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Kim Kardashian's Easter Sunday Service

Kim Kardashian's Easter Sunday Service

Kim Kardashian and football player boyfriend Reggie Bush celebrate the life, death and resurrection and of Jesus Christ at an Easter Sunday Service at Calvary Church in West Hollywood.

Bush, 23, who plays for the New Orleans Saints of the NFL, has been dating Kim, 27, for about a year.

Also pictured: Kim‘s step-father, Olympic champion Bruce Jenner (father to The Hills’ Brody Jenner), her 23-year-old brother Robert Kardashian, Jr. and her half-sisters Kendall, 12, and Kylie Jenner, 10.

Their reality TV series, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, was created and produced by American Idol host Ryan Seacrest. You can watch new episodes on Sundays @ 10PM ET/PT on E!

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  • a


    and ew @ the k family

  • bejeebus

    doesn’t anyone in this family ever just look around at the others and think “god, we are such a nasty hypocritical moral-less group of materialistic and superficial losers. i am so embarrassed to be part of this mess”?

  • cheryll

    3rd!!! hahahaha

  • zanessa110

    love her!

  • Alysa

    nice photos…

  • lola

    Ugh. Who wears a one-strapped dress to church???

  • marian

    The kardashians suck and will always suck. why don’t these women go get and education?

  • oh snap!

    kardashians suck , they all should be ashamed of themselves, dirty Wh*re, JJ you shouldn’t post them on here you might get a VIRUS

  • Kayla

    I wonder how the paparazzi knew they were at that church? Hmm…

  • BrangelinaFan

    >>Ugh. Who wears a one-strapped dress to church???>>

    Oh, C’mon, Lola. Give her a little break. You do see that she has a sweater in her hands, don’t you? Perhaps she had that on during the service. And you have to say that her dress, with all of the colors, is kind of Eastery. :-)

  • Tam

    Lola, I take it you don’t go to church! You’d be surprised at what folks are wearing.

  • Maria (Shorty)

    God doesn’t care what you wear to church, as long as you go. Bible thumpers love bringing that ‘caca’ up. All three girls had stoles which they wore inside church and then took off when they left. Some of you people need to get a life. Maybe those who have commented on this family should take a look in the mirror before they comment on others. I don’t particulary care for this family, but they’d done nothing to me so why should I speak ill of them? WAKE UP PEOPLE!!

  • Lucy

    I like this family and I enjoy the show. I have to admit I am a fan.

  • Kate

    You should get higher standards if you see nothing wrong with this family. Makes us wonder what sort of life you must live. Trashy!

  • http://vanashbrenique sam

    I love watching keeping up with kardsashians!! <333 I always thought that kendall and kylie were twins…but there’s a 2 year age difference. I love that family and I feel very sorry that their father died. =[

  • erin

    ^ Lol…true.

  • erin

    ^ oops, I was responding to Kate

  • judi

    Why are the paparazzi even there? I bet one of the Kardsashians called them. hahaha I wish the paps would get a clue, that we want pictures of stars.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    i gotta admit it – i also like their show.

    **hangs head in shame**

  • shannon

    i love thier show it’s pretty entertainin plus u actually see them work unlike other reality shows!!

  • aw!

    I find it amazing that so many sluts can act nasty & filthy for months, then “redeem” themselves by showing up & faking it in church. The whole family is low-down, gross and skanky. What the hell do they think church is going to do for them excep get them more PR?

  • katie n

    Regi Bush is amazing. Kim K (don’t know her much) is a lucky woman. To have such a beautiful and talented man for herself….

  • ck

    Why did one of the kids go to mass in a yellow bath robe?

  • Tealeaf

    I wish Reggie would get some common sense and dumped this tranny looking porn star…she is trashy and talentless, she wears more makeup then a drag queen, a dark-haired Paris Hilton, why is he smiling..everyone has seen his girlfriend give another guy a blowjob on tape.

  • Mike V.

    Nice photo-op.
    Staged I’m sure.
    Is the whole family mental? Yes.
    Would I like to bang KKardashian hard? Yes.

  • Cranium

    Ahh, it’s ok, a lot of people who go to this one Catholic church that i go once in awhile (not the one that i normally go to) dress in tank top and short and it has mostly white people. there are black and asian too but not as much.

  • danz

    I have to say, even if not appropriate, that’s a really nice dress she’s wearing. The print and pattern are really nice.

