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Ed Westwick is Hairy

Ed Westwick is Hairy

Just wanted to state the obvious for the 20-year-old Gossip Girl star!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Ed’s body hair — SEXY or SLEAZY?

P.S. Anyone have details on Ed‘s chest tattoo?

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  • becks

    1st! I thought he was good looking, until i saw this..

    That’s just wrong.

  • t

    Delish, I love hairy however the shirt/look makes it sleazy.

  • woooo

    uhm…… no comment.

  • MIchelle lee


  • Natalie

    Its his face I’m more concerned about.

  • hl

    Ummm that is sooo groooss

  • Erin

    ..that can be fixed….

  • yuracunt


  • george

    he looks like a male prostitute. want some head boys?

  • Cheryl

    ewwwwwwwwww! that’s sooooo gross!

  • s

    he is so hot i love the hair i want his cock in me

  • WHAT?

    The fact that a guy has body hair is now considered sleazy? It doesn’t look attractive on him, but it’s not like he can help having body hair. God.

  • Paulina


  • the_original_nika

    LOL #6.
    oh ed thats not sexy, just wax it.

  • purple gem



    That is just plan nasty, besides, isn’t he like 30 years old, playing a 16 year old? Well, if not, he certainly looks 30.

    Shivers…… that is a scary ass chest.

    I also find it funny, that his character Chuck,…forced himself on two girls, that were unwilling and said no, yet he is being praised as a heart throbe on the show… I don’t get it… Oh yeah I do, stupid teenage girls see it as a badboy and a potential rapist, cause they think he’s cuteeee….

    Yeah, wrong, just plain wrong…

  • desiree

    Ta hell with Ed, we need more Penn Pix.

  • so gross

    shave that shittttt…….

    Penn is ugly too. Chace is kinda cute, but Nate is a boring ass character..

  • Michelle

    To #17:
    He’s 20.

  • purple gem

    I don’t see the appeal at all, even if he was hair-free. Penn is the best looking one, IMO. Chace is okay, but he’s such a bad actor LOL…or maybe its his character that I don’t like.

  • kat

    its kinda hot
    in a weird way


    20??????? Yeah right, he lied about his age, cause he looks 30 or more and has full body hair, gross. Same with Rachel Mcadams, she is 32 and has been caught in the past saying she is way younger then her real age. Same with Mereidth Monroe, Andie from Dawson’s Creek, she told the producers of Dawson’s Creek, that she was 9 years younger, then what she really was, to star on DC..

  • Ayu

    sexy :]

  • hatesrumors

    Yeah..let’s set this straight…Ed Westwick is 20,playing a 16-17 year old. Alright,next..he’s very gorgeous and i think the hair looks hot..i’m not a lover of chest hair but come on he’s CHUCK BASS! And to reply to number 17, i just had a conversation earlier about Chuck being a potential rapist..and it’s Jenny’s fault. She knew how Chuck was and she still went upstairs with him. All in all,i think he’s gorgeous either way,face,hairy chest..the works.

  • irginia

    That’s fuckin’ gorgeous, is what that is. Because it’s Ed, and therefore anything attached to him is beautiful.

  • M

    das jus gross!!!

    ever heard of waxing?!!?!

  • lisset

    eh hes okay
    body hair is all good in my book..
    i just prefer his costars..

    && yes.. most definetly..
    new shirt to hide his
    hair belly. that shirt
    isnt doing anything for
    him.. it makes him look
    fat actually.. and he isnt.

    wadrobe check, please?

  • too number 25


    It’s Jenny’s fault? You know, that is exactly why men get a way with date rape, cause of jerks like you, who blame someone else. Jenny is a young girl, who got swept away with a popular guy, that seemed to find her attractive. He took advantage of her inexperience, innocence and naiveness, by forcing himself on her, that honestly, probably had no idea, that she would be groped by some predator, who preys on vulnerable girls, like with Serena, I guess it was her fault too, she asked for it right. So it’s her fault, that she was hungry and decided to walk with her friend, WHOM she knows is like that, but probably didn’t expect him as her friend, to try and force himself on her either, but it’s her fault, cause she knows how Chuck Bass is, and should have expected it.

