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Zac Efron Has Hairy Feet

Zac Efron Has Hairy Feet

Zac Efron shows off his hairy feet while wearing white flip-flops during a press conference for Nickelodeon’s Australian Kids’ Choice Awards 2007 on Tuesday at the Sydney Entertainment Centre in Sydney, Australia.

Tomorrow, the teen heartthrob will co-host the awards show at the Entertainment Centre with Aussie pop singer/songwriter duo Lisa and Jessica Origliasso, aka The Veronicas. Check back soon for more updates!

20+ pictures inside of Zac Efron and his hairy feet

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zac efron hairy feet 01
zac efron hairy feet 02
zac efron hairy feet 03
zac efron hairy feet 04
zac efron hairy feet 05
zac efron hairy feet 06
zac efron hairy feet 07
zac efron hairy feet 08
zac efron hairy feet 09
zac efron hairy feet 10
zac efron hairy feet 11
zac efron hairy feet 12
zac efron hairy feet 13
zac efron hairy feet 14
zac efron hairy feet 15
zac efron hairy feet 16
zac efron hairy feet 17
zac efron hairy feet 18
zac efron hairy feet 19
zac efron hairy feet 20

Photos: Kristian Dowling/Getty
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  • davvvv


  • suzy

    Aah poor zac. leave his hairy feet alone .

  • celery gloss

    ewww, but that’s ok. it’s just feet. :)

  • Yo


  • big momma

    cute but gross!!!!

  • Kaitlin

    LOL we still love you Zac. Do you have any more pics of him there?

  • kathastic

    the flip flops are back! :)

  • Alyssa Burgess

    aww poor baby. he can’t help it. i still love him lots!!!

  • Alessandra

    ahha i LOve Him
    Thankz Jared =)

  • Susan

    Yuck. Shave those hairy feet hon.

  • rach

    are there more pics?

  • joan

    doesn’t every guy have hairy feet?

    i love him

  • gwenith

    still loovve him! i wanna c him host!! can u hav the vid JustJared????

  • Lol

    hey Zacce!
    i love you and all,
    but calm the fuck down with the
    fucking make up!
    you look sexy without them baby!

  • cl

    So do many people, but must you make that the main picture.

  • bettybaby

    shave his feet!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????? are you kidding me??? most guys have hairy feet. i can just hear the bs now, i mean people jump on him for everything!!!!

    funny post, and i can’t wait to hear/see more from the kcas. is that pic of him recent?? not one of his better ones. oh well.

    still love him!!!!

  • kingston

    gross! wax them or cover them up!

  • savvy

    Umm, have any of you actually seen a man’s feet? They don’t look like women’s. They have hair.

  • Zanessa lover

    I still love him even if he have hairy feet

  • shh

    BAHHAHA. i totally agree with you!!!!! hahahaha!!!
    hes a GAY!!!!! poor baby v!! lol…

  • lalalal

    hez hot but he has sum yucky feet =[

  • Joie

    Ugly feet he got. Nasty! He’s overrated look-wise/acting-wise.

  • Lissa

    Yeah-ummm let me know if you can find me a guy who doesn’t!! I still love Z though! So thanks Jared!

  • Jennifer

    zac your still so damn hot. feet are nasty anyways

  • makayla

    he should shave if hes gonna wear something that shows off his feet!i love him to eath and i have a HUGE ovbsessiong but shve them fucking feet and youll be sexier zac!

  • Break a b*tch college



    I told you that he was the gayest thing ever! THONG FLOP FLOPS!
    THEY ARE THE GAYEST EVER! What man can protect his lady in those SHOWER MANDELS? DUDE, is so FREAKIN UGLY!


  • wow

    ew… thats……EWWWWW….. disgusting…

  • juany

    no me importa!!!!!! wakajajajajaja ta RE-FUERTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • elliott

    oh well.. you cant change them.. who actually looks at a foot anyways?? You’ve never noticed till someone pointed it out. I have no problem w/ it. Theres not much you can do about it.

  • Jessicaa

    haha .
    hes hot (:
    his in sydneyy !!
    :D:D:D:D:D .

  • stumpypooh

    HOBBIT FEET!!!!!!!!

  • fER

    Is he wearing Havaianas????
    Owwww this’s Brazil!!!!!
    i loved!!!!

  • zane

    come on guys, leave his feet alone!!! though he needs a haircut now. but he’s still cute!

  • Jessicaa

    omgshh .
    gett over itt !
    its just feet !
    its a normal thing 4 a guy .
    he lOoks hott ! :D

  • LuĂ­sa

    Aw…that was so mean, JJ! Haha
    Poor Zac.

  • rach

    Just a question, Just Jared, do you not have a fondness for zac, vanessa, or zanessa anymore? The reason I ask is because your titles for your post about them seem to becoming more and more rude as the days go on. You know they look at your site, so im just curious about why you are posting titles in a perezesic mannor?


    GAWWWD, He is so sugary! He is dripping with MOLASSES syrup!

    I can smell the sweetness that is coming from his *sshole! LOL :P

  • lolo

    Hate to agree with some people here but sorry he does look really gay! I mean… the jeans (look like skinny jeans), the sweater… Of course Vanessa can wear his clothes! Because they are women’s clothes! And it also seems he’s wearing make-up!
    Sorry Zac but if you’re not gay, you should really consider changing your style…

  • gay gay gay

    he looks so ewww..
    too much make upp..
    dnt reali mind bwt d hairy feet..
    but daht is waeeeeeeeeeee too much make upp.

  • flo

    He looks too pretty in these pictures. I don’t know something weird about them. ;)

  • Melissa

    His face is all woman atleast his feet look like a man


    I mean for the love of my baby kittens, He Arches his EYEBROWS! That screams {{{{I’M GAY}}}}} TO ME!

  • ….

    um i still LOVE him!! i wouldnt care if his feet were green id still TAP THAT

  • bettybaby


    i agree. i love zac and think he is way hot. but something is off in these pics. i could be the orange and white background, it makes them all look really washed out. sometimes i think our boy zac lets these stylists get a hold of him, have their way and he’s just like whatever!!!!!!

    still love him though. cant wait for more.

    oh and btw, socksandsandles–who the hell are you???? you definately have some weird posts. what’s up???

  • lils

    i agree w/#39: the skinny jeans on him look super gay! yikes, that’s crossing the line between straight and gay. i know emo guys wear tight jeans, but it doesn’t look as weird as this. also, the flip flops wouldn’t look so bad w/a regular pair of jeans. well, at least he’s toned down on the tanning.

  • jh

    wow..i’m soo turned off by now. sorry!

    i still love my boy zac..but c’mon, if you can keep your eyebrows clean, you can wax the hair off your feet too! hehe!

    zac still looked cute..especially in pic #3. just don’t look at his feet! haha! stick to the vans hon!

  • dalia

    He looks fine!! Although he doesn’t look like he even wants to be there. Come home soon to V Zac!!

  • bindy

    Hey The Veronica’s have blue eyes now, they used to both have brown!

  • x

    oh God. Thanks a lot Jared. you just scarred me for life. (but i still luv u!)

    zac looks REALLY tired…

  • may

    so wat if he has a hairy feet! wat makes me laugh s ‘d pics of him wid dat two girls, he look not so happy being wid that two.. haha^^