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Maddox & Pax Share Clothes!

Maddox & Pax Share Clothes!

Not only do Maddox and lil’ sis Zahara share clothes, Maddox gives his hand-me-downs to lil’ bro Pax as well!

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie‘s 3-year-old son Pax wore the black-and-gray striped shirt mid-June during a visit to the doctor’s office with dad.

Maddox, 5, also wore the same cute striped shirt last November during a boat ride in Mumbai, India with lil’ sis Zahara and their parents.

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maddox mumbai boat trip 01
maddox mumbai boat trip 02
maddox mumbai boat trip 03
maddox mumbai boat trip 04
maddox mumbai boat trip 05

Photos: Brian Prahl/Splash News Online
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  • Tracy


  • angelah


  • gina gee

    3rd?!? wow thats a first

  • missouri girl

    I swear I have seen this b4… but any news is good news I guess.

  • Love the Jolies

    Imnot surprise Angelina and Brad are normal parents and they see no harm in their kids clothes being pass on.they are adorable Madd and Pax and love me some Z.Thanks Jared.

  • missouri girl

    MID JUNE? That’s what I thought… CUTE BOYS ANYHOOO!!

  • Beautiful family

    Beautiful family and the kids are so cute in their matching shirts.Sweet Zahara.

  • Angelina is so hott an Brad too

    Yeah hand me downs is what I use for my children so Angie an Brad are not wasteful and they both look like 2 sweeties wearing them, Madd was so young and small there. Gosh seems like yesterday when Zee and Madd were just small babies. Best celeb family ever.

  • Ellen

    Good ! and why not ? Gorgeous kids…love them.

  • http://---- lauris

    So cute!!!they look adorable…

  • Objective Reasoning

    Refreshingly normal…one of the advantages of having your kids close in age!

    P.S. So glad Madd’s mohawk is gone now…he’s so much more adorable without it.

  • Nicole Copeland

    How cute!

  • Ellen

    Why not ? love this kids…lucky them.

  • Nicole Copeland


    Mad’s Mohawk isn’t gone, they just trimmed it up a little! XD They do that occasionally – did you notice how the one strip of hair on the top of his head is longer? That’s the start of it.


    I flippin love this family..their kids are so adorable and I think Pax and Shi are the cutest ones! Zee has such a cute attitude and Mad is just wonderful.

  • Ellen

    Missouri Fan, Good Morning to you…i will call u later.

  • bres

    Really? : 07/01/2007 at 12:53 pm
    1283 bres : 07/01/2007 at 12:47 pm
    euro : 07/01/2007 at 12:30 pm
    wowwww princess diana of wales is like angelina, both have so much in comun. i remember that angelina said something like diana inspiring me so much, and is true. i´m whatching now the special concert for this memory and she remember me so much angelina.
    yeahh is true


    Really? I thnk they are very different. Opposites in fact. The thing they have in common is their charity work which many people do. Other than that…night & day. I can see Angelinam more like Audrey Hepburn though. Audrey is an ICON.

    yeah i think that angelina is the new audrey hepburn, but too has so much in comun with diana for example, chariry work, family problems, love her kids, want to change the world, diana too had so much sex and she said is natural, open mind, problem with her goberment,…………

  • Nina

    of course Angelina loves all her kids but it’s obvious that Maddox is her heart =). They’re all precious, Angelina and Brad are great parents.

  • nicole richee fan

    My mom always passed my sisters clothes to me and then if wearable she gave the clothes to my younger cousins. That’s what real moms and dads do. No shame in that. This family has their values together.That is only reason I lLove them.

  • hey bres/ loving this family

    Angelina has always reminded me of another beautiful actress and that is Audrey Hepburn. I think alot of Jolie/Pitts agree. I know I do.

    That is so sweet Pax is wearing Mad’s shirt. Go Angelina and Brad. Their parents taught them well..And awww look at little Zahara..precious..God Bless them..we all just love em.

  • Passing Through

    Gotta love those recycling Jolie-Pitts. There’s nothing wrong with hand-me downs…especially EXPENSIVE hand-me downs. I’m pretty sure Angie does’t get the kids’ clothes at Wal-mart!

  • Passing Through

    ROTFLMFAO! Did you guys see that thread Jared has on Cameron Diaz being named in Criss Angel’s divorce suit as “homewrecker”?

    Let’s see Cam Diaz gets named in a divorce as “the other woman”…Angelina Jolie WASN’T EVEN INVOLVED ROMANTICALLY WITH BRAD PITT DURING HIS MARRIAAGE…yet the media slaps the “homewrecker” monicker on her and the tabs have ridden that pony into the ground for almost 3 years. Based on the tabs coverage of Diaz/Angel…I didn’t even know the man was married! My, my, my…the double standards Angelina Jolie has to live with…

  • angie!

    awww SUPER CUTE! i just realize how big maddox has gotten! he’s turning into a lil young man, before our eyes!

