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Nicole Kidman: Baby Bump Where?

Nicole Kidman: Baby Bump Where?

Five-months pregnant Nicole Kidman (in Prada) shows off her barely-there baby bump at a press conference for her latest film The Golden Compass at the Peninsula Tokyo on Wednesday in Tokyo, Japan.

“I have been to Tokyo quite a few times.” Nic told reporters at the press conference. “But this is the first time I have been to Tokyo pregnant. I am very glad to be here this way.”

Mrs. Keith Urban also told reporters why she chose to do this family-friendly field: “My Bella and Connor are 13 and 15. So they have seen the film and they loved it…my child inside won’t see the film for a long time. But I think once you have children you want to balance the work you do because they give up so much of you to your work. So occasionally you want to make films that they can take their friends to, they can go to the premiere of, that they celebrate.”

The Golden Compass opens in theaters in Japan on March 1. Domestically, the film has pulled in a healthy $70 million so far and abroad, has racked up a whopping $206 million. And counting!

Nic, 40, was joined on stage by director Chris Weitz and costar Dakota Blue Richards.

10+ pictures inside Nicole Kidman and her barely-there baby bump…

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  • sistahc

    5 months pregnant? OMG! I look more pregnant than that after eating a bowl of pasta.

  • ness

    She actually DOESN’T have a baby bump! :o

  • JIm

    I don’t like the dress at all but she’s stunning.
    She’s a very tall woman and the baby bump is big after the 6-7th monto of pregnancy. Whatch Cate Blanchett, her baby bump is small and she’s almost 7 months pregnant!

  • lara

    she is absolutely stunning!

  • depeche

    is she really pregnanat???

  • mandy

    in the last pic it’s clear the bump, altough it’s small, but it doesn’t mean bad thigns because it’s small…

    I love her look, black is great on her!

  • naten

    ohhh this woman is goreous! she is beautiful as ever!
    Pregnancy is doing very well to her, because she shines and glows!
    i’m very happy to her, can’t wait for sunday night to see her shine in red carpet!

  • candy boy

    she is a true fashion icon, the dress is not beautiful but she looks amazing wearing it! and her hair is very good also!
    The bump is really small but that doesn’t mean anyhting and of course she is pregnant, stupid question!

  • math

    I loved the film and i believe they will do the sequels because the films is doing great outside USA.
    Dakot and Nicole look both so lovely!love them!

  • patty

    one word: GORGEOUS!

  • Lara

    this woman is amazing beautiful! i’m so happy she is promoting GC in Japan, because with a box office success also in this asian country they will definetly make the other two movies! can’t wait for them!

  • zoe

    she looks stunning. i love her hair and make- up. the dress is not pretty but it somehow looks good on her…sheer clothing are in so it shows that nicole does follows trends! those heels are cute eventhough they’re tiny, at least it shows that nicole’s trying to protect the baby…

  • Zac

    the all look is perfect! black suits her a lot!
    Love the hair and the dress, it’s different but Kidman as a weird fashion taste sometimes, which i love!

  • Helena

    Why do I have a feeling that she’s lost the baby and she’s putting on a brave face? Anyway…they didn’t even need to photoshop her face on the poster behind her, because she was already botoxed out!

  • lara

    very true:”they’re tiny, at least it shows that nicole’s trying to protect the baby”.
    when i see celebrities as Cate Blanchett or Halle Beryy or Jlo using high wells, i can’t belive myself!it’s not good for the baby!

  • Regina

    Seriously, what do all these stars think when they try on these hideous dresses. “Oh this looks amazing!” Not! I hope she wears something nice for the Oscars.

  • jen

    the dress is great! i love it, true! it’s different and it’s true fashion icon.
    I didn’t go to the premiere beacuse i have scholl but i would love to see in real life Nicole, she is such a great actress!

  • lala

    “But this is the first time I have been to Tokyo pregnant” “my child inside won’t see the film for a long time”

    What a silly comments, don’t you think?

  • Helena

    Maybe I should’ve read the article before I said that she might’ve lost her baby. Anyway, the only excuse I can think of is that she’s thin. Thin women usually have small baby bumps and I think another example is Victoria Beckham. Someone like Halle Berry or Kate Winslet have more fuller figures and therefore baby bumps would be more easier to detect.

  • +

    It’s not only that she’s so tall that hides it, it’s also that she has very straight narrow hips so when you get pregnant it just makes you look even straighter b/c you fill out in the middle. She obviously is showing but she’s very thin, and hasn’t added any weight anywhere else (like hips or thighs) plus she works out like a feind.

    Weird though how she couldn’t fly to Germany b/c she was “having a baby” (she said this in her taped piece for the Berlin Film festival) but can fly to Tokyo and then to LA for Oscars. Poor choice of words.

  • Jessica

    you know just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you need to gain fifty pounds to fit the part. sheesh!

  • hania

    she really does sell herself well – toyko pregnant – when the baby is born she will inevitably complain about her lack of privacy – hypocritical

  • ClaireBabyGirl

    Seriously, those lips used to be beautiful…now they’re stretched like hell and it always looks like she’s struggling to move them!

  • meamelia

    whaddaya mean there’s no baby bump?..
    It’s only been what? 3 or 4 months?.. much big do you want it to get all of the sudden?
    it’ll show..
    Nicole is always gorgeous…

  • leo

    she is perfect

  • naise

    Helena @ 02/20/2008 at 8:17 am

    how dare this you to say botox when your fugly idol maniston had more surgery than nicole and please stop talking about miscarriage beside you should worry more about your barren fugly idol..

