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Ben Jackson: I am Not Jude's Brother

Ben Jackson: I am Not Jude's Brother

Despite the major scuffle with paparazzi last night, Jude Law was in good spirits as he left his London home with personal assistant friend Ben Jackson on Wednesday.

The pair dropped by the Central London Hotel, where they met up with actor Michael Caine.

FYI: Jude Law doesn’t have a brother, just an older sister named Natasha Law. Ben was/is in a long-term relationship with Holly Davidson, the younger sister of Jude‘s ex-wife Sadie Frost. He is now a partner in Riff Raff films and co-producer of Sleuth, the twisty two-character thriller starring Law and Caine.

10+ pictures inside of Jude and Ben

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ben jackson jude law assistant 01
ben jackson jude law assistant 02
ben jackson jude law assistant 03
ben jackson jude law assistant 04
ben jackson jude law assistant 05
ben jackson jude law assistant 06
ben jackson jude law assistant 07
ben jackson jude law assistant 08
ben jackson jude law assistant 09
ben jackson jude law assistant 10
ben jackson jude law assistant 11
ben jackson jude law assistant 12
ben jackson jude law assistant 13

Photos: Big Pictures/Bauer-Griffin
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  • Julia


  • jennifer

    he is even hotter than jude! bhahaa

  • Tara

    Both are looking good

  • sheryl

    They are both hottie, but I prefer Jude…always…always…

  • Brenda

    Jude is almost 5’11″…I wonder how tall Ben is?? I never thought he looked that much taller than Jude in other photos of them…but he looks a lot taller here.

  • Belinda

    Jude looks great. I’m glad to see him looking so happy.

  • Brenda

    Belinda, me too! I love to see him smile!

  • Belinda


    I agree with you that I had no idea that Ben was that much taller than Jude and I’ve seen numerous pictures of them together. It looks like he has on elevator shoes.

  • KarenA

    Jude looks so, so good. Those are great shots of him. Brooding or smiling, it doesn’t matter, he is gorgeous. I’m very glad to see him out and about (and cheerful) too. Thanks, Jared!

  • Bagpiper

    Whatever he eventually says in court, I think Jude secretly enjoyed punching that pap out. Good on him.

  • Bagpiper

    And OMG! Lace up boots! Worn bluejeans! White shirt with loose cuffs! This man is my style icon. His clothing choices are always spot on.

    Where can I get a pair of those boots?

  • angie

    #10 Bagpiper,
    Hahahahaha, I agree.

  • angie

    And #11 Bagpiper,
    I also agree here, too. He looks good.

  • Belinda

    “I think Jude secretly enjoyed punching that pap out.”

    LOL! I think you’re right.

    But I really don’t condone the physical violence. I know of a case in the past year where a friend’s husband was involved in a silly physical altercation that resulted in a death. Plus, it won’t solve his overall paparazzi problem.

  • angie

    That’s true, Belinda, physical altercations can be bad. Maybe paps need to change their strategy and leave kids out of it totally(?) It seems like that’s what Jude usually responds to. I just saw a clip on TV about the altercation, and it also showed a clip of him in the recent past having words with a guy with a video camera who was VIDEOING (!) his kids. I’d feel pretty threatened by that.

  • Belinda

    The paps are not going to change their strategy unless they are forced to through new laws that can be enforced. Certainly they will not change their strategy just because Jude roughed one of them up. Jude’s kids have been photographed and videoed ever since Jude and Sadie became a couple. I don’t know what caused him to snap this time but the pap problem is nothing new.

  • Britboy

    Shame Nathan Bogle wasn’t with them. They make a great-looking trio.

  • [~Famous~]

    both gay

  • sheryl

    #16: I agree, the paps definitely are not going to change on their own, but surely some laws should be enacted or changed to tone down their behavior…that would be a good thing, I suppose. Oh well. I’m just glad to see Jude smiling.

