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Eric Bana: Scarlett & Natalie Love Each Other

Eric Bana: Scarlett & Natalie Love Each Other

Eric Bana said at a news conference yesterday that costars Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman had nothing but love for each other.

Bana, 39, shared, “Why is it that people in the media hate the idea that actors working together is possibly true? I hate to break it to you but actors really do love each other. It’s a crazy job and we put ourselves in vulnerable positions. I don’t care if it sounds corny but it’s true: you’re part of a brotherhood, and protect each other. And they indeed do get along really well.”

Natalie, 25, confirmed: “People keep asking if the rivalry was real but it was the opposite because we just liked each other so much. It was such a rare opportunity to work with an actress my age who I much admire.”

Scarlett, 23, joked, “Natalie was apologizing all the time. She’d say ‘I’m sorry for stealing your baby’ or ‘I’m sorry for that’. I said ‘Don’t worry. Let’s get dinner later’… It was a very healthy competition among all of us to raise the scene to the next level and keep the energy up. It was impressive every day. You can’t be selfish as an actor and say ‘I’m going to do this all for me and I don’t care about the rest of you because my performance is going to be great’. That won’t work. You see how your performance makes their performance better and it means so much to be able to have this kind of a sisterhood with other actors.”

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Photos: Pascal Le Segretain/Sean Gallup/Getty
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  • erin

    who cares!!

  • kila

    fuck you erin, if you don’t care then why are you checking a gossip-page?? On another note, eric bana is soooo hot

  • rory

    Scarlett and Natalie are gorgeous and Eric is handsome…tall!

  • rory

    he’s hot…:)

  • jj

    1st omg

  • fanofbana

    Eric Bana as usual sexy and hot I love ERIC BANA.

  • eat_your_make_up

    kila, you were SO right in everything you said on your post! ;)

  • Mccain08

    that it is one lucky man to have those two in his arms, must had total boner scarlett and natalie are beautiful put together they just incredible beauty

  • flower

    eric bana is so hot!

  • Sebastian

    3 of the Sexiest on earth…i’m so GLAAD they’re hotter than Angie and Brad.

  • jane fonda

    stupid fucking CUNTS

  • erin

    kila, i meant who cares about whether or not some actress likes another one. so f uck off.

  • 007

    lol. Coolio!

  • Scarlette future Mrs Pitt

    Angelina Jolie should be jealous of these 2 actresses , imagine if Brad will work in an action/sex scenes movie a la Mr and Mrs Smith with scarlette ?

  • alex

    This is NOT even an Angelina Jolie thread and some people cannot stop thinking or talking about her!! Yeah, the Fans and the Haters cannot get ENOUGH of Angelina!!

  • Fred

    One Note to scareltt :Don’t ever stand next to Natalie Portman , with a fat fade face as yours , a puffy ( even fixed after a surgery) nose a puffy tiny body should i include the man/irritating voice ?and the slutty personality ?

  • carmen

    Hey STUPID poster #14…

    Her name is Scarlett NOT Scarlette, DUMBASS!!

    And why the hell would Scarlett want another man if she ALREADY has her boyfriend who is a younger version of Brad!!

    Do us all a favor and SHUT UP; IDIOT!!

  • oliver

    16 Fred

    Thank You!! I’m glad to know that i’m not the only one who thinks that Scarlett is NOT beautiful!! And she looks even more ugly next to Natalie!! By the way Natalie is 26 years old and NOT 25, Jared!!

  • karla

    Lainey from is RIGHT about Eric Bana, yeah Eric’s mouth is too small for his head!


    Angelina Jolie should be jealous of these 2 actresses , imagine if Brad will work in an action/sex scenes movie a la Mr and Mrs Smith with scarlette ?

    Aging jolie will be the future Aniston lol all the aniston haters/jolie loonies who are bashing aniston now will realise their hate “what goes around comes around”and we all know that brad pitt will lick in some up coming years a butt of some young hottie like scarlett to change from the old used jolie….

