

  • Bradllifer

    iT is called keeping up an act. It ain’t that hard, they don’t look like a couple. He looks like he has to stand there and she is not even bothering him. Dosent look like a couple. More like a father and his daughter.

  • Colette

    She was still in NYC as of early February via her Instgram. Then it was LA-Austin-LA-Oscars-Brazil-NYC w/Poppy. Unless they broke up Jan 31st, I’d wager the break-up actually happened in early February or they began discussing breaking up and made it final while she was on her Girl Power World Tour. That would make more sense as to him bringing her to the Oscars. That photo of her sitting on his lap with her head on his shoulder. This photo of them holding hands.

    @Jamie To be honest, who knows with these two. This hasn’t exactly been the most “normal” relationship as it is. Why was it necessary to mention a specific break-up month as it is?

  • Lucy R

    I havent seen the sitting on lap photo but that seals it for me.

  • DM
  • Colette

    I may be dead wrong. Just going by their statement, her IG, these photos; unless they are the world’s most amicable exes, something doesn’t add up.

  • Penny Dreadful

    That’s the most bullsh*t excuse ever used. You don’t dump someone you claim to love just because they aren’t ready to have kids yet. If you loved them, really, you would wait until they’re ready. They most likely broke up bc they have absolutely nothing in common.

  • FrenchGirl

    maybe Cooper yet found someone ?

  • Bradllifer

    Who cares why and when they broke up, the most important thing is that sucky is gone. That is what matters. The rest is just bullshit.

  • Bradllifer

    Excuse me but that is just disgusting… Rinses hair with coca cola…yuck….

  • Jamie

    Yeah, but why would it take him almost 2 years to realize that?

  • Jamie

    Where were they sitting when that photo was taken? I can see they are outside, but where?

  • Penny Dreadful

    Because a pretty 22-y/o girl is not easy for a middle-aged guy to give up. That’s my guess.

  • Revengefan0101

    Team Bradley Cooper & Jennifer Lawrence

  • Guest

    I think the same. They are waiting for a car, maybe? there are pics of them inside a car, they were going at vanity fair afterparty. they were not happy. At oscars, Suki was seated near Gloria, not near her boyfriend. They didn’t walk the red carpet together, neither at the vanity fair after party. But there are pics like these posted above, which they were acting (maybe?) like a normal couple. I want to say another thing: burberry posts on its instagram account the sketch of Suki’s dress, custom for the Oscars. So, I believe Suki already knew she will be attending this event, it was all already planned. Then they broke up, I also remember Bradley came to SNL red carpet with his mother, so Suki was already gone, at that time.

  • Eeww

    Maybe Bradley finally realized that he’ll never get an Oscar like Leo because people think middle aged men dating girls have their age is CREEPY. And in Bradley’s even worse because Suki looks like a 16 yr old. Not to mention the whole “Lolita” thing was beyond SLEAZY.

    He’ll never date Jennifer Lawrence because SHE looks her age not like a 16 yr old & besides it would look so calculated on his part AFTER stating she’s “young enough to be my daughter”.

    He’s so overrated, I don’t get his appeal at all.

  • SweetCharity

    So they can’t double-date with Joaquin Phoenix and the DJ? Wasn’t she Suki’s age? 20 years younger than Joaquin?

  • Dolly

    What made Suki so special is that she needed the extra career boost and isn’t as adept at handling a media storm as Brad or Zoe. They are pros. They know how to conduct themselves under pressure. Brad didn’t want the split to overshadow her Insurgent moment. Or his Oscar night. Also, they may have decided to go together before the split and made arrangements with Burberry. Burberry may have offered to dress her and had designs ready even before he got the nomination. The Oscars are a huge showcase for designers.

  • Dolly

    I don’t think those Oscar photos mean anything. The vibe between them was weird that night and it was obvious something was off. She kept zoning out and staring into space.

