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Rachel Bilson Jazzes Her Orange Jacket

Rachel Bilson Jazzes Her Orange Jacket

Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen film scenes at Walker’s Bar in Tribeca, NYC on Thursday.

Andy Garcia is currently directing this segment of the film New York, I Love You. Bilson was seen wearing a Tulle “Honeycomb Trench” in Paprika.

Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman, and Brett Ratner are also reportedly directing segments of the star-studded anthology.

More pics inside of Rachel jazzing her orange jacket and cuddling up to Hayden

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hayden rachel orange robe=02
hayden rachel orange robe=03
hayden rachel orange robe=04
hayden rachel orange robe=05
hayden rachel orange robe=06
hayden rachel orange robe=07
hayden rachel orange robe=08

Photos: Edward Opinaldo, PacificCoastNews
Posted to: Hayden Christensen, Rachel Bilson

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  • princess

    I liekd her with black hair like in the first season of the O.C
    she was hott !!!

  • marz


  • marz

    oupps! to late 2nd :(

  • carlito

    Sorry but english’s not my first language, let me say this: Rachel es la criatura mas poderosamente sexual del show business hoy. Es absolutamente hermosa, creo que si la tuviera a medio metro me derritiría en un segundo, la amoooooo!!!!! Dios mío, cómo te las ingenias para poner algo tan exquisito en este mundo, mis ojos te lo agradecen eternamente!!!!

  • aw

    Very cute. I like her coat.

  • where !

    where is the cuddling ? i want to see the love between these 2 “lovers”. are we sure they are dating ? because i dont think they have that look of love. even though i dont know anything about them.

  • rachellove

    sooo sweet *-*

  • a

    i love all these sudden bursts of rachel bilson pictures!!


  • alexis

    she is sooo pretty…n he soo handsum…

    wish dey last!!

  • tasty

    Hayden does not look good!

  • alexis

    in d first pic she is wearing really high pumps…n standin on stairs..

    den only she is able to surpass an already leaning hayden by a few inches…

    hw tall is she??cuz i kno hayden is 6’0″ cute 4 sure!!

  • tessa

    I love Rachel

  • luna

    love all these pictures!

  • joss

    they looks so cute together!
    lol she’s wearing heels and a step above hayden, and yet she only reached the same height as him =P
    love them both!!

  • Lila

    She looks so cute there, loved the orange coat!
    Thanks Jared!!!

  • pam


    that was a very silly comment to make.

  • where !

    why was it silly. i only asked a question. jared said there was cuddling. and there was none. as i said, i dont know anything about these 2. i just saw the post and wanted to have a look.
    ok? can u see the cuddling.

  • haha

    she’s so shoorrttt.

  • Marley

    I love her is so cute

  • Gwen

    I like her dress and her coat

  • say-it-isnt-so

    As usual, Hayden and his never-changing “brooding face”!

  • Katie

    Where! is right, no cuddling.
    I see leaning and not on eachother!. No romance.

  • lough


    And WHERE was it?!

    Jeeez this site keeps on seeing “unfeasible” things…

  • michelle

    I love Rachel! Her and Hayden are so cute! And I think she is a great role model!

  • Laura

    Flove Rachel.

    Love all the photos as of late. :D

  • Raven


  • i’d_say

    (STILL LOOKING) Soo fake it hurts!!!

  • RB_12100

    I love them! Perfect couple! I want her orange jacket!!!!!!

  • purplehearts

    Good grief JJ if your going to say their cuddling show some pictures of it…every post you have done of them this week you have said something along those lines & zero photos of that…..if you are trying to pull of the 1 picture of them standing together as cuddling get your eyes checked because her hand is on the door frame not him! Looks like their just doing their jobs nothing more.

  • Carrie

    Agree with Lough, Katie and Where. Rachel and Hayden’s people must be paying Jared very well in order to make matters seem more than what they really are.

  • iris

    I love Them Thanx Jared !!!

  • july

    Her style is great, I love her

  • Ruz mary

    Cute :)

  • chez

    They just reminds me of John Lennon & Yoko Ono / The Beckhams or Josh Duhamel & Fergie… anyways pardon of not having any inkling or whatsoever of this INTER-FACIAL looking (wannabe) couple!

  • observer

    The whole relationship STILL looks like a sham conjured up by media executives to exploit the gullibility of those fanatics to the hilt all for the sake of another big-budgeted damn movie!


    They ARE dating,and you all are denying haters. They just want to keep their personal life private and not be lovey dovey in public. I respect that! They dont have to shove their tounges down eachothers throat just to prove to people that they are dating. Get over yourselves. They are dating for more than a year and Im SURE AS HELL she will be spending time with him on his 27th Birthday! and he’s been f**kin that p**sy for sure!
    ********they ARE a couple and a cute one************

  • MovieWatcher

    I’m liking the orange jacket

  • New York,I Love You Facts

    Filming for Hayden and Rachel is wrapped.

  • selphs

    I guess no matter how cunning those paparazzi would be or even those who received paychecks from Bilson; they “couldn’t” snapped at anything that could hush all those skeptics about them – as it looks like and never changing as before, that there’s still “nothing” really going on there. But if the paps/media still wants to wait for any PDAs, they could wait hmm… till… forever!

  • Zephyr

    Nice pics. Where’s the cuddling?

  • liana

    they are so cute!! i love rachel
    i miss the oc

  • Isis9

    I wonder if they will go back to Canada now that filming their segment has wrapped. Probably, if neither one of them is going on to another job right away. I think it’s pretty obvious that Rachel wants to marry him, not so sure that he’s all that ready to tie the knot– he can’t even come out and admit that she’s his girlfriend after all this time!

    OTOH, If she really isn’t his girlfriend, then I’d have to say that this farce has gone on long enough. It would be kinder to let Rachel go and find herself someone who does acknowledge and appreciate her, if he’s not going to step up and claim her. It has been a whole year, after all.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    fug + fug.

    watching him play basketball yesterday was the funniest shiiit i’ve ever seen. what’a'tool. lol

  • Jj

    They are not cuddling, see that ‘golden light’ washing out both of their faces (and covering the bags under her sunken eyes) that is a reflector and they are standing close together in a shot for a camera. :)

  • tyra

    Cute Couple

  • st

    I love Rache Bilson is so beautiful

  • Raven

    I would NEVER say that.
    You pathetic idiot @ #26! Why would you fake being me? I will never admit to H/R dating just like that. For me to believe that it will have to come out of Hayden’s mouth! Okay?! :(

    Who ever the f*** you are stop posting as me! That is pathetic. Are you that stupid you cannot come up with a real f******* name?! Pathetic fool you are! What coward having to pretend to be me to say they are dating and if thay really are then that is clearly up to Hayden and Rachel! God people! Get a life! Some people are total psycho’s to stoop that far to post as someone else! GET REAL! ;)

  • voice of reason

    @the real Raven
    I for one did not buy it for one second.

    @all(or whoever does the whole use someone elses name) thats very low IMO and no need for it.

    I like her Jacket, looks very good on her. Guess if she and Hayden have finished filming as mentioned above no more pictures should show up.

    Have a great weekend

  • observer

    @ # 42

    As OBVIOUS & OFTEN as it looks like that she’s the “one” who’s “more” into him than he into her… poor thing!

  • Pam

    I love her style