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Britney Flashes Her Boob -- AGAIN!

Britney Flashes Her Boob -- AGAIN!

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!!

Britney Spears has dang gone done it again! The habitually wardrobe-malfunctioning pop princess showed some extra flesh as she tried on clothes on Monday.

Britney was trying on several different outfits at the Beverly Hills store Jill Roberts when she stepped out to consult with her cousin Alli Sims. Her mammaries did pop out but she was wearing underwear!! After her shopping trip, Brit headed to the Four Seasons hotel for some pampering at the five star spa.

You can watch the video of Britney in the changing room here (it’s towards the end).

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Britney’s constant wardrobe malfunctions? And is it or just me, or does Britney look like she’s ready for some sumo wrestling with that hair?

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115 Responses to “Britney Flashes Her Boob -- AGAIN!”

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  1. 26
    Daisy Says:

    She does look good as a brunette…ummm…I have nothing else positive to say.

  2. 27
    mocha Says:

    I will contact the police i am warning you.

    blah blah blah blah go play in traffic blah blah blah.

    p.s blah blah

    i wuv u bwitney :)

  3. 28
    Dina Says:

    She was in CHANGING ROOM. For those who had never been in such place, it’s where you put off your cloths and try on new ones. Sometimes (horror!) you even have to put off your bra.

    I can bet if any of us were followed into changing room, there would be just as unflattering pictures as these, or worse.

    I’m far from blaming Jared, they bring the news as it is, but come on, why should Britney be responsible for this, when it’s the papps that followed her to CHANGING ROOM.

  4. 29
    [Famous] Says:

    If you don’t think she intentionally wanted those photos taken, you’re a fcuking re-tard-ed.


  5. 30
    [Famous] Says:

    LMFAO A “you’re a fcuking re-tard-ed” I’M WORST THAN SHITNEY HAHAHA!

  6. 31
    Bebe Says:


  7. 32
    samantha Says:

    why does alli always look better than her nutty cousin?

  8. 33
    Nick Says:

    her body looks good

  9. 34
    JR Says:

    Why are you “x’ing” out her boobs? This truck driver doesn’t have any class so what are you protecting her latest **** up for? Show the pix cause this mental patient is 2 weeks shy of checking back into the ward. She is a total waste of space and she continues to blame everyone else for her disasterous life. Who goes to rehab and then parties every single night? Wait: Lohan, Jess MESScalf, Robbie Williams, etc…

  10. 35
    Cyndi Says:

    oh please, when you follow people to their dressing rooms with camera, don’t be surprised when a boob flash happens. We all know Britney isn’t the smartest girl around hollywood, hence why she’s an easy victims for these trashy tabs.

  11. 36
    19 years old Says:




  12. 37
    Laura Says:

    Aww I think Brit is jealous of Paris getting all the attention.

    Britney Spears will always be a joke. She’s driving away all of her fans, who could blame them from moving on?

    I just think she should go back to L.A and get her life back together. The sooner she does that the sooner Hollywood can build it self back up.

    All these girls need to go home and re-evaluate their lives and reinvent themselves, the sooner the better.

  13. 38
    Shoegal Says:

    “I`m Britney and I`m a flashaholic!”

    She`s desperate for attention and she probably knows by now, her big “comeback” was postponed, that its pretty much over for her.

  14. 39
    Yada Says:

    I still find it amazing that actually people take her pictures and make news out of it!/ please! find someone decent, interesting or at least beautiful to take pictures and make news of..

  15. 40
    Paris Hilton Says:

    nobody strips off naked in a dressing room, all these top brand shops and boutiques have cctv cameras in there to catch thieves and shop lifters ripping the security belts off (remember winona ryder and lindsay lohan doing it). they dont have the cameras in the cubicle but they are in the dressing room corner, so if you strip off completely thinking you have privacy, you’re a d*ck. she knew she was being photographed, she is not that naive, but she is a skankie sl*t

  16. 41
    Paris Hilton Says:

    p.s. I am so hot

  17. 42
    nika Says:

    wardrobe malfunction!? well.. it can happen LOl.

  18. 43
    3^ Says:

    brit is a loser, move on—she is trash.

  19. 44
    naya Says:

    Dude you’re slipping. You forgot to photoshop the bra off in the 4th pic.

  20. 45
    JLC Says:

    COME ON! Seriously, what is wrong with this girl? I honestly believe she is mentally challenged. No one can be this stupid.

  21. 46
    BE Says:

    I can only say that it’s your problem. You took photos of the girl inside of the dressing room when she asked for Allie’s advice and didn’t realize that the blinds weren’t completely closed. I can only hope that you’ll get more human with the time and be able to leave her alone. If not for good, so just in moments when she’s trying clothes and stuff like that. I am, really upset at you guys. You weren’t O.K at all, and it doesn’t seem to bother you:/
    I just hope for B girl that she’ll be able to get rid of you from time to time, and that she’ll be more careful when you’re around.

  22. 47
    Mediterranean Says:

    Why are we making such a big deal if her photo is taken half naked? She showed all the world her va gi na, for God’s sake! What’s the point to see her boobs one more time, didn’t she show them last week or once every single week? Or does her schedule go like this two week breast, one week va gi na?

    I have never liked her, never shall.

  23. 48
    gini Says:

    she’s the incarnation of the ******* attitude

  24. 49
    d Says:

    she’s in a changing room, chances of slippage happening is more than likely; so who is worst britney for changing clothes or the cameras for actually following her?

    give me a break

  25. 50
    Dancer Says:

    Come off it guys, she knew that the chances the paps were around were about 100 percent! She courts them and likes the notoriety.

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