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Vix gets Tix... to Disneyland!

Vix gets Tix... to Disneyland!

Victoria Beckham takes her two eldest sons, Brooklyn, 7, and Romeo, 4, to Disneyland on Friday afternoon flanked by a security team and Disney staffers.

Apparently, the paparazzi got too close for comfort, and Romeo broke out into tears. So much for being the “Happiest Place on Earth!” Poor, lil’ Romeo

And don’t you love how protective Brooklyn is of his mother? He looks like he’s about to hurl his cotton candy at the paparazzi!

And this cracks me up — Posh Spice waiting on line for a Minute Maid icy. Even the Beckhams can’t resist soft frozen lemonade!

You can watch the video of the Beckhams at Disneyland. You hear a naive little girl say “Why is everybody taking pictures?” Ha ha ha. You also hear Brooklyn yelling at the paparazzi, “BACK OFF! COME ON, GUYS!”

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  • susie

    Disneyland in high heels, Britney sving her head and going out in a bra. Now, I have seen it all.

  • Ludivine

    Where can we get more pix ?

  • Chanel

    OMG. i feel sooooo sorry for Romeo. wen evry1 in the whole fucking world knows he’s got a problem, why the bloody hell do they want to make it worse?!?!?

  • Just Jared

    I just posted a bunch more, Ludivine… Enjoy!

  • Colleen

    Poor Romeo!

  • declanium

    oh, please, I know she tries to be a good mom, but we all know not to traipse around Disney in heels like that, don’t we??!! also, any pictures of her consuming anything????

  • jo

    jeez! poor romeo they should just stop taking the pictures! he has an illness u shoudl stop!

  • anon

    the video of this whole thing is disgusting! the paps are right in romeos face trying to get pics of him crying. theres a camera crew just filming him as hes getting more and more upset and posh starts screaming at them to get back and brooklyn is stood there pleading with them to leave his brother alone. its disgusting and they should be ashamed of themselves, romeo has epilepsy and hes only 4 years old! the whole thing is totally sick!

  • tanique

    oh bad victoria. a mother taking care of her kids, and oops doing something fun for them. she really must be the worst mother on earth. get a grip. who the hell cares if she is wearing heels or flip flops if her kids have a good time?

  • tanique

    ps, this is when the pap really disgust me. if a kid crying isnt cause to back off…

  • kelly

    posh always wears heels and has done for years, which would mean her feet would hurt more in flat shoes. ive worn heels every single day for the last 10 years and my feet dont hurt – i stick on a pair of flats and they absolutly kill.

    LMAO at the idiot who said shes a bad mum coz she wears heels to disneyland! go get a life!

    poor romeo :( why cant they just give the kids some space!

  • Chanel

    Romeo is cute, he looks like my son.

  • VIx is a B****!


  • Just a thought?

    Maybe lil Romeo is crying and upset because he’s all confused because his mother is actually spending time with him and his brother!! God knows these boys’ aren’t used to that!

  • mia

    go and see the video over at splash – its disgusting! those poor kids!

    and i dont really know why americans seem to have this idea that posh never spends anytime with her kids. its only since david signed his contract that shes been away from them for a few weeks coz shes sorting out everything to do with the move.

    unlike certain celebs kids *cough*jolie-pitts*cough* the beckhams kids go to school fulltime – not boarding school just a regular school, and either david or victoria pick them up every night – we never see the pics of them at the school anymore coz they have a banning order on paps being at the school gates, coz quite frankly taking pics of kids at school is sick! this week the kids are on school holiday so thats why they’ve come to america with her.

    out of all the high profile celebs in briatin posh and becks are the ones who spend the most time with their kids so its about time you all lay off that. especially since the biggest celeb that america has to offer at the moment is britney! says it all!

  • Tina

    i really want to know the secret in wearing heels that high. how do they do it?!?!

  • thatha

    Please watch the video at (guest Archive).

    I think its absolutely horrible!!!!!!

    One paparazzi was filming Romeo directly and Victoria raise her voice and said “STOP THAT” even Brooklyn said ” Oh, come on, guys!” and you can hear her bodyguards telling the paparazzi “you ruined the day so we are going home, now stop”.

    Paparazzi are disgusting making a 4 year old cry and have to have an 8 year old tell them to stop!!!!!!.

  • Ludivine

    Thx jared ;)

    Yeah paps are really crossing lines sometimes

  • Wah, Wah, Wah…..

    The paps are only doing their JOB!! If the poor wah,wah, wah Beckhams’ don’t like it- THEN GO THE F HOME!!!!!

    It’s not like the general American People actually want to see their FUG_FACES in our media and News Print!!!! We don’t give a S*** about this ego-obsessed Family!!!

