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Celebs Praise 'Vanity Fair' for Putting Lena Waithe on the Cover!

Celebrities are speaking out to praise Vanity Fair for placing Lena Waithe on its new cover and for putting a spotlight on representation in the entertainment industry.

This is the first issue put together by the mag’s new editor-in-chief Radhika Jones.

“When I thought about the kind of person I’d like to see on the cover of Vanity Fair, I thought about Lena Waithe—a member of the new creative elite remaking entertainment for her generation,” Jones wrote in her editor’s letter. “This is Lena Waithe’s year, and we’re delighted to mark it.”

Lena is best known for her work on Master of None and her new Showtime series The Chi. She will also be seen in the upcoming movie Ready Player One.

Stars like Mindy Kaling, Lupita Nyong’o, Common, Gabrielle Union, Ava DuVernay, and more have all congratulated Lena on the cover on social media. Read below!

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Chiwetel Ejiofor Reveals His Thoughts on Having Kids One Day

Chiwetel Ejiofor is featured in this brand new photo shoot for Mr Porter!

Here’s what the 40-year-old actor had to share with the mag:

On having children: “We’ll leave it up to life to decide.”

On being in his forties: “It’s a fascinating age, potentially the most interesting age to be. It feels like you’re right at the beginning of the most important part of your life.”

On accepting acting jobs for the money: “That’s not really what acting ever was for me, and I don’t know how to make it that. It was always a way of exploring some other question, some deeper question about myself.”

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Krypton's Cameron Cuffe Strikes a Pose on 'LaPalme Magazine' Cover

Cameron Cuffe gives the camera a smoldering stare on the cover of LaPalme Magazine‘s Spring 2018 Young Hollywood Issue, on newsstands now!

Here’s what the actor – who plays Superman’s grandfather in the new sci-fi drama series Krypton – had to share with the mag:

On one of his earliest acting jobs that paid him 100 pounds: “I never realized people got paid to act until then and I never thought I will play such an inspiring role in my life.”

On his character Seg-El: “‘Focus on yourself to change the world for the better’ is kind of a requirement when your grandson is Superman. Seg’s lifestyle is pretty rough. He has to fight to survive, literally.”

From Creative Director Derek Warburton: “Cameron is the perfect choice to be the cover of LaPalme‘s Young Hollywood issue. I chose him because he is fresh, a great acting talent and his brand new show Krypton is going to take the world by storm. I grew up watching Superman and I am very excited to follow the prequel. LaPalme prides itself on knowing what is next and who is going to become a great success. I look forward to seeing Cameron‘s star grow.”

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Krypton premieres tonight (March 21) at 10/9c on Syfy!

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Krysten Ritter Speaks About How Jessica Jones Not Wearing High Heels Inspires Viewers

Krysten Ritter is looking stunning in this photo shoot for

Here’s what the Jessica Jones star had to share with the mag:

On how the Harvey Weinstein exposé led to her to reassessing her own experiences: “It does make you do an emotional inventory of your career, and your life, and all of a sudden you’re fucking enraged. You look back and kind of hate yourself for giggling through it, or for not knowing what to say–I went back and remembered things that I’d totally forgotten about, just shoved under the rug.”

On how Jessica Jones not wearing high heels inspires viewers: “There’s so much pressure on women to look beautiful, have everything put together, get your beauty sleep, it’s all about a physical appearance. And this is a character who is not about a physical appearance at all … Jessica uses sex the way she uses alcohol, to escape her mental space. It’s nothing super sexy, she’s not sentimental, it’s not emotional.”

On being more selective about roles she takes: “I remember getting a call about playing the wife of an actor that is close to my dad’s age. Maybe a little younger, but I also tend to play a little younger than I am, and I read a little younger on camera, so me opposite a 50-year-old? I was like, ‘No! What are you doing?’ I don’t know if that would happen now.”

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Model Adwoa Aboah Strips Down for Allure's New Issue

Model, advocate, and activist Adwoa Aboah is on the cover of Allure magazine’s new issue, on newsstands March 27.

Here’s what the 25-year-old had to share with the mag:

On thinking she couldn’t be a model: “There were certain friends of my mom and dad’s who said I could model, blah, blah, blah, but I was insecure…. I don’t think I was confident enough, and I don’t think there was a space within the industry for somebody who looked like me. I worked; I did odd jobs. There were times I had money and times I didn’t. It was up and down.”

On social media being potentially toxic: “It’s mental. It’s detrimental to everyone. Who is more successful, or rich, or beautiful— you’ll always be able to pick it out. Why didn’t I go to that party? You didn’t want to go in the first place. I try not to spend a lot of time on it.”

On how her struggles with addiction inspired her to create Gurls Talk: “If I had somewhere I felt safe enough to talk about the things going on in my life, whether they be small or big, I don’t think I would have bottled up everything so much and had it fall to pieces during 2014.”

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