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Jennifer Lopez is a Winter Wonderland

Jennifer Lopez is a Winter Wonderland

Jennifer Lopez looks like a walking winter wonderland in a fur coat and strappy Christian Louboutin heels at the after show party of her new film Bordertown during the 57th Berlin International Film Festival.

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  • why

    I would like her, but I just really don’t understand all the fur! It really is soooo cruel, why would one want to take part in that.

    I guess I can understand family heirlooms, but she must have hundreds of pieces of fur! Crazy ~ Loca

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    What up with all the Bronx Booty threads?
    Some one has a Crush?

  • c

    fur looks so much better on the animal it came from, prior to being tortured and skinned of course – far better than on that faux-riche skank anyway. PETA has mentioned that they have sent her numerous letters, photos and videos showing her how the fur-trade runs – how can you ignore something like this? She’s not big into charity in general, but this is just a question of simple sympathy for other living beings. How low will J.Lo (continue to) go???

    My friend, who is a waitress, once served her in a restuarant in L.A. – the cow talked at top volume, ordered one of her many “attendants” to get everyone out of the ladies’ room before she went in there, and seems to have found it impossible to cough up even a small tip on a $500 meal. Apparently she eats like a pig at a trough – the woman is trash, no matter how much ice and labels she buries herself in.

  • Shimmeringdew

    As I get older its easier I must say but – For any of the stars that wear ‘real’ fur – I dont buy or try to listen or spend money on anything that is tagged to them or their name.

    Jennifer Lopez is a looser – Beauty is skin deep – the more fur I see on her the uglier she gets…wait … is that horns I see sprouting from her head? hmmm… the woman will go to hell ….. where she belongs…..cause her money aint gonna buy her outta that!

    Take a look – IF YOU HAVE THE STOMACHE! – I can only watch for a moment.

  • Anon

    Hopefully the fur is as fake as JLo herself, but if not PETA should crucify her big, dumb, trashy ass!

  • genesis

    all you people are hypocrites!! since when did u start caring for animals? you are just jealous of her.. coz she is successful and you cant be in her shoes. WORK ON YOUR LIFE INSTEAD OF COMMENTING ON OTHER PEOPLE TO MAKE YOURSELF FEEL GOOD.

  • c

    uh genesis? “since when did u start caring for animals?” – since forever…it’s called compassion, you might have of heard it – although you certainly don’t seem to have any for the animals that she promotes the agonising killing of. Rather alarming to know that you hard-core J.LO fans are still around – i was hoping support for her had died down.

    and why is it that one can’t loathe a celebrity without being accused of being jealous of them? I don’t want her life – i’m perfectly happy with my own life which i consider to be very successful and fits well with me. Not everyone wants to be famous, not everyone craves a shitload of money and particularly not if it means selling your soul to every fur-seller around.

  • SL

    She is cruel and looks UGLY with that FUR! “PETA” FOREVER!!!
    I don’t know how these people can wear sooooooooooo MUCH BLOOD?!?!?

  • jan

    I am so damn sick and tired of the bleeding hearts crying over animal fur …..
    They usually are standing there in leather shoes, wearing a leather belt and carrying a leather bag!!!
    This used to be country where you could think what you wanted; say what you wanted and do what you wanted within the law….we did not have THOUGHT POLICE..AND PHONEY LIBERALS DICTATING OUR EVERY WAY OF LIFE…STUFF IT…

  • maria

    dirty fucking slut STILL wears fur. Someone should stick an electric probe up her ass and let her see how it feels to endure such cruelty.
    she’s one of the most disgusting celebrities out there- no talent, cruel bitch. please people do not buy her records!

  • Jeannie

    Jan and genesis.. Calling people names when you don’t know anything about them just makes you look silly.

    What we do know is that no one should wear fur, especially a star like Lopez who is a role model because of her talent and success. She should be setting an example for good, not cruelty.

  • fur sucks

    Wearing fur is cruel and hearltess. When is she going to learn? It is disgusting.

  • jan

    Dear Jeannie::
    “what we do know”……were you visited by the knowledge angel and informed ????
    Everyone is entitled to their opinion…including yours.
    There is not a law in this country that forbids the wearing of fur.

  • yara

    J.lo should stop this campaign of killing animals. i like her i think she is a real fashion icon. but this all fur thing doesn’t fit on anyone.

