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Heidi Montag Appreciates her Fans

Heidi Montag Appreciates her Fans

Heidi Montag and fiance Spencer Pratt leave Koi, a restaurant specializing in Japanese-inspired cuisine with California accents.

After the couple finished dining in West Hollywood, they left the restaurant holding hands. When fans approached them, they happily obliged and posed for photos with fans as they left the eatery.

A satisfying day for Heidi and Spencer‘s stomachs and a satisfying day for their fans.

The third season of The Hills premieres Monday, August 13 at 10 PM ET.

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Credit: Just Jesse (Guest Blogger); Photos: Josephine Santos/
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  • caitt

    i hate to admit it, but she actually looks kind of pretty
    i like her outfit

    i had no idea that they actually have fans though!, who would want to be a fan of theirs especially after what they did to LC.

  • Marbs84

    Is it just me or is she looking like a stick lately? She wasn’t this skinny when she was on The Hills.

  • Jamie

    she looks quite ok, but why the hell does Spencer Pratt always look like someone’s hit him in the back of his head?? that stare! that weird stare!

  • [Fug Face Anorexic Bonelie]

    They look amazing!

    4th best couple in Hollywood.

  • Madi

    They have fans?

  • Vicky


    Who is this woman? and for the love of God…

    SHE HAS FANS?????

  • TheDevilWearsPrada!

    6 Vicky : 08/10/2007 at 1:06 pm


    Who is this woman? and for the love of God…

    SHE HAS FANS?????


    She does some good German porn!

  • Casie

    Wow…they have fans? I guess even OJ has fans.

  • Jessica

    fans? are you serious? what has she done? absolutely nothing…but cause drama on the hills.

  • Julia

    i was listening to spencer/heidi’s podcast with ryan seacrest and it’s like 35 minutes of bashing people. blah. did you know that “montag” means monday in german? yeahh haha.

  • Babysis

    even though i don’t really know anything about them, i’m glad they singed autographs and all, those fans were prolly waiting for a while.

  • lh

    i smell 15 minutes of fame for these losers

  • liza

    I bet these people don’t even really care, they just wanted to say they met the bitch from the Hills and her stupid boyfriend that looks like he just stepped out of a 1990′s boyband music video (seriously his hair is the worst I have seen since the flat top!)

  • http://justjared Donna

    hmm fans, I see her in a lot of mags but I still don’t know or care who she is. They both just bore the heck out of me.


    I bet they were plants. Who cares about this chick?


    Wait, isn’t The Hills a horror movie or something?

  • teddy

    Jesus Heidi is ugly, now I know why spencer was going after Audrina first.



  • dookie

    They are both trash! Their 2 minutes of shame fame are about up! She has the brain of an ant and he has the heart of a pirranah. Why waste your film on these two nothings?!? Heidi, you should rent the movie “Star 80″ and watch. It might give you insight as to the type of guy you have chosen to control your life.

  • Dirty Cougar

    Media whoring again fromt these two. As long as they are happy. I love Heidi’s dress! Fabulous dress!

  • Finley

    They don’t have fans – its just a funny way to make fun of them.

  • Tealeaf

    The fact that her and the EWOK talk SO much S$%t about LC makes me want to punch both of them in the face. LC is the star, nobody cares about plastic girl and EWOK.

  • Jimmy

    haha they appreciate their fans because they only have a select few.
    team laurennnn!

  • Anony

    Do you not recognize their clothing attire? This is what they wore to the The Hills Premiere party! They’re out to dinner at Koi because they were BANNED from going to the party, but they were allowed to walk the red carpet early before any of the casts arrived (specifically Lauren).

    So while everyone was partying it up and celebrating The Hills premiere, those two had to go eat by themselves. Ha-Ha how sad!

  • nika

    I didnt know she had fans LOL.
    Her dress reminds me of a zebra =X haha.

  • eyehartjj

    They have fans????

  • Mikaela

    Fug Face Anorexic Bonelie
    They look amazing!

    4th best couple in Hollywood.

    Who’s First???

  • tammi

    please, it was staged like everything else these fugly idiots do.

  • Yo

    Not to be a broken record, but she has fans? For doing what? Being on some inane reality show, having a fake relationship with a douchebag? Or buying a new nose and fake boobs? Seriously. Why do I know who either of these people are?

  • laurensucksbeefcurtains

    Heidi looks amazing. She has fans for being FABULOUS, you know that thing that Lauren Conrad is not. Her body kicks major ass. Spencer looks sharp as a tack in that suit! They are perfection together. & Its stupid to say all she did was start drama when it was that pathetic bitch Lauren who started all the shit. She made Heidi choose bewteen her & Spencer. That’s a huge bitch move.

  • casey

    JARED STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • beefy’s best friends

    Beef Curtains Lauren fat@ss Conrad(whatever the fugs name is)best buds awww…their all loosers.

