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Mischa Barton is a Free Woman... For Now

Mischa Barton is a Free Woman... For Now

An embarrassed Mischa Barton keeps well-hidden as leaves the the West Hollywood Sheriff’s station at 10:10AM PST in the back seat of her parents’ Mercedes.

Video at TMZ. Marissa Cooper would have at least waved to paparazzi!

Earlier this morning, the former O.C. actress was arrested for DUI, possession of illegal narcotics and driving with a suspended license. Peep Mischa‘s beautiful mug shot here!

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mischa barton leaves sheriffs station 01
mischa barton leaves sheriffs station 02
mischa barton leaves sheriffs station 03
mischa barton leaves sheriffs station 04

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  • jema

    what a dumb shi*!!!!!!

  • jema

    oh … first

  • peacefish

    wow, micha

  • peacefish

    wow, micha

  • anazanessafan

    i knew that something was wrong qith her.. rebeel!

  • anazanessafan

    i knew something was wrong with her.. rebel!

  • Natalie

    No big shocker here

  • Liz

    Oh how marvalous.

  • R

    She looks really creepy in those pictures!

  • Buckeyegurl

    Ok, enough with this loser!!



  • Ashley

    What a loser.

  • jk

    poor hollywood

  • gee

    I’m waiting for the day that all the young hollywood got their mug shot.

  • musicisourhigh

    I’m glad she is embarrassed. maybe that will keep her from making such a dumb move in the future

  • [~Famous~]

    anything for attention.

  • mossy

    well if paris,nicole,lindsay,britney are doing it… might as well.


    gosh these girls are beyond stupid.

  • rae

    There’s not half a brain between all these girls.

  • amy

    what a shame i hope she learned her lesson

  • Chino

    What a Lindsey wanna be!!! She’ll do anything for press. Hey, at least she’s the talk of the town right now.

  • go back to jail

    driving ms,high hoe

  • ummmmm

    lets not include nicole in that group anymore. the rest are still train wrecking. messcah is always high, not news here. paris and the rest same o.

  • lee

    She took advice from her publicists. They said this will boost her career.

  • Cynthia

    Doofy asshole!

  • Ariana.s


  • meeshhead

    I guess none of you have ever made mistakes before! And maybe that’s why you’re quick to bash her. Mischa doesn’t deserve this kind of crap while going through this issue. She made a mistake and she will be punished for it. And no lee, her publicists wouldn’t give her that kind of advise to boost her career, especially since she doesn’t need it like the other celebs mentioned here do! She has a bunch of films coming out soon, unlike the rest. You people piss me off!

  • mischa_obsessed

    i dont think any of you understand what an amazing person she is. Sure she has made a big mistake but there is no reason to give her this much BS! i cant believe some of you are even comparing her to lindsay and paris. SHE IS NOTHING LIKE THEM! she has done so well for herself over the past year, she is constantly busy. She needs a brake, AND WHOEVER SAID SHE IS DOING IT FOR THE ATTENTION… grrr, think before you speak. dw meesh ill support you!

  • we get it

    she’s a lanky -skinny- weird shaped- average looking -high azz desperate 4 attention ho.e.,,i understand perfectly.

  • donna rector

    4:20 Mischa!

    I love that she smokes weed. It’s all natural and it feels good. If it was legal, there would be no wars and hatred.

  • Marissa

    This message is to all bashers
    People make mistakes! Everyone makes mistakes
    This young talented actress made a mistake and all the bashers are all against her and bashing her cause she made a mistake?
    Get over yourselves and leave Mischa alone

    There are some people there that are her true fans and support her on this but the bashers are making life HELL for us and other celebrities that evryone loves to bash

    Dont tell me you never made a mistake because everyone makes mistakes


    Mischa is a great young talented successful young woman. Who made a mistake

    Get over yourselves

    By Great Mischa fan and a very proud member of the Mischa army

  • Coop62293

    So guys talk about being efiing judgemental! Give the poor girl a break! I’d like to see what you would do if you were in her situation! Gid I’d hate to be in a courtroom and have you people as the jury! Aren’t you aware of a well known fact called people do make mistakes! God and she’s been working her butt off making 4 different movies in 6 months! I’d like to see you do that without getting exhausted or stressed out! Not to mention she has 9 films coming out ! Guys please you don’t see her do this very often come on this girl needs more support than ever before! And just please LEAVE HER ALONE!!!!!

