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Jennifer Lawrence Arrives Ahead of Sherry Lansing Award Presentation!

Jennifer Lawrence looks stunning while arriving for The Hollywood Reporter’s 2017 Women In Entertainment Breakfast held at Milk Studios on Wednesday (December 6) in Los Angeles.

The 27-year-old Oscar nominated actress is set to receive the Sherry Lansing Leadership Award at the event. The award is given to “a woman who has been a pioneer and philanthropic leader in her industry.”

Past recipients of the award include Barbra Streisand, Shonda Rhimes, Oprah Winfrey, Diane Keaton, Jane Fonda, Helen Mirren, Halle Berry, Jodie Foster, Glenn Close, Barbara Walters and Tina Fey.

Congratulations Jennifer! Be sure to check out her THR cover story, which was released just before this morning’s big event.

FYI: Jennifer is wearing a Philosophy dress and an EF Collection ring.

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Jennifer Lawrence Names 3 People She Wants to Have Dinner With & She's Not Proud of It!

Jennifer Lawrence gets her close up on THR‘s Women in Hollywood issue.

Here’s what the 27-year-old actress had to share with the mag – she was interviewed by Oprah Winfrey:

On Harvey Weinstein: “We’ve all worked with him, but everybody needed a moment. Just speaking for myself, I had known him since I was 20, and he had only ever been nice to me – except for the moments that he wasn’t, and then I called him an asshole, and we moved on. He was paternal to me. So I needed a moment to process everything because I thought I knew this guy, and then he’s being accused of rape. We all knew he was a dog, we knew that he was a…tough guy, a brute, a tough guy to negotiate with. I didn’t know that he was a rapist. And it’s so widespread, the abuse, from so many different people – it’s directors, it’s producers – that I think everybody needed to [process it]. Everybody needs to deal with this in their own way; everybody needs to heal.”

On if she wants to meet Trump: “I think so. I’ve got a pretty good speech. And it ends with a martini to the face. (Laughter.) I have something to say for all of them. I watch different characters on the news, and I’m like, ‘You just wait.’”

On three people she’d like to have dinner with:Scott Disick [from Keeping Up With the Kardashians], Luann from Real Housewives of New York, Bethenny Frankel. And I’m not proud of that, but that’s what comes from my heart.”

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Jennifer Lawrence Tells Adam Sandler Why She's 'Rude' to Fans

If you see Jennifer Lawrence walking down the street or eating in a restaurant, it’s probably not a great idea to approach her.

The 27-year-old Oscar-winning actress has always been candid about how she is not an approachable person and now she’s opening up to Adam Sandler in her Variety‘s “Actors on Actors” interview, presented by Google Home.

“Once I enter a public place, I become incredibly rude. I turn into a huge a–hole,” Jennifer said. “That’s my only way of defending myself.” She added that she’ll wag her finger at someone if they approach her table at a restaurant and she’ll say “no” if they ask for a selfie.

“You know what sometimes I do? I go, ‘It’s my day off.’ Like, if it’s Sunday, I’m like, ‘It’s Sunday, I’m not working today,’” she added.

Adam said that when an older fans approach him, he’ll tell them they don’t want a picture with him.

“They go, ‘Hey Adam, could I get a picture?’ And I always say, ‘You don’t want that, man.’ And the guy goes, ‘What?’ And I go, ‘You don’t want that.’ And then he’s like, ‘Yeah, yeah. I don’t,’” he said.

Most of the time, Adam says he doesn’t shut them down, but he told Jen that she’s “making the right move” as she has a long life ahead of her.

Jennifer Lawrence: ‘I Become Incredibly Rude’ to Avoid Fan Encounters in Public
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Kris Jenner Recalls Jennifer Lawrence Stripping to Nothing in Her Closet

Jennifer Lawrence recently recalled a time where she had dinner with Kris Jenner, had a little too much to drink, and stripped down to nothing in Kris‘ closet!

Now, Kris is recalling what happened during an appearance on STEVE, Steve Harvey‘s talk show.

“She was a big Keeping Up With the Kardashians fan,” Kris said of meeting Jennifer for the first time years ago. “And somebody from her team called me up and said, ‘Would you surprise Jennifer on her birthday and give her a birthday cake, like you’ll be the surprise.’ When I walked out with this cake, she was so excited…and we’ve had this little texting friendship from then on.”

Then, years passed and just last month, they had dinner.

“Well, she had some time off, and I invited her over for dinner. We started having a few cocktails, and we were having so much fun. And as girls do when they all get together, we ended up in my closet, looking at clothes and some stuff, and she started trying some stuff on. She just took off her jeans and went for it!” Kris explained.

Watch a video from her appearance below…

Jennifer Lawrence & Adam Sandler Reveal Why They Avoid Reviews of Their Movies

Jennifer Lawrence and Adam Sandler are on the cover of Variety‘s Actors On Actors issue, out on newsstands now.

Here’s what the 27-year-old and 51-year-old actors had to say:

Jennifer on dating Darren Aronofsky while promoting mother!: “We’d be on the tour together, I’d come back to the hotel and the last thing I want to talk about or think about is the movie, and he comes back and that’s all he wants to talk about…I was doing double duty of trying to be a supportive partner while also being like, ‘Can I please, for the love of God, not think about mother! for one second?’”

Jennifer on reading negative reviews: “It’s so bizarre because you’re so in the zone, you put your whole soul and body, you move to shoot a movie, and you then love it, obviously because you wouldn’t be there if you didn’t love it, and then people just destroy it.”

Adam on why he stopped reading reviews after critics panned Billy Madison in 1995: “It didn’t make sense to me, and it screwed my thinking up a little bit.”

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Jennifer Lawrence Freaks Out While Meeting 'RHOBH' Star Lisa Rinna - See the Photos!

Jennifer Lawrence was totally starstruck at dinner last night!

The 27-year-old Oscar-winning actress – and self-proclaimed reality TV junkie – freaked out when she ran into Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna Friday night (November 24) in New York City.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jennifer Lawrence

Lisa and her model-daughter Amelia Hamlin both took to Instagram to share a few posts of Jen fangirling over meeting her “new best friend.”

“”This is iconic. Jennifer Lawrence looks like she’s seen a ghost,” Amelia wrote on her Instagram story. “I’m done. Goodnight. Tuck me in.”

See the photos of the encounter below!

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Jennifer Lawrence is Taking a Break From Acting to Fight Political Corruption & Milk Goats

Jennifer Lawrence is taking some time off from acting to get a farm and milk goats.

The Passengers actress – who recently called it quits with her boyfriend of one year, mother! director Darren Aronofsky – opened up in a new interview with Elle.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jennifer Lawrence

The time off is totally understandable – for the past seven years, Jennifer has filmed about three movies per year!

“I want to get a farm,” she said. “I want to be, like, milking goats.”

She also wants to do some more work with, an organization whose goal is to end political corruption. Jen is currently on the board.

You can catch Jennifer in Red Sparrow and X-Men: Dark Phoenix next year.