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Chris Richardson & Blake Lewis: Backseat Boys

Chris Richardson & Blake Lewis: Backseat Boys

American Idol finalist Chris Richardson sends out a message to all sons and daughters on his t-shirt — RESPECT YOUR MOTHER! (He’s worn this on the show before.)

Chris, 22, was spotted hopping out of a car on Friday with somebody special hiding in the backseat.

Guess who!

His lover boy, fellow Idol contestant Blake Lewis, 25.

The backseat boys were spotted entering the Sunset Marquis Hotel in West Hollywood.

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  • sangina

    FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! holy sweet jeebus he’s SO HOTTT. those arms…………..mmm…he’s just so beefy! somebody find a shirtless pic of him ASAP.

  • schizo·phren·ic

    hey sangina, what prize did you win for being first? lol

  • blakergirl

    HOT. Those two have to be doing it, good Christ they are sexy!

  • Anonymous

    DAMNNNN HE’S SO HOTT. what a hunk. Cake is love

  • caker-girl

    HAHA SO GAY AND BUSTED! Oh man I love those boys sosososo much.

    Blake ftw!!!

  • ace magee

    Blake is so totally hot. Chris’ arms are absolutely amazing, but I prefer Blake’s face. Both boys are hot and doubt they are gay. Hope they both make it to the final 3, but doubt either will win.

  • cakeforever


  • roflcake

    hey u guys stop being so fangirlish ok. there’s nothing wrong with 2 guys who’re behaving discreetly trying to get into a hotel for god knows what reason. its not fair to them that we’re labelling them as a couple when all they’ve done is just.. stealing glances at each other ….. gravitating towards each other until they touch…. or doing the handshake no straight guy would do. oh and let’s not forget the whole blake-kissing-on-chris’s-head thing. but hey, thats totally not gay. at all.

  • booger

    why do u idiots think their gay?? its just a bunch of ugly men jealous of two talented guys

  • Amanda

    Wooo Blakris, they’re totally doing it.

  • Grace

    OMG, i love chris.he is a gay?no way…well he is talented and blake’s too… love them …goo chris.haha

  • Jon

    lol you guys are crazy. Just because there entering a hotel, there suddenly gay. Idol does send them off to diffrent locations you guys. There good friends, just like Ace and Chris were on last season. Taking it to far

  • crazy4chace

    Jon you’re just mean and stupid! Ace and Chris are totally gay too. CAKE 4EVER!!!

  • Kitten

    Why is everyone so quick to scream “OMG NOT GAY U GUYZ!!1!1!!” Nobody knows one way or another. Would you fangirls all of the sudden stop liking them if they are? Because the dream would be crushed? Gay, not gay, who cares as long as they’re talented. (I don’t think either of them are XD)

  • Kitten

    Also, they are not hot at all! For real.

  • Kibbell

    He is HOTly cute and I would certainly hit it. The blue cell is kinda girlish though….

  • SimonCowellIsSoHot

    Would you people please get a grip on yourselves? You Americans can be absolutely ridiculous when it comes to homosexual matters. Those boys were not sneaking into a sleazy hotel in the middle of the afternoon for any nefarious purposes: they were there to meet me incognito. I wanted them to sign some autographs for my niece back in London: she just adores the two of them. I grant you, Blake has a spectacularly sexy bum, and Chris’s arms look so damned delectable in those cheap, tight tee shirts he sports, but those blokes are not my cup of tea at all. And, to be honest, I don’t care if all those ridiculous rumours about the girth and span of Chris’s all-American, 100% beef wiener are true.

  • test

    :D :) :( :o :shock: :? 8) :lol: :x :P :oops: :cry: :evil: :twisted: :roll: :wink: :!: :?: :idea: :arrow: :lol: :D :| :mrgreen:

  • test

    :) :( :o :shock: :? 8) :lol: :x :P :oops: :cry: :evil: :twisted: :roll: :wink: :!: :? :idea: :arrow: :D :| :mrgreen:

  • test
  • test
  • test

    what devils?
    what devils?
    what devils?
    what devils?

  • nikki

    Jon is right! Cake fans are such idiots.



  • Tayler

    I love Chris & Blake.
    I would do them both.
    :x shhh.

  • c

    Take it from an expert…they are stoners….ALWAYS LOOKS STONED… Love them!

  • Natalie

    It’s cool that they’re friends in “real” life. Chris is very, very hot. Not a Blake fan.

