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Gwyneth Paltrow is a Nutcracker

Gwyneth Paltrow is a Nutcracker


Grandma Blythe Danner accompanies her daughter Gwyneth Paltrow and her 3-year-old granddaughter Apple to the Nutcracker Family Benefit presented by New York City Ballet at the New York State Theater Saturday in New York City.

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gwyneth paltrow nutcracker 01
gwyneth paltrow nutcracker 02
gwyneth paltrow nutcracker 03
gwyneth paltrow nutcracker 04
gwyneth paltrow nutcracker 05
gwyneth paltrow nutcracker 06
gwyneth paltrow nutcracker 07

Photos: Scott Wintrow/Getty
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  • Elizabeth

    Are Gwyneth and Chris still together? I heard they were separating.

  • Me

    I don’t think they’re seperating. I think they are both just really busy. I’m not sure though.

  • brad lover

    I think Gwyneth and Chris are done. Great, She is still in love with Brad Pitt. They will be back together again.

  • calibabe

    So nice to see Gwyneth genuinely smile. Chris and Gwyneth are still together. They choose not to be seen together in public to avoid paparazzi drama.

  • umm

    i couldn’t agree with you more JJ. what a nut,geesh…

  • SAM P

    brad lover-you are crazy.brad and angie /gwen and chris(they are 2 great couple)
    and gwen is smiling now and being polite coz nobody want to see her movie~(she is a box office poison) or know about her.she is not an A list ,anymore. so put yourself out there and stop with your snob and bitchy behaviour maybe you can win back 2 or 3 fans.

  • Rachel

    There are pics of Gwyneth & Chris having dinner with Madonna & Guy in NY dated 8 December on

    So there you go. Chris is in NY and was probably with Moses while the others were at the Nutcracker.

  • Jen

    Blythe looks great! Gwyneth is still FUG!

  • lainey

    Brad Pitt is not pinning away for Gwyn. He has a beautiful partner and 4 gorgeous kids.

  • ashely

    Gwyneth is so elegant!

  • Tilly

    At least she pulled that awful rat’s nest of a hair back. Her mum and daugther are lovely.

  • alicia

    I think Blythe is a beautiful woman, but Gwen not so much.

  • Editrix

    I saw another group of photos from the same day; she looked like she got dressed in the dark. These ones are much better!

  • giles

    She cut her hair but the gnormous troll face remains….

  • brad lover is a jen fan

    brad lover is a jenloonie. If she is a brad lover she would be aniston because brad left gwyn for aniston.

    You just want to give brad fans a bad name jen loonie

  • brad lover is a jen fan

    brad lover is a jenloonie. If she is a brad lover she would be bashing aniston because brad left gwyn for aniston.

    You just want to give brad fans a bad name jen loonie

  • Mrs. M

    Gwynnie still needs a good trim!

  • JOHN C.


  • little dana

    Gwyn=Uncle Jake in a wig. I wish we could see Apple’s face.

  • pook

    Paltry is looking rough, but Blythe is a very attractive older woman!

  • nana

    Awww! How cute!!!

  • iheartit

    Can someone i.d. the bag she’s carrying?

  • *

    Is she still with her husband? Only see her hanging out with her kids her mom and/or friends! Weird.

  • willow

    Hmmm….she is not aging well. Hard to believe she’s a cosmetics model. I wouldn’t buy anything she sells.

  • Leigh

    I think they look more like sisters than mother & daughter.

  • Liz

    Did she cut her hair? I bet the stylist for ‘Two Lovers’ went to town on that messy mop.

  • beejesus

    ~love Apple~love Blythe~hate Gwyneth!~

  • brit22

    I never thought Gwyn was anything to write home about, she is more Plain Jane to me

  • Caroline

    She shouldn’t teach the child to hide just because it’s ugly!!! What a cruel/bad mother :(!!!! ANGELina Jolie teaches her children that it is okay to be happy (even the not so pretty ones, but Shiloh as well, in case she grows up and isn’t very pretty, which is unfortunatly a possibilty). Anyway, the mother and the grandmother both look creepy (thankfully we can’t see the child, the ugly product of her mother’s pathetic and stupid microbiotic diet. Oh and the husband sucks, of course she never want to be seen with him). NEXT!
    By the way, I apologize for sounding maybe a bit too harsh, but it’s my opinion, please respect it. Thank you!

