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Jake Gyllenhaal: International Man of Mystery

Jake Gyllenhaal: International Man of Mystery

Jake Gyllenhaal gabs away on his cell phone on Wednesday outside the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, where he’s been frequenting during his trip in Los Angeles.

A source close to his rumored love Reese Witherspoon recently told Us Weekly, “She has either called it off or is just taking a break. She cares for Jake, but the timing is crappy. She doesn’t have enough emotional space for him right now.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Jake and Reese’s relationship? Is it over? Did it ever begin? Is Jake in town to visit his Reese? Is Reese breaking up with Jake on the phone? Does Jake< have a new lady love in his life?

So many questions, so little time!

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Photos: Bauer-Griffin/Dean/Gabo
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  • Steph

    Yay frist….This pictures make him look really sexy lately his not bein looking so hot

  • noneya

    Too bad somebody wasn’t there to read his lips.

  • cb

    re rumoured relationship – never happended.
    Love Jake super sexy.

  • Anon

    Real question: I thought he lived in L.A. so why would he be staying at a hotel while on a visit there? Does he no longer live in L.A.??

  • bn

    Forget about Reese!! so hot….

  • lg

    OMFG this boy is just too hot i can bare it.
    who cares about reese .
    jake and austin are way hotter.

  • Souhila

    I love Jake , but him being single for so long is becoming really weird !

  • MeMe

    “outside the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, where he’s staying during his trip in Los Angeles”

    what? doesn’t he have a home in LA? why’s he staying in a hotel?

  • lg

    why is being single weird?
    maybe he is gay and can’t come out because of his movie deals, it’s really hard for huge stars like jake to live a normal life if they’re gay, i feel so sad for him , i wish he’d find someone to love him and that people would let him be who he really is.
    i love him so much.

  • dani

    “I love Jake , but him being single for so long is becoming really weird !”

    Maybe he really likes to be single? It doesn’t mean he dosen’t…you know. He could have one night stands…

    Jared, thanks for the pics. Jake looks hot here!

  • Essie

    I seriously doubt there was ever a “relationship” between Reece and Jake. Never saw them actually together except for the still pictures from the movie they made together.

    Love me some Jakey!!! Hot!! And I don’t think he’s gay. Love him!!

  • dani

    Forgot to add, yes he lives in L.A. and i think he has his own house there.

  • TS

    Jared, how do you know Jake is staying at the hotel? He does have a house in LA. Maybe he is visiting someone or has a meeting there.

    Anyway, love Jake and wish him only happiness. He’s so damn sexy and talented!

  • Anon.

    Jake was probably at that hotel for meetings. He LIVES in LA. Has his own home there. As for Reese, when things got too hot before, he distracted the media by doing the flirty thing with Jennifer Aniston at the GLAAD Awards. Being seen out with guys at a bookstore on a Saturday night. This time all these rumors about Reese going to the doc’s bcz she’s pregnant? Not true, but very upsetting to Reese and to both their families. So he goes to NYC to read for a play as scheduled, visit Mom and friends and goes to Rufus Wainwright show.12 days.This takes pressure off Reese. She disappeared for more than two peaceful weeks. Last photo’d on June 5th. I think Ryan is foaming-at-the-mouth jealous of Jake and he is making Reese’s life hell about the kids.Short answer: No. I don’t think they broke up. I do think they may have slowed things down until all the divorce/custody issues are resolved. I also don’t think they started dating in March. I think they were dating last year. Things don’t just happen when we read about them. The marriage was over when Ryan was filming Flag of Our Fathers with Clint Eastwood. And Jake and Reese have been friends (just friends) for at least two or three years. Jake and Ryan knew each other,were sort of friendly but Ryan isn’t a very nice person and he’s hard to get along with. VERY insecure and very selfish. Childish really.

  • Sarah

    There’s never been Jakeese. It was just a rumoured relationship. The only time I actually even saw them together was on the set of Rendition.

  • MeMe

    they’ve changed the wording from “staying” to “frequenting”, so he probably isn’t staying there, just meeting or visiting.

    Btw, longtime lurker here, expressing thanks to Jared for a wonderful site…I always come here to check up on the celeb news, especially Jake and you always have current pics of him. Mucho thanks for the great job!

