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Lisa Lopes' Death: Now on Video

Lisa Lopes' Death: Now on Video
  • Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes‘ tragic death caught on camera.
  • Svedka Vodka is Lindsay Lohan‘s new sponsor.
  • Sharon Stone flaunts her bikini body.
  • Victoria’s Secret model Karolina Kurkova gets jiggly with it.
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  • Two-time Olympic gold medalist Apolo Anton Ohno won Dancing With the Stars Tuesday night. The speed skater and his partner, Julianne Hough, beat out former ‘N Sync star Joey Fatone to win the ABC dance-off’s mirror-ball trophy.
  • Oprah Winfrey’s father yesterday told that his book is on hold. The news comes a day after the Daily News reported that Oprah was “shocked” and “disappointed” to hear he was writing a book about her.
  • Prince is getting paid $3 million to play 7 consecutive Friday gigs, beginning June 15, at the Hollywood Roosevelt.
  • At the annual AmFAR benefit tonight, one of the lots Sharon Stone will auction off is a walk-on role in Terminator 4.
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  • angelinammm

    that video is scary

  • [eclec-tic]

    at first I was happy to see a black face on a thread, but after watching the video I wish I didnt.

  • S

    the video about lisa lopez is horrible (i didn’t watch it and don’t want) and i think it’s a shame that jj
    you are promoting it.

  • theoriginalbitch

    Posting someone’s death as though its entertainment is utterly disrespectful, crass and vulgar. For all the bloggers who’ve decided that its cool to do so just remember, karma is a bitch!

  • Mmmmm

    Yeah very bad taste to be posting that, not news but pure sadness

  • CosmicRadiation

    I don’t want to watch that. Can someone describe what happens?

  • Hey Now!

    This scene was part of VH1′s rock docs. Her family released the documentary so therefore if you are offended blame her family for releasing it. There was more footage but the family thought that her swerving off the road was enough. If you saw the documentary it is a beautiful look at her life and eerie at the same time. She was stating that a spirit was chasing her and a few weeks or days before her death she was involved in an accident with a little boy who coincedentaly had her same last name and she believed the spirit killed him by accident. Some ppl are saying this documentary was a suicide note and insinuating that she did it on purpose, some believe she swerved because she saw the little boy infront of the car. One newspaper said there was a truck in front , we don’t see what caused her to swerve. She was a complicated person who had been through so much and she has said herself that if you’re gonna do it do it all the way so Im sure she would have wanted her last moments to be seen. She got to tell her story in her own words with this documentary. She was a beautiful soul and it’ a shame when anyone who has a lot to offer the world leaves so young.

  • Anna

    I watched the documentary on vh1 and I really had no idea that they were going to show that footage at the end. I really wish they didn’t show it. It was really unexpected and it was just so eerie and upsetting, it was just truly unsettling. The fact that the clip is all over youtube is troubling too – people are just going to look at it over and over again like its entertainment and it really is not – Lisa was a human being and she was a beautiful person inside and out.

    And it sucks that people are going to be sharing that clip with their friends pointing their finger and pinpointing everything that happened in that 1 minute clip. Thats a person’s life people are looking at and I swear footage like that desensitizes human life. Watching something like that over and over again makes it feel less real. It’s like people will become used to seeing it and then people will end up making a joke out of it because they don’t want to deal with the fact that they watched a person die. It becomes a joke where people can just sit and point at.

    Oh and trust me I saw the documentary once, and I am not planning to watch the ending or any internet clip that shows the footage of Lisa driving before she actually died. One time is enough for me.

  • Irishgirl

    Wish I hadn’t watched that video footage. It was very upsetting. Can’t believe it’s all over the internet. Lisa was so young, beautiful and talented. So tragic what happened. Hard to believe that 5 years have passed.

    R.I.P Lisa.

  • La Jolie

    I have not watched the video and I will not. Please edit it off your blog JJ!

  • La Jolie

    I meant edit the link, please.