  • Furries

    are there more pics? gwyneth is looking manly lately.

  • kc

    i think they’re 3 generations of beauties. :)

  • kc

    i think they’re 3 generations of beauties. :)

  • Lux

    JARED!! GET YOUR PHOTOGRAPHERS in Vancouver NOW! The second X-Files movie starts shooting TODAY! Dec. 10! Get Pictures, Video ANYTHING!!! The MANY fans are depending on YOU!!

  • bea

    I think they’re both pretty average but the kid is a cutie.

  • fred


    Maybe the flash of the bulbs were hurting her eyes or she was scared.

    Her diet is not “weird” and is extremely healthy. If you do read, you would have read that she did not follow the diet while she was pregnant. There are more and more couples who are famous who do not want to appear photographed together. Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck for another.

    I really think you need a tranquilizer or a therapist.

  • Barbara

    Caroline, I agree with you. The J-P children are able to take the papparazzi in stride which is good since it’s a fact of life for them that they’ll always have to contend with them. Good parents would teach their children it’s no big deal, no need to stress out about it. Apple is apparently very stressed as you can see by the way her little body is almost folded up. She probably didn’t enjoy the ballet either.

  • Shauna

    I adore Blythe!~ Gwyneth, not so much. Blythe never ages, she looks amazing. I agree with Daniel Craig who worked with both of them in the movie ‘Sylvia’. Gwyneth was fine, but Blythe was the one that blew Daniel away. I don’t believe Gwyneth would have gotten where she has without her pedigree giving her a head start.

  • AnOldiebutagoodie

    I love the Nutcracker

  • Miapocca

    Generations of minnie-me…the baby is not ugly, she has beautiful hair..

  • Helena

    I think the marriage is very questionable, but I hope the best for both and of course their children.

  • gerry vanderpile

    too bad about her and Chris. i guess they got divorced because Chris and coldplay are finished in the uk and she wants a more famous man to be with.

  • lw

    lovelovelove blythe danner.

  • katherine

    Stalkerazzi! Stop stalking children for this pathetic site of Tabloid freaks!

    Are you people blind to how upset the children are being surrounded by the blood thirsty paparazzi?

    For what? So you can “fans” can intrude on a total strangers personal life?

    Why not go look in your neighbors window or follow your exes to work with a digital? Freaks!

  • talulah


  • dove

    hey katherine … you ask:

    ….. the blood thirsty paparazzi? …. For what?

    the big bucks they earn in movies that buys them the lifestyle they chose that loses them the privacy they themselves screwed

  • lily

    What’s the hype about hating gwyneth who once was your “America’s sweetheart”? because the tabs quoted a “so-called” quoting of her telling that Europe was better than America? What make me laugh is that you seem to worship her Madgesty of Boredom aka Madonna while more than her best friend Gwyn she’s the one who comes to think like that and doesn’t mind to shout it everywhere (but Oprah’s of course). I’m French and I’ve seen Madonna denying her roots a thousand times, claiming to be more European than American, proudly explaining why her daughter speaks french, why she does adopt a british accent, how she has became an english lady and blablabla…. Gwyn never went so far.

  • borat

    That is a handsome man holding the baby.

  • BrownEyes

    Why is anyone even comparing gwyneth and angelina? And where did you get your source of information, BRAD LOVER IS A JEN FAN? Brad did not leave Gwyneth for JA–He and Jen A began dating one year after he and Gwyneth ended their engagement. Some Jen and Brad fan you are.

  • Missy

    Maybe the baby is tired, and is resting on her mother’s chest? Some of you are so rude and ignorant. And why all of the sudden after three years is it such a huge surprise that chris and gwyneth choose not to be photoged together? Now that means they are divorcing? Wow, some of you really need a reality check.