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TomKat and Will Smith Double Date

TomKat and Will Smith Double Date

Double daters Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith stop by Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant, Cut, on Wednesday in Beverly Hills.

Tom, 45, and Katie, 29, are reportedly hosting a $200K party for J.Lo‘s new twins next month. The pair are also good friends with Marc Anthony and wife J.Lo. John Travolta, Eva Longoria and the Beckhams are expected to be on the guest list!

More pictures of Tom and Katie‘s double date inside…

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katie holmes tom cruise will smith cut 02
katie holmes tom cruise will smith cut 03
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  • Keash

    First….the one and only time. LOL

  • lily

    tomkat is only hanging with the smiths because the Beckhams are out of town. and the smiths are too stupid to see they have been replaced as the “bestfriends”

  • emma key

    good to see Kat with not much make up on…

  • dal

    lily – that is an ignorant comment.

    the Cruises and the smiths have been friends for quite some time and have been seen hanging out with each other at their children’s soccer games, Will’s awards, etc.

    You are not well informed and just want to hate on Tom and Katie.

    Get a life.

  • dal

    Lily – an ignorant comment.

    They have been friends for years now.

    Stop hating on Tom and Katie and get a life.

  • sherry

    It makes me sad to see Will Smith falling into the Scientology pit.

  • Love2Eat

    A $200K party for newborns? Should be some interesting event.

  • diddy

    Katie looks great!

  • http://;;;;;;;;;; blah-run will/jada

    kate is old faced now -the surgery has messed up her face..tom is morphing her into who i will/jada runnnnnnnnnnn.

  • lola

    I agree that Katie really looks old these days. That short hairstyle does nothing for her. On the other hand, she does seem blissfully happy.

  • vivi

    Katie is getting too skinny~ her face is beginning to look drawn~ girl needs to invest in a good under eye concealer. i truly hope she is happy.

  • Miapocca

    when did it become fashionable to host parties for friends babies…dont they see Madonna and Elton John etc hosting parties for raising awareness on poverty and AIDS…I guess in thier book proselytizing is worth more than 200k especially when you only stand to make more from the empty headed stars coming to the party for the COS

  • Miapocca

    Dal , are a lot more ignorant that the person you berate..maybe its time to take your head out of miscaviages a-rse-pit and google scientology to learn more about the cult

  • mary

    What is Katie wearing? An evening gown with a jacket over it and no makeup? She is such a weirdo.

  • jemelyn

    losers, pathetic

  • Dancer

    Katie is dressed like an old woman. Or a pregnant one trying to make everyone believe she isn’t.

  • 008


  • anonymous

    Time magazine described $cientology as:

    Ruined lives.
    Lost fortunes.
    Federal crimes.
    Scientology poses as a religion but really is a ruthless global scam – and aiming for the mainstream …”

    xenu (dot) net/archive/media/time910605.html

  • anonymous

    Tom Cruise and the rest of his $cientology gang are deluded and privileged pack of indoctrinated sci-fi enthusiasts.

    Tom Cruise wanted to be the poster boy for this cult and therefore he he should also be answerable to the countless abuses by this “organisation” that masquerades as a religion.

    Celebrities are specifically recruited in an attempt to legitimise this fraud.

    Protect yourself and your family
    Find out what Tom has REALLY got Will into

  • anonymous

    Anonymous is calling on public support to help expose the criminal and abusive actions of $$$cientology.

    Join us

    What do you know about the the secrets of $$$cientology?
    Find out what Tom has REALLY got WILL involved in

  • anonymous

    Anonymous is calling on public support to help expose the criminal and abusive actions of $$$cientology.

    What do you know about the the secrets of $$$cientology?
    Find out what Tom has REALLY got WILL involved in

    Join us

  • anonymous

    Why has this organisation been given tax exemption in our country?!
    This was previously denied to them here. This “organisation” is under serious investigation in Germany and Belgium – it has a case to answer.

    Anonymous is calling on public support to help expose the highly questionable actions of $cientology.

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  • anonymous

    Protect yourself and your family
    Find out the truth about $cientology

  • pamela

    Katie Holmes has turned into a 50 years old exhausted housewife.

  • anonymous

    Tom’s career is over.
    If you stop supporting actors that support the cult,
    you stop their cash flow.

    Boycott all movies that feature scientologists.
    This cult must be stopped.
    How many more people have to die?

    Knowledge is free. Scientology isn’t.


  • anonymous

    Finally, this shady so called “church” is being called out !!
    Anonymous are highlighting some important ‘unknowns’.

