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Get to Know 'Nite Swim' Singer Luna Shadows With These 10 Fun Facts! (Exclusive)

Get to Know 'Nite Swim' Singer Luna Shadows With These 10 Fun Facts! (Exclusive)

Luna Shadows is one of the rising acts we’re excited about, and we want Just Jared readers to get to know her even better!

The Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter has been supplying excellent tunes throughout the past few years, including her Summertime and Youth EPs, racking up an impressive over 7 million Spotify streams to date.

On Wednesday (January 13), Luna Shadows releases her latest track, “nite swim,” ahead of the release of her long-awaited debut LP, Digital Pacific, which arrives on February 12. Click here to pre-save the album!

The synth-y track conjures the story of Romeo and Juliet, but with a modern look back at the classic tale.

“When I think of the extremely problematic R+J, a lot of their tragedy is based on farcical miscommunication that could’ve been so easily avoided in 2021. Yet in an age of instant and excessive communication, there has been a sharp rise in youth depression, suicide, and overall unhappiness. This song masquerades as euphoric but underneath raises some fairly dark questions re: technology and our mental health,” she says of the track.

Listen to “nite swim,” and check out 10 Fun Facts with Luna Shadows

  • 1. I rescued two cats. Nearly a decade ago, I was parking my car when something fluffy on top of a trash pile caught my eye. I walked closer and saw two very nervous kittens snuggling in a ball. I spent several months learning how to approach them, greet them, feed them, socialize them, and train them – and one day, they followed me into my apartment. I’ve been a proud rescue cat mom ever since.
  • 2. I’m a vegetarian – have been since I was around 11 or 12 years old. I love animals, and if I weren’t a musician, I could see myself working with them. I have a passion for vegetarian/vegan cooking, and I often share recipes with friends & fans who request them.
  • 3. I used to have a New York accent as a kid. I’ve been living in Los Angeles for over a decade, so it’s pretty much gone – but occasionally when I’m angry or in a funny mood, those around me draw a parallel to Marisa Tomei in My Cousin Vinny.
  • 4. I am a classically trained pianist – don’t ask me to shred though, I am way too out of shape. When I was in middle school and in high school, I spent 2-8 hours daily practicing Chopin, Bach, Debussy, and all those lads. All my focus for the last few years has been on songwriting, producing, engineering, and singing – so I’m thinking I’ll dust off my old music books and get back to practicing in 2021.
  • 5. My favorite ride at Disneyland is Space Mountain. I love space, and I love rollercoasters. so this is a shoe-in. There is a Halloween version of this ride which is not as good as the classic version. Best not to visit in October, in my humble opinion!

Click inside to read the rest of Luna Shadows’ 10 Fun Facts…

  • 6. I enjoy playing video games, but most modern POV style games make me motion sick – so I tend to play games whose graphics are less disorienting. My most recent favorites: Overcooked 2, Untitled Goose Game, Limbo, and Journey.
  • 7. My pandemic hobby is gardening. As a musician, I get to do a lot of creative things, but rarely are they tangible (like holding a vinyl record). So, I’ve really enjoyed gardening this year because it connects me to the physical world instantly and engages all my senses. Before this year, I would kill all of my plants by accident (by being lazy or uninformed), but this year, I took the time to learn and experiment – and now I have a whole garden that I love tending to. Currently growing: lavender, Mexican sage, roses, rosemary, tea trees, and lots of succulents.
  • 8. I love to skateboard/longboard. Growing up in NY winters, I would cut out Pac Sun ads from magazines with cool skater girls and put them in my diary, then waited patiently until summers to steal my older brother’s skateboard. When I moved to LA, one of my first purchases was a little longboard. I don’t do any tricks (my job as a musician says I can’t risk the wrists) but I am a pretty decent cruiser. My favorite places to skate are near the beach and down big, open valley suburban roads.
  • 9. I have really, really bad stage fright. I guess this isn’t a “fun” fact, but it’s something not everyone knows about me. Leading up to a show, I have trouble sleeping and eating for weeks. I used to get hives before auditions when I was in high school. On a positive note, I think this is a cool thing to share because I’ve learned to cope with this – turns out, if I keep going up on stage, it becomes more fun and less scary. If I’m doing a little tour or series of shows, usually by the 3rd or 4th show, I feel much more confident. For anyone else dealing with this, I think preparation is the best defense against nerves.
  • 10. I got my first guitar in middle school. It was a cheap, second-hand metallic navy blue electric Hondo-II, and the first song I learned was either Green Day or blink-182. I named the guitar “Josie” after the character in blink-182‘s “Online Songs.” Josie had a dent that I used to cover with band-aids.
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