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Kim Kardashian Opens Up About Discrimination & Changing the System

Kim Kardashian gets a ’60s-inspired makeover on her new cover for Carine Roitfeld’s CR Fashion Book Issue 16, which hits newsstands March 12!

Cher and Naomi Campbell are also featured on their own covers.

Here’s what the 39-year-old Keeping Up with the Kardashians star, the 73-year-old singer, and the 49-year-old model had to share with the mag:

Cher on being the pioneer of the “first name only” trend: “I never really thought of it as a power thing…One day I just realized, ‘I’m Cher. I don’t need anything else.’”

Kim on how being a mom inspired her prison reform work: “My evolution on this is probably some combination of growing up, getting married, having kids, and my life being so different than what it was when I was starting out. Now, I feel like I have a duty to myself and to my children more than the public and I want to be a good role model for my kids. I’m raising four black kids in this society and our system is so discriminatory against black and brown people. I want to do as much as I can to make their lives easier…I never knew much about the system until I started to dig in, and once I learned and saw how many things were wrong, I really couldn’t stop.”

Kim on why she lobbied Donald Trump to grant freedom for Alice Marie Johnson:Alice [Marie Johnson] is a mother of five and has siblings. I thought maybe Ivanka Trump would understand. Through Ivanka and her husband, Jared, I was able to connect with the president. Everyone told me I would ruin my career if I went to the White House, but that doesn’t mean anything to me. My reputation over someone’s life? That didn’t make any sense. People talk s–t all day long: I felt confident that I could handle a news story that would cycle for a day or a week, tops. But the chance to change someone’s life? Backing out was not an option for me.”

Naomi on what first inspired her philanthropic work:Ray [Petri] was one of the first people I knew with AIDS. What struck me the most about his sickness, especially the end of it, was how poorly others treated him. Since then, I’ve been a supporter of AIDS research and finding a cure. It’s something I’m still fight for today. It’s been nearly two and a half decades. I do believe that there is a cure.”

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PLL's Julian Morris Strips to His Birthday Suit for 'Yummy' Mag Photo Shoot!

Julian Morris shows off his fit body while posing in the buff for a hot new photo shoot in Yummy magazine‘s launch issue!

The 37-year-old actor, best known for his work on Pretty Little Liars and Once Upon a Time, even welcomed fans into the shower with him for one of the photos in the spread.

Julian was photographed by Bartek Smigulski in Los Angeles and more photos will be featured in the issue, which is available now for preorder.

Julian was most recently seen in an episode of the Apple TV+ series The Morning Show and in the film Viper Club.

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Jennifer Aniston & Sandra Bullock Dated the Same Actor, & Now They're Telling All!

Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock are opening up about dating the same actor!

The 51-year-old The Morning Show actress and the 55-year-old Bird Box star both went out with 56-year-old Manchester by the Sea actor Tate Donovan back in the day.

“You and I had completely different memories,” Sandra said to Jennifer in a new interview for Interview magazine’s cover story.

“Let’s journey back,” Jennifer replied. “I’m trying to remember the year of the Golden Globes, at that little restaurant…”

“Yes, and we were introduced by our former boyfriend,” Sandra said. “I say ‘our’ because you and I both partook of this one human being.”

“Yes, we did. That’s a beautiful way of saying it,” Jennifer responded.

“[He] was a very patient human being, given that he dated us both,” Sandra continued.

“He seems to have a type,” Jennifer added, as Sandra elaborated, “Talented. Funny. Kind. Introspective. Generous.”

“Lovers of architecture, lovers of interior design,” Jennifer said.

Sandra Bullock and Tate dated from 1990 to 1994, while Jennifer and Tate went out from 1995 to 1998. Fun fact: Tate Donovan also played Rachel’s boyfriend on Friends for five episodes!

ICYMI, see Jennifer Aniston‘s hot new photo shoot that was just released for her birthday, and check out all of the celebrity couples you forgot dated back in the day.

