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Nick & Vanessa Sex Pictures

Nick & Vanessa Sex Pictures

Nick Lachey & Vanessa Minnillo sex pictures from their vacation in Mexico have hit the web! Censored, for now. Australia’s Famous magazine just printed them.

Can you imagine when the uncensored pics hit the Internet? Or when/if video becomes available? Oh me, oh my.

Nick recently shrugged off these nudie pics telling OK!, “Where’s the scandal? I was in Mexico with my girlfriend celebrating our first anniversary together on a private vacation. It’s not like I was caught with a Mexican hooker. We’ve all gone out and had a few too many and done something stupid. We’ve all made mistakes.”

One word: BANGIN’!

UPDATE: Apologies, pictures removed. Go Internet digging for them!

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129 Responses to “Nick & Vanessa Sex Pictures”

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  1. 101
    coalharbourqt Says:

    Looks like I’m late to the party! Bummer. Anyway, looks like they got a bit too frisky outside – much ado about nothing. It looks like a private hot tub attached to their room so I’m sure they thought they had privacy – or maybe they’d had a few drinks and just got lost in the moment. Can you imagine having to live your life thinking every waking moment about whether there was a pap stealing your private moments? I’m sure at some point they must just think “scr*w it” – pardon the pun.

    That is definitely Vanessa’s foot in the air – heck how do I draw a diagram on this darn thing? :lol:

    Oh ya, and if that was pics of Brad and Angie getting their freak on, it would be so hot that I’D have to have a cigarette when they were done! :D

  2. 102
    funny Says:


    I agree with #12 Nick looks like he handle that period. lol
    i dunno i was a lil sad that him and jessica never worked out. i dout mayer is throwin it that deep but its cool not everyone can handle a guy that acutally knows how to be a man whether sexually or mentally its just life. i hope Vanessa doesnt break Nick’s heart or vice versa.

    #29 LOL girl no one is looking at feet in that moment dont be so self conscious

    BESDIES what is the big deal sex is awesome especially if it is with someone u love and adore everyones got a lil perv in them look at how many ppl resonded to this u voyeurs LOL j/k relax :)

  3. 103
    princesscookie Says:

    Nick has said before that he likes sex al fresca (outdoors).
    Everyone’s had stories of “where was the wierdest place you’ve ever done it?” Me? I’ve done it in a pyramid at Baghdad International Airport.

    Whew…Nick and Vanessa. You made my glasses fog up.

    ps. Brangelina will never get caught with their uh-hum “pants down.”
    They have too many body guards around.

  4. 104
    Emme Says:

    i just bought famous magazine.. There’s a four page spread of these two.. The rudey bits are blotted out.. But the shocking thing is that I had to go to three different newstands in the city just to get it – plus mine was the last one too!!! So i dunno whether people are interested in these two, or whether famous always sells that quickly.. Cause I never buy magazines.. I always get my gossip from Jared cause he’s the best.. awwwwwwwwwwww.. hehehe

  5. 105
    tres`hot Says:

    aaawwwww….. there goes my wishfull thinking.. come on there must be some adventurous paps out there who would risk live and limb to get Brad and Angie pics in the ‘risque’ poses..
    I wanna see them!!!!!… boy just thinking about them is already fogging up my screen LOL ;D

  6. 106
    Claudia Says:

    Emme can you scan the pictures pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee???

  7. 107
    cutie pie Says:


  8. 108
    julia weinstein Says:

    how did his foot get up there like that?

  9. 109
    Adam Says:

    They are HUMANS! and they have sex! It just adds to Nikcs HOT factor! Looks like he knows what hes doing!

  10. 110
    yoursexyblog Says:

    Mega hot !!!!

  11. 111
    blah Says:

    damn these pictures are kinda hot . Who’s feet is up in the air, is it Vanessa ‘s ? LOL. Just looking at Nick’s facial expressions just made LMAO!

  12. 112
    anon Says:

    nick looks good,, vanessa is just a low life living off nick and jessicas money she probably spotted the cameras and asked nick to get it on.she’l do anything for publicity to try and get herself a up top!

  13. 113
    Cilla Says:

    i bet you he was thinking “jessica was better” and she was!!! Nessa is soooooooo NOT AS hott AS JESS!! and is that Nicks FOOT?? man hes flexible!! but wait?? how woud that make sense?? ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww never mind its Vanessas foot…geesh she has ugly feet!!

  14. 114
    princesscookie Says:

    That leg? Maybe there were three of them in that tub?
    You know, as in “Rub-a-Dub-Dub, Three Men in a Tub…”
    well, one of them was a woman.

    As I’ve analyzed it: That foot can’t be Vanessa’s.
    The position of her head and the location of that big toe
    makes it near impossible for that foot be located as high
    as it is. Unless of course, she’s a limber contortionist.
    Yes, that’s redundant. But if she’s only so tall then she
    must not only be able to be Gumby-like, but can also extend
    her limb like the one of the Incredibles.

    I’ve killed everyone’s libido, I’m sure. But that’s what Cialis
    is for or even better: the slow-mo make out session of Brangelina.

  15. 115
    lol Says:

    If nick keeps giving vanessa sex up the butt. Her butt will be the size of the grand canyon in a few years.
    I think jessica is classier. I bet she was laughing her butt off.
    I wonder what will happen if nick and vanessa break up. Will she sue him for pain and suffering ( you know with the up the butt thing and all) LOL

  16. 116
    who caes Says:

    shut the **** up

  17. 117
    longly Says:

    heres a blown up clearer version of it

  18. 118
    britt Says:

    They should loose in court and have the photos released.
    Not that Im like”OMG,need to see them naked” because Im totally not like that..But theyre both celebs..Well Nick is more of one, to me but whatever
    They should know if they want privacy,have sex paris hilton-esque in a bedroom.
    Not outside.
    They both know about paparazzi, how did they think they’d get away with that crap?

  19. 119
    LOL Says:

    wow…at least he still do sex……

  20. 120
    fianzu lucy Says:

    nick and venessa are such a beautiful couple , they deserve the best from.

    GOD AND EVERYBODY. whateer they do its there problem. why should people care so much about them. we are forgettingone thing they are human beings.

  21. 121
    loveme Says:

    here’s the picutre:

  22. 122
    vanssa Says:

    hi i love vessa cuz her name is likes my name and i love her and shee is soo cute and nice and all the most of the peoples hate her cuz she is soo nice and i know that i wish her all the best she and zac vanssa is the best i loved her movie like high school musical 1 ‘ 2 and all

    soo she the best that iss noo more saying she the warst she is the best vanessa is the best the best daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  23. 123
    shanice Says:

    i think that this is reaaaaaaaaaaaally groose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. 124
    getalifepeople Says:

    first off they’re just a couple in love having sex in a hot tub. I do that with my boyfriend all the time. Second thats vanessas foot because nick can’t do that. Third just because she’s turned around doesnt mean shes taking it up the butt, doggy style maybe? And fourth, I would LOVE to have nick give it to me like that, he looks damn good. Look at Vanessas face in the last pic, thats ALWAYS a good sign.

    and i dont think this was a publicity stunt, but if it was its a win win situation. Great sex and publicity…

  25. 125
    seicawmj ctqix Says:

    xkvi gapfvrw konlqahrb ixqpblyec yeniuw zkmig kyrqcln

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