    They were on a public date after two years as a couple. You don’t just flip a switch and turn everything off. I’ve put my head on a platonic friend’s shoulder when I was tired. It isn’t a big deal. Also, I think Brad is old-school Italian in a lot of ways and was being gentlemanly. It was a formal event and he was her escort. He acted accordingly.

  • Colette

    If they actually broke up in January, do you honestly think anyone would really care about Suki almost a month later? Maybe it would’ve overshadowed her, but definitely not him. As for Burberry, they broke up, she’s no longer invited, stop making the dress, find someone else to wear it or chalk it up as a loss. What is Burberry going to do? Hold Charlotte ransom so their dress can be showcased? Sh-t happens.

  • Dolly

    I guess that’s one way to look at it, but I think they just decided to help each other out. And maybe Burberry didn’t know about the split.

    Patricia Arquette and Nicholas Cage didn’t tell the public that their marriage was over for several years. Sheryl Crow posed on the cover of Allure magazine, did a layout in bridal gowns and talked about wedding planning in the interview, and then broke up with Lance Armstrong while the issue was on the stands. And I’m dating myself here, but model Rachel Hunter posed with some musician she was living with back in the day and did a joint interview with him about how in love they were, then married Rod Stewart the following month.

    Also, quite frankly, I think Zoe dumped Brad and Suki was his rebound.

  • Real Daisy

    they hadn’t broken up at the Oscars, they had a heated row because she’d got a career (thanks to him) and he was losing his fanbase due to the age gap.

  • Colette

    No one is refuting the “why” he took her to the Oscars. We all get that. I personally don’t believe they broke up in January. She was still in NYC as of early February. So they broke up yet she continued to stay in the same hotel until she left for her Girl Power World Tour? Plus, I don’t get why it was so important to mention they broke up in January and went to the Oscars as friends. That entire portion could’ve been left out. Broken up is broken up.

  • Dolly

    That is from her Us magazine interview. I flipped thru it at Barnes and Noble. Who puts high fructose corn syrup in their hair? It explains a lot though…

  • Colette

    Patricia Arquette and Nicholas Cage were in a league of their own. LOL How was Insurgent?

  • Dolly

    She could have other reasons to be in NY besides him. Remember the Lucky magazine interview where she talked about her audition to play a pregnant teenager? That was in NY. I’ve thought something was off since the holidays. And people had the same questions about his split with Zoe after they spent Thanksgiving together.

  • Colette

    I’m more referring to her still being in the same hotel after supposedly breaking up. There were photos of her at the Greenwich somewhere around the end of Jan/beg of Feb.

  • Dolly

    Insurgent was ok. Good action and special effects but messy storyline. I read the books, I saw the first movie, I still got confused. Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort were excellent.

    Because I know everyone will ask about Suki: her part was basically a cameo. It was really funny because when she first appeared on screen she basically waltzed up to the camera and gave an enormous smile. She looked striking anyway… She did have a couple of lines that were said in unison with two other actors in robotic voices while they were under mind control.

  • Dolly

    Maybe he got her a room.

  • Colette

    This coming from the person that was obsessed with what city Suki was in and where she was staying at any given time? Have several seats! Why are you still stalking Suki? They’ve broken up … you’ve said several times you’re not a Bradley Cooper fan … why are you still here?!

  • dalovelee

    Well it’s silly for people to say find someone his own age because meeting a woman in her 40′s, plus dating 2 years or more and then wanting to satrt a family…that’s kind of pushing it for a woman having babies in her 40s. Yes a woman can but there’s all sorts of problems a woman faces starting to have kids in her 40′s. But yeah him expecting a girl of 22 at the height of her career to get married (or was that even in the equation) and have babies is jump plain moronic on his part.

  • Revengefan0101

    You’re making a lot of generalizations. Some men and women are infertile, so in that case age isn’t a factor at all. Some women are more fertile than others. I have relatives who accidentally became pregnant in their 40s. Are there more health risks after 40? Yes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a healthy baby either.

  • TeamBella76

    Amen !

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