  • Natasha

    Wow my brother had a similar black-striped shirt like that when he was a kid, but when it got to small for him he hid it and cut it up for his ninja turtles. My mom was gonna give it to my baby brother.We had a good laugh.Cute kids all of them .Angelina&Bradd Gorgess.

  • ozi

    Dumb thread.

  • Mad-Pax-Z——-PT

    22 Passing Through>

    so true PT but I heard the guys wife has a temper so she aint playing around CD better watch it, but she has to keep up a happy face. Im going back to read it again.
    But Mad dont grow so fast, I still remember Angee holding you so close in her arms as a baby. Pax is a cuttie and our Zee ,their growing up sooo fast. Right on, hand me downs we all got em at least that is a cute shirt.

  • Marie

    That’s cool. Why waste a perfectly good shirt by throwing it aways when your other kids could wear it.

    So true, Passing through.

  • Sandy

    Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo CUTE !!!

    I adore this family !!!

  • bataglio

    i’d rather be wearing it in mumbai than to the doc’s office.
    mad – 1, pax – 0 (though pax’ sunglasses the other day might just put him one up)

  • Z

    Why not? She wants that they grow up knowing that a lot of people doesn’t have nothing, neither a pair of shoes. I love BAMPZS.

  • Dirty Denise

    18 Nina : 07/01/2007 at 1:05 pm
    of course Angelina loves all her kids but it’s obvious that Maddox is her heart =).
    All four of Angie’s children are her heart.

  • new pics

    cute kids

  • Dirty Denise

    I am do glad Brad and Angie are together, they were meant to be together. It was fate that brought those two together to form this beautiful family. They are just in sinc with each other and have the same purpose in life. I pray for this family.

  • new pics

    A mighty heart is almost at 7mil. Go see the movie people.

    14. 10 A Mighty Heart ParV
    -5 $1,154
    total $6,976,000
    budget $16

  • Hisyumminest says

    Down to earth family! :)

    Didn’t know about Cam’s BF Chris!

    Oh well I guess we shouldn’t be surprised at the press reaction; her name isn’t Angelina Jolie!! And the wife isn’t playing victim for sympathy.

  • Lillianne

    Wow Maddox has had a growth spurt since these pictures. I’m glad to see they are teaching their kids that clothes are not that important. It’s crazy to see people spend so much money to advertise somebody else’s name.

  • Oh come on!!!!!!

    Oh come on these “Clothes Sharing” post are getting old-not to mention silly. Step it up! …….Step…it…up!

  • MsCandyBarr

    I can’t believe that this is newsworthy . . . Who cares!?

    How many celebs do we see wearing the same thing from one day to the other? Quite a few! How many are seen wearing the same outfit to an awards show years later? A bunch!

    So they share a shirt. They also get to live in homes and go to schools all around the world . . . Just because Angie and Brad have money doesn’t mean they have to raise their children to be silly and superficial . . . Look at Paris Hilton!

    Why don’t you concentrate on all the idiots who have kids and can’t clothe or feed them, let alone take them all over the world. When teaching back East, I had kids who had never even left their county, let alone their state!

  • pickle

    Maddox is so so so so cute!

  • QQQQ
  • from

    AMH red carpet- he is sooo in love! go see this movie- amazing!!!

  • xenia

    ozi…why are you here if this is a dumb thread? that does make you a dumb person yirself? just asking…

  • Just Jazz

    Tks Jared,School is out so it’s not so easy to have different pics ready every day . The other thread was up to page 32 i believe so a fresh thread is great. Most smart mothers will save perfectly good clothes to pass on to the next child so it’s nice to see Angie does the same.
    We have all seen these kiddies grow since small babies ,kinda watched them grow from yr. to yr..Gosh Madzs looks like such a big boy now.They grow up so fast. Pax appears like he was always a part of the Jolie Pitt family,Such a cutie, all of them…What can i say..
    I love the Bampzs Family too..


  • QQQQ

    38 MsCandyBarr : 07/01/2007 at 2:07 pm – ‘Who cares!?”

    Well it’s OBVIOUS U do

  • missouri girl

    40 QQQQ : 07/01/2007 at 2:14 pm
    —————————————————————————————thanks for that link,I never saw those pics b4

  • Alexanderina

    Thanks Jared for the new thread. Very cute

  • Alexanderina

    40 QQQQ : 07/01/2007 at 2:14 pm

    Thanks for the pictures, haven’t seen them before

  • http://uk hope


  • missouri girl

    My god Brad looks sooooooo fine in that 1st pic..OMG. ..Angie is gogeous to….It isn’t fair, not fair at all :oops:

  • xenia

    I guess Jared putting up new threads about Brad & Angelina because their thread if left without new thread can go to over 1000 posts. Maybe that is why Jared is trying to put even non-news items for the family.

    And I guess Ms CandyBarr contributing post to make this thread popular. If MsBarr & others are sick & tired of them…why give the Jolie-Pitt the attention? It just make them more popular. I do not like the Aniston, the Hilton, the Spears & the Lohan BUUT I refuse to go to their thread & rant my heart out. Why should I give my precious time with the Aniston of the world. I care less about the Aniston.