  • why

    Jan (and genesis), although I agree with the fact us “bleeding hearts” should not be wearing leather either, personally I have been a strict & thriving vegetarian since I was 13 & I go waaaaaaaaaay out of my way to avoid leather. Which is really hard & costs extra to do in this society. But there are tons of great alternative web-site out there, were one can buy nice shoes & bags without cruelty (yes, you are right, the food/meat industry is just as cruel if not more so & on a larger scale).

    & this still is a country where one can ‘where you could think what you wanted’. Isn’t that what you did, too! That’s great too! Please DON’T stuff it, or you will be the hypocrite.

  • why

    Oh yeah I was 13 years old, 20 years ago.

  • why

    Okay my posts above weren’t very flowing to read! Kinda on my way to work, but of course had to take time out for JJ posting.

    Anyway, I really don’t hate people that disagree with me, maybe I don’t understand, as I said, but I wish we could all just work together for a better world for our children! We have a good start & the diversity & freedom we have in our viewpoints is a plus! But the hating and being ‘so damn sick and tired’ of each other really has to stop.

  • why

    jan Says:
    February 16th, 2007 at 12:01 pm

    Dear Jeannie::
    “what we do know”……were you visited by the knowledge angel and informed ????


    Not to harp on you Jan! But, this IS the age of information. It doesn’t take angels these days…lol. We can choose to inform ourselves or not. It’s a personal choice we all have.

    There are hundreds of very real videos (like the link in post 4 will lead to). I love Angels & divine intervention, but this is very scientific & the suffering is very real & documented.

  • jan

    Comes to mind:
    One summer on a Beach…6 plover eggs were protected. No one was allowed on the beach…while those 6 eggs were there…
    And the whole summer was ruined for beach goers…and then, Sea Gulls swept in and ate them!
    Now as to personal choice…I love that…
    Let me wear fur if I personally choose to do it.
    And in the meantime please stop wearing makeup as well as leather shoes….as they are all abused animal events.

  • FUI

    i don’ t care about her but she is not a GOOD actress she was ok in selena but since this movie she did nothing good so i don’t understand why she is in a movie festival her singing skills are awful as well her fashion line BAD TOO.

  • Joe

    Because you have opened this… you will get kissed on the nearest possible Friday by the love of your life… if you don’t break the chain. Tomorrow will be the best day of your life. However, if you don’t send this to at least 10 people by the stroke of midnight tonight you will be forever cursed in love. . Good Luck!

  • why

    Lol no make-up here either ~ natural beauty :). Although there are great vegan lines available in healthfood stores for the hard-core who still like makeup.

    I don’t even have a problem with meat eating myself, my closest very very friends, & one of my children choose to do so. That is fine! It just personally makes me sad that it fosters so much pain & suffering, when it DOESN’T HAVE TO.

    There are many ways to go about things (aside from going vegan, concerning this topic), even in our interactions with animals. We can do so with love & compassion (even if not vegetarian, one can still be gentle in the death process), or ignorance & just plain unconscousness, & with disregard to our God Given duty to manage this planet for him. Management does not mean exploitation. So go aheah, wear fur, eat meat ect….just DO IT RIGHT & with compassion. Use your money to support compassion! That is not an extreme request & just my opionion.

    I do understand your personal choice, Jan, I just don’t understand how one can look away from suffering & keep supporting. We can do the same things, have the same American lifestyle, whithout so much craziness!

  • Lalo

    Greasy animal killer. So ghetto to equate fur to affluence in this day and age. I boycot all things related to her. It’s her choice to wear fur. It is my choice not to fund her in that decision.

    That huge ass is obscene. Yet she uses it as her meal ticket. You can’t have it both ways J.Ho…take me seriously, but let me stick my ass out for photo ops.

    Digusting pig (now I’ve insulted the pig).

  • Wearing Fur Is Murder

    ANYONE WHO WEARS FUR IS AN ANIMAL ABUSER. PLAIN AND SIMPLE! If you wear fur, you are supported a bloody, gruesome industry in which animals are NEEDLESSLY TORTURED FOR VANITY. These animals–including CATS and DOGS–are SKINNED ALIVE, ANALLY ELECTROCUTED, CHOKED, STOMPED ON, GASSED, and DROWNED. 50 Million animals are killed for their fur every year. Anyone who wears fur is a disgusting, despicable person and Jennifer Lopez is nothing but a used up fur hag.