  • Erlyn

    I totally agree with # 8 | Anna @ 05.23.2007 4:29 pm!!! I refuse to watch this clip! And as La Jolie stated, please JJ, take this off your blog! This is NOT entertainment here!!! I have come to respect most of what I see on this site, but this is absolutely disgusting!

  • Burpie

    #7, I had no clue about the little boy. How sad and creepy at the same time. I got chills watching the video.

  • chasingskirts

    I have to agree with everyone else, the link needs to be taken down.

    Can you imagine if the tape of the death of someone you knew was posted all over the place?

  • deeve

    I don’t understand people criticizing things they haven’t even seen. As other posters pointed out, it’s part of a documentary and her family released the footage. I saw the documentary yesterday and it was a touching, insightful look into Lisa’s life. The clip of her swerving lasts for mere seconds and while it is deeply upsetting to know that she died from that incident, I think Lisa was searching for honesty in her life and trying to share things about herself and that she might have wanted it that way. The documentary is definitely worth seeing in its entirety; I really have new respect for Lisa after seeing this film.

  • bubblesroc156

    after watchin this i am devisated i really dont understand why its evan on here!!

  • bre21

    just to let the people who haven’t watched the video if u don’t like 2 c deaths don’t because i can’t believe she would do that!!!!!She wasn’t in the mind of her own but if she was dat was her decision but now after just watching the video and the documentary on VH1 i understand wat she went through a lil!!!!


  • http://yahoo Sierra Walker

    she was very specail to all and i will truely miss her!

  • http://yahoo Sierra Walker

    and she was my favorite singer but now i can’t even hear her sing but she’s in a better place.


  • Yolanda Gilberry

    The video of Lisa was extremely shocking at the end. It was totally unexpected to see her die at the end of the documentary. I feel Lisa wanted her documentary to be released, and this is the main reason why she filmed it. Her family released the documentary, just as Lisa would have wanted them to. My heart goes out to Lisa’s family.

  • orlandochica

    I think that the video is being overreacted I’m actually glad to see not becuz we lost another angel but to get a better understanding of what actually happened during the accident, and how speeding can not only affect other lives but can put urs at risk too. So I think everyone should look at it as a wake up call to drive safely.

  • Heather

    I saw the documentary of Lisa Lopez today. Though I do not like to see death and things of that matter, I found the last days of her life to be very peaceful and calm. The actual footage of the accident was shown with respect to her and her family. Afterall, it was her family that was in control of how much VH1 could and should show. I thought it was touching to see and hear of her struggles, triumphs, and near the end, her peace and understanding of the need for her own personal transformation (though she did not know or understand how eery her words would be after her death.) She was a very talented singer, but more than that- the documentary shows how real she was. The documentary is a treasure and gift for her family and close friends to have forever. How kind they were to let her fans and others see her tender and vunerable side.

    Rest in peace Lisa & God Bless her family.

  • mona151

    I was also surprised by the ending. I also think that that the link should be taken off. Although, I don’t that the it should be taken off the documentary, I just think isolating just that particular event is kind of making it appear to be a product of entertainment, unlike better understanding of her life and closure to all the questions about the accident that killed her. It’s kind of scary that she sort of predicted her death. I never really thought of celebs being just a typical individual who also experiences struggles within their self. I have respect for Lisa, because she was a very strong, intelligent, and now inspiration person. I think it God told her to make the documentary, so that people like you and me can learn to appreciate life, your family, your friend; and to teach us that everyone has struggles no one lives a perfect life not even superstars.

    “I hope you Rest In Peace Forever”

    Thank you for reminding me to be humble and grateful the life God has given me.

  • Kiah103

    I watched the documentary and I think that it was very good. I didn’t expect the ending to end like that but since it did then it did. Everybody wanted to know how her last days were and that was part of her last days video. But the strange thing is how she predicted her death and how the little boy that was killed had the same last name as her. That was a sign and her feeling a spirit behind her every move was also a sign.

