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Robin Williams' Zak Attack

Funny guy Robin Williams gets in some father-son bonding time with his eldest child, Zachary Pym, 24, in New York City on Monday. Robin, 56, is in town filming his new movie Old Dogs.

Zachary, aka Zak, is from Robin‘s first marriage to Valerie Velardi. Robin is currently married to Marsha Garces, his son’s former babysitter (pictured below). Robin and Marsha have two kids together–Zelda Rae, 18, and Cody Alan, 16.

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Jimmy Kimmel: I'm Effing Ben Affleck!

Jimmy Kimmel got revenge on longtime girlfriend Sarah Silverman and Matt Damon. (Remember earlier this month, Silverman admitted to effing Damon.)

Kimmel created a rebuttal music video revealing his newfound romance with Matt‘s childhood friend Ben Affleck on the TV special Jimmy Kimmel Live: After the Academy Awards.

Jimmy enlisted the help of some of his hot shot friends which included: Harrison Ford, Cameron Diaz, Don Cheadle, Robin Williams, Huey Lewis, Rebecca Romijn, Macy Gray, Pete Wentz, Dominic Monaghan, Joel and Benji Madden, Josh Groban, Christina Applegate, Meat Loaf, Perry Farrell, Lance Bass, Joan Jett and Christopher Mintz-Plasse “McLovin” sang along with a gospel choir exhibiting solidarity for Kimmel and Affleck. There was even a special congratulatory cake presented to the host by a superstar delivery man–Brad Pitt!

Jimmy Kimmel to Sarah Silverman: I’m Effing Ben Affleck!

'August Rush' Movie Stills

Here are a slew of new August Rush movie stills featuring Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Keri Russell, Terrence Howard, Robin Williams and young’n Freddie Highmore.

Synopsis: August Rush tells the story of a charismatic young Irish guitarist (Rhys Meyers) and a sheltered young cellist (Russell) who have a chance encounter one magical night above New York’s Washington Square, but are soon torn apart, leaving in their wake an infant, August Rush, orphaned by circumstance. Now performing on the streets of New York and cared for by a mysterious stranger (Williams), August (Highmore) uses his remarkable musical talent to seek the parents from whom he was separated at birth.

August Rush opens in theaters nationwide on Nov. 21. Visit the official site to watch the trailer. Check out scenes from the actual filming of the movie here, here, here and here.

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John Krasinski Drops to His Boxers

[cue Jim fanboy/girl swoony squeals]

The Office‘s loveable John Krasinski drops to his boxers and shows off his sex-on-a-stick legs as groom-to-be Ben Murphy in the latest set of stills for upcoming summer flick License to Wed, out July 4th. TWoP, staring climbing him like a tree.

Here’s a funny snippet from the latest Entertainment Weekly regarding a bet Krasinski made with Leatherheads co-star George Clooney:

EW: That John Krasinski guy doesn’t look that tough.
Clooney: You know, he’s a good kid. I love him, but the fun part is that he talked s—. [To Pitt] I’ve got this kid John Krasinski in my movie. He’s on The Office — really good actor. The first day on the set he’s like, ”I play basketball” and I was like, ”I play a little too.” And he looks at me and goes, ”I’ll kick your ass.” And I was like, All right, whatever. And he’s like, ”Okay, let’s make it $1,000 then.” So for the entire shoot we’ve been talking about this bet. We haven’t played. The whole shoot. And Friday we played.
Brad Pitt: Oh, boy.
Clooney: And I beat him 11-8! [Laughter] I was wiping my forehead with $100 bills going, ”Whooo, is it hot in here?” Certain things just bring you joy.
Pitt: And one is staving off old age.
Clooney: Oh, man, you are right.

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John Krasinski @ MTV Movie Awards 2007

John Krasinski, Mandy Moore, and Robin Williams presented the award for “Best Comedic Performance” on stage during the 2007 MTV Movie Awards held at the Gibson Amphitheatre on June 3, 2007.

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Mandy Moore: 'License to Wed' Trailer

Check out the brand spankin’ new trailer for License to Wed.

Synopsis: Marriage counselor Reverend Frank (Robin Williams) puts one couple through a series of relationship challenges during a the most grueling marriage preparation course ever. Mandy Moore plays Sadie Jones, The Office‘s John Krasinski plays Ben Murphy. Ben Stiller‘s wife, Christine Taylor (pictured below) is also featured in this film.

License To Wed opens July 4th.

“A License to Wed” Trailer
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Robin Williams Wins 'Funny Male Star'

Funny man Robin Williams brought along his 17-year-old daughter Zelda Williams to the People’s Choice Awards last night. (She was named after Princess Zelda from the Legend of Zelda video game series because his son is a devoted fan.) He picked up a People’s Choice Award for “Funny Male Star.”

Robin and Marsha Garces Williams (his first child’s former nanny) have been married for 17 years. They have also one other son Cody, 14. Robin, 55, had his first child, Zachary, 23, was with ex-wife Valerie Velardi.

zelda williams robin williams 01
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