  • jamie

    most people were taught to dress presentable for church. The come as you are was meant for those who are homeless or cannot afford clothing for church.

  • Vanessa

    I agree with tealeaf. :-}}

  • kim

    I wonder what is wrong with Reggie Bush!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is acting like he is dating a respectable women, I wonder if when he kisses kim does he remember RayJ huge meat in her mouth? I know when ever I see her thats the first thing I see her sucking giant meat.

    Go Ray J, Go Ray J, Go Ray J

  • eddie jones

    this is a classic, a sex tape makes you a household name, then your in church? what’s next, a sex tape filmed during a church service?

  • rofl

    lol kim. dont forget she swallowed it up and went back to get the last few drops. Kim’s probably doing the same for Reggie though and he probably walking around in a daze from all the blowjobs. If ur gonna be a ho be a good ho! You go Kim!

  • Hilly McJilly

    @ Famous–Don’t be ashamed, I also watch the show too. There is a reason why the Kardashians got a second season. And the rest of you all know you watch the show too. Khloe is the funniest one in the whole house. I always anticipate what’s going to come out of that mouth of hers.

  • MissLady-mam

    users #2,#24 and #30…my sentiments exactly!

  • MEKA

    reggie is so HOT!!!!!!!!!!

  • just me

    Kim is a beautiful, intelligent, business woman. She owns two very successful boutiques. Everyone makes assumptions about her because of a video of her and her long time boyfriend that got out. She is much more than that. Reggie must agree or they wouldn’t be together for a year! Love her and the show!! And by the way, if you go to church you see shorts, tank tops and these are NOT poor and homeless people. Plus, she didhave a jacket or sweater with her.

  • Madison L

    Kim is FUG her family is FULIER
    Bruce is a homophobic hypocrit
    Reggie is brain washed or they are paying his legal bills for all of his NCAA fines/suits

  • Tealeaf

    If she owns two sucessful clothing stores, why is she pimping out her body for fame and money..Playboy, along with a million booty poses, she suck that sex tape fame to the max….she is nothing but a famewhore, Reggie is just a stupid kid, who is horny, that’s why he is with her. She is trash and there is no reason to believe anything else…I wish Tranny face would just go away.

  • ohhhhhi

    If you got it flaunt it! She does it tastefully and you gotta respect her for that!

    Hey, I’m a fan of Khloe too – hilly mcjilly! Don’t you think she got more funny in the new season? I dunno why, but I never paid much attention to her in the first one.

    Fan of the show too!


    Hi Guys,
    Please take a moment and listen to my new song entitled “KIM KARDASHIAN” on my MYSPACE page.

  • floregail_13

    awwwww kim and her family look so cute! i love watching their show its soo awesome<33

  • MIKE


  • jen

    Found a video of The Hills Stars and Brody, party with Playboy. check this video out
    The Hills Stars.

  • lalalove

    SHE’S HOT!

  • http://myspace rae crutchfield

    ummmm you haters need to get a life ans stop being jealous that your not as pretty or succesful as them.(like duhhh you’ll never beeeee!!!!!) they are awsome and i could name thousands of things i like about them. so stop hatin cause you aintin
    kardashian fan #1
    **(and proud to beeeee oneeee)**

  • sd

    THe person I feel most sorry for is Bruce Jenner!! He is a American hero, the first to have his face on a wheaties box, and he is married to this trashy family, this family who famous daughter has a sex tape? Whose famous daughter was rummer to do drugs with Nicole Brown and possibly part of the whole murder??!??!?

    And now Bruce’s daughters are shown on tv all SEXED UP, working the strippers pole, with a strap giving each other spankings? What a horror it must be to be him!!

  • kjdhgl

    these people don’t deserve attention. what a fat ass kim is, fuck them all

  • what

    Our society is in truble, These days people have become so tolerant of sin it’s pathetic and worse of all even some that say they are christians. So you can go to church and be a porn star? I don’t think so, God is holy and he calls us to be holy and be set appart. No wonder in the BIBLE it says: ” And in that day many will say “LORD LORD” and the lord will say to them depart from me doer of iniquity I never knew you. The Kardashian show is full of lies, disrespect to parents, nudity — yes they block it though, pride, arrogence and fornication etc, etc. I used to watch this show but I didn’t feel confortable, so I stoped watching it. And regarding the lady who said we can wear anything to church she needs to read the book of Peter in the bible where it talks about dressing MODESTLY and not being a temptation to others. I hope this Kardashian family really repents and changes their ways.