    I have no idea about Reese and Jake…but I kind of buy into the theory this is a ruse to get the paps off their backs. I also agree the pregnancy rumors would have been extremely upsetting to Reese…she threatened to sue the last time rumors came up and she was married at the time! So rumors of being knocked up by a new guy when she isn’t officially divorced yet must have been horrifying to her. I hope things are still on between them though, cuz I find these two both adorable and would love to actually SEE some pics of them together!

  • Anon.

    I don’t know if they are together, ever were together, or will be together. I just know Jake is the hottest man I have ever seen in my life! Gorgeous. Anyone who could claim him is more than lucky. He seems like a real sweetheart. He is smart and sensible and fun. IMVO, I would like to see him find someone around his own age, without all the baggage, and get married. Jake and Natalie Portman would make beautiful babies. He will be a wonderful father and he wants kids! Natalie is 26 and he will be 27 in December. Didn’t she break things off with Gael Garcia Bernal??? Maybe it’s time for Jake and Nat to get back together. (They dated when they were 18-19.)

  • Jill

    Jake and Reese were NEVER together. Jared knows who Jake is really with.

  • LOLOLOL!!!

    He’s gay, that’s why. Isn’t this guy “Toothy Tile” from all of Ted’s blind items??

  • Anon

    r:18: I’m sure Jared does Jill like you do: It’s the barmaid down the street.

    And 19: LOL!!!! I think you are posting on the wrong blog.

  • TS

    LOLOLL!!!, Jake may be gay (and unless you have seen him kissing a guy you can’t say it is a fact), but if you believe the crap from Ted Casablanca you are a fool.

  • passing by

    This is just a way for them to get the tabloids off their back. For her to settle her custody issues with the ex. Her ex is an angry jealous jerk. He wants other women but he doesn’t want her to have anyone. Watch his interviews and see how he goes on and on about how crazy he got when she did love scenes. Imagine how he is now that it’s the real deal.

    Jake is most likely at a meeting there. Reese likes to do interviews there also.

  • Hey

    Ted’s gossip is as good as it gets. He is one of the few reliable and fairly honorable columnists out there. What’s more, he’s smart and witty as hell.

    And of course Jake is already taken, and most of the known world, including Jared, knows who by. Hint: it’s not Reese, and it is someone with a show premiering on cable this month.

  • Saturday

    Come on guys. This is getting a little embarrassing for Jake. I want so much for him be able to finally come out and show the world how beautiful a gay can be. I think Jake and Austin have been together for over two years and I hope they will be in love forever.

  • NO

    #23, Ted is a gossip columnist and has his own agenda, whether Jake is really gay or not. And I would never use the words reliable or honorable to describe him.

  • Essie

    Ted C. is a former (supposedly) dope addict and alcoholic. How can you trust anyone like that? I don’t. I stopped reading his blog a couple years ago because he was always on the outs with some star and trying to hurt them as much as he could.

  • joytothehurled

    I have it on good authority from a reliable source that I, joytothehurled, am Jake Gyllenhaal’s new lady love. In fact, that’s me on the other end of that phone call talking sh-t.

  • Anon.

    Y’all need to go talk to each other about your foolish, misguided fantasies at WFT, and to call that drug addled, bitter queen a reliable gossip columnist is laughable. Teddy C, aka Bruce Bibby, is a piece of trash. If you really cared for Jake and respected him, you would respect his own words:”People can assume whatever they like. It won’t change the fact I like to sleep with women.” There are very few straight men who are as actively gay friendly and compassionate and humane as Jake is. Don’t insult him by suggesting he is in a closet. You are projecting your own fears and fantsies on a man who deserves better from you. If guys can’t be friends, if every time you hang out with one of your buddies you are accused (yes, accused) of being gay, that is homophobic.You sure aren’t doing it out of affection. You are being very insulting and disrespectful of Jake and of his friends.And Doogie Howser and T.R Knight would tell you the same thing!

  • [Famous]

    Look at all the Jakecoholic’s.

    This dude is a fcuking enigma

  • Anon

    Anon 28, At last somebody speaks some sense, Thank you

  • xy


    i love your post! thank you.

  • Just Jared

    Looks good.

  • H

    omg Jake is NOT gay so can we all get off that and why is it weird for him to be single for so long? he’s one of the hottest bachelors in hollywood he should be single and play the field for a while especially since he had his heart crushed by snaggle tooth I mean kirsten

  • Jake

    I think both the Jake fangirls who want him to be with Reese (and hate Ted Casablancas for doing what he does, which is report gossip) and the fangirls who want him to be gay, are both the same coin but on different sides. Neither one of you makes any sense or is sensible.