  • gia

    Good grief; heels are really not bad. I’ve done Tokyo, Montreal, NYC, Toronto and Chicago in high heels. As long as there’s good arch support and adequate padding for the ball of the foot, they’re quite comfortable.

  • gia

    Also – I might be deluded here, but if she wore a wig, put some clothes on, and wore not-so-hip sunglasses, it is concievable taht the paps would not know it was them, and the kids could actually enjoy the monstruosity that is D-land?

  • live

    its there own folt, why go out if hes ganna be in danger, (and dont say to hav a normal life coz they neva will and thats down to their parents decisions, full stop!)
    i personly think that boy aint ill, its just more publicity for those greedy press idiots!! (but then again thats just my view)
    they knew bein in the spotlight does that, people wanna know everything about u, and the paps are just doin there jobs coz they probaly got kids to feed of there own, not everyone is as lucky as the beckhams u knw!!
    i dont feel any sympathy at all for them, they are set up for life, there are kids in the world with nothin and they dont cry, coz someone is takin a bloody photo of them!!

  • Poorkid

    Romeo has a seizure disorder (epilepsy). She asked them not to take pictures of him before since he is photosensitive and it can trigger his seizures.

  • J

    Aww, Brooklyn seems like such a protective big brother telling everyone to ‘back off’. I can’t believe that the paps and everyone are still taking pictures even though they can end up triggering seizures. They have no respect. Romeo and Brooklyn are such cuties – but where’s Cruz? They look so happy to be with their mum – they look so proud.

  • sky

    live number 22 you obviously dont have children! how disgusting of you to accuse parents of lying about there child having an illness. the beckhams have known for years romeo has epilepsy, but it wasnt untill a couple of months back when the paps put his life in danger that victoria had to tell them so they backed off. many agencies then promised not to take pictures of him – splash included, but they have gone back on that promise since they arrived in LA.

    i have a son with epilespy myself and im appauled that some of you are saying they shouldn’t be taking romeo out if he has this problem! epilepsy doesn’t mean you have to stop doing things, and that little boy has every right to lead a normal happy life. why shouldnt she have taken them to disney land! they’re on school holiday – thats where you take your kids! he shouldn’t be in danger – and he wouldn’t be in danger if they stopped taken photos of him. its the paps that are in the wrong so stop being idiots and defending them and slagging of a mother whos just taking her kids out for the day!

    at the end of the day if i was there with my camera taking photos of a child that wasn’t mine and being all up in his face i would be arrested. shes never done a photoshoot with her kids, unlike many celebs have, and so her children have every right to privacy. this should be illegal!

  • No it doesn’t

    The British paps working here in the US trying to shove the Beckhams down everyone’s throat…look at the people around them. They could care less except for the behavior of the paps. LMAO

  • Rolo

    look at the people around them. They could care less except

    So true. The people in the background are oblivious to them. Seriously, though this woman was just at The Ivy the other day and in Disney the next? Puleeze. She’s a famwhore of the highest order but look at her, really look at her. She’s skelator for real and not someone who could just use 5 lbs…but 20-30lbs. Good God.

  • jez

    ^^ actually these are the american pap agencies. none of the brit based agencies except bigpictures have the pics of them in LA.

  • WTF

    Please if this bitch didn’t have the paps following her skinny ass everywhere she would curl up and DIE. Just like LL and Shitney.

    Quit calling the paps if you don’t want them to photograph/film you. She loves it and the sooner she explains how it’s going to be to feed her MASSIVE ego to those kids, the better it’ll be for THEM.

    IF the boys are yelling to stop, they should be yelling it at Mommy because she’s the cause. If they REALLY wanted to, they could avoid being photographed all the time.

    Other celebs do it.

  • yara

    how can poeple sometimes could be so silly. it could be your son!! it could you!! and on this big stupid world the main concern are children came out some people saying all these sad things. if you dont like her or her family leave them alone and get a life

  • Ludivine

    Some people here make me really sad.

    So to you they should just stay home all day and never get their kids out.
    She just took her kids to Disneyland FFS, how is she a famewhore for that.
    If you don’t wanna see them just don’t look at them.

    Yeah people in the background couldn’t careless, they are at Disneyland having fun,it could be Britney Spears or anybody else, that would be the same.

  • Celeb Watcher

    Posh- GAIN WEIGHT!

  • helen

    You want them to STOP. Then stop visiting sites likes this and stop buying Tabloid magazines..People, OK, US and so forth..then they wont have a job. They take pictures because people buy, and care about that shit.