    Who REALLY runs $cientology?
    Where is all the money? (100′s of millions)
    Why is it operating more like a corporation yet it is TAX EXEMPT?
    This is a tax exempt organisation – so where is the transparency?
    Tax exemptions should be allowed ONLY for those who actually deserve it.

    And the “comparative religion” angle on Scientology is null and void as this “church” has more in common with Amway than any ‘religious faith’

    All important questions that we need answered.
    Find out how Scientology has fooled everyone – even TOM CRUISE

  • anonymous

    Knowledge is free. Scientology isn’t.

    “I’d like to start a religion. That’s where the money is.”
    - A message from their founder. LRH.


  • skeleton face !

    Katie’s face is skeletonic looking. It’s like her facial bones were directly covered by her skin…no meat whatsoever.

    She has lost her ‘feminine’ vibe, she will turn out to be harsh looking like Jada who thanks to her skin tone and more feminine flattering facial features can get away with the harshness when the robot wife cannot…

    My God, Katie will look older than Madonna before she even reaches her 35 years old birthday.

  • jane

    Yeah, we get it, anonymous – Scientology is bad. I agree. I feel sorry for the poor deluded, empty headed, former druggies who embrace this nonsense. These people have a big hole in their hearts and are easy pickins for any group who will represent “family” to them. All cults are the same, looking for sad, gullible individuals who have no meaning in their lives, searching for something outside of themselves to fill them up.

    I think Tom Cruise makes it his business to look for potential converts and is actively looking for them among the Hollywood elite. God help us when this cult totally takes over Hollywood. We’ll have this crap stuffed down our throats in a gazillion movies every year.

  • pamela

    “She has lost her ‘feminine’ vibe, she will turn out to be harsh looking like Jada who thanks to her skin tone and more feminine flattering facial features can get away with the harshness when the robot wife cannot…“

    Exactly what I wanted to say. Katie not just look much older than she is but now, she ressembles a bit to a tranny. She looks masculine. She has a quite harsh face now.

  • bejeebus

    why is my comment (which had nothing that could even be considered “questionable” by the way) being moderated now????? like several hours after it was posted? are you bored or something?

  • Debra

    Good to see Tom, Katie, Will & Jada hanging out !!!!


    SURI is M.I.A cos it’s CHRIS KLEINS turn to have her but he can’t take her out (CONTRACT AGREEMENT) so d public won’t see them together but when she’s back with TC and KATE be sure to see her in public again for PHOTO OPS

  • BEE

    i think SURI is M.I.A cos her FAMEWHORE PARENTS do not have any movie to promote but thanks to DAVID MISCAVIAGE for releasing this statement, at least the TRUTH’S finally being CONFIRMED

  • victoria

    she looks like a bag lady & why are her hands so red? with all those
    servants she shouldn’t be doing housework.

  • blue

    The best couples in Hollywood!!!!!
    THANKS JJ!!!!

  • Sibi

    I love Katie’s outfit and she looks lovely and sweet.

  • Alicia

    I like the poll on MSNBC who the public loves to double date with and its Tom & Katie.

  • Omar

    do these “stars” know that there is probably a far better thing to do with their money than to give more to people that already have too much???

  • remmy

    Alicia @ 02/28/2008 at 4:06 pm I like the poll on MSNBC who the public loves to double date with and its Tom & Katie.

    sweetheart if i’ll be getting free, expensive meal when obviously all i have to do is fake talk and fake smile, yeah, y not but if i want a fun, intelligent, conversational date it won’t be with this BRAINLESS ROBOT AND UN-INTELLIGENT DELUDED pair dat is wat the “PUBLIC” meant when they voted

  • bim

    MSNBC better watch it the last time a public poll was for this two we know wat happened “SCEINOS TOOK HACKED D SYSTEM”, nways looks like he gave her real good telling off in there, dey always look like father n daughter with no luv for each other on a date (this is exactly wat JOLIE will look like after a date with her DAD, fake smilig for paps so d world thinks dey finally made up but a different story behind closed doors)

  • celebitchy

    Whenever we write anything remotely critical of Scientology we invariably have new commentors chiming in saying that there’s some sort of religious bigotry involved and attacking other people on the thread and the authors. It’s pretty obvious these people are cult members although they deny it when questioned. We now may have our answer with insider information about how Scientology goes about trying to silence critics on the Internet.

