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Charli XCX Really Opened Up About Her Mental State With Her New Album

Charli XCX is the guest editor of the new issue of Dazed magazine and opening up about everything from fashion to music and more.

The 27-year-old singer revealed that she looks to her new self-titled album as the truest form of a personal album.

“I feel like for the first time, I’m really opening up about my mental state,” she says. “I was really open to writing in those moments where I felt really depressed, or insecure, or sad. Rather than leaving the studio and going home, I would write a song there and then.”

There are also breakup themes on the album, but not the romantic kinds. Charli actually split from her management company six months before beginning work on the album.

“It was a different type of break-up, but my world was totally flipped upside down.”

If you missed it, you can stream Charli‘s new album on

Check out more of Charli XCX‘s guest edit of Dazed now!

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Nicki Minaj Talks Bold New 'Fendi Prints On' Collaboration!

Nicki Minaj strikes a fierce pose in her new shoot for the October issue of Elle!

Here’s what the 36-year-old “MEGATRON” rapper had to share with the mag:

On the inspiration and design of her new Fendi Prints On collection, featuring her signature hot pink and silver, and named after the lyrics in her “Chun-Li” song: “[I knew] everybody’s going to be like, ‘Where’s the pink, b****?’ … I want to make clothes that make girls with my body look sexy. We’re in a new time, where you don’t have to feel bad if you’re not the tiniest you’ve ever been. Women, we struggle with that so much, because we’ll go back to old pictures of ourselves, and we’ll be like, ‘I used to be so skinny!,’ and we start making ourselves feel bad. What I want [to tell] girls is not necessarily, ‘Go and gain weight and have a big booty,’ but ‘If you do have curves, be proud of it, flaunt it—love the skin you’re in.’ As clichéd as that sounds, I’ve been really trying to teach myself that. ‘This is who I am; take me or leave me, bye!’ … [The collection is] for everyone who wants to show skin. We all go to the beach, we all get sexy, we all have sex, we all bust it open!”

On her upcoming album: “[It's] fierce, fun, and unapologetic. … It’s probably the most excited I’ve been about an album release in a really long time. I’m happy that we’re not making my fans wait for another album, like I’ve done in the past. This one incorporates all the things people love about Nicki, but it also just has a way bigger sound, so it goes perfectly with the collection.”

On if she’d ever launch her own line: “Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes! Yeses across the board, okay? I’ve been really strategic and picky on purpose, turning some things down and waiting for the right opportunities. Once people see that you have selling power and you are able to impact a brand in such a positive way, then I think it’s only a matter of time. The Fendi collection alone made me feel like I would love to continue doing this—getting to that boss status. That’s where I would like to take fashion, for sure.”

The Fendi Prints On capsule collection will launch on October 14 and will then be sold in 52 Fendi boutiques worldwide starting October 16.

For more from Nicki Minaj, visit

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'Breaking Bad' Movie Will Bring Back 10 of the Show's Original Characters!

Aaron Paul is on the cover of THR‘s latest issue, speaking all about El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie.

In the interview, creator Vince Gilligan revealed that 10 characters from the original show will reprise their roles, and we know that Aaron will be back as Jesse Pinkman, as well as Charles Baker as Skinny Pete and Matt L. Jones as Badger. Here’s what else they shared…

Aaron, on what he learned from co-star Bryan Cranston: “The first couple years [of Breaking Bad] were really torturous for me…. I just didn’t want to mess it up, and so I stayed in that guy’s skin, but I learned from Bryan it’s OK to shake it off and wash up at the end of the night and just have time for yourself.”

Aaron, on reviving with his character: “It was so easy for me to just jump into where Jesse’s at mentally, emotionally, because I lived and breathed everything he went through and then some, and so, honestly, it felt like a part of me had gone through that as well.”

Vince, on the idea for El Camino: “I didn’t really tell anybody about it, because I wasn’t sure I would ever do anything with it. But I started thinking to myself, ‘What happened to Jesse?’ You see him driving away. And to my mind, he went off to a happy ending. But as the years progressed, I thought, ‘What did that ending — let’s just call it an ending, neither happy, nor sad — what did it look like?’”

For more from Vince and Aaron, visit Look out for the movie, on Netflix on October 11.

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Jameela Jamil Clarifies That She Doesn't Hate the Kardashians After Repeatedly Calling Them Out

The Good Place‘s Jameela Jamil, Batwoman‘s Ruby Rose, and Russian Doll‘s Natasha Lyonne cover the October TV issue of Glamour.

Here’s what the three stars had to share with the mag…

Natasha, on creating Russian Doll: “I gave acting 35 years. That’s three decades of letting people choose me. Now I want to make the choices. It’s been fun as a woman being in charge and stepping into the role of an elder in society that tells us so often that a woman’s sweet spot is in her 20s.”

