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Kendall Jenner is a Sexy Shark for Love Mag's Advent Calendar!

Kendall Jenner appears in Love Magazine‘s new 2015 advent calendar!

The 20-year-old model wears a bikini with a shark costume over it!

“#loveadvent 🎅🐳💗 #kendall #sharky,” the magazine captioned the Instagram photo, which you can see below.

Bella Hadid also appears in the calendar, and she poses with some sexy bunny ears! Click inside to see her photo!

Also pictured below: Kendall and Scott Disick shop for furniture together earlier this month in West Hollywood, Calif.

25+ pictures inside of Kendall Jenner and Scott Disick together… More Here! »

kendall jenner sexy shark advent love 01
kendall jenner sexy shark advent love 02
kendall jenner sexy shark advent love 03
kendall jenner sexy shark advent love 04
kendall jenner sexy shark advent love 05

Gigi Hadid Looks Super Fierce for 'Numero' Magazine!

Gigi Hadid shows off a little bit of skin in her cut-out outfit on the cover of Numero magazine‘s December 2015 issue, on newsstands December 1.

The 20-year-old model was photographed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino for the cover. She posted the cover image on her Instagram account without a caption.

Make sure to tune in to the 2015 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show next month to catch Gigi walking the runway for the first time in the famed show.

FYI: Gigi is wearing Balmain and she’s photographed in the inside spread with the brand’s designer Olivier Rousteing.

For more from the issue, visit! Bigger cover pic inside… More Here! »

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NCIS' Emily Wickersham Poses in Sexy Lingerie for 'Da Man'

Emily Wickersham shows off her fit figure while posing in a sexy bodysuit for her feature in the November 2015 issue of Da Man magazine, on newsstands now.

Here is what the 31-year-old NCIS actress had to share with the mag:

On the biggest milestones in her acting career: “It was really fun being a part of The Bridge. Getting to work with Annabeth Gish was great. But to be honest, the most important so far has been NCIS. It’s been the most consistent job I’ve had, and it’s incredible to be able to get up and work as an actor every day.”

On the downsides of being an actress: “I guess one of the main downsides would be the pressure for success and the constant temptation to base your identity and status on that. I think it’s near impossible not to get sucked into that, but I have great friends and family, who keep me grounded and help me see things from different perspectives.”

On her interests outside of acting: “I love fashion and the arts. I have a lot of artists in my family and have always loved and feel most drawn to creative environments.”

For more from Emily, visit!

ncis emily wickersham da man magazine 01
ncis emily wickersham da man magazine 02
ncis emily wickersham da man magazine 03
ncis emily wickersham da man magazine 04
ncis emily wickersham da man magazine 05

Last Kingdom's Alexander Dreymon Is 'Da' Swoonworthy 'Man'

Alexander Dreymon suits up for his sexy photo shoot in Da Man magazine‘s November 2015 issue, available now.

Here is what the 32-year-old The Last Kingdom actor had to share with the mag:

On how he landed the role on the new BBC series: “A rather long audition process from May to September last year: many self-tapes (that sounds like homemade porn [laughs], but it’s when casting is located in a different country and you send them a video of your audition) and finally two screen tests.”

On if he’s where he imagined he’d be in his career right now: “That’s a funny question [chuckles]. Obviously, I thought it would go much faster and be much easier! It’s essential to have that naïve optimism when you start out. But the truth is I’ve always enjoyed doing the work, and I’ve grown with every deception as well as success. I have no regrets over the path I’ve chosen, and I’m proud of the relationships I forged along the way.”

On his most important life-lesson from Hollywood: “Work harder than you think you can but don’t forget to chill the heck out—you’re not doing open-heart surgery. Never compromise on your values and don’t read what people write about you on the Internet.”

For more from Alexander, visit!

the last kingdom alexander dreymon da man magazine 01
the last kingdom alexander dreymon da man magazine 02
the last kingdom alexander dreymon da man magazine 03
the last kingdom alexander dreymon da man magazine 04
the last kingdom alexander dreymon da man magazine 05

Quantico's Priyanka Chopra Says Find Your Flaws: 'Perfection is Boring'

Priyanka Chopra looks fierce while posing for the cover of New You magazine’s winter issue.