    I like looking at Jake but I’m not emotionally invested in who he’s sleeping with and why should I? It’s not like I’m going to be sleeping with him anytime soon. He’s just a fantasy figure to me. I’d suggest the Jake straight and gay fangirls to get a grip on reality and ease up on their lunacies.

  • Michael C

    Where’s Austin?

  • litigious

    # 22 care to share the links for the many interviews where Ryan goes on and on about her love scenes? You completely made that up. He was asked if they bothered him and he said “of course” that was years ago by the way.

    You obviously don’t know Ryan Phillippe, Reese Witherspoon or Jake Gyllenhaal so maybe you’re imagining things the way that you want them to be. You can’t possibly know what any of these people are thinking or how they’re reacting.

  • passing by

    Bravo R28….

    Perhaps your post will make some people pause before they continue to post false information as if it were fact.

  • OMG

    Posting false information as if it were fact is what message boards are for!!!11!

    P.S. Jake and Reese are secretly MARRIED suck that haterz!!

  • lg

    jared shouldn’t bother with anybody else but jake, he is the hottest thing to walk this earth, he might not be classicly handsome but man is he sexy.
    i would do 25 years in jail for 15 minutes with him.
    he is so hot it makes me wanna cry because i’ll never have him.

  • liza

    isnt reese still married?

  • OMG

    No she isn’t. She is pretending to still be married to avoid the media glare on her new relationship. She actually divorced Ryan in the Domincan Republic months ago but he is so heavily into drugs he hasn’t opened his mail. She very smart about these things you know.

  • Susan


  • Anon.

    O. M. G., #41, LOLOL!!!! I thought they got divorced in Bolivia! Or maybe it was Lithuania!
    Yeah. Lithuania!

  • Anon.

    I know one thing. It will be ashamed if Reese decides to end things bcz there’s so much media attention. I think people have a right to be left alone. I think when the photographers are at your house like I read they were at Reese’s house and Jake’s house 24/7 that is terrible. Do you think Jake is at the hotel bcz he is tired of the reporters being at his house?

  • leslie b.

    is it just me or does he look upset about something? oh well he still looks HOT AS HELL!!!!!!! and as for reese and jake being a couple I still don’t think they ever were. I remember saying to myself right after the GLAAD awards that if I read something in the tabloid that reese was pissed that jake and jen were “cozy” i’m going to know this whole relationship thing is bull and guess what was all over the internet the next day HAHA

  • anom.

    The paps danced! They didn´t take a pic of Jake and Reese together!
    And I think they were together but it wasn´t serious!
    I hope their relationship is over.
    It´s time to Jake goes to brunettes!

  • Anon.

    A picture of Reese and Jake together was worth a lot of $$$! No pap in their right mind would NOT take that shot if it were there to be taken. Unless the paps were somewhere they should not have been. If they were breaking laws, going onto private property, they’d be prosecuted and sued and generally destroyed for a while. Most paps can’t afford the risk.
    If they really were together, they were super careful. And IMVHO, there come a point in a relationship when all that “being careful” and sneaking and taking two cars and hiding , etc. gets to be a burden. You ache for normal. It can be a real stress point. Especially if there are other stress things going on in your life like Reese has with the two kids and Ryan being an ass.

  • anonymous

    This place is good for a lot of laughs!! Thanks a lot everybody!!

    Ok, here’s an idea I’ve never seen put forth: could it be that the reason Jake is presumably still single is bcz he’s single-mindedly concentrating on his career at this point in his life? Some people do that. Focus their drive on their ambitions, and work hard and strive and are very successful.

    I think one could say Jake is succeeding *very well*, would you agree? Doesn’t mean he’s lacking for any female companionship. Haha, I doubt that!

    Maybe he’s getting exactly where he wants to be professionally by his single-minded dedication? He’s still young, he’s got his whole life in front of him, I think whenever he’s ready to get involved with someone again, he won’t have a hard time finding someone to love him! Quite the contrary!

  • future DILF hunter

    that shirt looks damn good on him now if only he would take it off lol

  • eka

    i think that’s it’s good that they aren’t together, it was awful from Reese . she had family and jake was ryan’s friend. fuf. it’s bad, it’s very bad. i’m haPPY THEIR ”FRIENDSHIP” is over