Macaulay Culkin Says He Bombed His Audition for This Oscar-Nominated Film

Macaulay Culkin‘s audition for an Oscar-nominated film was apparently a disaster.

The 39-year-old Home Alone actor recently revealed that he auditioned for a role in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

PHOTOS: Macaulay Culkin & Brenda Song Couple Up for Rams Game!

“It was a disaster,” Macaulay said in in Esquire’s March cover story. “I wouldn’t have hired me. I’m terrible at auditioning anyway, and this was my first audition in like eight years.”

He didn’t reveal which role he auditioned for.

“No matter how much I act like a curmudgeonly old man, it’s still fun to get back in the saddle once in a while and play around,” Macaulay added.

Also in the March cover story, Macaulay Culkin set the record straight about the sexual abuse rumors involving Michael Jackson.

Jennifer Aniston's Super Hot New Photo Shoot Is Released on Her 51st Birthday!

It’s Jennifer Aniston‘s 51st birthday today – and what better way to celebrate than with this incredibly sexy photo shoot from her Interview magazine cover story!

The A-list star was interviewed by Sandra Bullock for the cover story and here’s what she had to say…

On women supporting women: “Like you said, this conversation of women supporting women is new, but I think we have been doing it for a long time. When I landed in Los Angeles at 20 years old and I fell into those girls who are still sitting around the table today, they were on a different path. I’d never had a circle of women who got together and talked forever. I was like, ‘God, these California people don’t shut up. They talk about their feelings and cry in front of each other.’ I said to myself, ‘Here I am, a girl who grew up in New York City, and now I find myself in Laurel Canyon, wearing a flowery dress and someone put a crystal around my neck and is burning sage around my head. I have landed on Mars.’ But I really think it was something that saved me. This is a really tough business that we’re in that is not always kind or inclusive or supportive. A lot of the time, it’s the opposite. I remember going to auditions and girls would never want to share anything. Or they would talk to you during your auditions to distract you when they knew you were trying to work on your stuff.”

On what makes her upset: “Turning on the television, listening to the news, reading the paper—that can make me really sad and really angry. The division that’s been taking place. The complete chaos that’s existing. When people show greed and bad behavior and a lack of gratitude. It’s so hard to put this in an eloquent way. When you see people behaving badly and hurting other people, that makes me very angry. And abuse of animals, obviously.”

On what she’s looking forward to doing in her life: “It’s not so much what I see myself doing, but it’s more like a little screenshot in my brain, where I hear the ocean, I see the ocean, I hear laughter, I see kids running, I hear ice in a glass, I smell food being cooked. That’s the joyous snapshot in my head.”

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Noah Centineo Talks Monogamy, One-Night Stands, & Past Drug Use

Noah Centineo glows on‘s men’s digital cover.

Here’s what the 23-year-old To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You actor had to share with the mag:

On the impact of changing his hairstyle: “Some people in my life think that I’ve kind of shifted into a more masculine brooding type. They treat me differently. People are more intimidated. Maybe not intimidated but … a little timid. The buzz cut guy with scars on his face is a little different than, like, long-hair cute boy.”

On his drug use before becoming sober: “There wasn’t really much I wouldn’t do. I never, ever injected anything, which is good. I smoked a lot of things. I was really upset, man. It was a really dark time in my life.”

On living with his mom after his parents’ divorce: “As the 15-year-old living in close quarters with my mom, I felt an obligation to step up and fill a role, fill a position that was vacant at that time, you know, and in doing so, I bristled and I kind of shoved down a lot of emotion.”

On his relationship with his current girlfriend: “It’s the longest relationship I’ve ever been in. She’s very good at monogamy. Actually, I love monogamy too.” On trashing the fantasy of the one-night stand: “Dude, you ever actually have one? Ninety percent of the time, they’re not good.”

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Noah Centineo Takes His Photo Shoots VERY Seriously | Harper’s BAZAAR
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