Jameela, on calling out the Kardashians for promoting diet products: “I don’t hate those girls. I’m not trying to attack anyone. But if you have a lot of power and influence and money, and you’re using yours irresponsibly, and other people aren’t aware that they’re being sold a lie, I’m gonna step on that dick.”

Ruby, on some of the backlash she received over playing Batwoman: “I didn’t think people would care so much that I was cast. But on my deathbed, I’m not going to be like, ‘I really wish that more people, more strangers on the internet that I didn’t know, liked me.”

For more from the stars, visit

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Taylor Swift Reveals Her Side of the Story to That Infamous Kanye West Phone Call, Calls Him 'Two-Faced'

Taylor Swift is on the cover of Rolling Stone‘s latest issue, and she gave a super revealing interview.

Here’s what the 29-year-old entertainer had to share with the mag…

On the full context of her infamous phone call with Kanye West and when she decided she was done with him: “The world didn’t understand the context and the events that led up to it. Because nothing ever just happens like that without some lead-up. Some events took place to cause me to be pissed off when [Kanye West] called me a bitch. That was not just a singular event. Basically, I got really sick of the dynamic between he and I. And that wasn’t just based on what happened on that phone call and with that song — it was kind of a chain reaction of things. I started to feel like we reconnected, which felt great for me — because all I ever wanted my whole career after that thing happened in 2009 was for him to respect me. When someone doesn’t respect you so loudly and says you literally don’t deserve to be here — I just so badly wanted that respect from him, and I hate that about myself, that I was like, ‘This guy who’s antagonizing me, I just want his approval.’ But that’s where I was. And so we’d go to dinner and stuff. And I was so happy, because he would say really nice things about my music. It just felt like I was healing some childhood rejection or something from when I was 19. But the 2015 VMAs come around. He’s getting the Vanguard Award. He called me up beforehand — I didn’t illegally record it, so I can’t play it for you. But he called me up, maybe a week or so before the event, and we had maybe over an hour-long conversation, and he’s like, ‘I really, really would like for you to present this Vanguard Award to me, this would mean so much to me,’ and went into all the reasons why it means so much, because he can be so sweet. He can be the sweetest. And I was so stoked that he asked me that. And so I wrote this speech up, and then we get to the VMAs and I make this speech and he screams, ‘MTV got Taylor Swift up here to present me this award for ratings!’ [His exact words: ‘You know how many times they announced Taylor was going to give me the award ’cause it got them more ratings?’] And I’m standing in the audience with my arm around his wife, and this chill ran through my body. I realized he is so two-faced. That he wants to be nice to me behind the scenes, but then he wants to look cool, get up in front of everyone and talk sh*t. And I was so upset. He wanted me to come talk to him after the event in his dressing room. I wouldn’t go. So then he sent this big, big thing of flowers the next day to apologize. And I was like, ‘You know what? I really don’t want us to be on bad terms again. So whatever, I’m just going to move past this.’ So when he gets on the phone with me, and I was so touched that he would be respectful and, like, tell me about this one line in the song. [The line being ‘... me and Taylor might still have sex’.] And I was like, ‘OK, good. We’re back on good terms.’ And then when I heard the song, I was like, ‘I’m done with this. If you want to be on bad terms, let’s be on bad terms, but just be real about it.’ And then he literally did the same thing to Drake. He gravely affected the trajectory of Drake’s family and their lives. It’s the same thing. Getting close to you, earning your trust, detonating you. I really don’t want to talk about it anymore because I get worked up, and I don’t want to just talk about negative sh*t all day, but it’s the same thing. Go watch Drake talk about what happened.”

Click inside for more of Taylor Swift’s candid quotes from her Rolling Stone interview…More Here! »

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Victoria Beckham Reveals If She Cringes at Any of Her Past Looks Over the Years

Victoria Beckham is on the cover of Glamour UK‘s Autumn/Winter 2019 issue.

Here’s what the 45-year-old fashion designer had to share with the mag…

On embracing being 45 and feeling the best version of yourself: “There’s something really liberating about embracing who I am at 45 years old and owning it, feeling confident, feeling content. Doing beauty has really helped with that – it’s been very liberating. I want to spread the word that everybody should feel like the best version of themselves. To look after what you have. I want to tell people to own who you are. Yes, we – and I – have wrinkles, and that’s OK!”

On how motherhood has changed her view of her own body image: “When you have children, it also puts a lot into perspective. You realize they notice everything. I would never sit down with my kids and skip a meal – they need to see that their mum eats healthily – you need to show little people how to be healthy and happy with who they are.”

On how she has used her humor to see through decades of scrutiny: “I look at everything as good at the time and part of a journey that has brought me to where I am now. I don’t cringe at many pictures, to be honest. Would I wear a Burberry bandana these days? Absolutely not! But at the time it felt right and I’m proud of what me and David have achieved.”

See the full feature in the Autumn/Winter 2019 issue of GLAMOUR UK, available on newsstands and via digital download on Thursday September 19th.

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