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Rachel Bilson Supports The Art of Elyisum

Rachel Bilson Supports The Art of Elyisum

Rachel Bilson (in in Dior by John Galliano) couldn’t look more fabu than at the “Heaven: Celebrating 10 Years” event benefiting the charity The Art of Elysium held at Vibiana on Saturday in Los Angeles.

The Art of Elysium is dedicated to enriching the lives of artists and critically ill children. The organization pairs up hospitalized kids with artists, actors and musicians for creative escape.


In a recent interview with Playboy, Bilson opened up about her former O.C. costar and ex-boyfriend of four years Adam Brody. When asked if she’d think twice about whether to get romantically involved with a costar, Rachel said, “You can’t help whom you fall for. I believed I would never date an actor or anyone else in the business. But you find you relate to people in the business because you’re around them all the time, dealing with the same schedules, traveling all over the place. I haven’t seen Adam in a while. We were together every day for four years. It’s hard. That person is your best friend, but when the relationship ends, you can’t be friends with him. It wouldn’t be the healthiest situation.”

To read about the car accident Rachel got into when was just 14-years-old, CLICK HERE!

Rachel Bilson on the car accident she got into as a teenager: “I had some friends my parents didn’t necessarily want me to hang around with. Everyone goes through that phase. It was a very mild thing for me. I was involved in a car accident with these people when I was 14. They were just goofing around in the car, a guy grabbed the steering wheel, and we went onto oncoming traffic on the Pacific Coast Highway. I was the luckiest one in the group. I had a concussion and I blacked out, so I don’t remember any of it. My parents, on the other hand, do. I don’t have much of a memory now, though, and I think it’s because of the accident. Friends will say, ‘Remember when we were at this or that place?’ and I’ll have no recollection… I went to fewer than a handful of therapy sessions as a child, and the one thing I got out of it was that I should play with something like a Koosh ball under my school desk to help me concentrate. The activity helps me focus. If I’m having a chat with somebody by text message or IM, I get the conversation more than if I’m talking to them on the phone. It’s weird, but it works. I don’t have ADD per se, but I definitely have a hard time paying attention for a long period of time.”

Driving into oncoming traffic on the Pacific Coast Highway?? Nicole Richie, much?

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Photos: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty
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  • Rachel

    1st !!!!!!!
    her Name is rachel like me love her

  • rachel

    aawwww i miss adam&rachel.
    i love her! i have the same name as her :D YAY!

  • Sam

    Aw, I loved Adam and Rachel together. She looks gorgeous.

  • Tanya

    She is very pretty, but i don’t know why, i don’t like her.

  • Helena

    Isn’t this the bítch who said Natalie Portman was worse than Hayden Christensen in those Star Wars movies? Bias much?

  • SillyImp

    I can’t say that I know her, but the info on her accident and the after effects are interesting. I’ve heard of other people with similar memory problems, and it always amazes me how they can make it with daily activities (where did I park the car, where do I live, etc.).

  • Vanessahudgensofficial55

    New pictures video

  • tessa

    I love Rachel

  • Jennifer W.

    i love rachel and i think she is very pretty.

  • ⎛Manu⎞

    I like her dress she looks gorgeous.

  • liss

    She’s beautiful

  • alanna

    shes beautiful!

  • peter

    Rachel is so cute ! Thanks Jared

  • ann

    love her dress !
    very pretty

  • lotte

    where is hayden :O

  • lotte

    where is hayden :O

  • Didi

    looks very pretty. nice look

  • Jagoda

    I love Rachel.
    She’s beautiful !!

  • quelle surprise !

    and she is out of hiding ! o wait ! she has a movie to promote, right ?

  • Kaitlin

    i love Rachel,too
    she’s so cute and beautiful ,it was sad to hear that she broke up with Adam, i love them both and they were the cutest couple ever :)

  • agathi




  • Raven

    Aha! It appears out of hiding.
    @ Helena,
    Yes! This is the same b*tch that said, Natalie Portman was far worse then Hayden plus, all the other SW co-stars. Plus, she thinks she will get to where Natalie is @ now and Scarlett Johannasen. Dream on sister! I guess a b*tch has got to dream big!

  • lola

    That dress is too long- it’s beautiful, but she looks 10 years older.

    –read my blog at

  • sabi

    She really does look so gorgeous

  • missisefron

    she looks very good. I love her dress!!

  • goz


  • eli

    omg this girl is beautiful why isnt she used more

    she looks like a min0cindy crawford in that first picture


  • okay

    i miss adam and rachel

  • Cynthia

    She’s so cute, love her white gown. She’s always fashion forward.

  • Raven

    I miss seeing Adam around period! I think he’s an absolute doll!

  • joy

    I have a different name then her, but I love her anyway

  • IRishdreams

    I agree she needs to be back with Adam..who cares where Hayden is obvioulsy not with her right now..and I’m glad of that the less seen the better in my eyes..the dress is wonderful but, it does make her look like a Teenager going to the prom

  • amber

    Her dress is beautiful, she’s beautiful, but the girl really can’t act to save her life. I miss The O.C. though.

  • rae

    She is always so cute. I like that she always has very age and size appropriate style. She looks really pretty here!

  • Raven

    @ Irishdreams,
    I absolutly love the striking white dress but, I agree she does look like a teenager going to the prom. This dress is meant for a taller woman. Rachel is a bit too short for couture but, it does not mean she WON”T WEAR IT!

    She needs to be back with Adam and who cares where Hayden is?! He’s not with her right now and it is actually a nice rest to see the two a part for a change but, I’m sure he will be around soon. They have the Jumper premiere to attend very soon!

  • Karmakey

    Anyone else think that dress might be covering a baby bump? Girl looks a bit like Alba these days. Would explain the disapperance for a month or so. Just saying, but god I hope not. Please nooooo!

  • adfdasfads

    she looks very pretty and the dress is sexy as well.

  • Raven

    @ Karmakey,
    GOD! I hope not either.
    Let’s hope she just gained a few extra pounds durning the holiday’s! LOL!

    If, she is preggers that would be a disaster. Okay. Rachel’s mom is a sex therapist okay. Her mother surly must have taught that girl birth control you would think??!! If, she is preggers then, Rachel and Hayden both have box of rocks for brains!



  • Yily

    dis bitch is ugly and talentless. go back to the hole where you crawl out from, bitch!

  • Madonna


  • Jess

    Rachel is soooooo beautiful. You should post more Rachel news JJ ;)

    I miss Adam and Rachel :(

  • Natalie

    I love her. Adorable girl!

  • Karmakey


    Good thinking. I sure hope you’re right. Otherwise, not a positive outcome for either of them and certainly not their careers. Come on, Hayden, wake up. Run!

  • said_so

    She’s still a FUGGLIN’ MIDGET!

  • Dr Jube

    She was a pretty terrible actress on the OC, but she always looks gorgeous.

  • Raven

    @ Karmakey,
    No! It certainly would not be good for either one of their careers especially, Hayden’s is on shaky ground right now. Rachel’s career seem’s kind of dead now. Have to wait and see Jumper.
    Yeah! Run Hayden! Run like hell! LOL!

  • Rheis

    Her face is just pedestrian aggravated by how too short she is. Just something bland about her face…doesn’t do anything for me. Just looks caked with makeup. Nice to know how shallow she is too.

  • kaleigh

    @ 48

    She has the acting skills of a WET TURD and should enjoy these fleeting attention while it lasts cause I bet she will be unemployed within 2 years even if Jumper would make money.