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Kelly Clarkson on the Bean Scene

Kelly Clarkson on the Bean Scene

Wearing a flower-print drawstring sundress, America’s first Idol Kelly Clarkson stops off at a branch of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in West Hollywood on Saturday to grab her java fix with a gang of girls.

The multi-platinum pop rocker turns a quarter-century old on Tuesday, April 24. Kelly will be performing the day after on American Idol (Gives Back) airing Wednesday, April 25 @ 8PM ET/PT on FOX.

More pictures inside of Kelly‘s coffee run…

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  • Yily

    There’s rumors that Kelly Clarkson might be a lesbian. Has anybody heard about this? Reportedly, bloggers like Perez Hilton is accusing Kelly Clarkson as a dike because of her butch appearance and her mannish behavior. What do you guys think?

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    her face is unacceptable.

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    Yily, Yeah everyone on the internet has heard. you thought you was the only one? Lol

  • No

    She certainly puts out the dike vibe. But here she looks better, I’m diggin the dress. Tone the arms, slim the face and she will look like a female again.

  • oh

    That so unfair then, considering how poor Clay Aiken was hounded about being a homosexual.

  • Don

    I don’t know about being a lesbian but she seems to always be alone or with girlfriends. The girl never has dates or a guy around that seems to be into her. With her recent appearances though it may be pretty understandable. She is really looking pretty bad lately. She is totally out of shape, the pictures shown recently show no sense of pride in how she looks in public. She dresses horrible, no makeup, ugly hair styles. What is to attract anyone? She puts out a song that is total anger, not for the first time. Why would a guy want to date her and be her next victim in her videos and songs. She has already done several that cut on a guy and destroy property. That’s not exactly a good impression to put out. Gee, meet up with her and be her next “since u been gone” victim or words. No thanks.

  • KC Is OBese

    She sure is fat. And yeah she has never been attractive. Her album is probably going to flop

  • Sarah

    LOL…her album will never flop…unless her multi-million person fanbase suddenly drops dead…rock on kelly!

  • Anonymous

    My, what nice people here. Perez Hilton just wishes everyone was homosexual. Don’t believe everything you read, especially on his site.

  • http://... Max

    That is horrible! “She is ugly, so her album will flop”…. VERY CLASSY of you. Grow up!

  • Jenn

    she aint gay but DAMN! I WISH SHE WAS!!! cause id Hit that, Hard ;D

  • jackie

    Ahhh, how cute, I love Kelly and her new song Never Again is so hot. Can’t wait for her new album to drop.

  • Elaine

    Wow! There are some lovely people on here. Since when did going out without make-up become a crime? Or, for that matter, an indication that someone is a lesbian? Perez is a lifeless loser who is continually bored and therefore has to make up crap about everyone. Kelly is awesome! And I think she looks cute.

  • Oliver

    She’s not gay. Yes she may not look like a very attractive girl but there are a lot of ugly girls that are not gay. Just because you guys dont think that she is attractive doesnt mean she is gay. Kelly is an honest person, and would tell us if she was gay or not. I think she even said that she would tell her fans if she was but she said she’s not.

    Whoever said her album will flop is stupid. Trust she has looked this way before and her massive fan base didnt leave her. Most her fans does not care what she looks like as long as she has music to put out. And you probably thought ugly when she won a grammy. I think she looks good and I dont care if looks like shit, she still is amazing to me.

  • N.

    She’s not gay. In fact, her new single (Never Again) is about her breakup with a guy that was in Evanescence.

  • Me

    Just because she’s too busy to have a boyfriend, just because she likes hanging out with her best friends that happens to be girls, just because she doesn’t wear make-up when she’s just hanging out with friends she’s a lesbian? Why do you think she and Graham broke up? SHE’S TOO BUSY. Why does she hang out with her girlfriends a lot recently? SHE HARDLY SEES THEM AND SHE’S GOING TO BE MUCH BUSIER THIS YEAR SO SHE HAS TO USE EVERY EXTRA TIME SHE CAN TO DO SO. Why does she not wear make-up? BECAUSE SHE DOESN’T WANT TO. SHE DOESN’T REALLY LIKE IT EVER SINCE HER TIME ON AMERICAN IDOL. AND SHE DOESN’T CARE ABOUT GETTING ALL DOLLED UP JUST TO GO GET SOME COFFEE WITH FRIENDS. HELLO, THIS AINT THE GRAMMY’S.

    just because she’s not wearing make-up doesn’t mean she’s ugly. of course though, everyone looks better with make-up on. so what, when jessica simpson doesn’t wear make-up she’s ugly too? huh?

    and her album will NOT FLOP. i know that for a fact. she has millions of fans worldwide. and even IF she was gay/ugly, that wouldn’t affect anything. if it did, that would just be damn stupid.