    Tory Christman was a member of the “church” of Scientology from 1969 to 2000, and reached the upper levels of the organization, having achieved OT7, or Operating Thetan Level 7. She said she worked her way up through Scientology and was able to pay for courses through an inheritance from her mother in law, who was also a cult member. She was cut off and declared a suppressive person when she started to question the way the cult operates, including limiting the reading material of members and ordering her to stop taking her epilepsy medication, which resulted in Grand Mal seizures. She’s dedicated to exposing the abuses of the cult, and although she’s not a member of the group anonymous who is currently organizing worldwide protests against Scientology, she’s encouraged by their efforts.

    Christman has been interviewed by CNN and NPR and has been quoted in the LA Times. In a radio interview with “Point of Inquiry,” a weekly show produced by the Center for Inquiry in Buffalo, NY, Christman described how she was actively involved in silencing detractors on the Internet using multiple screen names and accounts:

    You were part of the opposition to free speech [on the Internet]
    Exactly, I didn’t know it, because they’re very good at lying and tricking people and that’s how they get people to do things, and they said “We can’t tell you, ’cause you’ll end up in deposition if we tell you. So you just go open these anonymous accounts and we’re going to do what we’re going to do to handle these evil, horrible people,” and I was like “ok” and I was kind of like, It was my best friend, I trusted this guy implicitly, right? So I was doing it, I’m opening these accounts, they had scared all Scientologists off of the Internet, so no one was reading the Internet, and really frankly they put a Net Nanny on the Internet so none of us could read the Internet. If you typed in anything the bad stuff wouldn’t come up.

    In the 90s, I was part of that. They tried to shut down a newsgroup where people who had left Scientology were talking about Scientology, and Scientology themselves tried to crash that newsgroup…

    I was OT 7 and I was in their top secret gang, right? Which is on the Internet and still is to this day I’m pretty sure covertly lying about trying to distract free speech off the Internet that had anything they didn’t want seen on the ‘net, they’re trying to drive it off the ‘net or put down anybody who says anything negative about Scientology…

    I was in their top secret gang, where I was opening up these phony accounts… They’re complaining about anonymous. It’s like Hang on! These guys are way more covert, doing way more nastier things.

    [Transcribed from mp3 of interview on Point of Inquiry’s web site]

    Christman came off as sincere and dedicated to exposing Scientology’s abuses. She said it’s not about the belief system, which isn’t any stranger than any other religion as many people point out, but about the way the cult cuts people off from their family members, denies them needed medication, and threatens and harasses detractors. Scientologists regularly make up wild claims and spread rumors trying to discredit anyone that dares to question them, and sue and threaten people they consider enemies under the “fair game” doctrine proposed by failed science fiction writer and founder, L Ron Hubbard. There are also many suspicious deaths and suicides of former cult members and critics, as Christman points out in her interview.

    As for Scientology members themselves, Christman said that of course there were kind and friendly people involved in the cult. She compared their situation to the movie “The Truman Show,” in which you’re going through the motions in a closed set without knowing what’s going on behind the scenes. She told interviewer D.J. Groethe that she never had any kind of discussion with fellow members questioning the tactics of the organization during her 30 years of involvement. She said “It’s a high crime to speak about Xenu in Scientology. They can declare me an SP [suppressive person.]” Once you’re declared a suppressive person, you’re cut off entirely.

    The group Anonymous continues to fight the abuses of Scientology, with particular attention to the way the cult tries to cut free speech online. In a press released they declared:

    The so-called Church of Scientology actively misused copyright and trademark law in pursuit of its own agenda … They attempted not only to subvert free speech, but to recklessly pervert justice to silence those who spoke out against them.

  • Elle

    200k on newborns, what a waste of money. You could donate all that money and save a whole third world country.

    stupid scientology cult. Toms a freak.

  • Katy

    What’s up with that alien pin on her coat?

  • purpelhearts

    YAY and thanks Jared.

  • spooky dude and his robot

    wtf? katie’s walking around bare chested now? Is she trying to gross us out? I think so…she looks rough….She was probably locked in a closet getting her battery recharged when Tom decided to do a PR run to Cut. These two are so damned desperate for publicity that they’ve lowered themselves to restaurant runs to get in the news. It’s pretty pathetic to watch people become so starved for attention.

  • Jaycee

    Katie looks so old and ugly. Tom also looks ugly and awful. They are as fake as the day is long. If Tom was really straight would he really be arracted to this plain Jane dull boring 45 year old looking soccer mom looking homebody.

  • pr person

    Freaks! All four of them!

  • ymca

    The trolls are trash and envious–TomKat and the Smiths are class.
    Missing the kids and the Beckhams too.

  • 2008

    I want upclose shot of Katie’s dress,necklace and shoes.