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Lily Rose Depp Comes Out as Sexually Fluid on Instagram

Lily Rose Depp Comes Out as Sexually Fluid on Instagram

Lily Rose Depp just came out as sexually fluid in this message posted to artist and Self Evident Truth project creator iO Tillett Wright‘s Instagram account.

The 16-year-old model and daughter of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis was featured in iO‘s photo with the caption, “I’m so proud of my baby girl @lilyrose_depp. She decided she wanted to be in @selfevidentproject because she falls somewhere on the vast spectrum, and I couldn’t be happier to welcome her to the family. She’s a tiny gem of a good human. #prouduncle #weareyou.”

The Self Evident Truths project is a “photographic document of 10000 people in the USA that identify as ANYTHING OTHER than 100% straight.”

Just Jared on Facebook
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  • forrest gump

    a ‘WaterProof’ lady.

  • The Batman

    Funny how the LGBT people say they don’t want to be labelled, yet they continue to give themselves labels.

  • Guest

    this campaign is about awareness that’s why

  • Guest

    she had a boyfriend until recently

  • MollyBD

    Wonder how much she learned about her sexuality from her mom and dad. These kids who are a product of Hollywood don’t seem to learn anything but sex, sex, sex. Does she know how to read? Or is everything in her young life about her sexuality?

  • niagirl


  • Natalie

    This is so gross to me.. she’s a 16yo. It absolutely grosses me out that the media is already talking about her sexuality, she’s still a minor. ugh.
    I predict she’s going to be completely degenerate as she gets older because of the way she has been raised. Her parents are total trash too.

  • DitchDiveDiva

    She’s a child. wth.

  • S.C.

    Basically all she is doing is saying, “Hey, I can bang anything I want.” And she’s 16 fcking years old! Everybody involved in that Self Evident Truths campaign should be put down immediately.

  • Debra Kidwell

    She is 16 and shouldn’t be “sexually” anything. Her parents have failed! This is private. These are for personal conversations. She has her entire life now to regret her proclamations. SO DUMB!

  • Debra Kidwell

    awareness of child sexual activity? this isn’t for the world to see when your child is 16. it’s disgusting. she is a CHILD.

  • Lara Babitcheff

    Uhm people, you know that sexual orientation simply means the gender(s) she is attacted to? Did you all had your first crush at 18?

    Why when someone is not straight everyone is thinking about them having sex and sleeping around?

  • j b

    Seems that every celebrity female is bi-sexual or bi-curious these days. It is strange that women are more open to the idea of having sex with other women. Never ever are there celebrity men that are bi-sexual or bi-curious. Just shows that guys have all the brains and why women will never get paid the same as men. They don’t have the brain capacity to know what they are truly attracted to.

  • Lee

    The cool trend these days……

  • AvanStrike

    isn’t she a bit young to be talking about her sexuality for the public?…

  • Zaire Adams

    What does her age have anything to do with the gender she is attracted to, people? Such internalized LGBTphobia.

  • xyz

    Clueless kid jumping any given bandwagon. Next!

  • Itzscott

    I guess she wants in on the action wherever and with whoever that may be or as they say in Hollywood…. “I just wanna get off”

  • guestofaguest

    are ALL of you serious? 16 is the age of consent across most of europe… sexuality is more than developed by the time a person hits 13. Not too long ago being married by the time you were 17 was not uncommon. Americans have turned something organic into a fucking taboo. Basing moral principles upon laws is detrimental to society. Morality should be based upon respect towards others, specially upon the freedom of speech of each individual, regardless of their age. “You’re to young to be talking about your sexuality” – fuck right off. The only thing that should be punished to the fullest extent is the violation of a persons will to decide over their own body – in other words sexual abuse. And this is not even punished enough by standard law. If you molest or abuse someone you should be put down, instead they give you what, 2-3 years? I mean, get fucking real people.

  • boba

    Why is it ok to have a boyfriends at 16 but not a girlfriend? She didnt say she is having sex just that she is also atractted to girls. That’s all.

    There even 14 year olds the are bi and their parents aren’t actors/ famous.

  • Curt Noydb

    So i guess its like “Big Hero Six’? They like it front, then back, then inside out, then front, then back again?

  • Poison Ivy

    No, it is because guys think that two girls getting it on is sexy and hot, where as only gay dudes thinks two guys getting it on is hot. When a celeb female comes out as this, it is twofold, publicity for being cool and tantalizing to guys, so long as she does not say she is straight up lez. So you see, it is still a case of women trying to please the man. To each their own choice, but in this case the person is a minor and her parents should be ashamed they allowed her to go public with this, which should be private at this age. As far as a guy coming out as this, it could still ruin his career, right or wrong. This is why there are rumored to be so many closet males in HW.

  • cian casey

    How the fuck are her parents trash? You’re just splurting out random shit

  • Gina

    You guys are so stupid. It’s not about sex it’s about sexual identity. A 16 year old knows who they are attracted to. You don’t have to have sex in order to know or proclaim that. Stop being so literal.

  • jason

    i was always told from a very young age that women have the brains of a chicken

  • Segamaike

    Are you SERIOUSLY criticizing a sixteen year old girl for coming out and choosing a label for herself?

    What LGBTQA people do you know that say they don’t want to label themselves? We are not one solid blob with one unified opinion on all matters that concern us. Some of us find strength in labels, others reject them because they experience them as dogmatic or triggering.

    As you are obviously not part of the community and don’t know what the fuck you are talking about, I suggest you go pound a bucket of sand up your ass and refrain from commenting on these issues, thank you :)

  • Segamaike

    Sixteen-year olds have sex. It’s only disgusting when adults insert themselves in their spaces. An adolescent finding her place in the world and voicing her preferences is no more disgusting than saying that you like pizza out loud. It happens to be public because she is the progeny of famous people, but she can serve as a positive role model for other teens and tweens that are struggling to come to terms with their sexuality.