  • Rolo

    jez Says:
    February 17th, 2007 at 1:06 pm

    ^^ actually these are the american pap agencies. none of the brit based agencies except bigpictures have the pics of them in LA.


    No they’re not. Splash is a UK based pap agency as is Bauer Griffin. These agencies have a TON of UK and French paps in LA working for them.

  • pookie

    I think thtat if you don’t wanna be annoyed by the paparazzi… you don’t call like 5 bodyguards PLUS Disney staffers… i mean when you see like all this security you wanna know what happened and why there is so much security especially in l.A you wanna know who is it ??
    Is she dumb or what? she’s not the queen of England they doesn’t need all that…NOBODY goes to DISNEY with 10 bodyguard come on

  • Rolo

    Yeah people in the background couldn’t careless, they are at Disneyland having fun,it could be Britney Spears or anybody else, that would be the same.

    Are you serious? Spears could NEVER take her kids to Disneyland and walk around. Nor could Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt, or Tiger Woods or any other A list celeb. She’s a wannabe working hard to get herself and her husband attention in the US. Won’t work though, people could care less.

  • Knucklehead

    The woman goes to The Ivy. Nuff said.

  • Well

    They have enough money that if she really wanted the kids to experience Disney she could of had a private party there in the evening. They would of shut the park down and she and her guest could enjoy it in peace. They do it all the time for people/celebrities. She wanted to be seen and she knows full well how bad it would be with the paparazzi for her children. It’s not the people in the park they could care less. If it was a real celebrity or a big celebrity it would be different. The Jolie-Pitt’s could never in a million years take their children to Disney during the day. The crowd rush would be insane as it would for someone like Will Smith.

    For her it’s the paps. That’s just wrong. You have to use common sense.

  • allaloadofnutters

    she only has 2 bodyguards with her – the disney staff were called to remove the paparrazi from the park when things got out of hand.

    oh and for who ever said splash is uk based – well it only ever covers american based celebs so explain that one!

    i dont know why you’re all hating on her. if you actually went and watched the video on splash you might feel differently and if you dont after having watched it then your just bitter towards her full stop.

  • anon

    Her only claim to fame is that she USED TO BE a member of a girl group, then she married a famous footballer. True. He’s a legend in his sport. And he is a gorgeous, if brain deficient, hottie. But he’s definitely on the downward slope of his career and she’s nothing at all. A wife, a mother, (an anorexic???). I cannot understand the paps fascination with her. She is NOTattractive. Quite the opposite. She isn’t even interesting. (I’ve never seen her puke in public!) What I find MOST disturbing is, these are pictures of a mother and her kids at Disneyland and the little kids look so upset and angry and frightened. It’s just not worth it. This shit needs to stop. I really don’t care about the celebs. But harassing minor children and stalking celebs with their kids…without their permission ought to be illegal. These pictures make the point in a graphic, sickening way.

  • Well

    Splash is owned by a UK based company and they cover both UK celebs and American but the American’s are popular culture and garner more money. The UK’s population is the size of NY and NJ combined. You do the money math

  • michele

    please feed this poor girl

  • Limey

    *gah* The teeth on that little kid. Forgive me but he’s just not cute. He has his father’s fucked up bull dog/pointy teeth. What is it about the English and bad teeth?

  • velopan

    I think it’s sad and the paps definitely crossed the line. She’s used to live in Spain, where she’s been able to have a more or less family life. Now in LA, it’s going to be tough. You can tell she’s having a bad time with the situation. I don’t think she expected it to be so bad. For what I’ve seen of Victoria Beckham, if she is not able to take her kids out in the US, she won’t be living there a long time. She’s absolutely a narcisist, but I also think she does her best to be a good mother.

  • Limey

    Now in LA, it’s going to be tough.

    No, it won’t. The American’s don’t care. The trouble will come from the sales overseas for pictures of them. In the states she/they will not sell.

  • london

    why are so many americans so vile. slagging off little children. go get a life!

  • Romeo

    london Says:
    February 17th, 2007 at 3:06 pm

    why are so many americans so vile. slagging off little children

    Maybe because they understand the need for proper dental care? Whoever said Beckham has bull dog teeth, that’s soooooo true. LMAO

  • lynda

    Limey Says:

    No, it won’t. The American’s don’t care. The trouble will come from the sales overseas for pictures of them. In the states she/they will not sell.


    yeah your right because were all obsessed with celebs like britney and paris!!! that says soo much for our ‘great’ country!

  • Romeo

    Oh please! Everyone, EVERYONE loves a good train wreck and Spears and Hilton are certainly one’s as is this woman. I can believe her husband cheats on her.

  • Kristine

    Who goes to Disneyland in heels?