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Joaquin Phoenix has TWO Lovers

Joaquin Phoenix has TWO Lovers

Joaquin Phoenix throws himself against a wall on the Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY set of his latest movie Two Lovers on Wednesday.

When an interviewer recently misidentified the title of his next movie as Seven Lovers, Joaquin laughed and said, “Actually, I’d prefer seven lovers, but it’ll be called Two Lovers. I’m in it with Gwyneth Paltrow.”

Two Lovers is a Brooklyn-set romantic drama about a bachelor (Phoenix) torn between the family friend his parents wish he would marry and his beautiful but volatile new neighbor (Paltrow). The film is set to open in 2009.

15+ pictures inside of Joaquin‘s two lovers

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joaquin phoenix two lovers 01
joaquin phoenix two lovers 02
joaquin phoenix two lovers 03
joaquin phoenix two lovers 04
joaquin phoenix two lovers 05
joaquin phoenix two lovers 06
joaquin phoenix two lovers 07
joaquin phoenix two lovers 08
joaquin phoenix two lovers 09
joaquin phoenix two lovers 10
joaquin phoenix two lovers 11
joaquin phoenix two lovers 12
joaquin phoenix two lovers 13
joaquin phoenix two lovers 14
joaquin phoenix two lovers 15

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  • Ann

    More pics, Jared. Love Joaquin!!!!! Nice to see he back at work again.

  • tina

    love him

  • Ann

    P.S. it’s PHOENIX not Pheonix
    And and please, pretty please more pics of Joaquin PHOENIX!!!!!!!

  • meesh

    First! He looks hotter than ever.

  • meesh

    never mind … sorry … i guess i’m the fifth. hahaha but he still looks hot!

  • Me

    There are only a few actors as good as him! Thanks Jared!

  • the_original_nika

    he looks like 50, and not his age =\.

  • hieverybody

    This is what can happen to a person when they don’t eat meat and chain smoke.

  • evie

    he looks cute… love his jacket…. not sure what he is trying to against the wall like that….

  • Dem cookies

    Lord he is one fine mofo! I think he gets sexier with age myself.

  • Jade

    Love Joaquin! He is a great actor and so handsome.

  • Jae_elle

    Like I said, they’d steal my title. They alwasy do. They leave films untilted until they can steal one from someone with a brain. It’s as close as they could get to My Two Lovers which I mentioned just last week. Hollywood is full of braindead plagiarists. The maggots finally reared their ugly heads.

  • Jae_elle

    Why would they have titled it originally Seven Lovers if he’s only torn between two? Their lies are really bad. They need better lie writers. They are such pathetic morons, their lies are as bad as nay of their ideas. The only thing most people in Hollywood are good at is stealing other people’s ideas.

  • Amber

    Jae_elle, what are you talking about? I don’t mean that in a bitchy way, seriously, what are you talking about? I’m curious. A very good friend of mine had a screenplay stolen from her, so you can understand my curiosity.

  • Jae_elle

    They should call the movie, “Juaquin’s New Movie That Was Just Titled With A Stolen Idea.” They could also call the, Juanquin’s New Movie Written By A Dufus Who Blew Someone Got The Money To Shoot Then Had To Steal A Title Becaue He’s That Stupid.” There’s still plenty of time to steal another title, Dufus doesn’t have to commit to on stolen idea yet. I personally prefer the title, “Dufus Found A Title From A Better Person’s Brain.”

  • Jae_elle

    They could also change the movie’s title to, “Wish I Could Write”. Or to, “Another Stupid Movie Written By A Moron”. Or even the better, “Nothing Original On Celluloid But My Bank Account Looks Good”. Or just, “Stupid Movie By Stupid Filmmaker.” I like that one a lot.

  • Jae_elle

    So what happened to the other 5 lovers? Did they just evaporate into the great vast space between the writer’s ears? Did they ever exist? Stupid writer’s need to stop smoking crack and learn to think for themselves. I predict this movie will make no more than 7 million in its opening weekend and that’s being generous.

  • A


  • Jae_elle

    I like the acronym “P.O.C.” for the title. Aka “Piece of Cr*p”.

    See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya dumbsh*t.

  • your psychiatrist

    damn, he’s so hot!

  • remember da truth

    Jae_ele, I think it is you who is smoking crack. How many posts all bitter over a title change, when you didn’t even read what was said? A reporter MISTAKENLY THOUGHT it was Seven Lovers, and Joaquin corrected him. There was never Seven Lovers as a title, or as a plot.

    What’s your beef?

    Jared, there is never too much Joaquin!!! More Joaquin, thanks!

  • Marina

    What a man!!!

  • Lily james

    I wanna hit that bitch up big time.
    Hot, hot, hot.

  • Lily james

    I bet he is so nasty in the bedroom.

  • Liz

    Wouhh!! Where is the cookie?? JOKE!!

  • anonymous

    jae_ele…get lost you frigging loser!

  • cherries

    yea seriously jae_ele, you seriously need to find something better to do that to rag on the writers. Their job is pretty effin hard. And you need to get A LIFE!!

    ps. i don’t like him that much, and i don’t think he is hot at all. sorry girls.

  • cherries

    than sorry not that. oops

  • anja

    Sensational actor. Where is his Oscar?? He is in the same league as Ryan Gosling and Eric Bana. The big 3 of their generation of actors.

  • evie

    yes, 29, and actors like Christian Bale

  • Lily james

    Casey Affleck

  • Sean

    Isn’t Samantha Ivers(the hottie from INSIDE MAN( in this movie AS WELL??
    Heard she has some great scenes with Joaquin!!!!
    When is this movie supposed to open???

  • Trine

    My teddybear on this planet ! my hero… luv U joaquin :)

    he is cuuuuuuuuttteeee………… I do not care what people say about him

    I bet he is very nice and good :) I’m a big fan of him now for 8 years..