  • betduke

    Let’s all thank MTV for giving us more celebretards. Stick to music videos. That’s why their is an “M” in MTV!

  • yuck to all 3 drama queens= H&S an get a diet plan LC

    Non talented ,all 3 in the drama,,including the whole cast im sure, you have to be brain dead to watch these type of FAKE reality shows. Real tv Not!

  • becky

    I would not want that man within 5 feet of me he’s a freak he’s a liar and a cheat and I dont know why Heidi is gonna marry him she’s so clueless and dumb it’s sad!

  • melini

    They are both dumbass. She looks like a freakin stripper. I cannot stand to see both of them that is why I am not watching the hills because of these two fug face. She is so ugly looking like a cheap horsey wannabe playmate. At least LC, Whitney and Audrina have more class then these two motherfuckers. MTV is just stupid to allow them to trash LC after they have made tons of millions of that poor girl. She should just quit the show because these two morons goes around and spread lies about her. When is this dumbass spencer going to come out of the closet. Both him and perezhilton are lovers that is why he is on their side. What a bunch of fuck faces. TEAM LAUREN ALL THE WAY!

  • Amber

    Two ugly horsefaces.

  • laurensucksbeefcurtains

    Lauren fans are pathetic just like Lauren. BRING ON THE HEIDI & SPENCER PICS!

  • hello

    haha I bet laurensucksbeefcurtains is Heidi or Spencer.

  • Bree

    The fact that she has fans is hilarious! This will all play out wonderfully when 6-12 months after their marriage, Spencer, who is by far one of the ugliest men I’ve seen in a LONG time, leaves her for the next hottest club hopping piece of trash. Hell, I’m being optimistic. This “wedding” will most likely not even see the light of day. Oh well. She can go cry to whoever’s replacing Lauren these days.

  • j

    those 2 fugly losers need to stop riding LC’s coatails and trying to become famous by talking trash about the very hand that feeds them!

  • Madi

    I don’t really like LC or Heidi or any of the morons from laguna or the oc or whatever. But LC is still 100000x better than this whore and her bitch.

  • gross lauren+these 2

    Lauren spencer and heidi these tv hacks. where/who is lauren’s big fat @ss sellin those walmart/k-mart clothes to? lauren is a passive aggresiive hor-e. ever since she went after ‘kristian’s’ man so desperately i couldnt stand her, the bicth is deadly sneaky..
    now she is suppose to be so nice and good. puleeese she’s a ho in disguise. what a ska-nk. the other two stencher and plain jane who gives a fck! i just cant stand that ho lauren perpetrating she is a somethin special.i hope the tape shows up.

  • sharone

    LOVE Lauren. hate these two fugly morons. I think it’s hilarious that they weren’t allowed to attend the premiere party. Act like turds and people will treat you like turds. very fitting name for this couple actually. meet the turds, UNnatural turd and johhny fairplay wannabee turd. Pathetic losers! And yes, it’s pretty much a given that their “fans” were paid to be there!

  • megan

    What fans? LOL oh you mean the 3 people they paid to show up?

  • sarah

    I am amazed that each time I see these two morons they get uglier and uglier. They both have the wierdest biggest teeth I have ever seen, him especially. His teeth are like matt dillon’s in “something about mary” they are seriously freaky – I mean my God, they’re chicklet size! wtf is up with that. They both also have enormous heads! His looks like a giant melon and hers is like a giant oval. again wtf??? And why are they always paying that photographer friend to take their picture? Are they that desperate for fame and money? Pretty pathetic if you ask me…

  • Michelle

    What most people don’t know for fact but most everyone suspects from what I have read on some sites is that Spencer Pratt is gay. I grew up with him and he was honest about it with about 3 people, I was not one of them but my sister-in-law was, however we all pretty much knew it without even having to be told. He went on to have a few boyfriends but they were all while he was “dating around” with girls. Heidi is his cover and his way to make a name for himself at the same time. He is letting Heidi become “famous” first in hopes that no real dirt digging will be done on him. His hope is to be able to become well known and to never have to actually worry about being found out for sure, kinda the Tom Cruise thing.

  • Jillian

    What losers but how funny they couldn’t get into the hills party!! Hopefully this is an indication that they won’t be on the new season except for an episode or 2 to finish out their “story” No one gives two bleeps about them anyway. They’re both boring as hell, he wears chains and valley talks and pretends to be a player – but seriously, who would want him??? And she is just as bad, lying, becoming a plastic geek who lets her bf treat her like crap, yeah …just the people we want to watch every week…NOT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jillian

    michelle, thanks for your post. i always wondered abouit his sexual “orientation”
    everything with heidi just seems so staged and forced, nothing like how she was with Jordan. well, add thisone to the long list of things spencer LOVES to lie about…

  • Vicky

    Jared is obviously the only fan of these desperate people on the planet…