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George Clooney Explains Why Wife Amal's Work is Important

George Clooney Explains Why Wife Amal's Work is Important

Amal Clooney rocks a newsboy cap while arriving for a departing flight at LAX Airport on Monday (May 11) in Los Angeles.

The 37-year-old lawyer and wife of George Clooney was in town to support him at the premiere of Tomorrowland at Disneyland.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Amal Clooney

At the premiere, George gushed about Amal by saying, “I was shooting [a movie] in New York… and I come home after wearing a bomb vest all day, and my wife has just come back from Strasbourg where she was in the middle of a trial over the Armenian genocide with the International Court of Appeals and asks me about my day, and I say, ‘yeah, I had a fake bomb,’ and everything she does has actual consequence.”

FYI: Amal is wearing Citizens of Humanity jeans.

10+ pictures inside of Amal Clooney flying out of Los Angeles…

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  • GFW

    I hope he truly loves her completely because she’s not going to be that attractive when she’s old.

  • ali7

    He is liar, that court case was before he start shooting the movie he just want people to know his wife is lawyer & make her important come on get over porgie there are more important people in this world than u wife, what a pathetic man

  • politicallyincorrect

    She wasn’t working on any such thing. She brought some press, read a brief, and left. Neither one of the great Armenian genocide supporters had anything to say on April 24 to commemorate. Nor could they get Obama to recognize it. We are all not Gruber voters, George.

  • politicallyincorrect

    How much coke is she doing anyway? Weight doesn’t drop that fast and eyes get that gaunt just by not eating.

  • politicallyincorrect

    If Amal doesn’t defend the terrorists for her uncle who will?

  • MC

    We know he doesnt get on very well with your saint so your opinion isnt very credible.

  • xyz

    Yeah, shes so happy in this marriage, it shows….

  • Jody

    Like Bette Davis

  • Amarena

    Amal Alamuddin is already a HIDEOUSLY UGLY BIG-boned trannny.
    Suffers from Body Dysmorphic Disorder because she’s way bigger than the average female & the puny LOSER GEORGE CLOONEY in height & bone structure, so starves herself to seem thinner. Instead, she’s still big boned hunchback, gaunt, too tranny tall & beastly hideous UGLY.

  • Amarena

    CLOSETTED SCUM DESPERATE FUDGE-PACKER GEORGE CLOONEY is full of LIES to promote this film FLOP during the PR junkets.

    He’s become a madman. A compulsive liar who morphed into a crusty old unattractive man in less than one year. Pathetic scumbag.

    He LIES LIES LIES….then the alcoholic, insecure moron excuses it as “right for his image.”

    LIED to an Australian reporter that he took beastly ugly Amal Alamuddin to China (for Omega last year) & they almost flew another 12 hours south to Sydney…he was in China only with Gio his henchman bodyguard.
    SHE WAS RESEARCHED for months BY HIS PR TEAM for image rehabilitation for the loser GEORGE & she was introduced to him as a set-up by Geoffery Robertson QC on OCT 24, 2013 as a BOGUS PR ARRANGEMENT…FOR DISTURBED GEORGE CLOONEY…

  • Amarena

    HIDEOUSLY ugly she male, deluded Amal Alamuddin.
    Hired by a puny, sick old queeer George Clooney to pretend he has a 3 year liberal arts degree & 1 year MA in Law from NYU wife..who is beastly ugly & transvestite menacingly tranny tall big boned….
    Ugly beast Amal Alamuddin is the niece of terrorist ISLAMIST arms dealer criminal Ziad Takieddine who is banned from entry to UK, yet still illegally flew in by helicopter last Oct 25th to attend another ISLAMIC ARAB KITSCH wedding celebration between the grotesque transvestite hunchback Amal Allahmuddin & mad loser puny George Clooney.

  • Amarena

    Loser destructive George Clooney’s choice:
    *A deformed anorexic hunchback with A FLAT ASS LIKE A 3rd world boy famine victim..
    *Short deformed chicken legs
    *Huge claw freak toes & feet. Huge Neanderthal arms & hands
    *The ugliest face with droopy, bug eyes
    *A huge humped nose (which she’s operated twice, including nose job in Beirut last May according to George)
    *Huge nerd overbite,…asss chin…manly jaw…greasy skin….thin processed hair with extension overkill….heavy Mr Bean eyebrows…Dr Spock Ears….
    *NO waist
    * Annoying pretentous nasal voice…
    *A mock lawyer who defends human rights violators…as junior counsel.

    This is the ugly beast that loser George Clooney chose as his “wife” to pollute our senses…once again.
    compliments of a moron like George Clooney who makes fun of dementia sufferers like Charlton Heston.

  • deusexmacina

    Amarena is simply jealous of Amal. Here’s a thought. Why don’t you go to Law school Amarena and maybe you will have something to show for instead of attacking Amal. Oh wait she has a brain and you don’t. It must be killing you that George Clooney married her and not some ordinary vain and shallow Hollywood bimbo. And guess what no matter how much you
    fret over her. She’s not only beautiful but she also has brain plus she married George Clooney and she’s rich in her own right. She’s the PERFECT EPITOME OF BRAINS AND BEAUTY DEAL WITH IT!!!

