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Jashley Jet Out of Town

Jashley Jet Out of Town

Ashley Tisdale and aspiring singer boyfriend Jared Murillo, aka Jashley, catch a flight out of LAX airport on Thursday in Los Angeles.

Jashley, aka Tizzillo, flew first class on United Airlines Airlines. Ashley has been busy filming the comedy Picture This! while Jared has been working on his music with the newly formed boy band The Factory.

Ashley looked very Jessica Simpson-esque with her blonde hair extensions, LV doggie carrier and summer dress. Yes/no?

15+ pictures inside of Ashley and Jared jetting off…

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jashley lax airport 01
jashley lax airport 02
jashley lax airport 03
jashley lax airport 04
jashley lax airport 05
jashley lax airport 06
jashley lax airport 07
jashley lax airport 08
jashley lax airport 09
jashley lax airport 10
jashley lax airport 11
jashley lax airport 12
jashley lax airport 13
jashley lax airport 14
jashley lax airport 15

Photos: Scott/Jri/Dean/Bauer-Griffin
Posted to: Ashley Tisdale, Jared Murillo

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  • justobvious


  • LOL

    dude jared, i love ya but stop with the nicknames. it’s getting old

  • rachel


    she looks Vary much like Jessica Simpson!
    She is so beautiful!

    i bet she’ll love you for saying that jared.

    Jared murillo looks Really cute.

  • kakc

    jessica simpson 2.0??

  • Jennifer

    i love ashley and jared they look good together and i hope they do hsm3

  • emme

    I am seriously loving that bag!!! Anybody know who’s that is?

    She looks great too.. Thanks Jared

  • dalia

    I wonder if they’re going on a vaca again. I wonder if they hang out with Zanessa?

  • duh

    WTF is she wearing? She needs to go away!

  • lala

    Mmm too Simpson! Don’t like it, be yourself and not a copykat
    I like it much more when she is wearing weird designs and fun dresses.

  • LOL

    is her bf wearing bell-bottoms?

  • celine

    She looks too pretentious for me. Not impressed by her at all. Plus, her nose is too big.

  • roselyn


  • roselyn

    she needs to sort out her priorities…^_^

  • fazlyn

    the dress…hmm…maybe it would look nicer if it is a bit shorter…

    she’s cuter than Jessica tho…The guy is cute too.Look like someone you would love to snuggle…heheh.How did they met?..

    they even have the same ring…just like Zanessa…
    would love to see them double-date…

  • cor

    I think she tries too much to be something or someone she’s not. shame really because if it wasn’t for that, I’d most likely be a fan.

  • wtf

    holy shit she looks like a hippy!!!

  • wtf

    jared looks like a retard!!
    nd ashley looks a bit beta except for d dreeesss..

  • Jennie

    i love her, she does remind me of jessica simpson in these pictures, probably because her choice of outfit.

  • Jennie

    but i do love the outfit and her bags ! i love, love, LOVE louis vuitton. i can’t leave mines alone.

  • roselyn

    she looks dumb in pic.09

  • clara

    Hate jessica simpson and anything that resembles her so not really a fan of this outfit. Wonder where they’re going, Her boyfriend is so ehh.

  • carla

    aw i love ashley

  • jayelle

    ooh love jashley

  • why

    Honestly, why would anyone ever idolize Jessica Simpson the way this girl does? Jessica may be extremely pretty and she may have a good singing voice, but she plays off her stupidity in order to be famous and she has no more personality than expensive wallpaper….

  • adfasdfsdfasefasdf

    Wannabe zanessa…..

  • mel


  • adfasdfsdfasefasdf

    Whoops i meant “zanessa wannabe…”

  • adfasdfsdfasefasdf

    Why do i say that you might ask?
    1. Zac and Vanessa has that same ring
    2. Going to Hawaii RIGHT after Zanessa left
    3. There is no three

    Reasons why Zanessa is better
    1. Zanessa actually seems like they love each other
    2 Zanessa is cuter
    3. WTF did Jared Murillo come from?
    4. Zac and Vanessa would actually try to hide themselves

    Remember that it IS just my opinion and you guys might think differently so don’t go hating on me!

  • emilie

    ashley always looks good!
    and jared is cute in these pictures
    love the dark hair

  • el

    they look kinda cute together..hmm..i mean they’re ok..not too bad.. I dont think that jared munillo is that cute but hey what I really want to see is more ZANESSA!! hahahhaa

  • person

    zanessa is crap, well vanessa is, zanessa is so stupid
    jashleys cute but i dont like jaerd really..

    and i dont htink ashleys dress was that cute, but oh well

  • zzzz

    zanessa is stupid, they never smile when they’re together and vanessa looks older than zac. even ashley looks younger than vanessa.

  • ver

    I remember her saying that Jessica Simpson is her style icon. Ashley’s ok but I can’t stand Jessica.

  • kathy

    i think she looks cute, i don’t know about the guy though

  • Jéssica

    i think jared is soo cute! nhamnham *-*


    cute couple but not cuter than zanessa yaya

  • kat

    ashley and vanessa are friends! so don’t hate and stop piting them against each other! Stop causing drama that doesn’t exist. i think they’re both great on their own, i’m glad that their great friends even outside of the business.

  • Emmi

    She looks really good! Love the shoes

  • britt

    oh my gosh,ashley looks stunning! Very beautiful with her new hair and that dress is so cute. Jared and Ashley make a cute couple!

  • Anon

    At least she looked in the mirror this time before leaving her house. Hair and outfit is much better but really, anything is better than what she wore and looked like before in those tanning pics.

  • qek

    WTF?? Jashley= CRAP
    well, jared kinda cute… BUT ASHLEY??????? ******!

  • Sara

    for those of you who wanted to know her brown’s a prada all-leather tote! & of course the other is very obvious…louis vuitton carryon tote.

    she looks cute in these pictures by the way but i absolutely hate what her boyfriend is wearing! Zac dresses WAY better in my opinion…and why is her boyfriend wearing bell-bottoms with those out-dated circa. 1999 shoes ? Urgh…

    also her extensions are really really can’t even tell!

  • amy

    hey look theyre wearing the same rings just like zanessa! so cute !

  • alex

    ah, they dnt intrest me that much
    i want t see ZANESSA

  • emzi

    i want more zanessa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ilya

    i don’t like ashley look like she has married.opps……..and old too.

  • Sue

    whats up with this lame background? geeesh

  • jewel


    it’s much better if you put more news about zanessa!!!!
    it’s more interesting ^_^ no offense to her fans…i’m just telling my opinion…


  • No way

    Scarily like Jessica, with the dress, the jewellery, the sunnies, even the fact she is carrying the LV dog bag on the same arm. Seriously, get your own personality, girl! Do you think Jessica dresses to look like anyone else? Create your own style!
    It’s embarrassing enough when everyday people try to copy celebs, but when celebs copy celebs – SPEW!

  • kemmie

    ok her boyfriend is uber geeky. she is too, but he’s worse. lol isn’t he younger too? because it looks WAY young.

    he was dorky in HSM/HSM2 also…. still a dork.