    I’m going to always love you and truly miss you

  • Alexis

    I think that some people need to stop tripping!
    This is footage of Left Eyes death! Her biggest fans are wondering how did she died, this is clearance! This isn’t being promoted in a bad way or being used as entertainment! How would the death of a person that(everyone may not have known, but loved) was so ginuine be entertainment? I couldn’t see The Devil himself seeing this video as entertainment!
    Yes, you get chills or get a bad feeling or don’t like the look of this video, but it’s the death of a special person, who wouldn’t, but you guys are looking at this video in the wrong way!
    Look at it and be amazed that you were able to see her before her tragic death!
    Not very many people get to see their loved one before they pass!
    Be thankful that you get to see her!

    Much Love!
    Rest In Peace!

  • jose


  • Problem Child

    It was very sad for both Aaliyah and Left Eye my two crushes died 8 monthes apart I shed tears thinking bout that day may both rest in peace Much Love

  • http://JustJared Patty

    I just saw the Documentary and I was ignorant to who VH1 featuring. I didn’t know who Lisa Lopez was and honestly, I never listened to TLC. Yes, I have heard of the group, but that’s it! I was flipping channels and I heard Lisa talk for a few minutes, I felt some connection. It’s hard to explain, but I had to listen! It was very strange listening to her, almost eerie. My attitude towards this woman went in so many different directions, but I couldn’t change the channel. I was tempted briefly when she pulled that disappearing stunt. As I watched I felt her pain… her soul was so lost that it ” Yanked ” my heart strings. The death of the little boy , just shocked me. When Lisa said she’ll never get over it, I knew she meant it! But when she said that the SPIRIT killed the little boy by mistake, I was feeling a pit in my stomache. I watched as she called for the car, then specifically the Red Car, I knew something didn’t feel right. I watched her during her last ride. Why was she holding that Coke Container that way? I saw her smile slightly as she looked into that camera and I smiled with her. I felt a peacefulness in that smile…in her eyes. The next thing I knew , there’s a scream , a blur then nothing! I was confused, then utterly dismayed…shocked and then mortified to see that Lisa Lopez was killed in that accident! This documentary was done and shown by VH1 with a lot of class. It does not promote or focus on her death or sensationalize the accident. I appauld her family and VH1 for a job well done. I actually felt the torture in Lisa’s soul.I also realize that it doesn’t matter who you are , what you have, or what you accomplish in life, being mentally healthy is so important. God Bless Lisa Lopez! Rest in Peace! Remember ‘ We all share the same space’!

  • http://ccecwce2cde2d2ede2c janel

    that was scary lisa was nice that why they made a story for her five year she died lisa would be hear how did the car flip over did her friends die to q

  • Michelle

    I was at a lost for words. I lost my dad a year ago and I still burt into tears. I wasn’t expecting that..I wasn’t expecting to see her last couple of seconds. T cried..I couldn’t stop crying..I rewinded to right before the scream and paused if as long I kept is paused she was ok..she wasn’t hurt..I know it’s all in my mind but death is real and now adays we take each other for granted. We get angry about irrelevant stuff and don’t speak to each other for days..weeks..monthseven years and it’s not worth it..believe when I say when they are gone …they are gone..people say pray to God and that person will hear you. That maybe true but nothing is like that person standing before you, seeing their face, the expression and hearing their voice. Now all you have is a memory. I know the memory should hold you, but it’s not the same. T he pain in your is so real, it hurts so much you can hardly breathe. I wished so hard by pausing that I was saving her, saving all of them. I don’t know any of them but god knows I feel the pain. I live the pain, I cry as I write this remembering my dads death. The wake,funeral, the burial site and being at my Aunt’s where people kept telling me not to cry. My mom was the only one that told me if I want to cry itwas my right to do so.I am so sorry for the loss. I know God has a plan or a meaning for everything.It sure does hurt some times when his plan is played out. I just wonder…when will the pain go away.