  • Shimmeringdew

    For those of you who are fighting against the grain – Here is a scenario…
    Take your beloved pet dog out back or hell if you have a cat take it….
    Look it straight in the eyes and than hit it over the head with a bat.
    Wow – was that easy? Now take it to a local dealer and have a purse made or something small made of it…. Or better yet get a coat made – go get the neighbors dog/cat and hit them over the head too – soon you will have enough to make you at least one coat…you will need about what 80+ animals to cover that…Not only do they get bludgeoned but they only use bits and pieces from the fur from a single animal.

    Matter fact take Fido or the Princes kitty and hang them by their hind legs from that beautiful tree you have there in the garden – than take a knife and start skinning them alive…again to profit you’ll need to include the neighbors pets too.

    If you can with stand that than hell – you deserve all the fur in the world and may it come in abundance to you! May it keep you warm in the pits of hell…oh wait the fire will do that…well then just smell the burning flesh of yours and the burning fur you’ll be wearing.

    Its not about being right or wrong people – its not about liking fur or not – its about being humane – and since fur can be replicated for nearly the same cost…why not get something similar rather than the real thing?!! If you got the look you will still look marvelous with out the pain of animals.

    Did anyone watch the video – from post 4?
    These animals are skinned and thrown in piles still alive – barely – until they die …
    God bless those souls…
    God have no mercy on those who can’t tell the difference of cruelty

  • john

    j.lo will go to the hell she doesnt have heart the animals are human too

  • jlofan

    why dont everybody just stop commenting and do something constructive than sit and be bored and nasty… j lo is great, i watched and liked all her movies, and she can sing! who says the fur is real and come on, its not like she went to a farm and orders that a animal be killed so that she could look good, as usual! she bought it at a shop, it was made already… why dont u people gun down the government and try to get fur clothing illegal… im sure then there wont be a problem… and you can be mad at the people who actually did it that those just wearing it hey … please keep your responses to my message to yourself as i am not a softie, so i wont become offended…

  • http://deleted animal lover

    Jlo is feeling all great and sexy of late bc she’s lost a “few” pounds and she’s probably getting ready to step out at some public function. She’ll eventually go back to her chunky self, especially if Marc ever gives her that baby.

    I am a devout animal lover because I love God and appreciate this world her gave us. I eat meat. Eating is a necessity (overeating is a sin to your body), but wearing fur? Please. I am so sick of people talking about their rights as people. It’s unbelievable!

    In my view, there should be absolutely no child porn on the Internet. There is no good in it. It lures in sick, horny men and women, they get hooked, and then they are looking for ways to molest a child. The molested child’s life is then permanently scarred. Why is this allowed? Oh, we have to consider people’s freedoms, huh? It’s not against the law.

    Recently two boys (grown men actually, like 17 and 19 y-o) in Georgia took a little 13-pound puppy, bound it up and threw it in a hot, broiling oven. Baked alive!! The boys got 10 years apiece, but their crappy father, lawyers and family are trying to get the sentence reduced. They don’t get it. It was just a dog to them. Well, just because you don’t get it, doesn’t make it right. You probably had no guidance to know right from wrong. Personally I believe that one day the animals will be able to give an account against people for what they’ve done.

    I will fight evil for the remainder life. I will write letters and get petitions to change these inhumane laws. I will never trust a person who would deliberately harm God’s animals. I honestly believe that people like that are evil. I hope the day comes when wearing fur is against the law. I will do my part.

  • *sigh* the cruelty i cant stand it!

    OH NO!!!!!!!!!!Why must such a good actress/singer wear fur!Out of all the good clothes she can buy she chosses fur!OH the cruelty!Dog fur is ment for dogs and dogs only not humans!!!!

  • *sigh* the cruelty i cant stand it!

    sum1 must do sumthing the dog fur coats must be illegal!

  • sam

    ew she’s so ugly i hate her lopez damn fur bag she make’s me sick
    go to hell you sick animal you don’t care about animal’s being skinned alive heck no one really does FUR IS DEAD!

  • Steve

    She wants to wear fur, so what, it’s still a free country, isn’t it?