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Colleen Ballinger Returns to YouTube & Addresses Accusations of Inappropriate Behavior With Fans & Racist Content

Colleen Ballinger is returning to YouTube months after she was accused of racist and inappropriate behavior.

The 36-year-old content creator, best known for her alter ego Miranda Sings, was accused of maintaining exploitative relationships and grooming her young fans in June. At the time, she responded by uploading a 10-minute song about the allegations.

A report followed that accused her of being racist on the set of her Netflix show Haters Back Off. A video from a prior performance also resurfaced, prompting questions about if she was wearing blackface.

Amid the backlash, Colleen‘s tour dates were cancelled. However, she didn’t issue another public response. That changed on Saturday (November 18), when she returned to YouTube with a new vlog and an extended introduction.

In it, she opened up about everything from the song she posted to what she has been up to in between videos. Colleen also addressed her past errors and plans for the future.

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Colleen Ballinger's Ex-Husband Joshua Addresses Controversial 'Blackface' Video, Claims It Was Purposeful

Colleen Ballinger‘s ex-husband Joshua David Evans is weighing in on the controversial video of the YouTube star performing a Beyonce song at a show.

The video in question was initially met with claims that Colleen, who was in character as Miranda Sings, was wearing blackface. However, her legal team debunked the rumor, confirming that she was in fact covered in green paint after performing a song as Elphaba from Wicked.

Joshua isn’t questioning the version of events. However, he implied that Colleen was intentionally trying to create the impression of blackface. He added it wasn’t the only time that she came up with offensive jokes.

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Colleen Ballinger Puts 'Toxic Gossip Train' Ukulele Apology Song on Streaming, Allegedly Sends a Copyright Strike to YouTuber

Colleen Ballinger is seemingly doubling down on her apology video, which has gone incredibly viral in recent weeks.

The 36-year-old YouTube star, who has faced accusations of inappropriate relationships with minor fans as well as racism as old videos resurface, seemingly put her “Toxic Gossip Train” ukulele 10-minute apology song on Apple Music, which would allow for a copyright strike against users using the audio.

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Colleen Ballinger Cancels Remaining Tour Dates Without Issuing Statement Amid Controversies

Colleen Ballinger has seemingly cancelled all of her remaining tour dates amid various controversies.

The 36-year-old YouTuber, better known to some as Miranda Sings, was in the midst of a tour when she was accused of grooming and inappropriate behavior with her fans and on the set of her Netflix show Haters Back Off. She’s also been called out by former friend Trisha Paytas.

Although she hasn’t issued a formal statement, it appears that Colleen has changed her plans regarding the tour dates.

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Trisha Paytas Confirms Podcast With Colleen Ballinger Is Over: 'This Is Embarrassing'

Trisha Paytas is ending her podcast with Colleen Ballinger after three episodes.

The 35-year-old Internet personality confirmed that her podcast, Oversharing, has come to an abrupt end after her 36-year-old co-host has been accused of multiple allegations, including inappropriate relationships with minor fans and problematic past videos.

“This is all very embarrassing. It’s very embarrassing at the end of the day, I don’t get embarrassed by many things, like obviously. The podcast ending after three episodes is embarrassing. Us doing all this is embarrassing…it takes a lot for me to get embarrassed,” she explained in a new video as she showcased the podcast set-up that she is now dismantling.

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Colleen Ballinger is Not Wearing Blackface in Resurfaced Video - Essential Context Revealed!

Colleen Ballinger was not wearing blackface in the viral video from a performance in her past.

The 36-year-old YouTube star was accused of racist behavior after a clip of her performing Beyonce‘s hit song “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)” at a 2009 show resurfaced online. Some on social media thought that she painted her face black for the number.

However, that was not the case, and her legal team issued a statement to clear the air and provide much-needed context.

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Colleen Ballinger Blackface Video Resurfaces Amid Racism & Grooming Allegations, New Footage Shows It's Actually Green Face for 'Wicked'

UPDATE: The clip is reportedly from 2009, and as it turns out via TMZ, Colleen performed a song from the musical Wicked with Oliver Tompsett. She green face paint for the rendition, which is what appears in the video that’s gone viral.

ORIGINAL: A new video of Colleen Ballinger from the past has resurfaced on social media.

The 36-year-old YouTube star, also known as Miranda Sings, has come under fire for a series of allegations in the past weeks and months for everything from racism to grooming underage fans.

She appears in a resurfaced video seemingly performing in Blackface along to Beyonce‘s “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It).”

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