  • Daphne

    I’m glad to see Jude looking happy and stunningly gorgeous. Love those boots. Love his style. How come he always manages to look put-together and stylish, yet casual, like he just threw the clothes on?

  • dolorescraeg

    i met ben. he’s very tall around 6’3″…it depends when they’re walking on what part od the sidewalk they are on. sometimes the sidewalk slopes and ben can appear taller. jude is about 5’10″aybe 5’11″. anyway he looks smashing and thank you jared for this treat…i read in somebody’s column that they would pay jude 50 bucks just to hit him..imagine going around to your friends and saying look jude law hit me….freakin’ jude law hit me….the guy said he would wear that like a merit badge…

  • Sandy

    He jut has wonderfull clothing sense and if he pays any attention to what he is wekaring it comes up right. When he goes for coffee I think he is baely awae and then whatever he grabs first and he stll iooks good because he just can’t look bad. Ikpossible. what a
    class act. I think I woudn”t mi8d seeing him in a movie decking some guy who deserved it.(Even Cary gRANT DID IT A FEW TImes,You are
    forgiven Jared for not doing the red carpet with these gorgeus pashots of our boy – I wonder who took these? wonder if this guy was a particular wise guy (the one he allegedly hit) In any case I am sure he deserved it if there was a fight and if not there are plenty that do deserve it and more because of the anguish and danger they generate.

  • Nicole_Bitchie

    So hawt hawt hawt!

  • dulcemirita

    Very stilysh, no doubt. Jude has an inner sense for being cool, no matter what he wears, it’s innate. I bet that he got the boots from his movie Enemy at the gates, or maybe Cold Mountain and kept them as souvenir, and from time to time…..he decides to have a walk to air them

  • Fouf

    Hate him and that a.s.s.h.o.l.e.who cares who is he?

  • Fouf

    F.U.C.K this Horney dog.
    i hate this site everybody love

  • nadine

    AWWWWW! Ben makes Jude happier than any woman could! Jude’s completely in love with Ben.

  • Emilie

    They’re both hot! But the men is hotter than jude! He should do some cinema! =P

  • violin

    they look like they’re having fun..if Jude is happy when i’m happy too..i love you Jude

  • erica

    Love ya, Jude!

  • sheryl

    Interesting little blurb about Jude and Brad at the above site.

  • gini

    Jude is better

  • Pole

    Although he’s back at wearing those awful pointy shoes he looks great! I’m glad he’s not troubled by the situation. I’ve go to love him :) Thanks Jared!

  • Pole

    @sheryl: Interesting little read. It’s obviously not just Jude who gets provoked by the paparazzi – and I’ve got to say that I find it very sad if your children have to grow up surrounded by security like the Jolie-Pitts. I can understand why Jude try to keep them away from that.

  • natalie

    they’re gorgeous.
    and Nathan Bogle, he can’t go with Jude & Ben, he’s dating Natalie Portman now.

  • blueberry

    he is always always perfect and delicious.ı love you so so so so much jude

  • dolorescraeg

    jude looks so young…remember in a previous post i mentioned that i spoke to ben jackson….it was on the set of my blueberry nights…ben is nice looking but when jude comes out he struts and he radiates heat just by being. that’s a talent AND there’s no comparing, when you at them in person….jude’s looks are out of this world. there’s a difference with how jude law looks and the rest of the world.

  • Daphne

    I agree Dolores. Ben is nice looking but Jude, Jude’s a Greek god in the flesh.

  • Britboy

    Oh, let’s be fair. I know you are all big Jude fans, and so am I, but lets not belittle Ben because of it. He’s great too. To Emilie, Ben Jackson did model at some point, which is how he became such good friends with Nathan Bogle, but I have no idea if he has ever acted.

  • sharyllee

    I love jude law. he should be GQ s man of the year,, when??

