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Selena Gomez & '13 Reasons Why' Cast React to Katherine Langford's Golden Globe Nomination

Katherine Langford received a Golden Globe nomination this morning for her performance on the first season of Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why and now the show’s producer Selena Gomez and the rest of the cast is celebrating!

This is the first nomination for the 21-year-old actress, who says that “words can not express [her] sheer excitement and gratitude for being nominated.”

“Most of all, my sincere hope is that the recognition continues to shine a light on so many of the important life issues and struggles we portray in 13 Reasons Why. I’m forever grateful to have been given this opportunity and will continue to work hard to bring dignity, respect, and grace to such a powerful character,” Katherine said in a statement.

Selena took to Instagram to celebrate the moment. “AND to this gorgeous, kind hearted lady. You endured this character with such strength and softness. @katherinelangford I am so proud you are being acknowledged for doing just that! GOLDEN GLOBE NOMINEE!!! Ladies are shining!”

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'13 Reasons Why' Season 2 Shuts Down Production Due to California Wildfires

Production of season two of 13 Reasons Whysons Why has been halted due to the wildfires in Northern California.

The hit Netflix show films in Vallejo, California, the area that has suffered from more than 20 wildfires fueled from the Santa Ana winds and dry conditions causing hundreds of people to be displaced from their homes.

Filming has been put on hiatus for Wednesday and Thursday, with production set to resume on Sunday (Friday and Saturday were already planned days off), Deadline reports.

Cast and crew members who wanted to leave have been flown home as a courtesy since many of them live in the fire zones.

Season two of 13 Reasons Why is set to return in 2018.

'13 Reasons Why' Star Tommy Dorfman Talks Fame & Being Openly Gay

13 Reasons Why star Tommy Dorfman strikes a pose in the latest issue of Schön! magazine, out now.

Here’s what the 25-year-old actor had to say…

On the fame that’s come with 13 Reasons Why: “It’s interesting to be in a position where I suddenly have a following and a platform, but that’s not necessarily fulfilling to me. I didn’t become an actor to have a million Instagram followers. I also don’t think that the amount of followers I have necessarily means I’m going to do the kind of work I want to do: meaningful work.”

On being openly gay: “Maybe I’ve limited my opportunities by being so open about my sexuality, but my thinking is that, if I come out of the gates this way, then it’s not really going to be a big deal in a couple of years.”

On being an activist:
“Activism is intrinsic in my being and is always a part of me. I feel that it’s important to be able to do my work as an actor for me to maintain my rights as a gay person in America and for my friends to not have their rights stripped away either.”

On his marriage: “I’m married and, just since this show’s come out, I have a certain lack of anonymity. I’m still coming to terms with [that] and figuring out how to move forward with all these components. I definitely don’t have it figured out. I’m just trying to stay on the boat.”

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'13 Reasons Why' Stars Katherine Langford & Dylan Minnette Hit Netflix's FYC Event

Katherine Langford, Dylan Minnette and Kate Walsh reunited for Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why FYC event in Los Angeles last night.

The three stars of the show previewed what’s ahead for the second season, which will begin shooting later this month in the San Francisco area.

“I think it’s going to be so exciting because you know, I didn’t expect the first to be as loud if you will,” executive producer Selena Gomez admits about the response of the show in a radio interview. “I didn’t expect it to have the reaction that it did.”

Head to to see what else Selena shared about the show.

FYI: Katherine wore a Michael Kors Collection dress, Beladora earrings, Anita Ko ear cuff and rings, and Jimmy Choo shoes. Kate is wearing a PatBo dress.

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13 Reasons Why's Brandon Flynn Gets Bloody For 'V' Mag

Alisha Boe and Tommy Dorfman lick the bloodied face of co-star Brandon Flynn in this new feature for V Magazine.

Here’s what the 13 Reasons Why star had to share with the mag:

Alisha on her favorite memory from filming: “My first day on set was with Katherine [Langford] and Miles [Heizer] doing our FML scenes. It’s probably my favorite memory because it was such a good introduction to filming 13 Reasons Why.”

Brandon on the importance of the story: “I think this story is ugly, and that makes people question it. But we live in an ugly story. What happens amongst these kids is something incredibly common at (I dare say) every high school. This is an important mirror we are holding up and not only for young people to look back at it, but for adults to reflect on as well. We have to know that the things we do can impact a lot of lives around us, and we have to do better things to impact people in better ways.”

Tommy on what he wants to see in season two: “I’d love to see what happens with the trial, Bryce’s fate, if Jessica gets justice, more about Tony and Ryan, and if Alex survives and how the school possibly learns from Hannah.”

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