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Judge Judy Opens Up About Negotiating Her Massive Salary

Judge Judy (Judith Sheindlin) is getting candid about pay.

The 78-year-old longtime Judge Judy star spoke about her experiences, including her record-breaking salary, via THR.

If you didn’t know, she negotiated an impressive salary of a reported $47 million per season with CBS.

Here’s what she had to say…More Here! »

Judge Judy Drops Her Countersuit Against Talent Agent Richard Lawrence & Rebel Entertainment Partners

Judy Sheindlin, aka Judge Judy, has dropped her lawsuit against Rebel Entertainment Partners.

Deadline reports that the 78-year-old reality star has dropped her case to keep network CBS out of the legal battle.

In a statement, Judy and her reps said that “we decline to file an amended complaint as Mr. Lawrence has insisted that I join Big Ticket (CBS) as a defendant.”

“The court has declined to rule that CBS is not a necessary party. Mr. Lawrence is the culprit in this fiasco of a packaging deal which has netted him $22 million,” Judy added. “CBS inherited this deal. I have been in business with CBS for 20 years. I’m not suing them when they are not the wrongdoer. Sometimes justice gets lost in the weeds of legalese gobbledygook. This is one of those times. Sad.”

The countersuit Judy filed was against talent agent Richard Lawrence and his Rebel Entertainment Partners, after they first filed one towards her and CBS, for more than $5 million over a seemingly sleight-of-hand $95 million sale of the show’s rich library.

“Judy maliciously prosecuted this case,” lawyer Bryan Freedman said about the suit. “She knew all too well that her claims were unsupportable even prior to the court ruling against her. It’s about time she ran away from her misguided, implausible, unconscionable, specious and unwarranted lawsuit against Richard Lawrence.”

Judge Judy is set to end on CBS after a 25th season, but she has a brand new one coming!

Judge Judy's New Court Show Will Stream First on Amazon & IMDb TV

Judy Sheindlin‘s long-running television series Judge Judy will be ending next year and she has set up plans for her next show!

The 78-year-old Emmy-winning TV star will be launching a new series at Amazon Studios and IMDb TV.

Variety reports that the new series will “see Sheindlin preside over a different court with her usual iron fist, featuring no-nonsense, expeditious verdicts on a new array of cases, litigants and judgments.”

“I’m over the moon to be in business with Amazon Studios and continuing this incredible journey with them on a new platform is so exciting,” Judy said in a statement. “I used to yell at my husband, Jerry, for all the packages he had ordered from Amazon every day. I have enough mouthwash in the cabinets to keep the entire planet’s breath fresh until the next millennium. The doorbell never stops ringing. The dogs don’t even bark at the delivery people anymore. After I signed this deal, I apologized to Jerry. Who would have thought that the Sheindlin’s and Amazon would be mishpachah?”

Judy previously was making $47 million a year for her work on Judge Judy and she sold the library of shows to CBS for a reported $95 million to $100 million figure.

Judge Judy's Longtime Announcer Jerry Bishop Has Died at 84

Jerry Bishop, who was the announcer on the courtroom show Judge Judy, has sadly died at the age of 84.

A rep for the show confirmed that Jerry passed away on Tuesday (April 21) after a battle with heart disease.

Jerry was the announcer on Judge Judy since its first season in 1994 and he appeared on thousands of episodes of the beloved series.

Jerry Bishop has been the voice of our program for 24 years. Everybody loved him. He had a golden heart and generous spirit. I adored him and will miss him,” Judy said in a statement (via TMZ).

We’re sending our thoughts and condolences to Jerry‘s loved ones during this difficult time.

'Judge Judy' is Ending After 25 Seasons, But She Has New Show in the Works - Watch!

Judge Judy is sadly coming to an end.

During an upcoming interview on Ellen, host Judge Judy Sheindlin revealed that her hit show is coming to an end after 25 years with the upcoming 2020-2021 season.

“CBS [which distributes the show] sort of felt, I think, they wanted to optimally utilize the repeats of my program,” the 77-year-old judge shared. “Now they have 25 years of my reruns. What they decided to do is sell a couple of years’ worth of reruns.”

However, this doesn’t mean Judy is hanging up her gavel just yet – she also announced that she has a new show in the works!

“But I’m not tired, so Judy Justice will be coming out a year later,” Judy revealed. When asked what network the show will be on, Judy coyly replied, “I can’t tell you yet.”

Judy continued: “Judge Judy, you’ll be able to see next year — a full year, all new shows. The following couple of years, you should be able to get all the reruns that CBS has sold on the stations currently carrying Judge Judy, and Judy Justice will be going elsewhere. Isn’t that fun?”

Judge Judy first premiered back in 1996.

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Amy Poehler Presents Judge Judy With Her Daytime Emmys Lifetime Achievement Award!

Amy Poehler happily poses with Judge Judy backstage in the press room during the 2019 Daytime Emmy Awards held at Pasadena Civic Center on Sunday (May 5) in Pasadena, Calif.

The 47-year-old Wine Country star hit the stage as a surprise guest to present Judy, 76, with her Lifetime Achievement Award.

“We all watch because we know that maybe just once something will turn out fair, that two people will come together and work it out in front of a woman who takes them and her job very seriously,” Amy told the audience. “She is the Jewish mother that we all want.”

“I have a profession that’s always been my passion. And tonight, I have this lovely honor which says I’ve done my job well,” Judy expressed during her acceptance speech. “Life has a beginning, a middle and an end. As most of us, I don’t remember the very beginning, I’m having an absolute blast in the middle, and if my luck holds, I won’t be around for the end.”

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