  • Lather30

    Guys, we all make mistakes from time to time. Sometimes we get away with them, and sometimes we get caught. Sometimes we know we’re doing wrong, and sometimes we don’t realise until later on. Let the poor girl have the chance to put her side of the story before you start trying to act as judge, jury and executioner. Remember, everyone is supposed to be innocent until PROVEN guilty – I’m sure you’d all expect that sort of treatment if you were in Mischa’s situation, so why don’t you all show her a little common respect and treat her the way that you’d wish to be treated if you were her…

  • Renata

    I guess Mischa should leave other innocent people alone instead of putting them on danger, by being such an irresponsible brat. She was drunk and driving, there’s no excuse for that. I don’t care what she is, I’m 21 and I’m not near as stupid or selfish like these hollywood wannabe starlets who think they’re above the law.

  • Chiara

    Wow congrats do you guys think you are better than her now? I’m sure all the bashers who posted above me and dare judging her have made much worst mistakes in their lives…
    Mischa’s one&only guilt is to be SO farking famous that she cant keep her FIRST mistake for herself as WE ALL(!!!!!) were able to do (dont dare comparing her to Lindsay or Paris guys because I’ll seriously murder you!) and think about it and learn from it w/o the whole world bashing her for this (because I’M SURE she will learn from it, she’s the smartest girl I’ve ever known and is D-I-F-F-E-R-E-N-T from the brainless Hollywood crowd! Who REALLY knows her know that, knows the REAL Mischa!!! The Mischa who has spent the last 14 months working so effin HARD to prove herself as a serious real and talented actress, and the one who has got nine upcoming movies!! But of course you losers have to talk about her just when she falls right? NEVER TALK ABOUT ONE OF HER AMAZING MOVIES UH? Nice job!
    I’m sure (I saw the pics) she already feels horrible for what she did so all she needs now is her true fans supporting her, return her all the awesomness that she was able to show us in the past!!
    Mischa you gave me LIFE, now it’s my turn, I’ll give my soul to support you! 100000000% behind Mischa! And I know I’m not alone, we won’t let the bastards get our Angel down!!!

    Ps. Check out the OFFICIAL POLICE REPORT and tell me where do you see the ‘drug’ word!!!!

    Yeah right there’s NO MENTION AT ALL!

  • fyi

    she should have been working with a coach on her weak *&*&*5 acting skills!

    that’s why she nicole, jessica biel, and the rest suck…lindsay is borderline in my opinion…she narrowly dodges the list of non-acting wannabee famous…look at me….”celebs” known more for dui/suspended licenses/drug abuse/clothing—really the stylist should be thanked on this one not the girls–non-women

    childish/parents help me/drunken

    mess of *&*&*^!

  • fyi

    that’s why they all have a size zero and size two dress size because they are little whiney GIRLS not real women….even at 26yrs old [even lindsay is now over 20yrs] the foolish behavior really needs to stop

    either act or get the *&^&** out of hollywood…move to vegas become a freak show there

  • dumb ass farton

    her fans are even dumber than her

  • anon

    Oh Mischa, people will know you better for this than any of the 9 “roles” you have coming up in those HUGE HITS. Thats why your release dates have been pushed back many many times right? Because you did SUCH a great job? Yep, thats it! Now you’ll get the publicity you wanted.

    Also, if she is drinking and driving, she clearly has a problem. Most of us get a ride or don’t drink. Here’s another person for rehab….

  • Sheldon

    I still love you Mischa!

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