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Royal Reporter Clears Up Princess Anne's Moment With Queen Elizabeth & Donald Trump That Went Viral

Earlier today, Princess Anne went viral for her reaction to meeting US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump.

According to a royal reporter, the moment wasn’t actually a refusal to meet the First family, but just that he was the final person for the Princess Royal‘s mother, Queen Elizabeth II, to meet.

Reporter Valentine Low explained on Twitter that “The Queen, after greeting the Donald (and the Melania), turned to Anne to see who was next, but there wasn’t anyone waiting: Trump was the last leader to be received by the Queen.”

He added about how Anne responded that didn’t make the video: “Anne raised her hands in the air, laughed and said: ‘It’s just me,’ adding a moment later ‘and this lot’ as she pointed to the members of the household behind her.”

If you missed the viral moment with Princess Anne, you can watch it on here.

Princess Anne's Response to Queen Elizabeth While Meeting Donald & Melania Trump Is Going Viral - See Why

Princess Anne, the daughter of Queen Elizabeth, is going viral for her response to seemingly meeting President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump.

While the President and First Lady were meeting the royals in a royal greeting line, Princess Anne was noticeably standing off to the side. The President and First Lady met with the Queen, Prince Charles, and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. Then, the Queen looked over towards Princess Anne and Princess Anne appeared to shrug it off.

Twitter went wild after they saw what Princess Anne did, with tweets reading, “Anne’s like ‘don’t drag me into this madness’!” and “You have to love Anne.”

See what other royals greeted Donald Trump during his visit.

Check out the video of what went down…

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Kate Middleton Joins the Queen, Trumps, & More World Leaders at NATO Reception

Kate Middleton chats with guests while attending a reception for NATO leaders on Tuesday (December 3) at Buckingham Palace in London, England.

The other royals that attended the event included Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, and his wife Camilla Bowles.

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump were some of the world leaders at the event, as were the UK’s Boris Johnson, Canada’s Justin Trudeau, France’s Emmanuel Macron, Germany’s Angela Merkel, and more.

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Pamela Anderson Praises the Trumps While Asking for a Favor

Pamela Anderson has written an open letter to President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump, in which she praises them as a couple while also asking for a favor.

The 52-year-old former Baywatch actress is trying to get her friend, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, a presidential pardon.

“I am always enlightened and encouraged when I see the great work that you both have achieved during your period as the leading couple of the people. You complement each other extremely well, Mr President with your personal touch and emotional flare that strikes a chord with the people, together with the enduring poise and presented dignity that the first lady upholds,” Pamela wrote in the open letter.

She added, “Integrity was certainly the underlying thread that defeated Hillary and brought to the world this great couple, cannoning you into the most powerful position in the world.”

In the letter, Pamela points out that Trump was once a fan of WikiLeaks.

“If you were to pardon Julian Assange and not allow the legal precedent of extradition of a fact publishing journalist for a life of torture, then the people would salute your action. You will be forever remembered as the champion you were always destined to be and the people would truly salute you for such a gesture. It would always be remembered as your legacy to the world and the people could never be fooled otherwise,” she wrote.

Pamela also took to Twitter and shared photos with the Trumps when she attended Donald‘s birthday party in 2005.

You can read the full letter at!

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Photos of Melania Trump Kissing Justin Trudeau at G7 Go Viral

Melania Trump is currently in France with her husband Donald Trump for the G7 Summit and there’s a photo going viral.

The Trumps met with other world leaders to kick off the summit on Sunday (August 25) and the President of the United States and the First Lady posed next to Canada’s Justin Trudeau and his wife Brigitte Macron.

Melania could be seen sharing a kiss on the cheek with Justin while her husband looked down with a sour glaze on his face.

The hashtag #MelaniaLovesTrudeau has gone viral and among the funny tweets is one that says, “Looks like even Melania is thinking of an escape plan to Canada.”

Another user joked, “How much longer do we think before the next proposal for a border wall will be between the U.S. and Canada?”

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melania trump kissing justin trudeau at g7 01
melania trump kissing justin trudeau at g7 02
melania trump kissing justin trudeau at g7 03
melania trump kissing justin trudeau at g7 04
melania trump kissing justin trudeau at g7 05

Anna Wintour's Response to Question About Melania Trump's Fashion Is Making Headlines!

Vogue‘s Anna Wintour made an appearance on The Economist Asks podcast with interviewer Anne McElvoy, where she was asked about First Lady Melania Trump‘s fashion. She’s now making headlines for her response!

“There’s something so visual about the Trumps and his ill-fitting suits and strange trousers and red baseball cap, almost deliberately off trend and not interested in presenting himself other than in a way that might echo with the base. Melania is…much more put together…she did come to the UK…I think, very consciously wanted to see herself as an ambassador for British fashion, in this case…do you value that?,” Anne asked Anna.

Instead of speaking about the current First Lady, Anna Wintour responded with an answer about former First Lady Michelle Obama.

“I think First Lady Michelle Obama really was so incredible. In every decision she made about fashion. She supported young American designers, she supported designers indeed from all over the world. She was the best ambassador that this country could possibly have in many ways way beyond fashion,” Anna responded.

“But she’s not the first lady now, so what about the one that you’ve got now?” the interviewer responded, to which Anna said, “To me, she is the example that I admire.”

This is not the first time Anna Wintour has made her thoughts about Donald and Melania Trump known. Find out what Anna said about the President and his future with the Met Gala!