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Paris Jackson Reveals Multiple Suicide Attempts in 'Rolling Stone' Cover Story

Paris Jackson is ready for her close-up in her first-ever magazine cover for the new issue of Rolling Stone.

Here’s what the 18-year-old daughter of the late legendary Michael Jackson had to share:

On her father’s death being a murder: “Absolutely. Because it’s obvious. All arrows point to that. It sounds like a total conspiracy theory and it sounds like bullshit, but all real fans and everybody in the family knows it. It was a setup. It was bullsh-t.”

On her multiple suicide attempts and self-harming: “It was just self-hatred, low self-esteem, thinking that I couldn’t do anything right, not thinking I was worthy of living anymore…It was just once that it became public.”

On questions over Michael being her biological father: “He is my father. He will always be my father. He never wasn’t, and he never will not be. People that knew him really well say they see him in me, that it’s almost scary…I consider myself black. [Michael] would look me in the eyes and he’d point his finger at me and he’d be like, ‘You’re black. Be proud of your roots.’ And I’d be like, ‘OK, he’s my dad, why would he lie to me?’ So I just believe what he told me. ‘Cause, to my knowledge, he’s never lied to me.”

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Michelle Williams Recalls Heartbreak of Moving Out of Home Shared with Heath Ledger

Michelle Williams strikes a serious pose on the cover of WSJ. Magazine‘s February 2017 issue, on newsstands on January 28.

Here’s what the 36-year-old Manchester By the Sea star had to share with the mag:

On moving out of the home she shared with her late partner Heath Ledger: “At that time, I was inconsolable, because I felt, How will he be able to to find us? This is where we lived, and he won’t know where we are. And now I can’t believe I thought that. Maybe that’s what’s making me cry is I feel sad for the person who thought he won’t be able to locate [us].”

On romance: “It’s hard to romanticize romance when you’re 36. When you’ve been a parent for 11 years and you’ve done it alone, you don’t have romantic ideals, because you have a practical understanding that you can do it by yourself. The romantic idea of meeting your person and having a storybook family life that looks like the model you grew up with–that doesn’t really exist for me.

On being a single mom: “It’s a little bit difficult to contend with a feeling of failure for not living up to a standard of normal. Sometimes it can feel alienating; at school functions, there’s only two of us single mothers. Everyone else has a partner, so we buddy up. But I have a family; I have the thing you typically get married for. I live in a commune.”

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Ruby Rose Tells 'Edit' She's 'Glad' She Didn't Have Gender Reassignment Surgery

Ruby Rose takes the cover of The Edit‘s latest issue in a fashion forward look!

Here’s what the 30-year-old Xx: Return of Xander Cage star had to share with the mag:

On struggling to come to terms with her gender: “All I wanted was a boy’s name growing up – Charlie, Billie, Max, Frankie. You just know my mum wanted a girly girl princess! [...] Everyone had Barbies; I had ninja turtles and Superman… I was crazy about Archie comics. I played footie with the boys. I’m a woman… I want to have babies one day, so I’m glad I didn’t make changes earlier in my life.”

On becoming a role model for those struggling with their sexuality: “I want to be the person I wished was around when I was growing up.”

On her overnight stardom: “It’s only when I slow down that I realize. I have pinch-me moments, like, ‘Is this my life?’ Because I’ve got four films coming out in 2017, and 18 months ago, I hadn’t even made one.”

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Jessica Lange & Susan Sarandon in 'Feud' - First Look Photo!

Here’s your first look at Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange in character for their new show Feud: Bette and Joan.

Susan stars as Bette Davis and Jessica stars as Joan Crawford and the show centers around their famous feud from their days of filming Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?.

“I wasn’t interested in just doing this broad, campy [show],” creator Ryan Murphy said. “I was interested in the idea of sexism, ageism, misogyny. Turning 40, 45, 50 and feeling like you’re at the height of your powers and people saying, ‘Well, you’re done.’”

Feud is set to debut on March 5!

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Donald Glover Tells 'Wired' He Decided To Write For TV Because Of Tina Fey!

Donald Glover sheds a tear in this artsy shot from Wired magazine’s February issue, which hits newsstands everywhere on January 24!

Here’s what the 33-year-old Golden Globe-winning Atlanta star had to share with the mag:

On why he wanted to start writing for television: “I decided I wanted to write for television because of Tina [Fey]. She was always so happy, and I was like, I want to be happy like that too.”

On Bernie Mac and Dave Chappelle being his inspiration for Atlanta: “Those shows were so honest and so true. Bernie Mac had a sister who was a crack addict on the show. It wasn’t funny, but it was real.”

On his experimental album release event and the absence of social media: “Today, kids’ idea of going to a concert is proving that they are there on Snapchat or Instagram. We wanted to give them a complete show and have their attention.”

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Alicia Keys Reveals Why She Decided to Wear Less Makeup

Alicia Keys rocks her no-makeup look on the cover of Allure magazine’s February 2017 issue.

Here’s what the 35-year-old entertainer had to share with the mag:

On her decision to not wear makeup: “I started at 20 years old in this ridiculously invasive world [the music business] in which everyone covered me in makeup and then threw me under tons of lights, so I’d sweat for two or three hours….It took me so long to finally say, ‘Whoa!’ Who am I under there? That is just my own personal quest.”

On women’s rights: “I am all about a woman’s right to choose. I think a woman should do anything she wants as it relates to her face, her body, her health. Whatever mode of expression that empowers you, that’s what you should do. What I am not down for is this ridiculously high, unrealistic expectation about appearance that we as women are held to.”

On mean people: “You know what would be really cool? If we stopped offering our opinion unless asked. If nobody asked you, keep your mouth shut! Like with the Internet? That’s just too much opinion. People are mean. It’s a sickness.”

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Amanda Seyfried On Her Wedding: I Don't Want To Be The Center of Attention

Amanda Seyfried takes the February cover of Vogue Australia, on newsstands now.

Here is what the 31-year-old pregnant actress had to share with the mag:

On being engaged to Thomas Sadoski and pregnant with their first child: “I’ve never been excited by anything more in my life. And ready.”

On her upcoming wedding: “I don’t want to be the centre of attention. I get to go to premieres and get dressed up all the time. I went to the Met Gala last year in a wedding gown designed by Riccardo Tisci; I’ve played a bride a billion times.”

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