Here is what the 33-year-old Quantico actress had to share with the mag:

On her empowering message to young girls: “I believe girls all over the world [have been] raised to believe that we need to be protected, or need someone else to feel validated and strong. Now we are in a time where we are enough. We are complete as ourselves, and our flaws make us unique. Perfection is boring anyway. As soon as you find and identify your flaws, there’s no one who can be like you. From that you can take your confidence.”

On finding her confidence: “I had major self-esteem issues growing up and was always very nervous and scared as a kid. I was bullied in school. But I got up one day and said, ‘Enough.’ The color of my skin, the hair I have—there are so many things about me that may not be conventional. But as soon as I chose to own it and walk out the door wearing confidence, people looked at me differently.”

On getting her first break and ‘never looking back’: “I’m a complete geek and I believe that the geeks will take over the world one day. I wanted to be an engineer and build planes, and now I fly in them all the time. I was 17 when I became Miss India and movie offers started to come my way. My dad and I had a big chat about it. He said, ‘You know you have this amazing opportunity, so give yourself a timeline.’ I gave myself two years. He said, ‘Try it, because I don’t want you to ever look back at your life and say, ‘What if I had done it?’’ My first movie did well, and I’ve never looked back.”

For more from Priyanka, visit!

quantico priyanka chopra new you magazine 01
quantico priyanka chopra new you magazine 02

Topher Grace Says Don't Take Advice from 'Dumb' Celebs Like Himself

Topher Grace is super sharp while playing photographer on the cover of Da Man‘s November 2015 issue, on newsstands now.

Here is what the 37-year-old Truth actor had to share with the mag:

On the advice he’d give his fans: “Here it is: Don’t take advice from celebrities in magazine articles. Trust me, I know firsthand how dumb they are—I am one. [Laughs]”

On what he’s passionate about these days: “I got engaged earlier this year so when I’m lucky enough to have down time from work, she’s my hobby.”

On making Truth, a movie with a “weighty” theme: “Let’s be real: Acting is a ludicrous job. We’re paid to put on makeup and pretend we’re someone else all day. Even in the photo shoot that’s accompanying this article, I dressed up in fancy clothes and made different faces while someone took my picture. It can feel silly. The best you can hope for is that once in a while you get a role that’s in service of a story that might make a difference in the way people think. A movie like this gives you that special chance.”

On the highlight of his life so far: “Wow, I really hope that moment hasn’t happened yet. Then again, when I beat “Super Mario Land” on Game Boy in seventh grade (without using any warp levels!), that was a pretty divine moment. [Chuckles]”

For more from Topher, visit!

topher grace da man magazine 01
topher grace da man magazine 02
topher grace da man magazine 03
topher grace da man magazine 04
topher grace da man magazine 05

Kathy Griffin Plays 'Pharaoh Lady' for Egyptian Themed Shoot

Kathy Griffin poses for an Egyptian themed shoot and plays the role of “Pharaoh Lady” for the cover of a recent November 2015 issue of Adweek.

Here is what the 55-year-old comedian had to share with the mag:

On having Emmys and a Grammy: “My awards are more important than people. That’s going on my tombstone. That’s what we’re about here, babe. Awards and artifice. We love it.”

On wanting to be more than just an A-list name: “I think anybody can be a person. I’d like to be a brand. I’m tired of being a human being. I’m way overdue for my next endorsement, way overdue, because now it’s official. You know what you’re getting. You know what you’re in for. You know what I’m about.”

On how being a shocking comedian is a plus for advertising: “If you look at the Super Bowl ads, advertisers understand that they have to infuse humor. So that’s where I come in.”

On sexism in comedy, and her plans for her future in comedy: “I was on a mission because of the sexism in stand-up comedy to prove that I thought, you know what? I’m just going to win as many awards as I possibly can as a woman, and I’m going to do more and I’m going to write more and I write every word of my specials.”

For more from Kathy, visit!

kathy griffin adweek cover shoot 01
kathy griffin adweek cover shoot 02
kathy griffin adweek cover shoot 03
kathy griffin adweek cover shoot 04
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