  • Paddi

    Just because she’s not wearing make-up doesn’t mean she’s ugly. Multiple pictures of her being all ugly means she’s ugly.

  • Mondo Bongo!

    Poor Kelly don’t stand a chance around here!!!!!! but for real girl
    it’s time to re-group, you know!! a make over the gym a stylist etc,
    the whole 9 yards, after all babe your in Show Business now, and they
    will stay on your A$$

  • Bri

    I wrote a comment similar to this one about the Best Buy pics, but it was taken down…probably for being too complimentary :/
    But, people who call her fat have obviously never seen the girl in person! Okay so her arms aren’t looking super toned right now like they were in the past, but whatever. She has a bangin body…she can’t possibly wear more than a size 5 or 7, she’s got great looking abs, and the only thing big on her is her butt, which is attractive to a lot of people anyways.
    And people need to realize that the girl has had a few boyfriends in the past couple years!! Just b/c she’s got short hair and doesn’t wear makeup in public, and hangs out with a group of girls that she has been best friends with for years, that makes her gay? That’s ridiculous.

  • Stella

    I like Kelly. I’ve never heard the gay rumors until now. Everyone is not going to be a size 2 or 4 with perfect skin. She seems normal to me. Yes, she could hire a stylist and worry about how she looks all the time but she doesn’t need to because she has talent. For example, Jessica Biel is a cute girl but I really don’t find her talented or very entertaining but she dress right with the help from a stylist of course. I rather my stars be entertaining than looking perfect all the time.

  • Hey Now!

    Bri says:”she can’t possibly wear more than a size 5 or 7, she’s got great looking abs, and the only thing big on her is her butt, which is attractive to a lot of people anyways”

    Bri what planet are you from? We haven’t seen her stomach in awhile to suggest she has great abs. She looks like she wears a size 10 to me. Have you seen her thighs? No way does she wear anything close to a 5 or 7. Her thighs and arms are big not just her butt. I think she has looked the best when she did the since you’ve been gone vid. She might feel more comfortable being a bit “heavier” which is fine. But don’t sit there trying to make her look less then what she is. I love her voice and I think she is a normal person which you see rarely these days with celebs. She lives her life herway and who knows if she is a lesbo , I don’t think so but who cares? Anywho she’s a breath of fresh air from all those emmaciated girls out in hollyweird.

  • Paris

    lmao if she were wearing a size 10, that dress would be dragging the floor. the girl is like 5’2, give me a break.

    and you can never tell in pictures anyway.

  • bowow

    She looks GOOD, normal, not fat. And she’s not a model, she’s a singer so her voice is her talent, her music is obviously the reason for her success.

    She’s not an anorexic twig like some other women, so that might come as a shock to the brangelina fans.

  • BradAngMadZShiPaxLove

    What pray tell makes you #23 bowow says:group the brangelina’fans all together on what they think about a persons body type.Do you know personally what each indiviual thinks that are fans of AJ&BP??At least you do not know what I think.Angelina’s body size has not a thing to do with being my fav.,sure I think she has a rockin body.As far as Kelly goes I have absolutely NO problem with her and as far as what size she is ,I have no opinion one way or another whatever size she feels comfortable in. I happen to think Kelly has a beautiful soulful rockin voice.So dont speak for this Pitt-Jolie fan,thanks.

  • mariia

    She is a fug, and she is fat, and she isn’t that great of a singer live.

  • Lucie

    Aww kelly used to be cute. Liked her blonde hair better.

  • Oliver

    I feel sorry for people who call her fat. Obviously youved been brainwashed by the media. If that’s not case, then you guys probably hate her because she is a “successful ugly girl”. And please don’t say she’s not successful because we all know she is.


    hater get the fuck outt!

  • dezzy♥

    im luviin all this Kelly posts!!
    thank you jared♥♥

  • jodie

    niggus she aint lesbian faces!!

  • Ivy

    Maria, Max, KC Is OBese and Fug Face [x]] : send us your picture so that we can comment you. I know for sure that you are fugly – INSIDE.
    Pity that Kelly can not be perfect and gorgeous like all of you! GET A LIFE! Throwing your own frustration by spitting on other people won’t do good for you.