    I am actually embarrassed for you, cause you said that. So I take it, your like one of those teeny bopper fans, who are dumb right, cause anyone with maturity, would not have said that.

  • krys

    while I don’t think body hair is gross I do find his t-shirt sleazy. it’s just ill fitting and makes him look bigger then he is and it’s just downright unattractive.



    That is the most ridiculous thing anyone could have said.

    Sorry, but it’s CHUCK BASS’ fault, not Jenny’s. Jenny was just another notch in his daterape belt, it seems.

    Oh and sorry, ED, that chest hair, needs to be naired right off. It won’t help your looks though.

  • tina

    Oh, I soo agree with your comment, #29.

    As for Ed and hairy chest, I guess meh. I always thought Penn was the hottest.

  • Couldn’t Agree More

    @ #29

    I agree 100%. My jaw almost hit the floor, when I read it’s Jenny’s fault. Either a guy wrote that, or some stupid 12 year old, who isn’t old enough to understand and is up way past their bedtime.

    As for Ed looking 30.. I agree with that and his hairy chest is such a turn off, but he seems like a cool guy.

  • OMG EWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just threw up a little bit in my mouth..

    He has a beer gut popping out of his shirt, that is hairy as hell.

    Oh dear, we all take bad pictures, but that is just NASTY AS HELL…

    EEEKKKKK, and to think at one time, I actually thought he was kinda cute.

  • this is stupid

    As I was reading everyone else’s comments.. something bothers me. I think both Jenny and Chuck share a bit of the blame. Chuck shouldn’t have done that to Jenny, but I think Jenny knew what she was getting into.

    Take that scene with Blair for example. She was pretty curious to know what Chuck was saying about her. She wasn’t horrified or anything.

    Also, there’s no need to throw around the teenybopper insults. It’s rude.

  • hatesrumors

    I never said Chuck was innocent..TRUST ME i know he’s not..i’m not siding that date rape isn’t wrong either. All i said was..that Jenny knew who Chuck was..and that she knew his reputation with naive girls..obviously her brother did too. Maybe fault was a bad word to use but FYI..Serena is not Chuck’s friend. He’s Blair and Nate’s.

    It’s a fucking show you’re all getting so damn worked up about..

  • who cares


  • hahah

    wow, you guys are harsh. It’s not his fault he’s a hairy little dude. He may not be pretty like chace or get all the dreamy lines like penn, but he is really good at playing the conniing villain. And he actually looks not dumb, unlike chace. Chace has a very blank stare and just makes zoolander “blue steel” faces all the time to “act.” Penn is a little too clever for his characters age actually, but this ed guy is freaking entertaining as all get out. let’s hear it for ed and his hairy chest!

  • gee

    you guys are mean. This is probably his first post on a bigger blog and all he’s going to see is a bunch of squeamish chicks who can’t handle some man hair. Get over it, he’s a cutie.

  • cici

    there’s pictures of his tattoo on his friends myspace…. they have matching tats.

  • lola

    it’s neither sexy or sleazy. It is what it is. I have one toe that’s longer on my right foot than my left foot. Does that make me sexy or sleazy?

  • haha~

    well said #38~
    I still like him,also that shirt is bad idea.

  • aw

    poor guy, he probably didn’t realize his shirt was hanging like that like the buttons were going to pop off! Be nice guys, like you haven’t had wardrobe malfunctions either!

  • who cares

    He’s British,leave him alone!

  • emilie

    HOT HOT HOT!!!


    nothin but gross,oh no

  • Roux

    Oh my..don’t want to see the backside either..

  • Megan

    that guy is ABSOLUTLY gross… ew
    but on the other hand.. chace is HOT!!

  • Megan

    he reminds me of oliver trask off the oc… & i hated oliver

  • eli

    the body hair has nothing to do with it..hes got an amazing accent and hes gourgeous…
    the hair can always be waxed my friends..but he still ooozes SEXYNESS!