  • Jess

    Not for nothing but before seeing this documentary, I just thought Lisa was a lost cause. But seeing this documentary in its raw form should how she there is three sides to every story: her side, their side, and the truth. this footage just showed her true side and how she was yurning for a change. With all the turmiol in her life, she still wanted to make a change. This video showed how she was accepting herself and the cards that where delt for her in life. She acknowledge the wrong, the right, and tried to find that happy medium. The ending was a bit startling but in away it summed things up for me. that almost 25 ot however many days it was, she spent reflecting, growing, accepting, and changing things within herself, so she could achieve her peace of mind. This footage showed her in her natrual beauty. no one ever wants anyone’s story to end but she was called upon to do better things in life. I was really touched by this documentary. And really do hope that everything she worked hard for in Honduras is still up and running. I really believe she sensed her time was coming. She is in a better place now.

    You have reached your level of tranquillity! May your spirit be at ease.

    RIP Lisa

  • kiakish

    i love left-eye, she is a beautiful person ..i do not see nothing wrong with the vedio being on air, people always overreacting. she looked pretty and it help me with closure that she’s gone.

    miss you left-eye and rest in peace

  • lilesh

    i can not after see it

  • newton

    Some people are saying this video can be desensitizing, or that it needs to be taken down. I respect that. But you shouldn’t forget Lopes’ family allowed this footage to be aired and potentially “copied” and “pasted” (or recorded and re-released). Perhaps it was simply “rock-star” Lisa Lopes’ way of saying goodbye. Perhaps it wasn’t. Either way, this video isn’t a waste of film. The footage was simply a documentation of the eerie end of her, sadly, eerie life.

    In 21st Century History Class, We watched JFK’s assassination on a projector screen. Then we watched it again. Then we watched it again. Then we slowed it down. Then we watched it again. Then we paused each frame one by one. Then we watched it again. Each time we watched JFK’s shooting, it became easier to watch, but in no way was my integrity as a human affected. I watched Lisa Lopes’ death over and over and over again. I discussed the footage with a friend. And still, the footage is as eerie as the first time I saw it. Haha, I bet I’ll have a bad dream about it tonight too….just for watching it. But after watching this and discussing it, I’ve come to my conclusion as to what happened. I can rest easier having some explanation of what happened. Even if it is my own explanation. Because no website I’ve found has explained the accident.

    But anyway, its cool to be sensitive about this sort of thing. I just think any video of this type of caliber shouldn’t be thought of as something negative….no matter how many creepo’s there are out there, it don’t mean everybody is.

  • monnie_love

    you guys r so wrong 4 promoting tiz yall really need to take thiz off of yall website

  • Louisiono

    Well all i gotta say is that when she was driveing shouldn’t she see what ever that comeing her way shouldn’t she had slowed down just a little but then again she probably was day-dreaming at the road and caught it at the last minute..

    The other thing is that how come when she had swerved only like two people had screamed and there was eight people in the car i kinda don’t understand that part of the footage!!?!!?!!

  • Kristy

    Lisa Lopes Was A Awesome Person And Me And My Friend Amanda Like her So much we are doing our socailstudies project on her.

    Love u Lisa

  • ROry27

    …Why does EVERYONE who eather posts this video,or watches or see’s this video have to be all labled in the same exact way,as some inhumane brutal laughing idiot???…You people are a bit high on your selves to assume you know how “everyone” will view this,and that everyone will be laughing,and pointing,as if none of the people who wish to see it,for whatever reason,care about her in some way or another…And it IS truely released BY her family…They surely didnt release it for “entertainment” and i NEVER watched it for “entertainment”…Its horrible,and sad,and tragic,and i DO NOT mean to “sound cold”,but,with the accident a lil while before,with the death of that boy,and than her own accident…Maybe she wasnt the best of drivers,or maybe it was just from the new suroundings or driving conditionz…Eather way,that is one of the most sevearly haunting moments ever to be filmed in such a way…First time i saw it,i thought it was fake in some way or another :-/…

