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Paul Rudd Reveals Why He Doesn't Want To Be Called Nice!

Paul Rudd looks so handsome in a photo from his spread in Mr. Porter‘s latest issue, available now.

Here’s what the 49-year-old actor had to share with the mag:

On his embodiment of sensitive manhood in the 1990s: “Up until then, masculinity had a sexy, rugged quality. I was a fan of John Cusack as a teenager. And I was way more into Duckie rather than Andrew McCarthy in Pretty In Pink. I liked the funny sidekick.”

On why he doesn’t like be called “nice”: “[Being called nice is] the most wishy-washy, passive-aggressive way of describing someone.”

On his kid’s reactions to dad jokes: “My favorite thing is when they roll their eyes because it’s such a dad joke, but I know they find it funny. They kind of try to fight a smile.”

On why he has become more sentimental in recent years: “I’ve experienced more profound moments in my life: my dad dying, being a parent. All of a sudden your sensitivity is heightened. I see things on TV like Undercover Boss and they knock me to the ground. My kids make fun of me. ‘Oh, Dad’s crying again.’”

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Angela Bassett Talks Marriage with Courtney B. Vance

Angela Bassett looks radiant on the cover of PorterEdit‘s latest issue.

Here is what the 59-year-old Mission: Impossible – Fallout actress had to share with the mag:

On people’s obsession with her appearance: “I guess it’s a high-class problem to have. But you don’t really know what to say when someone says: ‘Oh, my God, you look so good [for 59].’ What do they expect? For you to be completely broken down?”

On her 21-year marriage to actor Courtney B. Vance: “He always said divorce is not an option. I’ve always told him: ‘Do what you want to do, because I don’t want you to get to the end and blame anything on me.’”

On her and Vance’s different approaches to parenting: “[Courtney’s] got [the children] on a short leash. I try to give them a little bit more leeway. I want them to go out, explore, see how mature they can be about it, how safe, and then come back.”

On how she tries to avoid choosing roles based on pay: “I’ve had to protect myself from being led by the finance of it. I can’t start with, ‘Well, how much are they paying?’ I can’t be led by that.”

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Dominic Cooper on Reuniting with Ex Amanda Seyfried for 'Mamma Mia 2': 'She's a Friend'

Dominic Cooper is looking smokin’ hot on the cover of Attitude‘s new issue, on newsstands now.

Here’s what the 40-year-old Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again star had to share with the mag…

On reuniting with his ex, Amanda Seyfried, for Mamma Mia: “She’s a friend. It was always going to be OK. You just have to be delicate with those situations. She’s married now and has a beautiful child. We knew we were going to be working together [again] on a set, going back to a part which was certainly going to remind us of 10 years earlier, but I know her family, I know her mum, who was there a lot. It was a pleasant atmosphere. It was really interesting to see how different our lives are after 10 years. It is a long time and it was nice to spend time [with her].”

On the possibility of playing James Bond: “I’d love to. He’s an astonishing character. I’ve been privileged enough to play Ian Fleming, I learned a lot about him, the attitude he had towards, and what he thought of, the character. What I love about the Broccoli family [who control the rights to Bond] and what they’ve done with the franchise is that they’ve changed him continuously and still made it appealing to a modern-day audience. I love James Bond, he plays in every English boy’s childhood memory. I had the original Aston Martin DB5 as a toy car. As long as I felt I could bring something else to it, do something dynamic, I’d love the challenge.”

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Yara Shahidi Reveals Why She's Grateful to Have Her Mom on Set

Yara Shahidi poses alongside her mom Keri for Allure‘s Good Issue, available now!

Here’s what the mother-daughter duo had to share with the mag:

Yara on having her mom on set: “I’ve had the good fortune of having you by my side for everything. Others don’t have a parent on set with them. I remember starting Black-ish and having high-def makeup on all day, a strip of eyelashes. There’s a weird correlation that happens between being ‘ready’ and being doused in makeup. We’ve had conversations about separating the two.”

Keri on what makes her proud of Yara: “[I’m happiest] that she’s the most compassionate human being I know. She has a sense that her voice matters all the time, in every situation.”

Yara on their outlook on life: “We say yes more than anything.”

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Zoey Deutch Opens Up About Working With Her Mom on 'The Year of Spectacular Men'

Zoey Deutch joined her mom Lea Thompson and sister Madelyn for a stunning photoshoot for Allure‘s Good Issue, available now!

Here’s what the trio had to share with the mag:

Madelyn on their new film The Year of Spectacular Men: “We devised it as a way to give ourselves jobs that we knew nobody was going to.”

Zoey on working with her mom: “It’s been great to look at you like a coworker and a human. There’s all this pressure on mothers to have all the answers, but I respect you enough to know that you won’t be right all the time.”

Lea on how she raised Zoey and Madelyn: “I grew up super poor in Minnesota and raised them completely differently. I learned you don’t tell kids that they’re talented and smart. You tell them that they have the things they have because of hard work. They were so understanding that I had to work.”

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