  • operaghost

    First babies take a while to show, but once you do get past that five month stage, you really pop quickly.

    I am, of course, not counting any miscarriages she may have had, because it’s the last few months that really stretch out the core muscles, which is what makes second and third babies show so fast.

    I think she’s terribly excited to be pregnant and to share her excitement with the world.

    I also think she didn’t go to Berlin because she was too close to that iffy time where flying is not recommended. She’s past that now.

  • Tdani

    I can see a tiny hint of the baby bump, especially when she’s facing foward. She must have the kind of baby that catches the growth spurt during the last 2-3 months.

  • Helena

    ” naise @ 02/20/2008 at 9:08 am

    Helena @ 02/20/2008 at 8:17 am

    how dare this you to say botox when your fugly idol maniston had more surgery than nicole and please stop talking about miscarriage beside you should worry more about your barren fugly idol..”

    Who said I was an Aniston fan? You sad, sad person.

  • really

    I really can’t say much more damage – she just shite all over herself here! So why couldn’t she fly to Germany again?

  • really

    Oh, and I forgot to mention, her face is Botoxed again thanks to a home visit from Dr. Hodgkinson! I wonder how this unborn child will turn out?

  • Juliebee

    (sigh) nicole, you shouldn’t have gotten lip injections, see how prettier you look with natural lips (see poster of Golden Compass. Yeah, it’s photoshopped, but it looks more real than her own lips)

  • UN

    Seriously, what has this silly woman done to her face? Not only is she being selfish by having botox during pregnancy, but she also used to be beautiful during the 90′s!

  • pj

    A 24 hour flight to Germany is a lot taxing than a 8-9 hour flight to Tokyo from Sydney. Seems like a lot of dumbasses post on these boards.

  • really

    How long is the flight from Tokyo to the US – whose the dumb ass now?

  • Arab.Aquarius

    I really hope they continue with the two other movies, i loved it. hope it does well in japan

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    of course you cant see a baby bump, she had the doctors botox her belly. duhhh!

  • lady

    Nicole looks gorgeous – I think she needs to keep a bit more pounds on her after birth as well – she looks more fresh with a bit of fat.

  • Ha!

    She looks beautiful as always. Still don’t agree that she’s botoxed, though. She might have had her lips done a bit, but they (who knows) but they look gorgeous. What is hilarious after reading these comments is that her lips and face look exactly the same in person and in the poster for the movie. I think some of you are grasping at straws trying to find flaws.

  • betty

    terrific choice! she is beautiful! i love always her choices.

    people, please informe first: Nicole didn’t go to Berlin because the distance Berlin and Sidney is more than the double comparing to Sidney to Tokyo!!!
    I think for a normal person it’s easy to understand why she didn’t go to Brelin and went to Tokyo!

  • Clarice

    She is glowing! and happy for sure! she is so excited with her first pregnacy that she can’t hide it!
    I like her hair like this.
    Hope she has a hit on Sunday!

  • mossy

    she’s gorgeous. jared your titles have been stupid and insensitive lately. what’s up with that?

  • Denisa

    i alaways admire Nicole for her talent and beauty, past year i was a little bit worried because both things were geting wrong, but now i’m just proud of her again. She is making great fashion choises and i loved GC and Margot (which she definetly should be nominated for an oscar). I don’t understand many times so much hate people show here for her.i would really tlike to understand.
    No matter what you say, she will always be the greatest, and i’m really sorry for some guys here, because you will not stand this!

  • mossy

    so what if she’s had botox? it’s called maintenance people. and it’s her personal choice. i’m sure she’s had her lips done although i must say that they haven’t looked this good in a while. anyone know who her doctor is?

  • Keith’s amanda

    For all those thinking the dress is gorgeous and she looks great in it, give me a break. If you saw a “regular” person walking around in that THING you’d laugh your asses off and you know it. Please. It’s the most horrible looking thing I’ve ever seen. As for her flying, I guess the flight to Tokyo is alright to take. Not concerned about radiation anymore is she. Don’t go telling me the flight to Tokyo is shorter than to the U.S. That’s an excuse. Let’s add up all the miles she will have charted with this pregnancy at the end and see how many of them were for her husband and his career. How many will be for her career: the oscars, movie premiers, photo shoots, etc. It’s a bunch of bull and it’s funny some people don’t see it.

  • really

    mossy – do you have a brain? It is a known fact that Botox causes birth defects in pregnant lab animals. You are injecting a bacteria into the body – do you seriously believe that is good for an embryo/fetus?

  • phoenix

    Not the fan of the dress, but she’s extremely beautiful and gorgeous in everything even the most daring one! Real fashion icon.. Can’t wait to see her choice for the Oscar. . .
    I am sure she will do everything to keep her unborn child safe, so everything ’bout botox like what people talking about it’s just completely SILLY !! luv nicole always. . . =>

  • betty

    dear Keith’s amanda :

    do not forget Nicole is not a ” regular person” as you said, and she is not walking around!she is in a premiere! big difference.

    and than if you dislike the dress you have all the right to say it, but please respect others opinion….

  • Mediterranean

    She has never said her due date. She only confirmed her pregnancy. She is less than 5 months, at least she looks like one to me.

  • Keith’s amanda

    I realize she’s not a “regular” person, and that’s why I said that. Notice I said IF she was a regular person wearing this. If she was a regular person and you went to a function where you saw her/someone wearing this, would you like it? I wouldn’t. Either way, it’s the most horrible looking dress I’ve ever seen.