    They may be struggling because of people like you for example, hysterical bigots who would rather clutch at their pearls and scream about indecency instead of being supportive and mature about nuanced topics like these.

  • Segamaike

    I’m flabbergasted by these comments. The irrational hate and fear is palpable, if she was dating a boy her age, hell, if she was already doing that at fourteen, these mouthbreathers wouldn’t bat an eye. But of course, anything that doesn’t conform to the “normality” of heteronormativity is instantly seen as obscene. It’s insane.

  • Segamaike

    Are you having a stroke? Are you seriously asking if this sixteen-year old can read because… She voiced thoughts about her sexuality aloud…? How does one thing have to do with the other? For the record, YOU are the one equating her coming out with “sex, sex, sex”, you disgusting perv. Underage sex obviously at the forefront of your mind since you are seeing it everywhere, while I myself have yet to witness a single Hollywood kid scream from the rafters about how much genitalia they are supposedly munching on.

    Some of these youngsters might talk about certain issues that are important to them AS THEY ARE TO ALL TEENS, like Jayden Smith wanting to wear gender-neutral clothing or Miley Cyrus feeling fluid in her sexuality and gender. But it’s narrow-minded and pitiful losers like you that make these conversations so difficult and taboo, and shame kids into repressing anything that doesn’t fit into your patriarchic and heteronormative worldview.

    Maybe read over what you wrote again and practice some introspection. Ask yourself where all that judgement is coming from. It might do you some good.

  • Debra Kidwell

    You’re an idiot. I’m talking about a child making proclamations of ANY kind. You make your own conclusions. It is NOT ok to let your kids sexualize themselves to the world. That is what is disgusting. Well…that and YOU. .

  • Debra Kidwell

    And you are awfully interested in her “nuances”

  • Debra Kidwell

    It’s called sarcasm…Segamaike. Look it up.

  • Segamaike

    You are predicting that a mature and composed young girl talking about something very personal to her in an open and positive way is going to degenerate… Into what exactly? A slightly older mature and composed girl?

    And because she’s a minor she couldn’t possibly talk about anything else but wanting a boyfriend she wouldn’t DREAM of having sex with because she’s not an underage slut, of course?

    The media isn’t talking about her sexuality, SHE is. And why does it gross you out? I advised another commenter on some introspection, I would suggest the same to you. If you find it gross that a young adolescent talks about her sexuality, maybe that’s on you…

  • Segamaike

    Hearing a girl say “I am sexually fluid” and putting the words “Hey, I can bang anything I want” in her mouth, kinda makes you the one who should be put down.

    Like, if all that statement of hers does is make you think of underage girls fucking anything that moves, there might be something seriously wrong with you.

  • Segamaike

    One public statement about her sexual identity, and her parents have failed. Whew! I’d love to know how you are raising your kids, or will raise them. Sixteen year old humans are “sexually” a lot of things, and I pity you for being so incredibly reductive that you can’t allow for that simple reality in your mind.

  • Segamaike

    Judging from your inability to comprehend the nuanced nature of her statement, I would suggest that you might be the child here.

  • Debra Kidwell

    Wow. You are judgey aren’t you. Hmmm..what happened? Something awful I’m guessing.

    I made a statement. You’ve made yours. Move along troll.

  • Segamaike

    I actually am, because I’m impressed with how she managed to talk about these things in a world that will obviously judge her and her parents VERY harshly for it. I hope this sets a precedent and makes these kinds of conversations easier, because they need to be had, as evidenced by the mass hysteria in this comments section. I applaud her for coming out. I came out to my parents when I was twelve and it saved me a LOT of heartache :)

  • Segamaike
  • yatusa

    mmmmm you are totally missing the point. in a very childish way. hope you dont have kids other than that poor dog. :3

  • Penny Dreadful

    She’s 16. It’s troubling that grown-ups who should know better are using her for a left-wing sexual agenda. Disgusting. She’s a child.

  • Penny Dreadful

    Her parents SHOULD be shamed. For raising their CHILD to be thinking THIS MUCH about her vagina and discussing it with the world. She is a child. Her focus in these years should be on her education and building skills and talents … not on discussing her sexual feelings on the internet. Shame on the adults who use children to advance their socio-political agendas.

  • alicesrenz

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  • Philipp

    Where exactly did you read about her VAGINA? Her sexual preference is not the same as her vagina. Just because she says she’s not totally straight doesn’t mean she’s talking about *having* sex, necessarily.

  • Philipp

    Did you ever talk about maybe getting married to a man one day when you were a kid? By that you made clear your sexual preference, which is what she’s doing here, only she’s showing a difficult topic in a positive light during a trying period of time (puberty is hard, in case you’ve forgotten). She’s 16, it’s not like she’s 10, she’s allowed to voice her opinion and openly make statements about her identity. Anyone who disagrees with this is either a bigot or at the very least a prude.

  • Philipp

    First of all, she’s 16. She’s a teenager two years away from legally being an adult. Second of all, she didn’t make any inappropriate comments, she just freely spoke about her identity.

  • Philipp

    Sexuality evolves during puberty. Why should she oppress her growing sexuality? That is far from healthy. Did they teach you that in bible school?

  • Jon Holden

    I like farting

  • Penny Dreadful

    LOL, “sexuality” isn’t about SEX, and “sexual body parts” aren’t about sex either. These words are all just attached to each other because …?

    You’re an idiot.

  • Penny Dreadful

    Oh, STFU. Who are you to tell everyone else how to think?