  • Daphne

    Who’s belittling Ben? He is nice looking and he seems to be a nice guy. But he is Jude’s personal assistant and got promoted to partner at Jude’s company, obviously because of Jude. He is NOT Jude for talent (because we’ve no idea what he does), nor for looks (because really, nobody is). To point this out is to belittle him and is unfair? Give me a break.

  • Britboy

    Oh, please, silly girl. You know nothing. You’re just another starchaser. If you look over the first part of your explanation, you’ll see the flaw in your thinking. Who said that Jude promoted him? Ben may have paid to become partner. And if Jude did promote him, maybe Jude found him talented and capable? Give me a break! And I’ll rub it in more, he’s also extremely easy on the eyes too, just like Jude, maybe even more.

  • sheryl

    I know. People say they should expect this comes along with their celebrity (personally, I think stalking is stalking, celebrity or not), but I think there should be special restrictions enacted with regards to the children.

  • Daphne

    I never said Ben had no talent in whatever it is he does. I am saying no one here knows what Ben does because Ben is not in the public eye.

    As to looks, may be you’re Ben? Haha silly boy.

  • Daphne

    And another thing, Ben may have merited his promotion or paid for it. Who knows? But obviously it was up to Jude to make it happen since it’s his company.

    Nobody here belittled Ben. It’s you, Britboy, who wants to make an issue of nothing. Why don’t you give us all a break and go to those gay sites instead. They have lots of men who are easy on the eye. They seem just your cup of tea.

  • Pole

    sheryl, I think we agree 100% :)

  • Britboy

    I thought you were belittling Ben because he is not in the public eye, and you couldn’t stand to see anyone say anything favourable about him in comparison to Jude, who is a celebrity, as was done earlier in the thread. Ben is as easy on the eyes as Jude, sometimes a little more so, which someone said earlier and you couldn’t stand. That’s the reason why I reacted the way I did. While I greatly admire certain celebrities, and I am a big Jude fan, I do not fawn over them and like to imagine that their celebrity makes them superior to others. Contrary to what you said in your parting inasult, I greatly admire talent, ande I’ve always thought Jude supremely talented, which only makes him more fascinating. I’ve done my best to ignore your insult, since it is not true of me, and I refuse to sink to that level of insult. If you really believed in the innate superiority of Jude to Ben, you wouldn’t have felt the need to write such an insulting remark, which can only offend plenty of people who come to this site, and not just gay men.

  • Daphne

    Britboy, Did I say that Jude was “superior” to Ben? It is clear from my posts (and Dolores’s, whom I was agreeing with) that I think Jude Law’s beauty is extraordinary compared to others, include Ben. That is my OPINION and it is Dolores’s as well (and she has seen both of them in real life). How that you would construe that as “fawning over” Jude Law and imagining that his celebrity makes him “superior” to others is beyond me.

    You made the point that you think Ben is “extremely easy on the eyes,… maybe even more [than Jude]“. Since that is based on nothing but his looks, I suggested you go to the gay sites where there are plenty of men who are “extremely easy on the eyes,… maybe even more [than Jude]“. It is a perfectly logical suggestion. You may enjoy visiting those sites more picking arguments with strangers here.

    And don’t pretend to take the high road. I remind you to read your post where you called me “silly girl. You know nothing.” Those are not insults? Those are not words to pick a fight? Now you say you refuse to sink to my level?

    This will be my last post about this. I’ve wasted enough of my time with you, sanctimonious hypocrite that you are.

  • Belinda


    Just shut up. Your posts are embarrassing to everyone that comes to this sight. No one talks to anyone the way you do. I think you need to take up some type of physical exercise to rid yourself of your anger and aggression. You seem to have no outlet except to get on one of several Jude Law web sites and have ridiculous arguments with people. You actually scare me but not in the way that you may think.

  • Daphne

    Belinda, Whatever problem you’ve got, it’s nothing to do with me. I will post what I please. That scares you? Good. Now, shut up.