  • Steph

    these two boys are sexxxy and amazingly talented!!

    cake is love

  • CakeFanGirl4Eva

    Hey, #23, nikki: Stop it already with the hate! You sound like a jealous fangirl wannabe to me. I think you’re just hating on Cake because you think they are both really frickin’ hot, and you wish they were hot for you instead of for each other! Okay, honey: have a great day, and remember, CAKE 4 EVER!!!

  • CAKE

    The cake (Chris & Blake) have more gay following than anyone else on that show.
    they are always “together”.

  • mr. niceguy

    I believe Crish is a gay and Blake as well. I do love Crish, his face, his eyes, and his big arms… but not for Blake… sorry…

    I’d like to be Crish’s man.. if he wants to :-))

  • jcharm

    thanks jared!!!! when you come across new candids pictures of chris richardson, can you post them? thanks again!!! Do you know who he is currently dating, anyone famous?

  • sam

    ok they’re NOT GAY PEOPLE! and oh ya chris is soooooooooo hot!

  • Alexandra

    I agree that Chris is a hottie, however I am still partial to Ace Young….He is the hottest ever!! But I hope that Chris and Blake both have very succesful careers.

  • ManLover

    So what’s with this comment about Chris’ all-beef weiner being long and thick. Is there some rumor floating around that I missed? I think I just became a Chris fan!

  • Kuj

    Well idk about chris, but I don’t think Blake is gay. If he were though, would it really make a difference? Wouldn’t everyone still love him?! lol I think he is super super HOT!!!! And incredibly talented! I’m rooting for Blake to win!!!!! If he’s runner up to Jordin though I guess I wouldn’t be too disappointed…BLAKE IS SO HOT!!! and Chris is…not. haha…BLAKE WILL WIN AMERICAN IDOL (I hope!)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • P-body

    Didn’t he say he used to be fat? I bet he’s got giant nipples….Akward!

  • Anne

    Ok. If Chris and Blake were together… that would actually be a fantasy come true. The both of them are sooooo Hot!!! I can totally see it. I don’t think there ever was two more good looking guys on Idol, ever. Last night show did show that they were very close and best buddies, so who knows… :>

  • wcw

    The shirt is by Local Celebrity…Check it out!

  • Amelia

    Blake is SO hot and cant be gay. i mean just cause to guys are going to a same hotel doesnt mean anything, there just friends. so whats the big deal? Blake your going to win American iDol i know it! xoxo

  • anna !

    uhm, yeah no. we all know thats not true, and chris is [thankfully] gone. People say they’re “in love”, but they didnt even know each other until like what, 3 months ago ? obviously false.

  • Megan

    I like Cake.

    “Also, they are not hot at all! For real.”
    - your opinion, but I disagree. :P

    “Jon is right! Cake fans are such idiots.”
    - wow, you’re mean

  • Megan

    “uhm, yeah no. we all know thats not true, and chris is [thankfully] gone. People say they’re “in love”, but they didnt even know each other until like what, 3 months ago ? obviously false.”
    - um, they met during Hollywood week.

  • Elizabeth Stamey

    i loooveeeeeeeeeeee Chris Richardson i actually cried when he got voted off i really did I love Blake Lewis i really love them i wish chris would of won anyway

  • Marky

    I think Blake’s gay and Chris is straight, but attracted to him, a la Brokeback Mountain.

  • Court

    Omg! Chris is soo Fudging HOT HOT HOT! I am goin 2 c him in person n I might faint so Wish me Luxx!

  • Court

    Chris is sooo Fudging HOT HOT HOT! I getta c him in person this summer in July! I am bringing 2 friendz n might faint! The hottest guy will b right in front of my face!!!!! Wish me luxx! N I luv ya Chris!!!! Mchu!

  • kagan

    OMG those 2 are HOT!!! I don’t care if they are gay (doubt they are though), they are both still fine!!!

    blakergirl 4 eva!
    and chris is just sexy!

  • kagan

    Court, I’m going too!! but haveta wait till september… oh well!!! I’m going to DIE!!

  • Fanjaya4ever

    That is so stupid. I have nothing against gay relationships, but just because two men go into a hotel together does not make them gay. Who said they were getting a room? They could have easily been on their way to a restaraunt or club at the hotel. Blake said he was straight and so i beleive him. He and Chris are best friends. You shouldnt make assumptions.