  • jessica orea

    Lisa Lopes was a great woman of my dreams but she’s a just a young woman when she died but i know she’s raps but she sings too.
    on the ”Give A Little Bit” commercial for the clothing line i heard her singing i know Lisa raps but she loved the nickname Left Eye or N.I.N.A. and Crazy from CrazySexyCool album and Lisa’s crazy Chilli’s sexy and especially T-Boz is cool cause of the album they were sisters and a family Lisa ”Left Eye” Lopes this is 4 ur own good we love u and care 4 U you too Aaliyah we love both of ya in same ways and me and my 2 cousins are your biggest fan Lisa but this is it your gone to heaven with god and the angels oh i luv u when you rapped the verse of that sketch comedy ”All That ” the TV show you know that heh but we will miss u for good thanx for everything dat u did okay Rest In Peace Lisa” Left Eye” Lopes 1971-2002.

  • Tiffany

    Oh my god i never seen the end of the thing she was doing on tv cause the hold thing was strange to me but when i just seen that clip it was n beliveable like i can’t belive that it’s sad that she is gone and it’s like there are no words to explain what i just seen i’m really at a lost for words

  • tAelor

    R.I.P. Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopez. She is my inspiration when it comes to singing and she was a beautiful person inside and out and only the devil would want to hurt an angel like her. I cried my eyes out the day I found out that she died, because I loved to listen to “Don’t go chasing waterfalls.” by TLC. It makes me sad now to think about it not having lost an uncle not even a week ago… If you watch the video ‘Jesus Walks’ by Kanye West then at the end it shows Lisa running to a church but as soon as she opens the doors she turns into a bunch of doves and flies to the roof of the church and out the top window. He also mentions her several times. When people you know and maybe even love are taken away it hurts a lot. You may not like how he does it but in the end God’s will is stronger and he needs them more than we do. Also even though we cry and grieve they are the ones crying and grieving because they know that we can still suffer. We can still feel pain. That is why I try to be happy when one of my family members has passed because they are with my father God and in his loving arms are they truly happy. But having lost 5 family members, 1 from old age, one from trying to convince a man to not rob a car rental shop and got shop doing it, two from cance (one last week), and one from heart disease and I’m not even 15 yet. It hurts so much to think of them especially my uncles, because I lost one last week and another last month but they were both men of God as was Lisa. Which is why I know she did her job in teaching us so many things through her life….It may hurt now because they are not visible to us but they are here in spirit.

  • Buddy

    I just watched the documentary, knew of her lifestyle but not totally. She was a very talented and beautiful girl, I loved her voice and music even though I dont like Rap.Seeing her death in the end didn’t upset me like most, it was shocking to see cause I didnt know she was driving and had no idea about the 10 year old boy weeks before.I miss her music and her gorgeous little face. God Bless you Lisa, we are still sharing the same space!

    God Bless You All

  • -reice!-



  • -reice!-


  • Jangel069

    I just so happen to see the documentary today…and I became really interested in learning more about her…I stumbled upon this site. I totally relate to her on the premonitions….I don’t know if it’s a gemini thing or what….the ending was unexpected, but I swear at the end as soon as the camera cut off the lights in my house flickered and it became dark for a brief second, so I believe her soul is living string around us. While watching her story I became more and more intrigued by her and how she overcame so much. She was a beautiful person, and will never be forgotten.

  • a-rod

    hay people by watching this video lat this be a lesson learned if she have had on her seat belt maybe she wouldn’t have died…..
    may she rest in peace…….

  • lisalopez fan

    lisa lopez is my idol and one of the coolest people ever.. i cant believe this happened. :(

  • lisalopez fan

    lisa lopez is my idol and one of the coolest people ever.. i cant believe this happened. :(

  • rae

    it was scary to see wat had happened to left eye in that video :(

  • rae

    r.i.p left eye :(