  • http://BITEME!! ryan

    Scarlett is not beautiful, but Natalie in the other hand is GORGEOUS

  • JESSICAalbaHASherpesINherGROIN


  • Just saying the truth

    HA!! HA!! Hey Jenloonie poster #20…

    DREAM ON!! Just because Brad DUMPED Maniston Rotten Eggs don’t means that he will do the same of that Jolie chick!!

    Sometimes i don’t know who are worse… the Jenloonies or the Brangeloonies, but at least the Brangeloonies are NOT as VILE and PATHETIC as the Jenloonies!!

  • celtictigress

    I so want to see this movie On Demand has the trailer and it looks great I hope it gets good reviews..this week movies are a big disappointment I wish Boleyn could have come out this week an not in 2 weeks..

  • OMG


  • OMG


  • i will see this movie

    its sad when this is scars, natalie+erics thread and we have a few losers who are so obsessed with their hatred for angie and brad they visit every celeb thread on this blog just about to let people know that they hate them.
    well what it really shows is their obsession,hatred, no life,and how small they really are. Intelligent people just shake their heads…how petty and pathetic they come across .. anyways I will be seeing this movie. Fans of jolie- pitt ignore them, we do, i do when i see them insulting celebs i like. Their pretty much s a d hateful sh*t.

  • fanofbana

    Eric is so goregeous him and Scarlett did a great couple has a lot chemistry.

  • narf

    I can’t wait to see the movie, the previews look really good. Both actresses are beautiful and talented. And Eric, hubba hubba!

  • mouche

    WOW what great chemistry they seem to have between them! Eric Bana is one veery gorgeous man, and Natalie and Scarlett are simply beautiful!

  • bataglio

    wtf was scarjo thinking w/those threads!

  • jean

    Yes all three look good together!!! Can’t wait for the movie…..Eric is hot in the suit!!!!

  • savannah

    i fcuking love eric bana!

  • lol

    Why the hell do you weirdos like Pitt so much? he’s old and waxy and Angelina would be lucky to lose his old used up ass.

    Ryan reynolds is not the younger version of pitt…. he’s way hotter.

  • janet

    Angelina will dump Brad in a few years. She is a slut type woman. She has a habit of making it with her co-star whether he is single or not. This won’t be her last time to steal somebody else’s man. You just watch. And it will be a co-star.



  • jamila

    Sorry but both those girls seem like stuck-up divas to me. And they’re not THAT good at acting

  • hmm

    LAWD ERIC BANA IS HOT SEX…..I bow down to his wife…I can’t believe she gets to make babies with this man…

  • Tam

    I like the pictures and it looks like they really did have fun together making this movie. Looking forward to seeing it when it comes out. And – at the risk of getting some absolutely stupid answers (I know, I know, but I’m going to risk it anyway) – does anyone know about those dogtags EB’s wearing? He’s been wearing them for a while now. Come on JJ fans – you figured out that weird t-shirt he was wearing a while back – how about this one?

  • fanofbana

    Eric Bana is a real gentleman

  • Amanda

    Hotness, thy name is Bana!!!!

  • roberta

    He is hot!!!

  • Eve

    Wow Roberta, I was waiting for you. I said to myself: ” I’ll post if she posts”…yes, he’s hot…and we can always use his ears as handlers…

  • roberta


    I was waiting for you as well!

    (little secret, I MET HIM IN BERLIN (FRIDAY) and his ears aren’t that big!!!
    His eyes are amazing!
    Au revoir, dear Eve!

  • bird

    My Hector, great actor :)) I love him. Troy is my favorite film. I saw Troy 6 times. :)) I wish I will see Odysseia too.(movie)
    I think Eric Bana is a good person and his voice affective….

  • ee

    Scarlett is more Beautiful and intelligent than Natalie.
    I don’t think natalie is smart. She’s just hypocrite!!!!!
    And Scarlett is more beautiful face than natalie(especially close-up shot)

  • Solid

    Perhaps “ee” cant think if not recognizing her smartness.
    Natalie is the most beautiful woman to me. I love her.