  • Ivy

    What is ugly?! Maria, send us your picture so that we can see you. Does everyone have to have face like Cindy Crawford (although her ears are soooooooo big but nobody says that) or Angelina Jolie (who is freaking skinnny and have strange jaw bones)??? Kelly is a healthy girl who has great voice. U better judge people on their character and not their looks. GET A LIFE AND DO NOT BE SO FRUSTRATED!!!!

  • SARA


  • AllyLuv

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i luv heeeeer!
    cannot wait 4 her new album and her new vid!!
    god people are soo stupid … HATERS DONT COMMENT IF YOU DONT LIKE HER !!

  • Raichill

    She looks fine apart from the unflattering dress.

  • rockerdude22


  • vix


  • Jenn

    =[ she aint gay? damn. j.k …sorta… ;D

    kelly’s sexy,RAWR!!!

  • sandra

    woah y’all need to back off!
    kelly’s not gay and her new single’s sure to be a no1 hit.
    quit being so negative people.
    she’s even cuter for not wearing any makeup :)

  • Ivy


  • bailey

    What gay fags we have here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who ever said she is ugly sure needs their eyes checked! What A dork. HELLO, she was on maxium hot 100! DUH! Everyone gains too much weight now and then this is just a bad time for her. Plus she did not win American Idol for looks (Although she could have) she has the best voice in the world!

  • Bri

    “We haven’t seen her stomach in awhile to suggest she has great abs. She looks like she wears a size 10 to me.”

    Um considering she often shows her stomach in concert, I beg to differ. And a size 10 are you kidding? Like someone else said, she’s 5’2″! If she were a size 10 she’d be lookin waaay bigger.
    But whatever, she’s amazingly talented, which is what really matters. She’s a singer, not a model.

  • idontknow

    all of the bashers should just keep their comments to themselves.for kelly will prove you wrong just like she did 2 years ago

  • vio1

    Hey guys, what’s wrong with you?in my opinion she is the most beautiful girl I could ever imagine, she is so lovely.i would give everything to spend a night with her,bilieve me.she has such a wonderfull body,her arms and legs and her stomach,evrything is so sweet.for me a real girl or woman has to look like that.and i really love her beautifull face,it is so, she definately is not fat,she a female and females have to look like that,because if they don’t you will knock your head against all this visible bones.THats my opinion and i am a man, i know which girls are hot when you have sex with them.and the hot girls are that ones who are not too skinny.

  • Re

    why do people say she’s a lesbian……you should open your eyes and start to think real!!….Kelly’s b-day is 2mrrow!!

  • Everyone is beautiful no matter what!

    Kelly is cool and free spirited, and a great role model. She aint no lesbiann. F-OFF you freken superficial f******!!!!!!!! =( Ask your self this one question, what did she ever do to you to deserve the way you guys have been treating her!!! From what I hear nothing!!!! So shut up!!!!! Dont listen to the f***** paparazi, they are lieing losers. =( Kelly rocks!!! The paparazi smell like wet socks!!!

  • AP44

    Uuggh! You people make me sick!!!! Kelly has the awsomest voice out there and personality. It’s the no good guys out there that say no guy dates her because of her songs and looks. If it weren’t for the stupid guys out there, she would never have written those songs. Actually, she didn’t write “Since U Been Gone”. And what in the world does this topic have to do with Kelly being normal and going out to buy coffee with some friends? Stop hating you jerks. Ya’ll are just jealous that she has a life and you don’t. Also, people who think Kelly is lesb but she’s not, what do you have to say about SHE dumping the stupid GUYS? Kelly is so NOT a lesb. That’s just some stupid rumor by Perez to brainwash her fans and America into a huge lie. I totally agree with Elain post #13 and post #16, you rock. And by the way, pictures add 10 pounds on people. I also think that this might have happened: the photographer must’ve photoshopped and added those pounds because ya’ll have never seen her in person. YOU ROCK KELLY!!!!

  • AP44

    Sara, maybe YOU shut up.

    And by the way, people, stop hating her dress for God’s sake. It’s a nice dress. If you don’t like it then keep your mouth shut.

    Sandra #39, awsome comment!

    And by the way, Kelly’s 5ft. 3in.

  • me

    Kelly is a size 7 when on tour she is a 5/6

    end of story.

  • thinky

    who says Kelly clarkosn is gay, is f***xtupid, and you says she is fat, has problems or only can Be worse! or no!! I think who says that, is more fat ou ugly then kelly, ya cuz, kelly has her body but there are so my people worse than kelly.
    Grew up, put some nice feeling in your selfs, fell is love and SHOUT YOU MOUTH.
    GoodBye, I gotta go.