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The Richest 'Game of Thrones' Stars, Ranked (No. 1's Net Worth is Nearly $100 Million More Than No. 2's!)

Kristian Nairn

40. Kristian Nairn – $500,000

Kristian Nairn brought Hodor to life in the franchise. His character made one of the most selfless sacrifices and was a consistent presence. He’s worth around $500,000.

Daniel Portman

39. Daniel Portman – $750,000

Daniel Portman played Podrick Payne, Tyrion Lannister’s squire who becomes a loyal companion. He has a net worth of approximately $750,000.

Joe Dempsie

38. Joe Dempsie – $1 Million

Gendry, a blacksmith who is unaware of the noble blood he possesses, is brought to life by Joe Dempsie. The actor is worth approximately $1 million.

Conleth Hill

37. Conleth Hill – $2 Million

Varys is a powerful character in the world of Game of Thrones. He’s the spymaster known as the Master of Whisperers and is one of the most well-connected characters. He is portrayed by Conleth Hill, who is worth approximately $2 million.

Jacob Anderson

Tie for 30. Jacob Anderson – $3 Million

Grey Worm leads the Unsullied alongside Daenerys and is one of her most trusted soldiers. He is played by Jacob Anderson, who is worth approximately $3 million.

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