  • Amarena

    Needy imbecile George Clooney & his corny anecdotes full of lies. He’s become a lame, puny, destructive moron. I guess living your life like that does it…& balance in this physically ugly union of two entities…GC became physically unattractive too.
    Waldo Sanchez has been his real lover for years.

  • Amarena

    No dumb plagiarizing C U N T PR shill. Amal Alamuddin is disfigured hideous. Even bisexual George Clooney calls her “ugly” “fake” & “ladyboy” behind the camel’s back,
    And you’re a useless PR shill hired to promote LIES..
    I’m more educated & way more intelligent than this 3 year liberal arts/ 1 year law MA LOSER non-entity quasi “lawyer.”

    Another mega fail….by you scum PR.
    Another desperate WRONG decision…& Clooney himself is deteriorating.

  • Amarena

    Here’s a thought, diseased PR c u n t…Why don’t you do something more useful as a career?? Get a job as at a soup kitchen feeding the needy, rather than supporting a terrorist grotesque beast who mad George Clooney is embarrassed about, & is trying to save face by defending her instead of talking ABOUT TOMORROWLANDFLOP.
    He’s a bisexual who prefers men, but even he calls Amal ‘UGLY.’
    And the deluded deformed freak knows it.


  • Way2Old4Dis

    She does a couple of lines a day when the have public appearances for confidence & she still smokes cigarettes in private.
    Anxiety gets to her but the fameho lame horse wanted to be a celebrity at all costs. Even bearding. Anna Wintour confided recently she’s the ugliest nobody they’ve had to promote. Even with Clooney’s name attached. But Ziad Takieddine’s money laundering is a huge incentive.

  • Katiedot of #GCHQ

    The public worldwide cannot stand her. This marriage is so fake that the biggest simpleton can tell. Such a tranny.
    Note the thin sickly hair without the extensions. Dirty greasy anorexic tall terrorist she male.

  • Katiedot of #GCHQ

    R u having a laff?! Amal’s so vile. Everywhere in the world they call her: ugly, manly, tasteless, cross-gender.
    Amal’s nephew Mia Hamiyeh Alamuddin is just as ugly too but not as tranny tall big boned.
    Photoshop overkill can’t save them. Lol. George Clooney is a gay loser. Should be boycotted,

  • George

    Mr Bean losing weight.


    With the number of people everywhere who want to kill this terrorist beast and this dumb detractor husband I sure wouldn’t think of anything going on around me or in my life as “funny”. I’d want to prepare for this death warrant like a death wish. A death wish that will be realized.

  • jane

    with all honesty, Amal is very ugly and dresses like a child in most pictures. not that Clooney is a prize, but with all his money he could have done better looks-wise in a wife.

  • b324

    Wow, there is some vile hatred going around. What a sad sight.

  • lurkerette

    Cuz pap walks and famewhoring and lying are important work, y’all. Oh and she’s not married to George, the entire thing was fake.

  • Just Concerned

    Amal Alamuddin looks ‘Comedy’ day by day. The whole of Hollywood must be laughing at George and will slowly start to boycott him. I wonder where ‘Tomorrowland’ will land.

  • RitaDWeaver

    ♛★☆Freelance with Google@nw2:::


  • FormerLamark

    Sorry, but there are some Amal/George haters here who have MSc and also PHD. For example me….
    And as a male I am not jealous of her, and mainly not jealous of ugly, wrinkled George who could be my father…
    And I have met some really clever woman, believe me, and none of them would touch George even with a stick. Not even marry him!

    I do not understand why is it that if someone makes a negative comment, that is jealousy right away as possible? There is nothing in their lives which could be jealous of, maybe the money up. But then we would hate every unknown millionaires, too!

  • cujokay

    She has the worst taste in clothes.

  • cujokay

    uh uh. You leave Betty Davis alone! She was PAID to look homely; what’s Amal’s defense.

  • Guest

    she totally blew the elgin marbles adn egypt cases recently…. has never once WON or LED a case. So much for the greatest, most important human rights lawyer to ever walk the earth……in reality she is listed on her firm’s site as just another insignificant junior, who is basically a legal clerk to her QCS……HAHAHAHAHAH

  • Guest

    All she does is appear, read one or two lines (not even able to NOT use notes or to improve her public speaking skills and oral advocacy, considering she is the “greatest attorney EVER”) then she leaves until the next photo op/statement. I will bet she only works perhaps 1/2 a day every two weeks, Doughty’s other juniors with less family money and fewer connections write the briefs and do the jobs she is “doing”. If this were not correct, there is no way we’d see her jet setting day in and day out – I ought to know for I happen to be a sr. attorney, truly, and my staff work HARD, from 830-5 with 1 hour lunch, court days often not included in this time period, + considerable hours billed o/t and most often, one day on weekends. We are well aware of how “much” Alamuddin works and what her accomplishments are – the real ones and the many P.R. manufactued ones. We laugh….